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  1. Thats a contradiction though surely? As if he could take it he wouldn't be mouthing off to the fans who should then 'take it'. I would have thought the annual wage of a large percentage of the population that he gets in a week should help with that too?
  2. I'm sick of seeing that same old lunge and confused look in his face when he loses the ball
  3. If Huddlestone and Dowell play Saturday I will be fuming.
  4. And THAT'S why you ducking play Marriott😠
  5. I've said this before its like we repel it
  6. Shocking decision making playing hot potato. Is pre season or lack thereof catching up? Massive boos at half time. Dowell especially poor
  7. I'd be a hell of a lot better off if i was 😂
  8. Personally, I love Ramage, I think he's a nice guy, down to earth and is more relatable than Ed Dawes. Yes he struggles to get his point out eloquently but the passions there and he wants us to do well as a football club so i can forgive negativity when it stems from concern. Sometimes I think he's a good contrast to Ed when he's parroting on about a train in the distance or being snarky to him. He sounds like a straight up honest bloke who used to play for us and that draws in the listeners, needs to be a good mix.
  9. Same old same old big names, not suprised really. I'm not angry, just disappointed!
  10. "if my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike".
  11. Uninspired sums it up, hopeful with glimpses of ability but the same end result of meh
  12. You could make the point that no there really wasn't much difference, but when you look at what they offer overall over a number of games, he's the weak link i.e. Lawrence's goals (although I'm beginning to question Dowell's sloppiness)
  13. Decision making and accuracy really need working on. And for the love of god, find a way to not play Huddlestone or Josefzoon but play Bielik and Marriott!
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