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    Rammy03 reacted to RoyMac5 in Rooney Out!   
    Surely not? Lots on here saying Rooney has a good squad!
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    Rammy03 reacted to Dean (hick) Saunders in Rooney Out!   
    Obviously this would apply equally to anyone we employ as manager as hardly any of our players are good enough and manager would need to go shopping.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Coneheadjohn in El DerbyCo   
    Good news if he owns the Stadium,means he can sell it to himself to get us out of FFP ina couple of years.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Mostyn6 in Live football thread.   
    Lingard nailing his Euros place! 
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    Rammy03 reacted to David in Manager of the Season 20/21   
    Who are your managers of the season then?
    I think they should go to clubs that have dare I say overachieved in expectations for the season. 
    For that reason:
    Premier League: David Moyes
    Championship: Valérien Ismaël
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    Rammy03 reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in All 3PM EFL Games Next Saturday Postponed   
    “Hi Liz. I know your husband has just popped his clogs and you want to pay your respects, but Derby vs Blackburn is on at 3pm. Do you fancy moving the funeral?”
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    Rammy03 reacted to BramcoteRam84 in Relegation watch   
    Yeah agree, they were bad points dropped but still quite poor performances. That first 60 mins at Wednesday was the best football we’ve played all season.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Reggie Greenwood in El DerbyCo   
    The quote is “we spoke to “ which doesn’t really say entered into discussions. Maybe the response from Cardiff meant he wasn’t inclined to take it further hence no more talks ? You would have thought that he has entered into an NDA with Mel and shown proof of funds. Seems a non story to me 
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    Rammy03 reacted to LeedsCityRam in Stifling players   
    Dowell is a good player but he's only going to thrive when he has plenty of the ball & minimal defensive duties. He has that at Norwich with Skipp & McLean sitting in and allowing the 3 behind Pukki to express themselves.
    When he played for us first half of last season, we were struggling to establish any control in midfield & someone like Dowell was a bit of a luxury.. Bielik didnt play DM until about November, Bird hadn't emerged, Shinnie was struggling & even Evans was having to play in there. 
    As to the general point about players, @angieram is definitely right about fan expectation not helping. The bigger problem I believe though is the constant change in managers (and therefore style) & recruitment often ill-suited to the existing side. Players like Bennett, Evans & Pearce can thrive somewhere like Millwall because Rowett has a set team structure & players fill specific roles. At Derby, I sense we sign players on talent alone & then work out how the team adapts to them. Its why we have a lot of talent (yes, even now) but often poor team cohesion & understanding.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Ramarena in El DerbyCo   
    Excuse me?
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    Rammy03 reacted to HorsforthRam in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Second half Norwich were in second gear? How do you know that? Were they trying not to score? Were they trying not to pass each other? Were they really just sitting back? Maybe we just gave them less time on the ball? Maybe we our performance was actually better? Maybe we deserve just a little credit for taking the game to them, rather than them letting little old Derby have a bit of the ball. Maybe we were in second gear first half?
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    Rammy03 reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in El DerbyCo   
    This from a Sheff Wed fan who obviously had a gander last December when he was interested in them .
    hmmm - a bit murky to be honest.
    According to his Linked In he's worked as a marketing person for a bunch of companies - including Real Madrid to be fair, but he managed their events by the looks of it. Before that it's hotels etc. His CV screams employee/freelancer to be honest. It states he's the CEO of WBD Capital, but only has 2 employees listed, and the link to the company website doesn't work. Interestingly, he's listed as a majority shareholder of Muangthong United Football Club, a Thai football club. Finished a masters in sports management in 2018.
    I dunno - assuming the LinkedIn is legit, he certainly doesn't fill me with confidence. I've met tons of 'startup bros' with delusions of grandeur. Might be wrong, but I get that vibe. Fingers crossed he's the 'face' to a larger family network. That's worked out well for us so far.
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    Rammy03 reacted to CornwallRam in El DerbyCo   
    I'm pleased with the interview he did with Chris Coles. My one red line before the takeover is that I don't want someone who currently holds far right views to run the club - it's not a high bar. He claimed that Vox used his local minor celebrity status to raise their profile without his permission. I'm still quite sceptical and suspect that he did have some affinity with them, but he also pointed out that they have a racist ideology and he does not. He put some daylight between them and his current position. I'll be watching carefully for what else crawls out of the woodwork, but at this point I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    As for the rest - he comes across as a bit of fantasist. It's like my plans when I start a new game of football manager. It will take something extraordinary for 29 year old with zero experience to turn around this club. A £ billion would do it, but it doesn't seem like he has money to burn, so he needs to get most of his decision right. 
    My head says this will end badly. His backing is not obvious and the Matt Southall connection concerns me. But the romantic in me says he must be a quite extraordinary individual to even be in a position to put in a bid which is being taken seriously by the club. The club certainly needs some fresh ideas and energy and there's an outside chance that he could be that 'left field' force which shakes the club out of its stupor.
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    Rammy03 reacted to plymouthram in Relegation watch   
    I don't think it matters how many home games you have, there is no fans in the stadiums. The next 7 days holds the key to where the Rams might be. Looking at the current table, the bottom 7 teams are trying to avoid the drop. I could be wrong, but Blackburn and above look safe to me. On Tuesday Sheff Wed play their game in hand over us, which is home to Swansea (They need to win it to close the gap to 5pts on us). The same night Huddersfield play Bournemouth, thats their game in hand over us. Rotherham play QPR, who just spanked Wednesday. Then on Thursday, Rotherham play another of their games in hand against Coventry (draw would be the best result for us). That game will be Coventry's game in hand over us.
    So we go into next weekends fixtures with Birmingham, Derby, Huddersfield, Coventry, Sheff Wed and Wycombe all having played 41 league games. Rotherham will have only 2 games in hand, so the picture will become clearer. The weekend fixture are; Swansea v Wycombe, Sheff Wed v Bristol, Rotherham v Birmingham, Forest V Huddersfield, Coventry v Barnsley and Blackburn V Rams.
    I would like to point out some factors, 4 of the bottom 7 would have played a mid-week game (Rotherham would have played 2). Only Wycombe, Birmingham and the Rams will have a longer recovery time. Some are up against teams still chasing promotion, some are playing each other in the relegation battle over the next 7 days. Some fans are worried about Rotherham (the only team in the bottom 7 with a better goal diff than us). IF, they manage to win their next 3 games against QPR, Coventry and Birmingham, that would mean 2 of them teams would be still in the mix with them and us. Then Rotherham have a midweek match against M'Boro followed by Barnsley and Brentford who all happen to be in the current top 10 of the table. Rotherham's record against the current top 10 is just one win.
    I will stick with my predictions of Wycombe, Sheff wed, and Rothertham getting relegated. Even with Wednesday's 6 point deduction at the begining of the season would still put them in a relegation position if it was rescinded.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Spanish in Relegation watch   
    Brum are on that run
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    Rammy03 reacted to ThePrisoner in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    It wasn't though was it. It wasn't great but we were pretty up for it in the 2nd half considering all our missing first choices due to injury.
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    Rammy03 reacted to bucktwo in Relegation watch   
    Rovers 1 rams 1
    Pne 0 rams 1
    Rams 2 brum 1
    Swans 2 rams 0
    Rams 0 wed 0 
    8 points 
  18. Haha
    Rammy03 reacted to Kernow in Relegation watch   
    You could always dedicate your time and energy to celebrating Forest's promising promotion charge?
    I'm not sure what you'll do from the start of September onwards, but it's better than nothing.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Jimbo Ram in Relegation watch   
    Don’t think Reading had anything to play for when they beat us on the last game of the season and kicked us out of the play offs did they 🤔
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    Rammy03 reacted to DCFC1388 in Relegation watch   
    I think 5 points will see us safe, a point a game, I think that is achievable
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    Rammy03 reacted to matty1986 in Relegation watch   
    There is every chance Wednesday wont have anything to play for by the time out game arrives.
    If we still need 3pts and can't get them in that scenario, we will deserve everything that will ensue.
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    Rammy03 reacted to cannable in Who shall we buy then?   
    Dele Ali went from playing in League One to making his England debut in about four months. A player’s circumstance is by no means reflective of their ability. 
    On pace, Lewis Dunk literally plays for Brighton.
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    Rammy03 reacted to QuitYourJibbaJivin in Relegation watch   
    Win at either Blackburn and Preston and Wel be fine. Might actually have some players back for the Preston game.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Jourdan in Relegation watch   
    I don’t think the situation has changed that much for us.
    Win v Birmingham and Wednesday and we’ll be fine.
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    Rammy03 reacted to AndyinLiverpool in Home v Norwich Matchday Thread   
    Yet again really nice stuff utterly ruined by completely the wrong choice.
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