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  1. As predicted, this thread has gone exactly how i thought it would
  2. You don't understand what I'm saying and are proving my point.
  3. We fall for it every time. Instead of looking at the real issue of 'why is this even an issue', we fight amongst ourselves. It's always Labour v Tories, black v white, Muslim v Europe, LGBT v cisgenders when it all boils down to the elite v the majority. And instead of looking at the myriad of issues in the world that are inflicted on us and could be so easily solved by them, they sit back laughing as we fight each other and run around in circles. Divide and conquer anyone?
  4. In my opinion, goal should have stood, so Jozwiak already has legend status, he got that ball in the back of the net against Forest. Such a shame.
  5. Nice to see some of that, and it helps it was against that Bamford
  6. Reminds me of a certain Mr Eustace..
  7. Fuming as he really deserved that
  8. Have to say the thought did cross my mind. If they aren't playing for Cocu, they wouldn't dare not show up for the big game as the fans would be irate and turn their anger towards the team more so than they would any other game. Really hope that's not the case, and they stick by him to the end of his tenure, but i guess we'll see Tuesday.
  9. No one will convince me the EFL aren't dabbling with referees to duck us over, it was blindingly obvious last season and still is now
  10. Not getting the 2nd balls again, can only see more Forest goals
  11. He's a joy to watch, i think he looks to be a great buy for us
  12. I'm desperate for Jozwiak to score, i think he's gonna be a big player for Derby
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