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    archram reacted to maxjam in Suggestions for the next Derby manager   
    Jayden Bogle?
    By the time this saga is done with he'll be just about ready to embark on his managerial career!
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    archram reacted to TuffLuff in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    I think by the amount of time we have spent on dcfcfans.uk this past week, none of us are in a position to tell anyone how to do their jobs!
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    archram reacted to EnigmaRam in Liam Delap   
    Well that’s cleared that up then 😂
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    archram reacted to Millenniumram in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Have at them, lazy bullshitting merchants. Pathetic really.
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    archram reacted to Sparkle in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    And you do a very good job with the forum - sometimes it’s just nice to be told that 👍
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    archram reacted to Alpha in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    It gets me every time the "bookies are never wrong" and "never met a poor bookie" etc etc. 
    They use stories to get bets. You make the odds!!! Remember Pep to Chelsea? Banked!!!! 
    How dumb would the top dogs in the media and at the bookies be if they failed to see how they could work together. 
    It's easy work!
    Right from the start it's been hard to find actual real evidence that Chelsea want Lampard. The closest it's got is from Harry and Jamie. It could still happen but if it doesn't then everybody had made a few quid out of this apart from you punters. And Mel but I'm sure he won't mind. 
    It's never made sense. I know football doesn't always make sense but if you don't follow your logic and common sense then you end up a hysterical diva!! 
    What this has made me do though is despise much of the media. For their disruption before the Play Off Final especially. 
    I just hate how they don't have to answer to anyone. They come with these clickbait headlines and the article is full of could, if and but. Their sources are each others ********!! How can you report a report on a report based on speculation? 
    I know years ago the boxing promoter Frank Warren started taking legal procedures against pretty much every speculative comment about him. Some message boards stopped the mention of his name. He didn't care about the cost he just put an end to all speculative garbage. The irony is that he writes for a paper now and he talks a lot of speculative garbage. But it's amazing how when it came to Frank and his boxers that the stories and the sources dried up. 
    Of course in football the media also get manipulated by clubs and agents to help pressure deals so there is some false info sent their way. I mean that could even be the case here (look, I did speculative garbage!) But it seems particularly with these clickbait articles that are reports on reports that they can just fire out any harmful poo without any backlash. 
    I can't stand the feckers tbh. I like my news to be actual news. 
    I know the answer is "Well stop reading it then" but it's hard to escape the poo when it's the day before the big Play Off Final... Lampard has taken his seat.... he's going to talk us through the emotions of him and the players... wait, here's a question...
    "Frank there's a rumour doing the rounds that Sarri will be leaving...." 
    Is there? Where from? A bit of digging shows its come out your arse and now you and the betting companies can feed each other. 
    My beef isn't with this particular story either. Like you guys say, here they're testing the water with a Luis Enrique story. Bamfords 
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    archram reacted to valleyram in Thank you Bryson   
    Mate u private message me ur number or ur parents number and that will happen , I can’t promise the rangers game but Craig will be back down in Derby and be happy to meet u 
  8. Clap
    archram reacted to reveldevil in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    I've followed your example (nearly), and emptied my Skybet account.
    I couldn't easily find how to close it, and don't mind them having the business cost of maintaining a dormant account.
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    archram reacted to David in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Agreed. I’m out of there.

  10. Haha
    archram reacted to i-Ram in Carabao Cup Round 1   
    I think they are still in the Conference buddy.
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    archram reacted to B4ev6is in Thank you Bryson   
    I am sad that you are leaving gave everything in the Derby shirt but I will always remmber you scoring those goals against forest and I wish you luck for new club and hope we shall meet again one day and you leave as a Derby legend once again thankyou giving us great memories.
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    archram reacted to valleyram in Craig Bryson - signed a pre-contract with Aberdeen   
    ha ha i would love Derby to get back up to the premier league , fantastic set up and great club 
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    archram reacted to BaaLocks in Looks like tomori can’t come back   
    That would be a Roman Holiday then.
    You know that we've hit the depths of summer when we're speculating on where our manager might, if he has indeed, gone on holiday.
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    archram reacted to eddie in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    It could take another 5 years for all I care.
    The hysterical hand-wringing is simply pathetic.
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    archram reacted to Millenniumram in The Increase in Racism   
    What club the racism comes from is of no consequence to me, as long as the club is doing something about it which most are. It’s the fact it exists at all that’s the problem and one we should all be working together to stop. Those idiots are representative of their respective fan bases and we mustn’t let such scumbags end up representing the sport. We have to make sure we see less and less of these incidents each year until they’re eradicated, can’t let the Idiots start influencing others. It seems we’re well on the way to that by the fact the muppets make up such a tiny minority. It’s not enough till there’s none of it which should be the case in this modern world. But we’re making progress, certainly over the last decade or so as a whole.
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    archram reacted to Alpha in Looks like tomori can’t come back   
    Bro, I'm gonna take your word for it because I'm not giving these knobbers the clicks. I know I'm only 1 internet warrior but hopefully there's an army soon
    I didn't hold out much hope for Tomori anyway tbh. I thought he would be the most likely of the 3 but he got a crash course last season and came out the deserved PotY. It seems natural to try and get him to repeat it at a higher level. Maybe the PL or a club abroad where he might even get European football. I mean I can see benefits for him coming back though. 
    I would hate to see him as a token homegrown player. I really like Tomori and I would love to see him go to the top of the game. 
  17. Haha
    archram reacted to reveldevil in Joe Hart   
    He's been on a residential goalkeeping course called 'The Heights of Abraham'.
    Kelle has signed up for a similar course, titled 'The Heights of John McGinn'.
  18. Haha
    archram reacted to BaaLocks in Suggestions for the next Derby manager   
    Mate, if you are only hearing whispers you probably need to get your hearing checked.
  19. Haha
    archram reacted to froggg in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Has he stayed yet?
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    archram reacted to Rambam in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    I wish I was as fat as him. What’s he got, a 32 inch waist?
  21. Haha
    archram reacted to Duracell in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    "Derby are braced for an approach from Chelsea for Lampard with the Rams set to demand £4m in compensation if the Blues are to bring in their former midfielder to take over from Maurizio Sarri. However, there has been no formal contact with Derby so far."
    Football language is weird. How to you "brace" for an approach? Pull up the draw bridge? Place extra guards on the fortifications? 
    Why am I now imagining Mel Morris in military uniform?
  22. Clap
    archram reacted to SaintRam in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    It's unreasonable for him to say "I will definitely be here next season." in a statement. Why?

    What if Mel goes mad and sacks him? What if Chelsea do approach us to offer him their job? What if England sack Southgate and come for him or freakin Real Madrid ( neither of those will happen, for clarity, I'm just making a point) for that matter. You don't know what's going to happen.

    Now lets look back at what's happened since the play-off final.
    He's said "I'm happy here, I love working here and have two years on my contract." and he's said "I'm preparing for next season."

    Mel Morris has said "We are looking to offer Frank an improved contract.", "Chelsea have not approached us for Frank's services", 
    Additionally (but just as an additional as we can't be 100% certain its come from the club) we've heard today that Derby are not looking for plan B managers.
    So, what can we take from that? Well, it suggests that despite the complete national journalistic furore over this whole situation, the situation within the club is very much unchanged and unaffected by it because there's no evidence from their perspective that Chelsea are trying to get him. 
    Ergo, there's no reason to suspect that anything's different since the last time Frank made a statement, and thus it's unreasonable to expect a new one at this time.
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    archram reacted to COYR85 in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Seems to be a lot of snowflakes on here believing anything and everything you hear or see on social media especially Twitter, its ridiculous.. The seasons over news is slow every click to their link gains them money nothing less nothing more simply listen to dcfc and cfc official sites for their news as their news will be news and not fake news to gain clicks for cash!!! COYR
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    archram reacted to CHCDerby in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Because just like everything else, it's all made up.
  25. Clap
    archram reacted to TuffLuff in Lampard and the Chelsea job   
    Got to say I think it’s funny that people seem to think all preparations at Derby have stopped because Chelsea can’t decide whether they want our manager or  not.
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