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  1. Fairly decent performance against a very limited side, on to the next
  2. Point 1 is not true, there may be some who think this, not the majority. POINT 2 makes no sense, why would being linked with a diddy league raise the profile? Kemar Roofe will never be on the English back pages regardless if he was being linked with la Liga or the bundesliga
  3. A real winner at all stages of his career, I was very sceptical of this happening but for all the Derby die hards on this forum and elsewhere I am thrilled and I’m genuinely looking forward to coming to pride Park this season
  4. It will be moore or Hughton in my opinion and I have no negative opinion to either
  5. Only my view bit would be extremely surprised to see cocu as the Derby manager, he is too good to be at Derby and the eredivisie is far above the championship ( my opinion as a regular watcher)
  6. I’d expect to enjoy at least 5 or 6 games of any season
  7. He started the bounce? Get him a statue!
  8. And look how that turned out, maybe people will be desperate to get lampard back after he had been sacked by Chelsea and had to drop to Leyton orient to try and rebuild his reputation and managed one reasonable season with them where they just missed promotion
  9. The football wasn’t always all it was made out to be, and there was not a Huge amount to promise greater success this coming season (my opinions). I know others have a very different view on this
  10. All this thread for a guy who has been here for a year? Crazy stuff
  11. The amount of exaggeration used in this and many other threads
  12. A vote for a thread like this would have been good, it’s just descended into hundreds of comments waffling about tactics from matches of four years ago (even down to descriptions of the goals) a load of ifs buts and maybes. Until the new manager gets there nobody knows what will happen no matter how you all try to justify your choice.
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