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  1. Maybe the same committee that introduced the fences in the carpark for one game and the ban on sweets etc could trial the sale of flares in the concourse? It would prevent fans having to bring them into the ground and bring in yet more cash for the club.
  2. Harsh but true! In other words, go straight to Number 10... and I don't mean turn out wearing Tom Lawrence's shirt.... actually both or either would do nicely.
  3. Roos 5 Struggled when the ball was head height or higher. Missed chance to catch. Doesn't dominate enough for his size Malone 6.5 Did well at times - poor positioning / decision making at times. Scored though Keogh 6.5 Did what he does. Threw himself into blocks but got the wrong side of his man for the penno. Ran out with the ball well but nearly give the ball away when passing sideways. Clarke 6.5 Good goal-line clearance but some errors with the ball and also nearly cost us with dodgy sideways passes Lowe 6.5 did ok Bielek 7 Looks a class apart. A decent game but it looks like there's a lot more to come. Huddlestone 6.5 Did ok when it was 'Battle of the Giants'. Some decent passes but still looks too immobile. Holmes 7.5 Looked a threat throughout. Dangerous. One of the few who moved the ball between the lines and showed to get it back in a forward position. Waghorn 6.5 Did what he does. Appreciated the crowd. Worked hard. Nearly scored from a handful of reasonable and half chances. But didn't. Lawrence 4 Unacceptable again. Flitted in and out. Looked quite interested when he had the ball. But when they took it off him he did little to get it back. Usual petulant yellow card. Ship him out in January. Marriott 6.5 Did what he does. Didn't get on the ball enough. Is it his lack of showing as Waghorn gets more. Looked very dangerous the few times he had chances. Zoon 6.5 Looked a threat when he came on - albeit a short run out With the exception of Bielek and Holmes we look a mid table championship team. We need Bogle back and Marriott to click in a settled side.
  4. and no doubt 'Derby seek to deny rumours that they have received a substantial bid from an un-named overseas for out of favour striker Chris Martin. A source close to the club said ' There has been no interest in Chris Martin who is in the final year of his contact.'' I overheard a man in a pub say that it has the feel of a 'come and get it' fishing expedition that starts by hooking in the media
  5. Hacking off Sky was / is more likely to incur media puff through our very own DCFC TV and any such stuff during games (PA too loud when Sky on etc) IMHO. Otherwise the ground sale stuff is no more than tomorrow's (small) fish wrappings thanks to the ducking and diving of Messrs Johnson, Mogg, Cummings and their spiffing wheezes - with Epstein's alleged mates as front page reserves.
  6. hang on - isn't it one the telly? So (in the style of Ince) Lawrence should make some effort ,shouldn't he
  7. It will be 'Land of the Giants' football from Cardiff We will need to be very organised and strong to cope with them - not like recent performances. It's a shame that Wisdom isn't nearer to fitness. I'd also not rule out Martin for this one.
  8. I thought that Eric Steele was very good again today. Unlike Ramage (who tends towards over excited, rambling drivel) , Steele had something relevant and useful to say after the game. Whilst he was critical he also made some sensible and constructive points. Given how badly we played and how tempting it must have been to slate all and sundry he picked out some really interesting points. Whilst I didn't agree with everything Eric said, he did make sense from start to finish. Long may this continue please.
  9. Interestingly Brentford's version of moneyball was to use stats to select players who were unknowns. During the same period our version of moneyball was to sign players who were the high profile 'stars' from contender teams. Johnson and Butterfield being good examples. Our shift towards home grown youngsters is a better plan in my opinion, but can come unstuck against a side like Brentford who have been decent for a while.
  10. 'Look at his face; just look at his face!' Possibly for the first time we can see that Keogh is capable of getting properly angry. I'd like to see he him looking like that the next time he's annoyed on the pitch rather than his tendency towards arm waving / head shaking I doubt that many would mess with the angry post-Florest Keogh on the pitch! Nice one son!
  11. Perhaps Mr Fisher might like to have a face-to-face with Mason to discuss his views at leisure? No? Thought not. This serves no use whatsoever. .
  12. It's hard not to have a soft spot for Mason. Same for Jake Buxton really. Unlike Mason, Jake has found his level and is a very decent 'Third Division' pro. The Sheff Utd on/off transfer under NC didn't help Mason to be fair. It wasn't a good outcome for him or either club. He deserves a long stint in a decent, mid-table, well-supported 'Div 2' team. This would enable him, like Jake to look back over what I hope will be long career when he hangs up his boots as a mid-30 year old. He is an honest pro who deserves to be appreciated for his effort, energy and generally decent footballing ability. and like Jake, if he does make such a move he'd have his name chanted with fondness for many years at PP
  13. I can't remember who he was the sub keeper for but I remember a televised game when a Leeds chappie took a stroll on the pitch and pushed over Chris Kirkland. Kirkland went over like a sack of spuds. I remember thinking ' Shame that the guy didn't try that with their sub keeper!' The sub keeper being Derby's most misunderstood artist and legendary peace maker: Ratty. As Mr Bywater now seems to be surplus at Burton perhaps we could do a Rooney and get him in on loan for the 2 Florest games perhaps? Quite possible that a different outcome would ensue should there be any post match happenings v Florest in rounds 2 and 3.
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