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    archram reacted to dcfcreece1601 in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    You say hes prone to a mistake but when your on the back line and in constant need of stopping players from scoring and starting attacks from the back every defender is going to make a mistake and same with the goalkeepers,  mason Bennett missed an absolute sitter a few weeks back which cost us a goal? No different to a bad pass costing us a goal in the other end 
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    archram reacted to SaintRam in Ian Holloway Article   
    No amount of money gives anyone the right to abuse people, unless of course it's a transaction related to a seedy basement.
    The lack of separation between criticism and abuse in football fans is really quite jarring to be honest.
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    archram reacted to Grimbeard in EFL order independent valuation of Pride Park   
    Is it like being on the fiddle, but bigger?
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    archram reacted to Squid in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    Have a read of this article, seems like Cocu's already been subject to abuse, absolutely feckin ridiculous by so called fans.
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    archram reacted to SaintRam in Michael Johnson with England U21s   
    They have been institutionally racist in the past, that's kinda the point. It's because of that that efforts like this are necessary to try and change things.
    And no BAME coach is going to tell them to duck off, because it's an opportunity to prove yourself at a high(er) level of coaching - an opportunity they've never/rarely had a chance of being given.
    It isn't about the organisation they're working for, it's about their personal careers and the careers of other BAME coaches in the future. If they told every organisation within a previously/currently institutionally racist industry (football) to duck off because they previously wouldn't have been offered positions, they'd never get anything. 

    It's also not like they've been handed positions other people could have. These positions have been created to provide the opportunity, and to increase representation, to try and build a foundation and eat away at the status quo that's been created by the long-existent unconscious bias.
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    archram reacted to StarterForTen in EFL order independent valuation of Pride Park   
    Are the EFL also going to get independent valuations on other balance sheet assets that have been sold by clubs too? For example, players under contract are assets and profit can be made from the transfer?
    Perhaps they should look at Huddersfield for their valuation of Jacob Butterfield when they sold him to us? Or Reading for Nick Blackman? And if Watford get relegated back into the EFL they should be squitting themselves over the Anya sale....??
    FFP is a politically-nice idea but is completely undeliverable in a division of so many income variables. You get the feeling that the EFL are desperate to make it work but are permanently fighting fires over it as clubs look to compete with the ludicrous parachute payments.
    Professional sport is always about seeking a competitive advantage and that applies just as much off the field as it does on. Won't be long before the best Finance Directors are being sold for more than a 20-goal striker!
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    archram reacted to angieram in Players on Twitter   
    Millenniumram, this is one of the most arrogant statements I have read on here. 
    That last paragraph is unbelievable. Have you ever considered your own posts in the same light? Or do you think it's alright to say things like that on here because it's not Twitter and you are effectively slagging off the players behind their backs? You are guilty of everything that you accuse others of, in my opinion.
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    archram reacted to VulcanRam in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
    Really? So you genuinely can't see the difference between a sportsman willingly signing a contract that's been thrashed out by agents, lawyers and club officials and a newspaper trying to destroy his marriage and personal life by printing lies about him? 
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    archram got a reaction from NottsRam77 in Jamie Paterson   
    In West Lower, we have perfected bouncing with the shoulders so don’t need to leave our seats!
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    archram reacted to Penelope Pendrex in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    Anyone who thinks Keogh is anything other than one of our best players and one of the best defenders in the league really hasn't been paying attention.
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    archram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Tom Huddlestone - Cocu's Favourite Player?   
    Being the only youngster in the starting 11 last season did not stop Bogle getting roasted did it, nor Lowe the previous season, so I'm afraid we'll have to disagree on this one. The fact is, folk were delighted to hear Morris and Cocu's vision for the promotion of youth. Norwich had a similar scenario where superficially they struggled as a young team got to grips with Championship football but the benefits were there for all to see the next season, just the same as with Jayden and Max. I don't pretend to know for sure that this will pan out the same way for us but we know we have some serious quality among the younger players and particularly last season's U18s. After 6 years of failing via other means, I'm prepared to give the vision a chance even if it means the benefits are not evident until next season. 
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    archram reacted to GenBr in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    Lawrence puts the effort in - he has been poor recently and usually I'd be the last to defend him, but this is just WUMing of the highest order. You could argue he isn't worth his wage at the moment because he's not creating anything, but that goes for the entire team - if the midfield could actually get the ball to the front 3 he might actually get a chance.
    Where would Keogh go to? Any top championship side - one of the best defenders in the league - one of our best players under numerous managers now - the only people who want him gone are the people who can't forget the loss to QPR 5 years ago.
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    archram reacted to CocuCrazyCocuMad in One Step Back, Two Steps Forward.   
    My thoughts re. Cocu and how his brain is working right now are;
    1. He has no intention of promotion this season. Because if we did, the money and squad isn’t there to stay, equalling another miserable season. Most fans are way too impatient to look beyond the next result.
    2. He wants the majority of the squad out. He’s trying to upset them by calling them out and replacing them with youth.
    3. He’s using youth for the above but also trying to develop them to either generate money or first team players.
    4. He’s intentionally playing players out of position to stress them and make them better. I suspect it’s a common tactic at Dutch clubs who have a ridiculous history of developing young players and making foreign players better. It’s almost a school of football.
    5. He trusts Keogh and Huddlestone because they’re literally the only senior players we have with experience and a will to help others. Regardless of their ability they vocally help and encourage. Best of a bad bunch.
    6. The players aren’t intelligent enough for him and until he replaces with better models we will look confused, because the players are actually confused. They’re also too comfortable on their wage and achieving nothing every season.
    7. There’s an element of him exposing how bad the squad is to say to Mel ‘I need some funds in January’.
    8. He’s making us look a bit less glam so we don’t get screwed in the transfer windows. He wants something better than Butterfield for £4m.
    9. He plays some players out of position to improve them. Lowe has to use his right foot occasionally. Holmes may now be a little more defensively aware down his right hand side.
    10. We may flirt with relegation but only till January. Rooney won’t accept a lack of effort. And new signings will arrive.
    That’s just my take on it. I do believe Cocu is quality and probably more old school than people are now used to or will to be patient with.
    Don’t be fooled by the Lampard Season. It wasn’t that great - it just had a twist in Leeds. The bounce papers over the fact that he too, played Bennett up front alone and kept Marriott on the bench at Wembley. And we also relied too heavily on players who were never in a million years going to be a long term addition to Derby County.
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    archram reacted to TommyPowel in The Derby way   
    For the record Rooney arrives when the MLS season finishes in October.He will train with us until he can officially play in Jan.
    his wages are covered by increased sponsorship so FFP is concerned his wages are balanced by the increase in profit,
    The drive from north cheshire is aprox 1,5 hours,lots of players and managers commute now days,
    As for you last statement ludicrous
  15. Haha
    archram reacted to Marriot Ram99 in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    Everyone will have already left by then so I think you will be alright.
  16. Clap
    archram reacted to mozza in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Trouble is, I struggle to predict a defeat.
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    archram reacted to Nuwtfly in Hold Your Nerve   
    I reckon that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, especially if you take the first four games in to account. We didn't look like we were going in the opposite direction against Huddersfield, or Swansea, or West Brom. We looked like we were improving and playing some nice stuff.
    The last two games have been really poor, for differing reasons. I'm not arguing that at all. The Brentford game especially. But what I'm saying is that these types of games, from Huddersfield to West Brom to Brentford, are indicative of a team going through a transition. Of a team changing something, or trying to.
    Before the season started, everybody fully expected this. Some even welcomed it. Yet some are reacting like this has come as a total shock. I even saw one poster on here suggest we are "relegation fodder." This sort of stuff is just so ridiculous. It's the kind of stuff you laugh at when other club's fans do it. 
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    archram reacted to bcnram in Team Spirit   
    I want the manager to be honest, I don’t wanting him coming out with BS like “we will take the positives from this game”. It was blatantly dire and he was right to say so. His public response may just get through to the players. There is no hiding place now. 
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    archram reacted to JfR in Really hope Bogle is ok   
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    archram reacted to angieram in George Evans   
    I think he's been rather unfortunate not to get a run in the team, given Huddlestone and Dowell's current form.
    He sort of made way for Bielik/Knight. 
    He can't play in Dowell's role but I think Knight can. Evans would give Huddlestone more defensive cover if we keep playing him.
    I also think he's one of those players that does a lot of work that goes un-noticed.
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    archram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in I would drive dowell back up to Everton myself!   
    Seem to remember a certain Jayden Bogle getting absolutely torn a new one around this time of last season. Can't stop a cross, loses his man all the time, has zero positional sense, a headless chicken yadda, yadda, yadda.
    Maybe Dowell will make the grade, maybe he won't but some folk's vitriol on various threads seems more than a tad over the top to me. Each to their own I guess.
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    archram reacted to i-Ram in Hold Your Nerve   
  23. Clap
    archram reacted to Cool As Custard in Hold Your Nerve   
    Said to myself this season I wasn’t going to post anything good or bad about the new regime until the international break - too much chance for getting over excited or too down as things bed in - however @Nuwtfly has taken the words straight out of my mouth though.
    We are exactly where I thought we would be before the season started - bottom 6! We’re exactly where we were under the The Bald Eagle after his first 8 games - that year we had lost 3 of our best players (Williams, Short & Pembridge) just as we have this year (Mount, Wilson, Tomori).
    It took him a while to get the players at his disposal playing in the system best suited to them & the signing of Igor & playing him at the centre of the back 3 in a 3-5-2 was integral to our promotion surge. I’m not saying we are going to do the same this year but the parallels are remarkable. Just wait until Bielik gets going in the middle of a back 3 next to Keogh & Clarke with Lowe & Bogle bombing forward.
    Then give Lawrence a free role behind Waghorn & Marriott - just as Ron Willems & Paul Simpson combined to sit behind Gabbiadini & Sturridge. Go a bit more direct & those 3 will give defences a lot more problems.
    My only worry is that I dont think we have the strength sitting in midfield that Darryl Powell & Van Der Laan gave us. It’s a season too far for Huddlestone & Evans is dominant enough - this system would have been better suited to Bradley Johnson alongside a much stronger loan signing  than Dowell - I’d certainly have preferred someone more like Trevor Chalobah or might this be the role for Sibley & Knight with their energy to shine?
    Even so I think that we are only 2 or 3 players & tweak of system away from a really exciting first 11. If we finish anywhere above 16th this season I’ll be happy as long as we are in a position where Cocu knows exactly what he needs to bring in over the next 2 transfer windows.
    In todays world of keyboard warriors & Football Manager experts Jim Smith would have been out on his ear after the 5-1 mauling at Tranmere. We’d never then have had experienced the joys of Wanchope, Baiano, Eranio, Asanovic or Mikel Beck!
    Patience is needed - Cocu is the man. He’s not stupid - he’s learning about the team, the league & the club. He’s shown he’s an intelligent guy. He just needs a bit of time & it will be sorted - we just need to stop feeling so entitled & presume that there is a better solution out there. There is no quick fix but if everyone get’s behind the players, the manager & the club has a bit of faith & patience then who knows what will happen.....
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    archram reacted to Nuwtfly in Hold Your Nerve   
    Been a bit disappointing to see so many fans (not too many on here, mostly on Twitter) hitting the panic button after two defeats. I appreciate that this week has been something of a disaster (two defeats in a row and conceding six goals is going to annoy anyone), but we really need to hold our nerve here.
    When Cocu was appointed, many on here (and on Twitter) said they fully expected a transitional season. With so many players leaving as their contracts ran out, and the departure of our three most talented players (Tomori, Mount and Wilson), we should all have expected something of a decline in playing performances going into this season. 
    And now, as we begin to show the signs of a team going through a transition (inconsistent performances, the blooding of young players, trying different formations) many of us are suddenly losing our heads. 
    What did you expect? You've seen other teams go through this and come out the other side. So why the pandemonium? 
    Transitions take time. TIME. Some of you are calling it quits on this manager when he's had less games than Nigel flipping Pearson!
    We know what the modus operandi for this season is. We know what the aims are. They were communicated to us very clearly at the start of the season by Mel, Cocu and most of the players. We are trying to build something at this club now. We are trying to stop the constant chopping and changing of managers that has caused us to fall into the mess to start with. We are trying to finally utilise the incredible academy Mel has worked so hard to build, whilst building a footballing identity and philosophy and simultaneously stay competitive.
    You expect this to happen after 6 games? Come on. Let's get a hold of ourselves here. We have to back this team.
    Now, before you call me a happy clapper, I do think Cocu has made some errors. The first being some of the choices in the Forest game. I think he underestimated just how much that game means to us as a fanbase, and threw some youngsters in at the deepest of deep ends. He will learn from that. You could tell he had in the interview after the game.
    The second is the current use of formation. The 4-3-3, and the 4-2-3-1 to a lesser extent, aren't working because we are lacking any real quality in the wide areas, and a creative outlet in the 10 position. He needs to figure this one out, and I think he will. Richard Keogh suggested that he thought we looked good in a 3-5-2, and I agree with him. We've got the attacking full-backs to play this formation. Plus it means we can play Bielik in his preferred position of centre-half, with Keogh to the right of him and Clarke to the left. We could also play Waghorn and Marriott up top with each-other (which many of you wanted to see this season), and Lawrence in that 10 role behind the two of them. TL flourished in that system at Ipswich, so this might suit him in the long run.
    Regardless of this though, any system, formation, style will all take time. We all knew this at the start of the season, and we owe it, not just to the management, but to Mel and his vision, to not only give this time, but to back it. Back him. Back the club. Loads of you already are, so this post isn't really for you.
    Sorry this turned into something of a blogpost, but I've been stewing on what I wanted to say about all this since yesterday, and I couldn't really make it any shorter.
    Up the Rams! 🐏
  25. Haha
    archram reacted to wixman1884 in Derby fan for 40 years   
    Oh ffs give us the answers already. I've been refreshing this thread for about 5 hours now and have developed an anxiety disorder
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