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  1. I can't remember the home game but at the time I was surprised that after a while the job of picking up their main aerial threat - the big CF - was taken from Keogh and given to Johnson when they took corners and set pieces. I can't remember seeing that before.
  2. Perhaps it has a tiny, rusty and broken tinplate model of Millmoor inside to match our performance of the said year?
  3. The Keogh - Mel - Clement - Rush he said /she said hots up with Rosenior's introduction, given his previous comments about Keogh. It may be that Rosenior's choice of future comments regarding Keogh may give us more clues on the above.
  4. Clement, Pearson and Rush as a 3-way job share.
  5. 'That's the strangest story I've ever heard.'
  6. The timing is far from great but Chelsea and Frank seems a 'special bond'. How it ends is a different matter. The delay in Frank putting 'pen to paper' is a bit tedious but it does at least suggest that it wasn't all sorted in the background done before MM gave permission. The sooner it is finalised the better.
  7. I went into our small local shop before 9am one Sunday morning many years ago to get a paper or some such. There was a oldish bloke at the counter paying for his 2 items. He'd bought a large, white sliced loaf and a bottle of vodka. As he paid he said ' Look after yourself young man' to the young chap behind the counter. The rest of the story tells itself. I felt a bit sad at the time.
  8. You ain't seen me, right
  9. looks like the bag's had a Glasgow kiss as well
  10. It's about time that this was sorted out now. It's almost getting a bit Billy Davies after the playoffs and another McClaren spring. We could do without another late start to pre season and an autumn of excuses / truths about how badly prepared we were for the new season. Like our poor form in February, the 'Yes but we did not have a full pre-season' is wearing a bit thin to those of use who fork out good money for season tickets year after year. It's now time to sort the manager situation and then the squad.
  11. Me too - with his wife. He was injured at the time and we had a short chat. He was very humble and pleasant. As we have relieved Aberdeen of Shinnie and them us of Bryson, it will be interesting to see who got the better outcome. Hopefully, of course, us!
  12. Lampard is on record as having said that he'd like to manage Chelsea. His current contract reportedly includes a £4M buy out clause (which is why I posted the now deleted Lampard compo post a few days ago). As such his move is reasonably clear cut; if he wants to go to Chelsea and gets the deal he wants, we get £4M and he's offski. What hasn't been talked about (as far as I know)is Jody Morris. Depending on whether he has a buy out in his contract (2 years to go) it may be that Mel Morris could lever something else from Chelsea assuming that Lampard wants Jodi Morris to come with him that is. interesting
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