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    archram reacted to Carl Sagan in Jason Knight   
    BBC's Pat Murphy was at the game and singled him out on twitter:
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    archram reacted to Chester40 in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Thought last year was possibly his best and started well again this year.. .when the time comes for him to retire he will definitely be appreciated more in hindsight than he is now. 
    Virtually ever-present, model professional, heart on his sleeve, willing to take the ball wherever he is and to try and make things happen, integral part of so many promotion charges, happy to put his head where it hurts and face the media whatever the result.
    Sure he can make the occasional lapse (who doesn't), he ain't the greatest orator and history doesn't favour 'losers' so I really hope we go up with him..... because he would be very unfortunate to be regarded anything but a legend.
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    archram reacted to Red_Dawn in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    Not yet from me 😂
    Perhaps if by Xmas if we’re getting further from you I might get some courage.. 
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    archram reacted to Red_Dawn in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    Tell you what chaps, shows how difficult it would have been to replace Mount and Wilson. Both lighting it up in the PL.
    Dowell is a fantastic player when he hits his stride but too often a passenger. Who replaced Wilson? 
    Think our start has been as difficult as any, and we've made a reasonable start. 
    WBA home - they'll be there at the end of the season. Leeds - likely league winners IMO. Birmingham/Charlton. - Both made a good start this season. Fulham - Likely playoff contenders and won their last three straight. 
    8 points from that lot? Would have snatched your hand off when the season started. 
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    archram reacted to Curtains in England Cricket summer 2019   
    We win 
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    archram reacted to rynny in How to take a penalty   
    I find it funny the people saying he should have gone the same way as the first, and I'm sure those people would be saying that you should never go the same way if Waghorn had gone the same way and it was saved. 
    His 2nd penalty was right in the corner, it was just a really good save (which he was way off his line for and should have been retaken). 
    Why does a saved penalty mean it was a poor penalty? 
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    archram reacted to Dava75 in Jason Knight   
    He reminded me loads of a young Bryson today - energy, desire, work rate but with a decent touch and didn’t seem scared of a tackle. And whilst he didn’t take the chance, he at least arrived in the box at the right time. Solid full debut - and lots of promise!
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    archram reacted to oomarkwright in Next home game Neil Warnock   
    Have you got a cold? 😁
  9. Cheers
    archram reacted to WestKentRam in How to take a penalty   
    I agree he needs to give the ball some height rather than just low and wide, unless he has the technique to wait for the keeper to dive first, or 'sit him down', and place the ball after this, but this doesn't seem to be the case.
    If going low to one side or the other the guessing diving keeper has around a 50% chance of saving, rather than what should be a 70% penalty success rate. He scored his two down the middle but can't keep doing that.
    I would naturally volunteer for penalty duties but sadly am only good at criticising others.
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    archram reacted to angieram in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Playing football?
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    archram reacted to atherstoneram in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    I really can't understand the negativity i have seen posted today.I am not interested in comparisons with last season, that's gone, i am certainly not interested how good Chris Martin was 4 or 5 seasons ago and deserves another chance,no, if he's not good enough now then he doesn't that's football,that's life, it moves on.I am interested in the now under a new manager. I have faith that Cocu will achieve what he has been tasked to do and that ultimately is to get us into the Prem.So long as we see improvements month on month and we are moving forward with decent football. I don't want us to get promotion this season and do what we did last time, get up and straight back down. I want to see Cocu build a solid team that once we get there  moves forward and stays there.Take his time in the transfer market over 2 or 3 windows and make sure he gets the right players on board, players of a better quality to replace Lawrence.Huddlestone who i don't think would cut it in the Prem. Another 18 months and the youngsters he has shown faith in mature and play with confidence and ability and become a force to be reckoned with and at the same time other talented youngsters Wassell is blooding appearing on Cocu's radar.
    To me he won't have failed if he doesn't get us into the top Six so long as we see a good strong team base being built that has the ability to push on. 
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    archram reacted to Nuwtfly in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    This season has started pretty much exactly as I expected.
    Slow improvement in performances. Players roles becoming clearer and more defined. Youth getting their chance steadily and staking a claim for the match XI.
    We are a project that is right in its infancy. I really think that second half of this season, or even next season, we are going to be a force in this division: Norwich-style.
    Glad to see so many people seeing the same things. Back Cocu. Back Mel. Back the club. Back the future!
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    archram reacted to BobbyD in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Good performance today and an enjoyable match
    A better and more positive formation, that the players seemed to be far more comfortable with - good to see Cocu adapting after the last few very cautious games.
    The youngsters were a revelation. All played very well. Buchanan was excellent and saved us at the death when blocking Livermores goalbound shot - without that we would have lost. Lowe played really well and never even touched their fella for their  peno and Knight was a revelation in midfield - what a prospect. 
    We had plenty of chances to win it . All against one of the favourites to go up. They created very few chances - credit to us for that
    The Marriott / waggy partnership looked good , Huddlestone much better and bielik very steady. 
    Jury still out on Dowell. I really hope he isn't one of these entitled prima donnas who has a vastly inflated view of his own ability - his set pieces today were largely dreadful and I really didn't like his rowing with our strikers late on when it was  him who had been clearly at fault.
    Just good to see that we appear to be on the right track for the first time since returning from Huddersfield. I for one was beginning to get more than a bit twitchy after the last few games. 
    A lovely older lady supporter who sits in front of us and goes home and away maybe hit the nail on the head when she said pre match that Cocu was still having his pre season at Rams. Sounds logical. Something tells me we are missing out on Shinnie and Sibley but hopefully there is an upside on this in due course. 
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    archram reacted to BramcoteRam84 in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Well when the equaliser was scored, I was fuming. Performance was rubbish we conceded after Cocu’s negative substitutions and had no strikers on the pitch to respond - these were my overriding thoughts.
    After a cool down and a beer, it was an encouraging performance in many ways. Two good teams, very even game with both teams having spells where they were on top. We played with control, very good at keeping the ball, defensively solid just unfortunately not quite firing in the final third. That said we created better chances than they did, and we were a precise final ball away from several other good chances. It’s just not quite firing in the final third but this is normal early season. We have good players and we will improve.
    Positives - what a performance from Max considering he’s out of position, Bielik looks majestic, Keogh flawless. Buchanan solid and saved us from losing with that block late on (but gut feel is he won’t make it at Derby long term, more of a centre back and too small to play that role). Knight on the other hand - made mistakes today but looks a player! Huddlestone had a good game (especially first half), Lawrence and Marriott did ok, Waggy had a great game back out wide.
    Negatives, think the midfield balance isn’t quite right, not getting enough players forward in attacks, and I’ve defended him so far but that’s two poor games from Dowell now. We’re asking him to play a box to box midfield role and I’m not sure it suits him. He struggled today.
    Derby were always going to start slowly, we have enough quality to threaten the top 6 but wouldn’t say we’re certainties, there are stronger teams on paper. Yet if we don’t get top 6 is that failure with this squad? I don’t think you can say it would be failure. 
    Lets get this right, Cocu has been an assistant manager in a World Cup final and took PSV to three titles on an inferior budget to rivals from a position where PSV hadn’t won anything for 10 years. He did it by building a team, an identity and developing youth. He’s signed a 4 year contract, he seems committed to the long-term project of making Derby sustainable in the premier league. We should be over the moon (Coc-u-hoop in fact) to have him. The guy is class. 
    Promotion may not happen this season but the owner and manager have a plan and a strategy that I’m convinced will deliver long-term success - it just might take some time and frustration until we get there.
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    archram reacted to Andicis in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    One of the most ignorant posts I've ever seen on this forum. We're less than a month in, he's not had time to properly build his squad, he didn't have a proper preseason, Marriott and Holmes were injured and are only just starting to come into the fold, but yes, Cocu is definitely just stealing a living. 
    3 time winner of the Eredivisie as a manager is a fraud I suppose. 
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    archram reacted to Alpha in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    So everybody in the Championship is poor? What's league 1 then? League 2? Have Derby been poor all their entire history except 2 seasons of course
    Cocu is stealing a living. That is probably the most stupid thing I've read on here in a long time. 
    You know he's won multiple trophies as a manager? 
    Let me just dig deeper into how your mind finds these conclusions. Do you have kids or Grandkids? 
    Do they compete in anything? 
  17. Haha
    archram reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    I only said a little...I'm a big fan of Clarke,he's added a depth to our defence since he arrived...I just thought he wasn't as good as his previous games today.
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    archram reacted to ivo_knoflicek in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Now I’m no happy clapper, but I think it’s a bit tough to criticise Clarke’s lack of effectiveness today...
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    archram reacted to angieram in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Disagree on Knight. He is creative and has a great shot on him. 
    I thought he did very well for a first start and I expect to see him on the scoresheet soon if he gets a run in the team.
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    archram reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in Relax, we're in a good place!   
    OK – the controversial stuff first; while it’s perhaps understandable that folk are annoyed that we’ve let a winning position slip, some of the criticism of Waghorn and Lowe is unwarranted IMO. Starting with Wagger’s missed pen, it wasn’t good but it wasn’t awful either. Chris Martin missed a few I seem to recall as do most at this level, so perhaps it’s not the foregone conclusion that many seem to think. Consider if you will the England team’s penalty shoot-out record for further confirmation of this point and these being the top players in the country. If we have to play the blame game then it's Phil's fault for insisting a striker take them when really it should be whoever takes them best. I think he’s been brilliant thus far though so he gets a pass from me. I loved Lampard but Cocu is in a different league IMO.
    As for Lowe, some comments are embarrassing. Sorry, they just are! He's been our standout player, Bogle aside, but remains a young and relatively inexperienced one at this level. Maybe he should have stayed on his feet, ok, but if you have to lambaste someone then the cheaty. diving **** and the ref seem much fairer targets. The fact is Lowe didn’t give away a penalty, the ref got conned. Why the vitriol? He’s a kid and has struggled with his confidence before now so let’s cut him some slack, shall we?
    Moving on to the game, overall, yes, it’s disappointing that we've let a winning position slip but to my mind, West Brom are the best team we've played this season and I'd be pretty sure they'll be in the play-offs again at very least yet we were worth a point at least. A draw then, is no disgrace, surely, and was probably a fair reflection of the game anyway. I actually thought we looked pretty polished at times, even in midfield so there are plenty of positives to take forward and our luck, or lack of it, will most likely balance out across the season.
    Looking forwards, Bielik is approaching full match fitness / sharpness as is Jack. We have Jayden and Duwayne to return and a certain Wayne Rooney waiting in the wings. These guys along with Keogh are the most important in our squad and we’ve yet to see them all play together, even once. Cocu and his team will also be getting to grips with what is required in this league so unlike many teams in the div, it can be sensibly argued that we have huge scope for improvement. With even an ounce of luck we could be sitting pretty on 10 points right now chaps, above the likes of Fulham at time of writing, who added £100 million of talent to their squad last season. This after the massively disruptive Lampard debacle, a truncated pre-season, some significant players being out injured and the loss of Wilson, Mount and Tomori. Perhaps then, we overestimate the quality of other teams in the div while judging our own performances rather too harshly? 
    While my detractors will doubtless write my reasoning off as rose-tinted, happy-clapperesque, or my personal favourite, utterly deluded, I genuinely feel much more confident about this season than any since 2015. We'll challenge this season, mark my words. The 'marathon not a sprint' maxim is something of a cliché but it's very true of this league nonetheless and there's a danger of overemphasising the importance of early season form anyway. With most of our players beginning the year a tad undercooked, some significantly so, they'll be a deal fresher than many at the business end. I'd rather this than the Bielsa method of having your squad trained to the minute for game one, but flagging in the last half dozen.  I’m pretty certain we will improve steadily through to mid-season and then finish strongly, injuries notwithstanding, so I’ll not be panicking any time soon.
    So..... My advice to all Rams fans and especially those focusing on the negatives right now is grab a beer, head to the garden to catch some of this beautiful weather, be happy or at least content and dare to dream. All that stress will kill you!
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    archram reacted to Andicis in I would drive dowell back up to Everton myself!   
    I have to say, I was heavily advocating for giving Dowell time, and we still should, but it gets really hard to support him when he puts in a performance like that. Dreadful. He never passes the ducking thing, and always tries the poo little predictable dribble, and then gets pushed off it because he isn't strong enough. I really hope Cocu can coach it out of him and turn him into a better player, because at the minute, he isn't at the level.
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    archram reacted to Kernow in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Frustrating not to win. West Brom had a lot of the ball but didn’t have an awful lot of chances. If the second penalty goes in; 2-0 at half-time is hard to come back from. Penalties scored, two more wins and 10 points rather than 6, things look a lot healthier.
    I think we’re going in the right direction though. Academy boys don’t look out of place, particularly Knight who I thought was brilliant.
    Also special mentions to Bielik and to Marriott who played superbly for 75 minutes despite not apparently being fit to start.
    Very tough start to the season, only one win but only one loss. Hopefully when the team gels a bit more and Cocu has more time, we can turn some of the draws into 3 points.
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    archram reacted to Andicis in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Keepers shouldn't really get the chance to save a penalty if the attacker is good at them. Watch Kane for example, high into the top corner every single time, keeper doesn't even get close to it. 
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    archram reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    Can’t complain as that was a very entertaining, full-blooded game of Championship football. Huddlestone, Lawrence, Waghorn and, up until the penalty, Lowe, all stood out to me. Knight slotted in very nicely. Onto Forest.
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    archram reacted to brady1993 in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    That's unfair. He makes the first penalty and scores it to get us in the lead. 
    Other players had chances and didn't take them. And the referee decided a blatant dive was a penalty. 
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