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  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Just.... YAAAAAAAAAAAAS! 🐑🐑🐑
  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAS! Enjoy the day Rams! Can breathe now! What a finish by big Waggy!
  3. Wasn't sure when we signed him but looked to still have quite a bit to offer 👍
  4. Poor overall but certainly encouraging last 15 mins or so. Back to the league and some big games coming up...
  5. Here's hoping for a wonderful turn-around a la Southampton (twice)... Something will need to change though because we've had very little ball in the midfield. Mon you Rams! 🐑
  6. Ambrose is pretty unpredictable 🤔 capable of some v good games but an absolute bombscare at other times! V capable of being honking!
  7. Fantastic result tonight, very pleased with the fighting spirit. To come back from 2 down twice shows real character and we're deservedly through for me. Hopefully gives the boys a wee bit of momentum going into the second half of the league season, and would love our cup run to keep going a wee bit longer... Enjoying this one tonight!
  8. Nowhere yet but seems inevitable (perhaps summer) given lack of game time.
  9. Be sad to see him go, I must say! Big fan of him at his best
  10. Did OK in Scottish Premiership but by no means a standout. Probably speaks to his level, but don't agree that standard in Scotland is as woeful as some think. Admittedly might be biased...
  11. Evening Rams (first post - go easy 😂) Really poor tonight, second to every ball but was always going to be tough at Elland Road. Still in the play-offs but need greater consistency. Annoying to lose to a team that employ underhand tactics too...
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