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  1. Doesnt make sense does it, if he wasn't showing symptoms why test yet refuse it to symptomatic NHS workers
  2. The Kenny Dalglish story is what I'm talking about. Now if he were to sadly pass away from this other condition, i wouldn't be shocked if it were added to the Coronavirus stats. They are putting all these measures in place, shaming people for buying ice cream and paint when they were shopping for essentials anyway, then letting thousands fly in from apparent hotspots all over the world. But they really care about us all don't they.
  3. National Center for Health Statistics shows in the US the weekly number of deaths from pneumonia has fallen almost exactly the amount that Coronavirus deaths have shot up. Is it a case that they are not differentiating those that have died as a result of the virus and those that died with it?
  4. This is something people are starting to question. I've seen quite a few people saying that once we have had a Coronavirus, then we will test positive for this new strain. Also that if someone goes to hospital with a heart attack and dies, but tests positive, it will be recorded as Coronavirus etc. Not disputing people are dying, however, seen a few graphs showing number of deaths this year is no higher than normal, which you would expect to be much higher. Also seems that people have forgotten that other respiratory illnesses and viruses do unfortunately kill people. Again, not saying people aren't sadly losing their lives but something isn't right.
  5. I hope so too, then they can knock themselves out with all the videos in the world, but until then, seems like a distraction to take focus off the furloughing of staff.
  6. Spot on, stuff your fitness videos and personal interviews (i suggested they do these more informal things months ago to improve spirit around the club), I'd happily go without them if they'd pay their bloody non-playing staff. I hope they reverse the decision.
  7. I'd like to see them offer a refund so that those who desperately need the refund can get some much needed money, I would personally leave mine, and hope it would be given back to the furloughed non-playing staff rather than back to Mel or the players.
  8. I'm not surprised but i am disappointed. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth for sure.
  9. Shot myself in the foot there didn't i
  10. I don't have an answer, but wish i did. If voicing my opinion that the world isn't fair and there are some greedy bamfords about in all walks of life is wrong, then i don't want to be right!
  11. Which would leave him on £5600 would it not?
  12. Once again, the fact you are more worried about me 'shaming people' on a forum where i have seen much worse ganging up on commenters is frankly laughable. Yes my view is they should be worrying about other things and if they don't agree then that is their opinion and prerogative. It amazes me that you are more preoccupied with critiquing my opinion than you are the issue itself. My basic viewpoint as seen above is that pointing the finger at others doesn't mean those privileged (not just footballers) are any less guilty of hoarding wealth when there is such disparity in this country. Would it kill some of them to pay a cleaner/cook/teacher/nurse wages? I'm not saying none of them have or that youngsters could pay the amount seasoned veterans can, but my general idea is pretty simple, those that will refuse to lose some pay or help others out are morally wrong.
  13. As soon as i posted that i knew to glaze my eyes over when scrolling as pictures would be attached. More so lotus pods and circular clusters that do it
  14. When you think about the latter, the former should be completely laughable, shallow and pathetic in comparison.
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