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  1. Have to be honest, you scared the poo out of me reading the title!
  2. Keep trying! As soon as it says line busy click call again and it will eventually go through I had to about 20 times
  3. Similar, I wanted 224 area too and wasn't bothered about paying more but opted for 504 row 28 as was the best I could find. Can't really moan as we have tickets but frustrating as we're now much further back
  4. Easy for me, was on the phone about 40 minutes and got through, person who answered was really helpful as well. Panicked earlier though because my card wouldn't work when trying online so didn't get seats I was after but couldn't really moan as they picked up just when I was having a meltdown about online.
  5. Couldn't have put it any better. The picture of him and Lampard really got to me the way he's really tucked into his shoulder. Like you said, win or lose we've done fantastically well regardless. However, I would love it if we won (him scoring as well) so that he knows he's done his job as a footballer and there is no extra pain on top of that he's already feeling. The hurt won't be lessened at losing his mum but it can make life a little easier to cope with by such joy at gaining promotion. Condolences to you as well, there's no right or wrong way to react, she would be proud of you regardless.
  6. 504 quite high up in yellow category but they'll do, so many were already sold out I had to select them quick time. Not ideal but so excited๐Ÿ
  7. Where it says your name underlined it might say yours twice so make sure to edit and select the other person you're buying for
  8. Awful news. Poor Tom. What determination to carry on and play with his mum watching from above. I hope that it makes people think twice about relentlessly tearing into players when we don't know what's going on off the pitch. Horrible news.
  9. If anyones seen Lawrence's instagram live video where you can hear 'DUCK LEEDS!' I'm 99.9% sure that's Waghorn ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Do you count as a season ticket holder if you don't have one this season but have already got one for next season?
  11. 10s across the board. Actually, 11s for not taking Bamford clean out
  12. I'm stressed out just thinking about trying to get tickets
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