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    archram reacted to Stanleyhouse in Accrington Stanley away tickets   
    Well I'm back !!! I've been released !!!
    Yes. I was banned from posting for 24hours. I'm really sorry that I 'jumped the gun' as I didn't know that the information about ticketing is only allowed to be released through official DCFC channels.
    I shouldn't have answered the question about prices and I shouldn't have told you what our away end holds. Again sorry.
    But i'm back now and will continue answering questions on the other recently 'released' thread.
  2. Haha
    archram reacted to Stanleyhouse in Accrington Stanley v Derby County FA Cup 4th Round 26th Jan   
    Having been questioned and released. I have been cleared of being a spy and can now get back to helping your fans have the best day possible next week (except the result that is)
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    archram reacted to BurtonRam7 in Kelle Roos   
    It was great to see him in the midst of the celebrations at the end against Southampton. For someone who's well into his twenties, I doubt he's had many great moments like that. Hopefully there'll be more to come.
  4. Haha
    archram reacted to SaintRam in Ashley Cole   
  5. Haha
    archram reacted to McLovin in Ashley Cole   
    And I’ve just realised I’ve wasted a good half an hour discussing how good a player was when it doesn’t affect my life in any, way shape or form!
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    archram reacted to eddie in UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS ..   
    Derby are inconsistent - and that is only to be expected. Half the side consist of people who have played less than 50 games at this level, and it is unrealistic to expect them to perform as brilliantly as they have in some games. I don't even look upon this season as 'transitional' - I look upon it as 'Lampard getting his feet under the table and finding out a few things about himself and the players he has at his disposal'.
    I expect nothing, but I'm enjoying it. I'm also looking forward to finally being able to get to the match on Saturday, after a couple of months of being a blooming invalid.
  7. Haha
    archram reacted to Tim Bucktoo in Derby vs Reading Match Thread   
    According to excel we should win this game. I entered Derby in column A and Reading in column B. I then triangulated league form with goals scored and conceded. This highlighted that Derby are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen and autopopulated a 3 to the Rams and zero to Reading. Finally, I copy and pasted this to PowerPoint and showed someone.
    Apparently this shows what a plonker I am and that 5 year olds are doing this at school. But then someone from Yorkshire told me I’m a  genius and I must be the love child of Stephen Hawking and Carol Vorderman!
  8. Clap
    archram reacted to ramit in Waghorn   
    i really like Waghorn, he has attitude.  Didn't like him much in previous seasons playing against him, but appreciated his quality.  Am delighted he is a Ram now and hope we use him to his fullest extent.  Loved his interview and understood every word and i am Icelandic. 
    Still thinking about that amazing cross he pulled off from the left for Lawrence, it was sweet and that header goal, a beauty.  He´s got a lot more like that in him i am betting.
  9. Clap
    archram reacted to David in Ashley Cole   
    Short term deal age really is no issue, if we was to start handing out 2 or 3 year contracts to a 38 year old I would have concerns.
    I think it's worth mentioning that Ashley Cole has spoken of his desire to become a coach or scout at Chelsea, now I'm the last person to suggest we appoint anyone as a coach, but it does make me wonder if this could lead to Cole joining the coaching team in the summer as John Terry did at Villa.
    Just a thought.
    Also I know some will say it's a waste of money, we're stopping opportunities for younger players to come through, I think Lampard has proven he is more than willing to give youth a chance, if he doesn't feel that Lowe or MacDonald are ready for the first team we should respect that.
    I would rather we wait till he feels they are ready, not dragging them through the chorus of groans/boos for any mistake when a player like Cole is available to play the odd game as and where needed and brings with him a wealth of experience from the very top level of the game. 
    This could be a great signing for Bogle, you would hope he sticks to him like glue and hammers every last drop of knowledge out of him over the remainder of the season. What a mentor to have at the club.
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    archram reacted to LeedsCityRam in Waghorn   
    I like him. Unlike most of our first XI, he looks like a tough little sod. Loved the way he insisted on taking that first penalty despite being prone with cramp not 10 mins earlier.
    Saw plenty of instances of him providing cover for Bogle last night but would prefer him more central. Maybe a deeper striker role could suit him - his touch is good & his awareness seems sound (he was part of the slick move that set up Mount in the first half). Also think him being there could bring the best out of Marriott, who has looked a little isolated in recent matches.
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    archram reacted to Andicis in Ashley Cole   
    I disagree, because it's all about the context. Rowett pretty much exclusively signed extremely old players, and added no youth. Currently our squad is probably too young in areas, particularly the defence. Having a good blend is important, Rowett's squad was far too old and slow. In this particular situation, it seems a reasonable move.
  12. Haha
    archram reacted to Remy the hare in Ashley Cole   
    According to sources at LUFC we have signed him. Bielsa will hold a press conference tomorrow morning informing the media of Frank’s and dcfc’s entire January business before frank even knows 👀
  13. Haha
    archram reacted to rynny in Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread   
    Leeds would have had more. 
  14. Clap
    archram reacted to Davide in Crazy Keogh hating   
    I didn’t realise starting this thread would bring out such a large number mixed responses, I think he is a good defender at this level and has saved us countless times. 
    I don’t understand why the “calamity Keogh” thing persists. Maybe it’s the Wembley thing (although Buxton was never blamed when he was at fault- but these things happen) or maybe because he has been with us a while so he has made more mistakes over a longer time. He’s a human and will make mistakes. Every footballer does. I guess with defenders mistakes are amplified because they can lead to goals against. Countless awards for player of the season etc show he does have some quality. I don’t think Pearce is a better defender than him, I don’t think Wisdom is a better centre back either, so he has kept a place for a long time. I never see it’s calamity Tomori after an own goal? Calamity Nugent after a number of misses? 
    He is a good championship defender in my opinion and haters should at least moan less. We need to get behind the team. Don’t think he is good enough? Fine, but stop loving every mistake he or anyone else makes just to prove a point. Let’s support everyone. Including our captain. If we all moaned less Pride Park would see a better atmosphere. Let’s not be like the guy who sits behind me - Bloody Keogh get him off bloody Dawkins get him off bloody Martin get him off etc etc... constant negativity. We should get behind everyone even if we are playing badly. Our team needs us. 
  15. Haha
    archram reacted to David in Waghorn giving VAR the finger   
  16. Clap
    archram reacted to Millenniumram in Signing Tomori permanently needs to be a priority this summer   
    He’ll be a top class player if he sorts out his positional play and finally learns to head. But the fact he can’t at the moment is why he’s here, otherwise he’d undoubtedly be a prem class player. Fantastic distributor of the ball and his actual ability to make a clean tackle is one of the best I’ve seen in a defender at derby. If we go up by some miracle I think we’ll have him permenantly. Chelsea don’t do youth promotion and he’s not at the top of their list. Won’t be cheap but I think we will. 
  17. Like
    archram reacted to Jon Saunders in Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread   
    Regardless of VAR I don’t get to watch many games but after my grandsons birth last week and my daughter naming him Derby I took my eldest kids to St Mary’s and had the most amazing night, well done to all the fans your simply amazing.
    went through so many emotions and this morning loss of voice my man of the match by a country mile Tomori.
  18. Haha
    archram reacted to RamNut in Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread   
    Harry wilson. Born in wrexham. 
    According to VAR Wrexham is just inside England. 
  19. Haha
    archram reacted to sage in Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread   
    Castleton is much nicer.
  20. Haha
  21. Clap
    archram reacted to BathRam72 in Crazy Keogh hating   
    To take the all important penalty in that pressure situation knowing if you miss it could then go on to sudden death shows character.  Keogh has just shown character and leadership in abundance.  Captain fantastic 
  22. COYR
    archram reacted to angieram in Kelle Roos   
    Is Roos going to be that rare phenomenon of a Derby player who actually gets better when he is playing? (As opposed to the majority who suddenly turn into world beaters when they are not?)
  23. Clap
    archram reacted to Stanleyhouse in Accrington Stanley v Derby County FA Cup 4th Round 26th Jan   
    Hello, I'm Robert, the Supporter Liaison Officer at Accrington Stanley. Congratulations on tonight's win.
    You'll be made very welcome at the Wham Stadium next Saturday.
    If there's anything you need to know about the match don't hesitate to ask me.
     You'll be getting approx 1500 terrace and 1000 seats.
    Beware that Northern Rail are striking that day.  
    Look forward to your questions.
  24. Haha
    archram reacted to ossieram in Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread   
    I've not read the whole thread, but has anybody mentioned that it was Keoghs fault that we have to play Accrington?
  25. Clap
    archram reacted to Kernow in Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread   
    Who is 'Rose' playing in goal for us?

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