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  1. Nice (if you like collars)!
  2. Yeah the Hearts kit is the first Umbro one with a collar I have noticed for the coming season.
  3. Uh oh, the collar has been thrown in the mix! Now I have no idea what to expect from them!
  4. Umbro don't seem to be extending the diamonds all the way down the arms (probably for the league arm badges). Haven't seen any collars either. Really wouldn't be surprised if Tony1884's second effort is very nearly what we will get (with shorter diamonds on the sleeves). Which would be nice! Or we will get something horrendous....
  5. Hearts and Blackburn both being revealed on the 16th June. Slightly annoying we're behind SPL and League 1 teams really, especially since we've been with Umbro for 3 years already!
  6. A thing of beauty.....