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  1. Seems to me that they did the whole PR push of seeming like a united team after the whole drink driving saga and managed to get the win against Birmingham then that's all been forgotten and it's back to the usual. Can't wait for the usual post match poo of cliches and filler
  2. No problem, Disheartening. Mind-numbing. Uninspiring. I just want ducking entertaining!
  3. goldstar


    We lost this majestic boy Goldie in May last year. He was my best mate. Such a good boy, he helped me through a lot and I miss him every day.
  4. Have to agree with you there. Although I've been quite vocal about my disgust on what went on, (and I wasn't even sure what the correct punishment should be) it needs to be left alone now at matches. At what point do we feel he has been booed enough? However unjust it feels that footballers seem to be untouchable, and get away with things the average Joe wouldn't whilst still enjoying unending luxuries, we can feel fortunate no one was killed and hope they use this to become better people. I have to say I feel sorry for Lawrence. I do have a tendency to be too empathetic sometimes which isn't always a good thing, what he has been through cannot excuse his actions but is more understandable than the other two. Men are largely expected to bottle emotions, man up and be tough. So to lose the person who often offers a softer side, emotional support and at times the hub of the family causes a multitude of problems. I'm quite worried for him, he seems a mixture of this cool exterior but also mentally fragile so whilst at first I didn't care if people booed, seeing his reaction after the goal made me really sad. He looks lost and like he can't handle much more. If he does something like last month again I will understand the anger but I think enough is enough now. I abhor drink driving - luckily there were no deaths and so I think people need to take a step back and let it drop. I know, I've amazed myself.
  5. Marriott again doubtful. I love him as a player, but I've got to say I'm absolutely fed up with all the mysterious niggles he seems to pick up.
  6. Could this be because he/they will be starting tomorrow, to soften the home crowd a bit or am I a shameless sceptic?🤔
  7. You've got the blinkers on there. Shame because I agree with most of what you have to say usually.
  8. Have to say I agree, when he has the ball near goal 9 times out of 10 it feels like he will miss and it's frustrating. Hard worker, not the best quality as you say.
  9. Waghorn and Holmes awful at giving the ball away tonight
  10. I shouldn't laugh, but that was brilliant😂
  11. Same here. There is no way this can be skewed as a correct decision. Integrate them in the squad for training for mental health sake, don't have them in the starting 11 and bench. I'd be straight on the phone to my agent if I was Shinnie.
  12. Watched Derby's instagram story and the two dweebs ran out together heads down. Absolutely shocked at this. Poor Shinnie walks into the changing room looking really dejected .
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