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  1. Brentford 1 - 2 Derby FRGS Bennett
  2. I thought our sponsor was 32 red 🤔🤔
  3. I dont think any of us on here think he is perfect. He has done an amazing job in his first year, but not without making mistakes. Yes, some of those mistakes potentially lost matches for us but as my 7 year old son would say "if you dont make mistakes then you never get better"
  4. Unless you leave before the final whistle you wont get that close to PP and get out quickly. If you're willing to park about 10mins walk away then I think theres a few car parks around the train station, but probably full for later arrivals.....
  5. Ones by me weren't. They just allowed a couple of twits to be abusive to the rest of the block, calling us all ducking Bamfords because not everyone wanted to stand (including several elderly people who couldn't stand....) Other than that the day was great although I agree PP is better for watching the game and creating atmosphere
  6. Apparently he hasnt been giving 100% in every training session, and someone I know who works at dcfc said that Marriott called in sick to training but was then seen on the golf course later that day..... FL has always had good work ethic, turn up and work hard you get match time piss around and you dont.... so that seems like the most likely reason Marriott hasnt started or been on the bench as often as we may have liked....
  7. He kept more clean sheets than Carson and Carson played more games. He has made mistakes yes, but he hadn't been given much match time, I'd like to see another season, give him chance. Roos fills me with more confidence than Carson....
  8. He lost his mum recently and the funeral I believe was between the Leeds match and Wembley
  9. Would you say the same if he was a Ram and celebrating a win with us?? .....I doubt it. He is allowed to support a team and be passionate, he is human. There are so many rules he has to obey, ffs let the man support the team he wants to.....
  10. I had the same issue, sat in 3rd row (couldn't get front row) but several giants infront sat down initially but then stood up everytime we got the ball past halfway 🙄 asked them politely if they would mind sitting down as the elderly couple behind couldn't see, and couldnt just jump up every 5 minutes.... "yeh yeh alright alrihht" was the response I got.... This was followed by a twit in a blue shirt at the end of the row turning around and shouting at the whole block that we should all.stand up for the whole match and we are all ducking Bamfords if we dont....this is the block immediately next to the family section.....if you want to stand then get a seat at the back or go in the singing section....😡🙄 The behaviour of those individuals almost ruined my sons day, his first trip to Wembley, luckily we had some very lovely ladies and gents around us that created a happier atmosphere in our small section of the block.
  11. Just because he made a mistake....honestly 🙄🙄 Over the season he has been fantastic!!
  12. Journey down was brilliant, left at 7, stopped for breakfast at asda around 9.30 and then parked on a driveway near to asda for £12.50 (pre-booked). Leisurely 10 minute stroll down to the stadium. Journey back was a nightmare. Stayed to applaud our boys then headed up Wembley way to get back to asda, stopped at Costa on the way up. Got told we had to go under the subway towards the station with several thousand villa fans heading to the tube, and walk round despite my mum struggling with walking due to injuring a rib... and having a very overwhelmed child (why we couldn't go up the steps I dont know!), got back to the car around 6.15ish, very quick getting out onto the M1 (only good bit of the journey) stopped for food at Watford gap, leaving there about 8.30 (should have been home by 9.30 latest....) got stuck in traffic because of the accident and finally got home just after 11....so more than double the journey time.
  13. This is the sort of post I like to see after a mammoth drive home (some twit decided to Jack knife a lorry on the m1 causing utter chaos)....🍻🍻 Dont want to see all this poo about bad fans bad support etc, every person in that stadium made the journey today, just because some arent as vocal as others doesnt make them bad fans... 🙄
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