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  1. shall we just get Rafa Benitez in now he’s a free agent.... 😂
  2. Glad you said that... I was thinking the same thing!!
  3. Didn't really want to comment on here but I just had a little look on sky bet odds Lampards odds are coming down 1/14 on now (my guess Chelsea fans have gone wild and sky bet a taking the money of them quite nicely) Jose Mournihio is now down to 12/1.... This might not age well but we will see
  4. Very true! Always be optimistic but it’s the hope that kills you haha
  5. 🤣 can I blame the Portuguese larger or is it to early for that! Nerves kicking in now
  6. When we finally do Leeds over tonight would be great to taunt them back with one of there own songs... something like this any other ideas? The premier league is fading away but try not to worry you will see it one day you beat us at home and you beat us away but we’re going to Wembley were going to Wembley
  7. haha wouldn't mind it being Melbourne Australia but yes its the Melbourne Village! Imagine there is a few Rams Fans knocking about in Melbourne (The village) I have only lived there for about 5/6 years now so don't really know that many people.
  8. Guess I can fire the question back out now we made the play offs!! only Rams fans in Portugal for the 2nd leg and fancys a few beers let me know
  9. If....Or when we make the play offs (optimistic Ram!) just wanted to know if any other Rams fans are down on the Algarve on the 14th or 15th May. I will be in Alvor from the Monday and if we get there would be good to get a few Rams Fans together and watch it in a bar somewhere just an idea?? if anyone is around that area at that time let me know!
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