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  1. Good for you for selling them to proper rams fans mate
  2. You will be ok with any ticket so i wouldnt worry mate
  3. Ok didnt no that then well it will be a free forall lol good luck with that one whos going on the roadrider
  4. I been to loads of away games on roadrider if it says your on lets say bus 6 there will be someone from dcfc on that bus with you thay cross your name off when u get on thats the way thay been doing it for away games
  5. 2 tickets needed if anyone as any thanks
  6. The rams have got 2000 more tickets you got to log in at 12 good luck hope you all get 1 👍
  7. Derby got 2000 more tickets got to log in at 12 look on Derby website hope you all get 1 👍
  8. Lets see if we can be the ones who as ever taken the most flags by 1 team to wembley come you rams fans get them flags there on monday coyr
  9. To all true rams fans hope you all get a ticket today good luck so its fingers at the ready at 2 pm 🖒
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