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    Rammy03 reacted to Mafiabob in So that’s that   
    I just miss us being Derby County for the right reasons.....
  2. COYR
    Rammy03 reacted to Sean in So that’s that   
    Season over? We're winning the FA Cup
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    Rammy03 reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in We need to back Cocu   
    I can see what he is trying to achieve, it isn't quite working at the minute but it will come good.
    We were unlucky tonight, Luton will surge up the table after that result tonight.
    Have faith Rams fans, the playoff are not over.
    This result is not Cocu or the players fault, it is solely my responsibility. I have paid to watch 3 games on Rams TV and lost every time, all perfectly winnable games. Completely my fault, wont happen again I promise.
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    Rammy03 reacted to goldstar in v Luton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
    This is so mundane. We're now talking about it being a good scoreline at 0-0 half time at Luton. Ducking Luton and we've barely had a shot on goal. What a fall from grace from last season when we could score 3 or 4 in a game. We might let in 2 but you always had faith we could get one more.
    Just tedious stuff. 
  5. COYR
    Rammy03 reacted to Nick_Ram in v Luton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Cause for Excitement
    There's a realistic chance that we could win tonight, Millwall won't beat Leeds and Bristol City won't win away at Reading. If we then beat Stoke on Friday, we are only 3 points off the play-offs.
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    Rammy03 reacted to SKRam in v Luton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Great detail in the set up @Rampant thread was that quiet I didn’t know it had been started till now.
    Two midweek games which if and it’s a big IF we take six points we’ll really be sniffing Play Offs. Don’t laugh it’s true. 
    Luton have been poor but that’s not to say they won’t start playing decent football and get results as they obviously want to retain their Championship status. 
  7. COYR
    Rammy03 reacted to Hanny in What's Changed?   
    I think this post(and it’s question in general) is actually a pretty big topic in sport/life at large. From my observations(at events as well as online), I feel I’ve noticed a significant shift in the aim of supporters. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone...but I do think it is a shift in the general approach from more and more folks.
    Supporters today want to be seen as a supporter, as opposed to being a supporter of the team for themselves. It’s subtle, but a significant difference in mindset when applying it to a struggling side.
    We can certainly point to marketing, the money in today’s game, exposure to larger supporter bases with easier access to games(ramsTV, etc). But for what ever the cause(and I’m sure it’s many small things as opposed to one big thing)...supporters are less apt to back a team that’s struggling. 
    I love this club. As all of you do, in your way. I do wish for a stronger supporting base...and I don’t mean flag waving, singing, merch purchasing, etc.  All of that is great and makes it fun being a supporter...but it’s always fun when your side is up 2/nil at half. 
    I wish for a base that thinks about how damn difficult it is to have all cylinders firing for a club these days. If we as a base become more thoughtful in our approach to the club- we become less focused on the short term chaos and find calm in the storm.
  8. Haha
    Rammy03 reacted to Half Fan Half Biscuit in We need get pp rocking for replay   
    There's got to be more that 30 people want to go surely?
  9. Haha
    Rammy03 reacted to JfR in FA Cup Fifth Round Draw - 27/01 19:19   
    Everyone's hyping this up as the Wayne Rooney Derby, when us true connoisseurs of the game know it would really be the Lee Grant Derby

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    Rammy03 reacted to ariotofmyown in FA Cup Fifth Round Draw - 27/01 19:19   
    Easy home draw, then we are 2 winnable home games from the quarter finals. That is when things get exciting.
  11. Haha
    Rammy03 reacted to nottingram in FA Cup Fifth Round Draw - 27/01 19:19   
    Chelsea at home please. End of the game, lock the doors while Tomori is saying his goodbyes and we have our new centre back.
    Get Mel throwing eggs at Lampard if there is any money left over
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    Rammy03 reacted to Marriot Ram99 in Cocu and the youth: a great success story   
    I know this won't be popular but I don't understand how playing some young players mainly out of necessity due to injuries and lack of squad depth constitutes a "Great success story". It will be a great success story if we are promoted , but he has not achieved much as of yet. If they improve the team lot and we are up there around the top 6 or higher next season then that will be success but even still a great success is very far fetched unless we get promoted in my eyes. We are currently improving and some of the younger players are showing promise, but I find praise of your extent extremely premature. Also to add to my point only Knight and Bird out of that list have been impactful and played a fair amount of games with only  Knight being a difference maker of note, its not like we have started teams in the league full of youth that he has personally brought through on his own. Also it is hardly him doing all the work is it,  it is mainly the academy that is doing the work developing good players and scouts identifying players from other academies like Bogle who we can take off them , I'm sure Cocu wouldn't want to take all the credit either.
    Saying that I am pleased with Knight and Bird's impact and have no problem with playing young players, but I do think it is abit tinpot if the only thing we can strive for is to develop players for other clubs to sign off us just like a Brentford. If we don't assemble a solid spine of a team around a couple of quality young players, we will be midtable for the next few years regardless of how good our young players are. So as good as it is to develop young players the main thing for me is good recruitment, and a transition to a style of play much better than what we are seeing so far this season. My thinking is Mel wants us to develop young players so he can sell on for profit so we are more sustainable,  but without significant and wise spending in the summer I fear we will become a selling club with little standing in the league.  I Know that is a very pessimistic view, but I feel like we have far too many players who are not good enough for where we want to be and I have no confidence in our ability to buy the right players in the summer and shift out the ones that need replacing like Lawrence. I admire optimism but believing our academy alone can bail out the rest of the team is blind optimism, if these players were coming through when we were at our peak under McLaren I would feel differently.
  13. Clap
    Rammy03 reacted to Boycie in South stand   
    Anyone who tries to get anything going of any large scale in the south stand just gets sniped at on social media. Ask various people on here who’ve tried.
    I mean, just look how this threads going.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Dcfc-1884 in South stand   
    I think we need to get ultra flags in the south stand and be a team that people don’t want to come to out ground cus our fans we are capable cus we can be the loudest team in the championship but it’s not consistent and defo need to keep singing when losing 
  15. Clap
    Rammy03 got a reaction from GrimsbyRam in Is Marriott overrated.   
    Use him in the right way and he will shine.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Bazal77 in Is Marriott overrated.   
    He doesn’t suit the way we play in my opinion. I don’t think he’s over rated, he’s just not in the right place. 
    his goal against Leeds will ensure he’s always a favourite of mine but in years to come that will be all he’s remembered for here in my opinion. 
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    Rammy03 reacted to Wazztie16 in The Change in Fortune. Who's to thank?   
    Me, for sticking £7 on us at 50/1 to hit the play offs. 
    Please be done by the last game of the season, one way or another. 
  18. Clap
    Rammy03 reacted to LeedsCityRam in Cocu In   
    Perversely, I would say the FFP fiasco actually increases the chances of Cocu staying.
    It seems the case that Cocu is a club/squad builder rather than a short term transformational manager. Before becoming manager of PSV, he insisted on a year in charge of their youth team & he has often spoken of his job at Derby as being a long term project. Clearly managers who only want short terms success generally tend not to be that interested in the youth teams as they only want ready made players to help get results.
    Although we've been top 6 or thereabouts for much of the last 5 seasons, it's created a burden of expectation that we will always be top 6 - which I think has driven some of the extreme reactions on here when we were struggling in December & probably some of the home crowd frustration at times too. That's a very difficult environment to operate in when you're trying to remodel a squad, introduce youth players & change the culture of the club.
    The inevitable consequences of the EFL charge - whether it is an actual points deduction or just weeks of uncertainty - has totally changed the dynamic of the season. No sane person would now expect a top 6 push & instead the emphasis will be to get as far away from the bottom 3 as possible just in case points are deducted. It doesn't reduce the pressure on the club but this is now an external pressure rather than an internal pressure. It might be a blessing in disguise in the long term as I believe its a lack of continuity that is holding this club back - nothing else.
    Really liked Cocu's interview after the game yesterday & in particular his reaction to people attacking the club. He's bought into Derby & I hope he gets all the success his talent & commitment deserves.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Big Trav in Tom Lawrence appreciation thread   
    Our tom get a lot of stick. Like a lot. I would say hes our scapegoat that many fans use against him. He receives a lot of abuse rightly or wrongly. I just wanted to give my  two sense on this situation. The problem with Tom is he needs to play as a 10 behind 2 strikers. Out wide he has to cut in as his crossing isn’t the greatest. Also the lads a massive confidence player. Massively. Do you think 20,000 shouting abuse at him will help his confidence?? He always tries hard and presses well however he can be lazy tracking back. The lads been involved with a lot outside the world of football. He’s lost his bloody mother not long ago. And this has led to him drinking a load which ended up with joinersgate. He looks broken inside. I’m just begging you to please not scapegoat Tom. He isn’t a bad football he’s not the worst player you’ve ever seen just get behind the lad show him extra appreciation we need to make sure he knows we’ve got his back not get angry and shout abuse at him. 
    I do think Tom needs a break from football to really sort himself out. You can tell he’s heartbroken just by the way he never plays with a smile anymore. 
    Im begging each and every single person that reads this post to just think before you shout abuse at any Derby player but tom in particular. He needs picking up from the ground not being kicked while on the ground. 
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    Rammy03 reacted to IronRam 140.6 in v Hull City (H) - Matchday Thread   
    Rooney was a bit meh! today, on the ball, but what he does bring or should I say has happenened since he has started playing, is that as a team we have shape and solidity, probably due to his cajoling and organising. We were so disjointed earlier in the season with bodies everywhere with no discernable pattern. We have that now. 
    Some slick patterns of play and some cutting edge to embed and we wont be far off.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Steve How Hard? in v Hull City (H) - Matchday Thread   
    I agree. It was looking like the atmosphere might be a bit  flat after the injustice of the weeks events but the clubs rallying call has certainly lifted my mood. I hope it's had a similar effect on the players and we come out all guns blazing. COYR. 
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    Rammy03 reacted to B4ev6is in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Well I say us Derby fans apply some preasure on EFL by protesting against show them up big time.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Rammed79 in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Leave it to uncle Mel he'll put the whole system on trial. For now business as usual up the rams get behind the team tomorrow and let's hammer hull. 
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    Rammy03 reacted to Cisse in Predictions for first game of season next year   
    Home game against Everton.
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    Rammy03 reacted to Ghost of Clough in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    At least that £8.5m figures loosely ties in with the club's published accounts. That suggests a 9 point penalty if found guilty. I still believe we'll be let off by either the EFL panel, or the courts.
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