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  1. 13 minutes ago, Barney1991 said:

    We are conceding soon I’ve had to change my boxers twice already from skid marks every time they get in around our area 

    Well in that case I certainly don’t want to get in around your area any time soon

  2. 20 minutes ago, Bearwood Ram said:

    Never felt that Pride Park was 'home'. First BBG game was Hinton's testimonial in 1976. The Rams lost to an England '11' but the atmosphere was magical. Totally agree about moving. Wish we'd stayed and upgraded. 

    But the place was falling down and the plans for rebuilding was for about a 22,000 crowd. It was hemmed in on Shaftesbury Crescent by houses and Ley’s on the other side. It was designed originally in the centre of a good working class area when workers lived near to their works and few had cars. But by the 90s it had outlived its location. Pity but had to happen sooner or later.

  3. 1 hour ago, kevinhectoring said:

    I think @angieramwill tell you that doesn’t scan. 

    It doesn’t have to rhyme or scan or have a certain pattern of lines. It does need to paint a picture with carefully chosen words. It should have a point that a reader can respond to.   This doesn’t. It is in fact, how shall I put this in a nice way, crap

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