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  1. People punching other people over a game of football is a bit weird regardless of the circumstances
  2. Yeah from 94 to 99, think it’s being knocked down soon. My old man still lives there on talbot drive
  3. Just outside Ayr, the electric brae
  4. I’m not quite a half fan, but I like the club. Some of the fan gripes are strange though and not just in this thread
  5. I’m not a fan as such and also understand the various reasons people leave early. Doesn’t make them less of fans
  6. So you expect to go any match without any of this? Aye ok good luck with that
  7. People are up and down all match, it’s football what do you expect?
  8. People pay for a ticket and can go whenever, not sure why it’s such an annoyance for others. This happens at any sporting event I’ve ever been to
  9. 1-0 Birmingham dunno any of their players off hand
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