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  1. How are the going to legally broadcast a 3pm kick off?
  2. Sir cocu after a few games seems a bit extreme, wish him well though. He won’t get the time ultimately is my worry
  3. And where in the world do I have to be from to be allowed to criticise then? Ironic why? The championship has been garbage for years
  4. Pots and kettles in what way?
  5. The standard of football in the championship is absolute dross
  6. I’m in Derby every match day, there really isn’t many things that can go wrong with a fridge though so don’t let anyone tip you off or take the mick
  7. I’m not clever enough to understand this post, but I can fix fridges easy enough
  8. shocking stuff, what a pathetic decision and driven by greed only, if the club say otherwise then they are lying
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