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    archram reacted to Mafiabob in Derby County Vs Brentford matchday thread.   
    There was a lot to fix from the previous regime, Cocu got left a really poor hand and in one season he’s managed to galvanise Derby and getting us to punch way above our weight.
  2. Haha
    archram reacted to nottingram in Derby County Vs Brentford matchday thread.   
    You might see a keeper who can use his hands properly. Go for it
  3. Like
    archram reacted to Mucker1884 in Derby County Vs Brentford matchday thread.   
    1-1 HT.
    The threat from them remains, of course, but that was very encouraging, and at the very least, we deserve to be level.
  4. Haha
    archram reacted to Mucker1884 in Derby County Vs Brentford matchday thread.   
    Such a good goal, I haven't got a clue who to blame!!  🤣
  5. Clap
    archram reacted to Srg in Derby County Vs Brentford matchday thread.   
    This will probably fall on deaf ears (blind eyes?) but before throwing the dummy out the pram today, can we just remember Brentford are a genuinely good team, in good form and we are where we are after a tough season, missing some senior players and are still finding our feet with our youngsters. So whilst none of it excuses a lifeless performance, it does mean we are playing a good team here. 
  6. Haha
    archram reacted to Mucker1884 in Derby kit 20/21 season   
    Exactly who is the "Play Responsibly" aimed at?
    Because if that's aimed at our defenders, I think that's a little uncalled for!  🤣
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    archram reacted to RoyMac5 in Sibley red rescinded   
    Perhaps now the red card has been rightly rescinded there ought to be more positive comments about the fact that actually Sibley kept his temper and didn't react to useless refereeing and blatant provocation. Well done lad! 🐏
  8. Angry
    archram reacted to B4ev6is in Andre Wisdom   
    This sort of thing sticks with for life I should I was badly bullied when I was at school and frankly I was beaten up in school and outside of school.
    It best part 10 years plus before I started going out in night time but even now I hate being out in the dark.
  9. Clap
    archram reacted to B4ev6is in Andre Wisdom   
    Cocu said he is not sure uf he will be back before end of the season. Frankly it needs be in baby steps back fitness wise his mental health wise.
  10. Like
    archram reacted to sage in Test Cricket is Back   
    and it's raining. Hoping for play later but what a typically British start to the series.
    It did give time for a very powerful interview with Michael Holding, Nasser Hussein and Ebony Rainford-Brent. 
  11. Clap
    archram reacted to RoyMac5 in Philip Cocu   
    Yes when you compared their bench with some of our on field players, that should have been a clue.
    But there were times last night when we should have had a break but didn't. Holmes awful shot, or wandering offside to Martins flick on in the box. Whittaker's ridiculous booking. Evan's getting a worse kicking than Sibley got sent off for! The ref gave nothing to us, very few freekicks and no bookings to them for similar one's given to us - ie their penalty shout, Clarke's push was similar to the one on Whittaker, why wasn't their player booked?
    So we were playing a team of experienced players & bench, plus the ref! 
  12. Clap
    archram reacted to nottingram in Philip Cocu   
    Saying we didn’t compete in a game we drew is a new one. We weren’t good but to say we didn’t compete is plain wrong.
    Yesterday we weren’t very good again, but we are down to the bare bones and WBA are a good side. Who knows if Holmes hadn’t taken 10 years to shoot early on the game might have been different. After that we lost our way and the early goal, which was a great goal, knocked the confidence of a young team. It happens and it’s why they are being blooded now.
    Frustrates me that all it has taken is a draw and a loss against good teams for the same questions to be asked of the manager and the team. It’s all a learning process. Think of the debuts this season, think of the team last night. Was essentially an U23’s team, if even half of them make it at this level we will save / make ourselves tens of millions. We’re lucky to have a manager who is prepared to play a long game with them.
    I remember when Clement was supposed to do this. Trouble is he was doing it with players he’d spent £30m on. Because of suspensions our team last night cost the square root of duck all. Yeah it would’ve been nice to have a bit more of a go but we are so lacking in so many areas that it’s not always possible.
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    archram reacted to BondJovi in v West Brom (A) - Matchday Thread   
    We win 5 in a row for the first time in a long time and then put in 2 duff performances against better sides and suddenly it is all negative and Cocu has become Clement?
    Due to the nature of this run in, we are asking a lot of our experienced players and a lot more of our youngsters. Our bench didn't contain a single game changer or drastically different option. We have plenty in the 18-21 age range and in the 30+ but very few inbetween. 
    Since Christmas we have scored 3 goals in a game 5 times and also scored in 18 consecutive matches. Only a few games ago against Preston did we look fantastic. 
    We miss Lawrence, Waghorn and Wisdom. 3 of our most important players this season. Most teams in this league would struggle in a similar situation.
    I think we moved the ball around with more purpose against West Brom at the start. That early goal again made it much harder for us and we don't  have the options to really do much else.
  14. Clap
    archram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in v West Brom (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Some hilarious comments on the game tonight. Some folk just really can't help themselves it seems. Suggesting that the players don't care, aren't up for it, all that bullpoo... We are down to pretty much our U23 team now and through one of the most inept reffing displays I've ever seen, we've even lost one of them now. 
    West Brom are also a very good side, full of seasoned and settled pros, some of who are easily premiership quality. They deserved to win no doubt, but surely it's a measure of the progress we've made recently that we even thought we could get something from this game with so many key players shorn from the squad.
    As it was, without showing much cutting edge, note lack of Waggy and even more so Lawrence, we were playing good stuff and right in the game until we shipped the second goal. Certainly for the first 45 at least. It's as if some people are watching a totally different game sometimes and back they all rush the moment we have any kind of dip in form, no matter the reasons why, knives out and ready sharpened. Grinds my duckin gears tbh.
  15. Haha
    archram reacted to Boycie in Accounts Overdue   
    Apparently the dog eat the accounts the night before they were due.
  16. Clap
    archram reacted to RadioactiveWaste in v West Brom (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Well, it would've been a tough ask regardless.
    Disappointing referee.
    Disappointing performance.
    Deserved to lose.
    Looked toothless, but, even more disappointing was the lack of intent.
    However, there were a lot young players out there who will learn from this. I'm not mad, just resigned to it for the rest of the season.
  17. Haha
    archram reacted to SaintRam in v West Brom (A) - Matchday Thread   
    The biggest obstacle we face here seems to be that the WBA forwards' legs move faster than our defenders' brains.
  18. Haha
    archram reacted to ramit in Summer 2020 Transfer Suggestion Thread   
    Ahh i inadvertently blurted out our national secret.  We daily guzzle copious amounts of lukewarm cod liver oil. 
    i am 590, but don't look a day over 400
  19. Like
    archram got a reaction from GboroRam in The History of DCFCfans   
    I think he was asked some time ago and said that he’d just hit random keys on his keyboard. Is this right @B4ev6is?
  20. Clap
    archram reacted to matty1986 in Will we make the play-offs #2   
    So maybe the likelihood is that we won't quite make it, but even if we don't, we will have all enjoyed a damn fine few months which will tee us up nicely for a real go in the coming season.
    I don't quite understand the need to continually downplay all the good things that are happening right now.
  21. Clap
    archram reacted to Anag Ram in What are we missing most about Derby County   
    Getting off the train at Derby Station after the two hour journey from Bristol. 
    Walking up the steps to take my seat wondering whether the beautifully positioned seat I purchased online is available only because of the rather large man with poor personal hygiene in the adjacent seat. 
    The polite applause from my friends in the East Stand as we score. 
    Jogging through the crowd outside of the stadium to allow enough time to purchase a coffee and food for the train back. 
  22. Sad
    archram reacted to Eddie in Accounts Overdue   
    I used to get regular emails from him. They stopped about a year ago.
  23. Like
    archram reacted to EulogyForEvolution in v West Brom (A) - Matchday Thread   
    I'm strangely calm for such an important game. 

    For me, I felt like playoffs were gone a long time ago, I was just looking for something to get excited about for next year. That has definitely been achieved - the surge in form coupled with the introduction of so many academy players puts us in a strong position for next year. 

    Anything we achieve from here is a bonus. If we lose, so be it. I'm pleased with the direction of travel. 

    If someone said earlier in the year that we'd have to beat West Brom away from home to have a chance of finishing in the playoffs...and we'd have to do it without Keogh, Wisdom, Bielik, Lawrence, Waghorn and Marriott...I wouldn't be expecting much and I'm just thrilled that we're still in with a shout.
  24. Haha
    archram reacted to Mick Brolly in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   

  25. Haha
    archram reacted to SIXTEEN AGAIN in What are we missing most about Derby County   
    You were lucky, when I said jumpers they were really bits of fluff from our belly buttons matted together wi spit from rats I shared my cardboard box with. 
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