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  1. Plenty of people have been hugely made fun of, really had the mick taken out of them for differing opinions throughout this forum, often with several posters at once and they've took it with good grace. Now all of a sudden there's apparently a We Love Martin group who are so horrible to these poor posters who are just giving their opinion. Difference of opinion. Bore off.
  2. That's hilarious. Fangirling over his team mate, so much so he's lovingly making a complimentary video about his hero😂
  3. I'm genuinely sad about this. The atmosphere and anticipation at Pride Park when he was about to get subbed on was unreal. The whole place was buzzing and then when he got his first goal of the season it was almost unbelievable that he was back. Never seen anything like it. I really hope he stays, i feel like there is unfinished business and I'd love for him to stay for a couple of years as i think the combination of him and the academy players breaking through + Marriott and a couple of pacy wingers could be special.
  4. Yet you know damn well if it was Derby in Forest's place it would definitely happen
  5. 2020 ladies and gentleman (minus Sibley)
  6. Yep, i don't care how many goals he's scored for England, if he's playing badly for us and conceding goals, get him off.
  7. I almost hope they all get w*nkered the night before and see what happens. I think even Malone could muster a cheeky cross or two, i remember the match after the drinking debacle when he ran his legs off like a duracell bunny, i wonder if he'd do the same again. Maybe it would take the pressure off? That or Sibley is barfing in the corner flag, Bird is sporting a questionable newly cut fringe and Roos boots the ball into the net a la Bent.
  8. Cheers, aware of what a hypocrite I'm being, some of my posts make me roll my own eyes sometimes😂
  9. There you go, I'm bored now, but here is what you said before. Can't be arsed to go back and forth but perhaps, like me from now on, find a better hobby than pulling people up on something mild they've said. It's tedious. Live and let live.
  10. Me to me moaning about others moaning about others
  11. I just don't see the point of policing a comment you judge shouldn't be expressed (I'm aware of that's what I'm doing, but hey ho). You're never gonna get anywhere telling someone they shouldn't say something as you don't think it's right. It's exhausting having to read. Everyone's different, you can't expect people to react how you do and it doesn't mean their wrong. And with that, I'll shut up now because I'm filling the thread with my poo and accusing others of leaving theirs.
  12. Sorry, should people cross check what they're allowed to comment? This is a forum, it wasn't an abusive comment and frankly, this policing of comments and judgemental position is really ducking me off (I'm aware how hypocritical i sound). He can put within reason whatever he wants and for you to get offended by that is pretty sad.
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