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    v Wolves (H) Match Thread

    Took my daughter to her first game today and she loved it (always helps when we win!). It was also the first time I’ve been to a match we’ve won since the playoff final (I only get to 2-3 games a season as I live beyond the wall). I’ve literally been cursed! I thought they all looked good today, especially Max Lowe. Great afternoon all round!
  2. I thought this as well. Maybe Mel agreed that he could go at the end of the season if he didn't achieve promotion, gave him a pay rise to sweeten the deal and popped the £2 million release clause in there to give us a bit of protection. That would explain why we are interviewing so quick, Mel knew that this was a very real possibility and had already been preparing for his departure? Just speculation but would make sense.
  3. I'm pretty sure O'Neill gets thrown in the mix for most jobs that come up, the weird thing is he's one of the early front runners. I'd expect him to be up around the 20-1 mark and not be in the running really. Would be great if we did get him! I wonder if people have thrown some money on O'Neill and Lampard and that's whats shortened the odds?
  4. Branny

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Why did he have to wait until McClaren had got a new job? Can’t even go for Return of the Mac v3.0 now! 😂
  5. Branny

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Just realised (and I think this sums it up perfectly) that I forgot about Butterfield coming back from loan. I assume he's up for sale as well.
  6. Branny

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Michael Mancienne? He's only 30! You not got anyone older Red? Only then will we accept the deal...
  7. Branny

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    This looks to me like a more competent version of Kenny Burns trying to wind us all up. John Percy is a red dog, I believe. I think we have lots of fat in the squad to trim before we start to loose valuable assets like Vydra for such a weak fee. Shackell, Martin, Bryson, Baird and Blackman are definite candidates. Selling Vydra would also mean that we would then need to replace him so you have to factor that in, do Mel and Gary really think we can replace him for £8 million? Not a chance. Obviously, this means he'll be out the door by June.....😂

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