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  1. I went to the Olympic Stadium to watch Hertha Berlin 3-3 Hoffenheim in November last year, bargain for 21 Euros... Joelinton & Reiss Nelson lined up for Hoffenheim, 3 goals in the first 15minutes. hell of an atmosphere from the Ostkurve based below us too, made a hell of a racket! 55,000 there that day? having a vendor guy walking up and down the stands filling up peoples disposable beers cups for 3 euros, ideal! the Bundesliga just do it right.
  2. ah ok, I stand corrected. thought for me, Bentley was the worst culprit for the time wasting. did think with their injury 2nd half along with the time wasting should've been more than 5 mins injury time, oh well.
  3. was it just me are was there large sections of the crowd booing Kasey Palmer when he came off? what has he done to merit that? didn't leave on bad terms did he...was disappointed Lampard didn't look to get him back in personally.. though quickly got over that when mount & Wilson arrived. think I would feel more comfortable going forward with wing backs at least until we get Bogle back, Jozefzoon can't cross for toffee though he seemed to be seeing a lot more of the ball and was far more involved 2nd half, if we have no alternative zoon at RWB Lowe at LWB and take Malone out of the firing line. I'm all for Bielik getting a run of the games in a deep midfield role though have to admit he looked more comfortable in the middle of a back 3...him & huddlestone didn't work well in the middle IMO. know he played for the U23's the other night though feel it doesn't bode well for Shinnie when we have Bielik, Huddlestone, Evans & Knight all getting minutes ahead of him.. still hoping he gets chance to prove himself.
  4. I went griffin park last season, one of my favourite away days...great fun exploring taking in the pubs in the area.. express tavern up there with the best for me.
  5. I walked out not feeling too downbeat from what I saw, once they had shook off the rustiness, the over hit passes first half etc. I thought a lot of the link up play was decent, just felt like it wasn't going to be our day... waghorn's saved penalty summed it all up. be interested to see what cocu decides to do about the situation with the full back's, really frustrated that Bogle picked up that injury as he looked great as always, struck the balance right between getting up to offer more width attacking without leaving Keogh high and dry at the back...same cannot be said for Malone, thought he had a solid season last year but was dreadful on Saturday, constantly losing possession and left Clarke to come across to cover time and time again as he was far too high up the pitch.. if Lowe isn't the long term solution covering Bogle at RB (on Saturday looked twice the player he did here last season after coming on) then he has a great opportunity making the LB spot his own. looks so much more confident! wouldn't be looking to cash in on him at all, more than capable of following Bogle's example. liked the look of Dowell, seemed to grow in influence as the game went on though not sure about Paterson, strikes me as one of those players who looks lively and busy without really offering anything? Marriott needed to be brought on 10 minutes sooner than he was too IMO. would like to see either Bielik or Shinnie in for Huddlestone, don't feel the need to see Bielik at CB only as cover if needed, looks like Keogh and Clarke are striking up a good understanding already. does anyone know what type of midfielder Shinnie is? is he a box to box midfielder or a deep lying defensive midfielder? would he be battling it out for a spot with Holmes/Dowell/Paterson rather than Huddlestone/Bielik?
  6. having one of them days! haha keep thinking its Friday before the sinking feeling hits home that its only Thursday.. either way, he wont be involved against Swansea, disappointing.
  7. mine arrived this morning too...cannot wait for Saturday now! especially if there could be one or two new faces in by then too.. was hoping Bielik would at least be on the bench tomorrow though Cocu said he would be 10 days away from being involved after Huddersfield, ah well.
  8. think I would've preferred this, just head to the ground on the day to pick the card up. though can't remember if it gives that option on the club website, don't think it did?
  9. couldn't agree more! partly the reason I never felt too bitter about frank leaving. was the first thought that entered my mind walking back to Wembley Park station ''that's it, frank's done now'' just had that feeling Chelsea wouldn't be able to resist standing back and letting Sarri leave before approaching Frank and co. so accepted it before the media hype started.. yet always felt Mel would be aware of this from the start as i'm sure most did and would have a plan to use the exposure we had last year to aid in getting a manager of Cocu's calibre in and our transfers this summer. plus they (referring to Jody too) left on good terms, if anything I felt really uneasy reading comments of rams fans slating him, claiming he's disloyal etc. there was really no need for it at all. far as i'm concerned looking back frank has done as much for us as Mel, DCFC and the fans have done for him. Mel appreciated what a great opportunity it was for them and thankfully the majority of our fans realised this too...anyhow, more excited about what could happen this year than I was this time last year.
  10. new ST holder. first opportunity to get one in years, decided in march whatever happens ill be there this season..
  11. still no sign.. will it get to the point where I have to rock up at PP with my fan ID for them to let me in?
  12. mine hasn't arrived today either, rang the club at lunchtime, was told they're being delivered ''throughout this week''
  13. Ibrahim Affelay? high standard then, champions league winner and has won the eredivisie more times than cocu... Jong PSV one of the leading teams in the Dutch 2nd tier too. though judging by the team they put out too look very young bar affelay..
  14. I remember being in the away end at Huddersfield a few years back when he scored our second with that sweetly struck volley.. pie went on the floor, worth it for the celebrations!😁
  15. nothing wrong with having a bit of an insight though? I do ask other fans yet will personally ignore the general conensus of “yeah he’s a good player” or “nah, he’s awful” I take more notice of the more in depth responses describing their strengths/weaknesses? it won’t make my mind up on the player, just interested to know really. if/when Bielik signs for us and say Cocu decides to play him at CB instead then that’s fine with me.
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