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  1. attacking - a bit like v Sheff Wed in most of the second half organisation - so that every player knows what to do / where there teammates will run effort from every player to find space to create options - including going into forward positions putting defensive markers under pressure even when you don't have the ball getting the ball forward accurately but also quickly we have lost goals to poorer teams than us and to poorer forwards and midfield players than we have - because they have done these things we haven't
  2. I don't boo but wasn't surprised that others did yesterday Fans don't boo players that make work hard or sides that are organised or sides that show some attacking intent and defensive grit in my experience I doubt that Everton fans will be doing much booing later today on that basis
  3. Any footballer would have seen the risk and likelihood of it happening. It was a schoolboy error. He should have know that the better option was to let it run out and take the throw. After all, the single thing that he players seemed to have been told was to give the ball to Holmes for him to launch his long throw... oh hang on, that went when Holmes was taken off.. so the usual throw in tactic then, watch Lawrence hide himself, watch the rest of the players stand too far away, watch Martin elbowing their boy up the line - wait for Bogle or Waghorn to make a run and, if we're lucky get another throw in
  4. we aren't playing mid table footy though - we are worse than that
  5. I wonder what Cocu said / whether he was asked at interview... 'What sort of football style will you adopt?' 'What will you want from your defenders. midfielders, attackers etc? in that system?' Other than his stubborn comments about bringing the ball out from the back (post Millwall) I haven't a clue what his plan is / formation is / strategy is. So. What is his analysis of how his squad are performing - against his master plan? And, from that analysis, what is it that the current squad are unable to do? And, what players does he need to do what his current squad can't with his plans in mind? I not sure he has any idea So why waste money in buying players when the manager doesn't know what his system is, doesn't know what he needs from his squad? It's not good.
  6. Davies and Forsyth looked very average at best. Evans passed sideways at best. Lawrence did very little and chose t hide rather than show more often that not. Bogle worked hard going forward and deserves more success than he is getting. Holmes worked hard and sometimes looked dangerous. Waghorn missed his chances again. Martin won several good freekicks from nothing and made a few nice heads on. and Beirlek stayed on the bench and the manager brought on Dowell and Millwall were a very poor side who beat us quite easily.
  7. 'hey, look at me speaking in stern tones to the goalkeeper (x2), now look at me running back to the half way line in an unusual way.' 'now look at me making sure that everyone knows who's boss by demanding the substitution take place even though the board isn't ready and Derby have already taken the throw' 'now look at me deciding to stop the game to speak in stern tones to Derby's CF and Wednesday's CH even though there is no foul or head injury - and now look at me giving a drop ball to Derby for a rule that I've just made up.' 'now look at me not giving a red card but giving a penno for a foul straight in front of goal with only the keeper to beat' pathetic
  8. For one of their very good chances in the first half the ball hit Malone close to the goal line. I'm pretty sure that their CF missed a decent chance. They also had a header that Hamer struggled to tip over. The ball that hit Maolne would have otherwise gone in at the far post (South West corner post). My feeling at the time was that we were hanging on; it certainly felt that way. I didn't boo at HT but a fair few people did. I'd like to see (neutral) highlights of the 1st half though.
  9. A very poor first half and very lucky to go in only 0:1 Holmes looked busy. Martin did well in winning freekicks and headers. Forsyth struggled on the ball. Malone ballooned almost everything. Whitaker was anonymous. Hamer looks like a shorter Roos. Davies still looks ponderous and like he's on borrowed time. Bogle worked hard and, with Holmes, does a lot of other people's running. We looked dangerous when we played with some pace and played some of our better footballers. and Lawrence still doesn't bother when he hasn't got the ball and especially when he loses the ball and Evans passed the ball backwards except for 2 decent through balls and Ramage still talks nonsense and we could have ended up winning the game
  10. sad news. He did very well for us, without doubt.
  11. Cocu needs ask Big Dunc for a copy of his pre match talk, switch in and leave the players alone to listen to it. He needs to play Wisdom and put him in charge of getting the players to do what big Dunc said. With Bierlik as his right hand man. As at the Toffees, change is needed
  12. yes... didn't they ask him to just stop and call the police?
  13. Big Dunc gets an out-of-form Everton to transform from an average of 17 tackles per game to a 10-year high of 37 tackles. And they beat Chelsea. hard work and effort It's not too much to ask.
  14. odds on Rooney and Harry in charge in the new year?
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