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  1. As a neutral at every game I will clap along to songs but not sing, but there are a lot of people around me who do neither. I have no real point so just think everyone is different and pay their money so support how you see fit. Having been to various clubs in Europe though their fans can be a lot more concerted in their volume levels ( not a criticism on derby fans either)
  2. I enjoy watching derby, some funny guys in my section and always a chance of some good football
  3. Rangers ( yeah yeah some people will go the sevco route blah blah blah). I enjoy live football and the season ticket at derby is incredible value for money. I live local so it’s a no brainer for me
  4. Derby are not really my team (I go to almost every game though) but overall this is a good forum with a good mix of views as it should be.
  5. Regarding Jelle Klassen, I personally would never be supporting a guy convicted of sending lewd pictures to underage girls
  6. There’s loads of businesses down there, accountants, solicitors and the like. Been parking down there 5 years with no hassle
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