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  1. don’t think he ever got fully fit after spell at Ajax did he. though superb on his day...loved his turn inside and finish from a really acute angle vs Leeds at PP 😎
  2. this. a similar brand of football deployed but with naive tactics cut out...interested to see if Martin is used this season as he does offer something different to Waghorn and Marriott, I’d rather we get our money’s worth from the remainder of his contract rather than shipping him out on loan again. need a younger CB with pace as don’t like the idea of Keogh - Davies partnership, for all the experience, any striker with pace and power will cause those two all kinds of problems. hoping to see Max Lowe pushing Malone for that starting LB role too...any kind of impact close to what Bogle made last season would be a massive plus! need a creative ball playing midfielder too (maybe Cocu finds one in the eredivisie?) obviously strong links with PSV though no idea what kind of relationship he would have dealing with Ajax or Feyenoord over transfer targets? haha
  3. was at Trent Bridge yesterday...superb support from Bangladesh! they made up about 90% of the crowd, shame Australia racked up such a big total, that run chase was always going to be step too far, even on a batting friendly pitch. hilarious 10 minutes seeing Steve Smith walk out to boos, gain 1 run, a failed review to overturn LBW then trudges off to a lot of heckling and cheers....Warner on the other hand seemed to get a decent reaction from the crowd, hell of a knock! two superb partnerships with Finch & Kharwaja...standing ovation for him after being caught.
  4. managed to get Rotherham, Middlesbrough & Brentford done this season... would like to get, Fulham, Charlton & Luton next season at least, would push me up to 25/92..
  5. have to say I was taken back by the lack of atmosphere from our end, though did seemed to be pockets of fans dotted around trying to drum up some noise.. strange when you consider the chaos at Covent Garden beforehand and rams fans made a racket from Wembley Park station back to St Pancras from what I saw whereas the Villa fans heading in the same direction were surprisingly mute?
  6. DCFC polo shirt it is - only because you asked so nicely haha
  7. I never usually buy them as tend to wear my DCFC polo shirt for home & away games this season...though thought for this Monday might pick myself one up. had a look on the DCFC site and states they are sold out? or only Junior sizes available.. I'm based in Nottingham and was planning on heading to PPS after work today though should I save myself a trip or make a beeline to pick one up in the Intu Centre instead? If I have no joy ill be resorting to my black/orange kappa buymobile.net effort which somehow still fits haha
  8. appreciate the advice cheers... cant remember which line I got on though ended up going towards Vauxhall? but hopped off at Victoria following other derby fans by accident haha think they had pre-planned beers outside the station there? got the London bridge train and got off at clapham common, from there got the train to Richmond and had a pint in the railway tavern, then the 65 bus to kew gardens, couple in the express tavern (superb boozer! good mix of rams & Brentford fans in there) then took the 15/20 min walk to the griffin... glad I had checked and found out that they didn't serve alcohol to away fans...happily tucking into a pie whilst other derby fans looking very cheesed off after finding out! that's my 22nd of 92 and arguably best away day so far! superb atmosphere in the lower tier, got caught in the pile on after Wilson's 2nd goal, took a few elbows in the back of the head for good measure but all worth it!
  9. I'm on the train down from Nottingham in the morning, though ducked if I know where I'm heading from there. Don't tend to do southern away games as I hate the underground though have exhausted the northern fixtures, yorkshire, north east etc. so thought it was about time to take the plunge... anyone familiar with the area know the best/easiest route from St. Pancras? pubs to frequent in the area? a friend of mine who is a big rugby fan and is down Twickenham regularly recommends the Express Tavern though personally would rather get there earlier and settle in one of the pubs next to the ground
  10. brought my first season ticket on Saturday since 01/02 season, going to be wierd making the trip regularly again! with travelling, various jobs involving shiftwork and moving away from the midlands had to settle for 5-6 home games and 2-3 away games a season.
  11. agreed, the playoffs in its current form feels like it's all based on momentum. I'd like to see them adopt an idea similar to what they have in the Eredivisie in the Netherlands, something like... PREMIER LEAGUE: 16th ------------------ 17th (Promotion/Relegation playoff) 18th (Promotion/Relegation playoff) _________________ 19th (Relegation) 20th (Relegation) CHAMPIONSHIP: 1st (Promotion) 2nd (Promotion) _________________ 3rd (Promotion/Relegation playoff) 4th (Promotion/Relegation playoff) give the championship sides a direct shot at the struggling prem teams? or at least a format similar to this?admittedly it does leave more teams in the championship playing for less by shrinking the number of playoff spots...personally just don't like the way it works now.
  12. yeah they're due another Stanley Cup...been knocking on the door for a few seasons now since the days of Tortorella & Martin St.Louis think the dominance of the Penguins & Blackhawks of previous seasons is over now.
  13. Jan Kromkamp next to Van der Saar, Denny Landzaat front left...
  14. not least hockey in the desert with the Arizona Coyotes (!!)
  15. NFL - n/a NBA - back in the day kept an eye out for Orlando Magic & Toronto Raptors, though stopped following years ago... MLB - n/a NHL - New York Islanders
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