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  1. Clap
    archram reacted to S8TY in Cocu In   
    Agree...also if Cocu rides this out and is successful he would've been on the journey with all of us...with the really down days and times when it seems it could not get any worse and yet he maintains a high standard of manners and dignity.
    I don't think I've ever heard him publicly criticise without a solution...I can't help but like the man.....I would also like any fans on here to stop saying Coco rather than Cocu as i think this is disrespectful and even if he wasn't successful here he really does not deserve any disrespect from us fans.
    Will be great to be singing his name one day soon, he is our first foreign manager and to move to a different country and settle in whilst being involved in what looks like a mess at DCFC is difficult I can only imagine ,  whether he succeeds or not he is doing it with class and dignity....top bloke!!
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    archram reacted to OohMartWright in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    The auditors are clearly satisfied that our accounting policy for Intangible Assets (player contracts) complies with Financial Reporting Standard 102, the accounting standard with which the club is legally compelled to comply, which does require residual values to be taken into account when considering amortisation and impairment. Also, it is reasonable to conclude that they were satisfied that those values were materially correct, since they gave unqualified reports on the accounts. It is also reasonable to conclude that the EFL considered the policy to be reasonable in the past, having signed off earlier submissions. Therefore, whilst I accept that it would be OK for the EFL to impose a standard accounting policy for player contracts for all clubs  going forward, I do not consider it OK for them to make a retrospective change and then use it as a stick to beat us with.
  3. Haha
    archram reacted to Mazzaram in Cocu's English is improving.   
    His English is certainly better than Bielsa's and Ramage, for that metter!)
  4. Clap
    archram reacted to Steve How Hard? in He's the one...   
    I get your sentiment here as loyalty is a rarity in football circles but I'd stake a fair sum on PC having more integrity in one finger nail than old Snakey has in his whole body.
  5. Like
    archram reacted to Big Trav in Cocu In   
    You could easily build a case for cocu being one of the most likeable managers of recent times. Never bad mouthed people talks so well and the gleam in his eyes after we win tell a 1000 words. He absolutely loves managing us. You can tell. He’s like a shy girl that you chat to and as you spend more time together you realise how lovely and likeable she is. Same for our Phil his smile is infectious. It’s clear to me cocu is here for the long run and is clearly enjoying life. My king 
  6. Haha
    archram reacted to Steve How Hard? in v Hull City (H) - Matchday Thread   
    There's a few Dix's( I think that's how you spell it) 🤔 if you look in the right threads. 
  7. Haha
    archram reacted to Paul71 in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    The EFL have issued instructions that any punishment to DCFC should be determined at the end of the season, including play-offs if DCFC make them. It is understood that their is a growing concern within the FA that WEST HAM FA UTD, will finish the season within the relegation places in the Premier League and conversations have been held between the FA, Premier League and the EFL to discuss the possibility of DCFC's punishment being 'relegation' from the Premier League immediately should they go on and win promotion via the play offs.
    This will mean one team that finishes in the Premier Leagues bottom 3 will be saved from relegation, and it is understood that the FA have requested this is decided in Alphabetical order rather then final league position , with the relegated teams placed in Alphabetical order and the first two consigned to the drop.
  8. Like
    archram reacted to Steve How Hard? in v Hull City (H) - Matchday Thread   
    This happens quite often and I thought it was just me being a grumpy old sod by letting it get to me. It just renders the lino as being pointless for being there. Can only be that there is some kind of directive in that respect. Either that or there are a lot of weak linesman out there that haven't the balls to make their own decisions.
    In respect of the game, I thought there were a lot of solid performances out there today. A real team effort to get the 3pts without being particularly outstanding. The one piece of outstanding play for me was Max Lowes block to stop a certain goal for Bowen. The lad has a real talent for reading the game in that respect.
  9. Haha
    archram reacted to Mucker1884 in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    So anyway... I get's this call late yesterday afternoon... It's Mel... "Hey Mucker, me old mucker", he bellows... "Any chance we can sit in your seat to take a stadium pic for the big Eff Off announcement?".   
    "Eff Off, Baldy" says I.
    So they went and took it from the seat behind!  😭
    Sarcasm is lost on the 'phone... Of course he could have sat in my seat!  I would have dined out on that for months!
  10. Haha
    archram reacted to Millenniumram in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Shame, you’ll miss some classics in there. @DarkFruitsRam7 has me on the ropes in the Watford thread. I’m relying on Nigel Pearson reverting to his normal Ostrich form in the next few months to save my final shred of dignity.
  11. Clap
    archram reacted to Squid in Cocu In   
    I know this thread died a while ago, and I don’t want to make another one as we have tons of Cocu threads.
    Whether you have trust in him or not, This man deserves all the credit in the world.
    The POO he has had to put up with in his 6 months in charge, coming in late, going on a pre-season tour that was solely for Frank Lampards benefit, to Lampostgate, to his captain being sacked, to the delay of investment, lack of opportunity for a signing he has wanted in this window, to now, and he’s still here. This man truly deserves all the praise possible.
    A humble guy, who wants the best for this club, having to put up with so much crap.
    Having a squad full of half arsed poor players, settling for his 3rd choice for a winger, pato, in summer, and many more things he’s had to deal with, alongside the pressure of 25,000+ fans every week, with the disgruntled booing him, calling for his head.
    I seriously hope that our fans can stick by him through this, nothing in this whole situation is his fault, and the last thing we should do is turn on him and the lads.
    I hope saturday our fans are more vocal than ever, showing our praise and support for Cocu, Scheepers, VDW, and the rest.
  12. Like
    archram reacted to Andicis in What a stinker of a year   
    A stinker of a season, or a year? I very much enjoyed the football under Frank. It gave me my favourite Derby game ever.
    I know this is a negative thread and all, but hey we had Jayden Bogle, Max Lowe, Max Bird and Jason Knight break through, with Sibley starting to get a chance with the first team too.
    Our youth team won the under 18's league, and our Under 23's are now doing brilliantly. If you focus purely on the negatives you can make any year look bad, but there was definitely some good things to come from it.
  13. Haha
    archram reacted to Raich Van Carter in Investment Close   
    Oh no it wouldn't... 
  14. Clap
    archram reacted to TuffLuff in Can we use this to get behind the team?   
    Yeah I’ve got to say, there’s something about this that stinks. The timing of it for example feels like it’s not only a charge but a disruption.
  15. Like
    archram reacted to Boycie in Can we use this to get behind the team?   
    It seems to be us against the rest of the league chairman and EFL at the moment.
    Can we use this to give the team the backing that we know we can?
    Nothings been confirmed yet, so how about we all get behind the lads and see what happens?
    Or we can just self destruct and boo, it’s up to us.
  16. Haha
    archram reacted to Red_Dawn in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    Who would have guessed after all these years, that “start the bounce” was about Mel Morris’ chequebook ? 
  17. Clap
    archram reacted to Van Cone De Head in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    It all went downhill when the club stopped letting us take a flask and sweets in to the ground.
    I knew nothing good would come of it.
  18. Like
    archram reacted to MackworthRamIsGod in What a stinker of a year   
    Why bother to comment then if you didn't bother to read the full post?
    I do get excited during the transfer window, it is an exciting time, however, our recruitment team (whomever they are), deserve every little bit of stick they get.
    With that in mind, earlier in the year you asked for questions to be asked at a Charter meeting, I asked a question (which got the most positive responses), it asked, who are the recruitment team, how are they made up, how do they identify a player, scout a player and how they think they stack up against other clubs in the championship?
    A very well worded, constructive question that I know a lot of people would like to know the answer to.
    To date I'm not aware that an answer was given (apologies if so). I was hoping that question would have gone some way to explain why things from the outside seem the complete opposite of a Brentford.
  19. Like
    archram reacted to David in Krystian Bielik bad knee injury   
    Bielik played, no going back now, he’s injured and we await the news on the severity.
    Rightly or wrongly the decision to play him, it was a decision made by the staff that work with him in training and see him everyday unlike us or his agent.
    We have no data, no knowledge of where he was at fitness wise, or if the reason to play him was simply more minutes at cb. Stretching the argument into the state of the pitch at Loughborough is ridiculous. 
    I’ve been, seen it with my own eyes contributing to climate change by travelling over 100 miles, it’s a decent pitch.
    Injuries happen, players have been out for weeks before through injuries in training sessions and even off the field accidents.
    Can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and call games “meaningless”, same injury could have happened in training....whys he training, meaningless training session.
    All the best with your recovery Krystian, hope to see you back on the pitch soon!
  20. Haha
    archram reacted to Srg in Krystian Bielik bad knee injury   
    We did pay £10m because Ramage repeats it as a fact ad nauseum on a weekly basis like he has a clue what he's talking about. 

  21. Like
    archram reacted to tombomb in Krystian Bielik bad knee injury   
    Imagine if we spent a load of money on a player and it actually came good for once? This is rotten luck man and I feel sorry for mel who continually makes efforts to sign players for us who could turn out to be well above our level and it just blows up in his face. 
  22. Haha
    archram reacted to Millenniumram in Scottish FA set to ban heading the ball for under 12s   
    We’ve been well ahead of the game, Aint no one in a Derby shirt won a header since 2006
  23. Like
    archram reacted to cheron85 in Jack Marriott   
    Happens at least once a year? Would love those odds on the lottery 😉
  24. Like
    archram reacted to Will Hughes Hair in Krystian Bielik bad knee injury   
    Me!  Although I'm quite prone to a sprained wrist on account of all the happy clapping.
  25. Haha
    archram reacted to G STAR RAM in Krystian Bielik bad knee injury   
    What planet are you from?
    This is proper fill your boots territory.
    Perfect opportunity to:-
    (a) Slate Cocu for playing him in the u23s
    (b) Slate Morris for blowing our summer transfer budget on him
    (c) Slate the recruitment team for not foreseeing that he was going to get a serious knee injury
    We are talking about the perfect storm for some posters on here, they will literally have been running around their living rooms, shirt over head Ravanelli style, when this news broke!
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