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  1. Meeting in Soho for breakfast and a pint at 10, head down to Nags for one (or a few) then off to Wembley!
  2. Pub in Shoreditch, walked in as the goal went in. Bartender cheered, didn’t realise it was Derby scoring. He’s a Forest fan.
  3. Very disappointing performance - last ten / fifteen just about salvaged the trip but not a great deal to shout out. Pros: Roos brilliant - kept us in it, Cole was finding space down the left but few balls to him (and great finish), zoon seemed to tip the balance when he came on. Brighton serve pints after full time and The Pond has a decent set of beers on. cons: pretty much everything else. Slow buildup, no desire to move or create space, left to whack it forward and hope the defender spillls their clearing header - which we seemed quite good at doing... I got the wrong replacement bus and only arrived ten minutes before kickoff.
  4. Big respect to all those making the trip down from Derby - I thought my alarm at 8 was unpleasant! On the train from Victoria, fully expecting Southern will make my life a misery with the bus replacement. Come on you rams!!
  5. Was hoping to have a good trip out for this, wasn't exactly as hoped... Plenty of Ipswich fans on the way home proclaiming it was the most fight/desire/best performance they had seen all season, but definitely felt like we made them look good. Aside from the general let down of the game, was particularly disappointed by the group before kickoff who thought it was fun to chant a series of comments at one of the lasses behind the bar - nobody goes to work to have that sort of stuff shouted at them.
  6. First post after lurking for a while. Just left London - should be in Ipswich in an hour or so, will head to pub for a swift but have to pick up a reprint from the ground since my ticket didn’t get in in time. Mikkeller and Buxton beer to keep me company for the next hour or so.
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