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  1. Someone mentioned e-tickets. I believe that the Villa tickets included the option of e-tickets sent direct to phones. I wasn't aware that Derby tickets were available in that way. I may be wrong.
  2. correct. And once logged in during the general sale period a STH could buy 2 tickets on any qualifying id up to a maximum of 10 per purchase. A season ticket holder could therefore have bought 1 for themselves and up to a total of 10 for season ticket holders with their id in the first round and 10 in the second making total of 20 tickets. Making the big prize being getting through the queue and onto the system. I think!
  3. 523 etc - managed to get back in. There are still tickets left on the South side
  4. There's only one fair measure of the success of a system - does it do what it is supposed to do. It doesn't it fails. . My experience and that of at least one more on here (of the server crashing when we had a low number) means that it failed. Simple as. Nothing positive about it at all in my opinion.
  5. you are very lucky - I was 414 in the queue and then got server down and eventually sent to the back of the queue
  6. exactly the same happened to me - place 414 in the queue becomes 30000+ this is wrong
  7. does anyone have the clubs ticket office email address please?
  8. so I get place 144 in the queue brilliant I wait less that 5 minutes and get straight onto the site. I get 'Server down' message. I click on 'tickets' several times. always get the 'server down' message. Then something else 'Rejected queue number. we have reported the issue. click on the bottom top get a place at the end of the queue.' I have a screen shot I do what it says I am now going to wait for more than an hour and am unlikely to get a ticket for my Dad otherwise another excellent consumer experience
  9. According to the seating plan there are now less than 1500 tickets remaining. This would mean that we have sold well over 30,000. Sounds a bit fishy. It does seem that the seats are being released in blocks though. One section above the screen is showing as sold out whilst the next one has the most seats of any area - 479. Given that the seats will sell out, it's a shame that the system isn't a bit more straightforward regarding what is or isn't available.
  10. Just to confirm - the sale of tickets has been contracted to See Tickets by the club.
  11. The See tickets guy has obviously left the phone box for a fag. I spent 30 minutes getting the engaged tone and being given helpful advice to press 5 for a callback. Eventually I got through online. Sat on the site for a long time wondering why the buy was greyed out. Big thanks to the advice on here - I refreshed a few times and then made the purchase. No doubt the online delay is partly caused by people like me who are in - but waiting for the grey 'buy' tag to go live. Basically it's a bit of a shambles and doesn't reflect well on the club. Now like everyone else I'm now desperately trying to find a season ticket holder who isn't going. I'd like to get a ticket for my Dad as his birthday is 30th May! Fingers crossed!
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