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  1. ditto Lawrence / ditto Bird v Fulham one makes some effort when it suits him / one makes effort all the time
  2. He's clearly not good enough, but Zoon may have covered more yardage than Lawrence this evening. If Zoon didn't, at least made some effort. When Lawrence can't even be bothered to move a yard to the touchline to give his fullback one option from a throw things have got bad. Nevermind the countless times when he stayed shielded behind any other player to put himself out of the game for receiving a pass We sold Ince for the same faults; we need to get shut of Lawrence as soon as we can.
  3. fascinating stuff. Is DCFC still Keogh's employer then?
  4. I don't know Ramage in the slightest. I've never met the bloke. Other than watching him play for us, my only experience with him has been listening to him on RD. My impression of him as a voice on RD was that he was a fan first and foremost. My take on him was that he wanted the club to do well; get promoted and the rest. He obviously has an insight into being a professional footballer that relatively few others do. From what I heard of him on RD (most, but certainly not all, pre and post matches) I felt that he was the poor man's Robbie Savage. Rather prone to say the co
  5. Alan Partridge interviewing the old Olympians all those years ago. One of the old ladies says something a little bit like Ramage's comment. Partridge says 'You can't say that' to her. And, as has been suggested on here already, the difference between that segment from that comedy show and our real life version may be why RD may be rather quiet on the matter just now, and may have opted to pull the talk in.
  6. I'd be interested in what you find out. My reading of the rules is that you won't be allowed to buy one until general sale.
  7. cheers - you're not being an idiot. That's pretty much my point. It's neither here nor there for me - I just noticed it on the club website after I'd bought my ticket and thought it odd
  8. Absolutely nothing personal mate, but if your fan id is because you're a season ticket holder you'll be waiting for general sale to buy them one this time around Whereas if you have an id but aren't a season ticket holder you'll be able to buy an extra ticket on Friday.
  9. explain why the plastic who has been to one match does?
  10. no - in P3 the plastic fan can buy one for themselves with their once-used ID plus one for a mate. whereas the season ticket holder cannot buy another one in P3 unless I've got it wrong
  11. it's the extra ticket - I don't think that season ticket holders can get the extra ticket during P3 whereas the plastics can maybe I've misunderstood
  12. seems like it's just me then - it's no big deal, but it did surprise me is all
  13. same could be said of the plastic fan who has been once but is able to but one for a friend who has never been though?
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