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  1. Cheers for the offers guys and best of luck fir the season ahead Thanks again
  2. Cheers for the offers so far guys, really appreciated. Will keep this open until 8pm tomorrow night (Wednesday) and then make plans with the winning bidder. Thanks again
  3. Hi, my name is Craig and I am involved with fundraising for the Scottish Cot Death Trust and a charity night which will be held in Glasgow in Saturday 16th February. One prize kindly donated by Derby County was 2 stadium tour tickets for Pride Park. In order to generate a few more pounds for this very worthy cause, I was looking to see if anyone on your site would like to make an offer for them? Tickets have an expiry date of 14/06/19 and I can send tickets directly to the recipient on receipt of PayPal payment. Thanks in advance and best wishes for the remainder of the season. Kind regards Craig
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