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  1. 'Is it ok for me to park my car there traffic warden?' 'Yes, it's fine.' 'Could I have that in writing?' 'Yes, here you go.' a week later, a local resident complains that I parked there. Traffic warden responds by issuing me a retrospective parking fine. 'That's why I asked before I did it. You confirmed that I could do so. Here's the letter confirming that I could park there. Bye' same as?
  2. was Lawrence driving? too soon? I'll get me coat
  3. He doesn't do enough for us on the field and doesn't earn his money. I'd get rid of him to save his wages. What I wouldn't do is give him personal grief on facebook or elsewhere. I don't have any 'relationship' with him other than as a fan. It's about time that a but of kindness crept back in in my opinion.
  4. The spireites and Notts County weren't keen on keeping him. He probably fits into the current squad roulette / raffle strategy though.
  5. It looks a bit like Burton's ground to some extent
  6. Spot on. He's only had 40 minutes to show how pleased he was to have a chance to impress. To run his socks off. To press the ball. Rooney was doing this at 90 minutes; Whitaker wasn't. So far he seems to be a poor man's Lawrence, effort wise.
  7. Has Malone ever been seen in the same room (or on the same Yamaha FS1E) as Gary Teale and Jamie Vardy?
  8. Dodgy subs by Cocu again - especially Whitaker. The lad clearly isn't going to bust a gut when he comes on late on. He clearly isn't going to close down their back line or pick up runners or do anything generally useful when we are under the cosh - so why bring him on? It says something when Rooney was putting more in after 90 minutes than Whitaker. And as for Malone. As would be expected, it threw our shape out and made us vulnerable. Some good performances: Holmes, Lowe, Knight, Clarke, Wisdom and (MOTM again for me) Bird. Marriott missed too many very good chances. He needs to sort himself out in front of goal. Hamer cost us the goal. Rooney did very well.
  9. If they put out the same CHs as they did at Oakwell we should get a hatfull. They were dire. I'll have 4:1
  10. He'll want to keep the team v Charlton minus Beirlik (obviously) and with Rooney in. If Davies is out (and he has looked sketchy for a while to be fair) and if Bogle may be away soon, he may well keep Wisdom at full back and go for the U23 lad at CH. If he reaches for his roulette wheel as usual, goodness knows what Cocu will serve up. Hopefully his team sheet making roulette wheel went back for a refund today!
  11. kind of why I said what I said ... obviously Martin might have done this, that or the other. As I said, there was more chance of Martin using his nouse to get freekicks, waste time, take the ball into the corner etc than a youngster.
  12. apologies if it has been posted already I was surprised that Cocu didn't bring on Martin instead of Whitaker near the end of the game. No major issue as it turned out, but Martin would have won freekicks and kept the ball for the last few minutes. We needed wise old heads to close the game out not a young runner. As I say, it didn't matter - but it would have been a better decision.
  13. Ramage should be ok because he can take criticism stating pre-match that he has a 'wide back'. Not to be confused with 'broad shoulders', which he may have meant. But the real question is, when Ramage makes derogatory comments regarding the application, work ethic and behaviour of players at the club, does he mean the words that he says then - or does he mean something else? Marriott (as usual) bore some of Ramage's throwaways pre-match today - as did Wisdom. Brave words from the comfort of commentary position Mr Ramage. ;
  14. 8's for Bird (my MOTM), Clarke, Lowe, Wisdom, Holmes and Knight. Lawrence should be told to sit with Bird and Wisdom to watch the game. Bird should be asked to explain to Lawrence how he (Bird) took up positions to receive the ball from his team mates throughout the game, how he tracked back to cover and how he gave 100% all game. Wisdom should then be asked to 'discuss' this with Lawrence and seek his (Lawrence's) views about how he might aspire to match Bird -or Lawrence should be shown the door in January. To put him in this team would be an insult to Bird, Holmes and Knight, amongst others.
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