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  1. I didn’t provide any people or group to blame though did I? my whole point is your pathetic labelling of thousands of people dying as a “fiasco” is disgraceful and a disgusting insult to anybody affected by it (of which there are tens of thousands). This is where this back and forth started. I wish you and your family well and good health for the festive season and beyond.
  2. May have advised? So just a guess? Where as the fact is that thousands of families loved ones were chucked out to die
  3. Advised, not dictated to. Do you seriously believe that sage have advised the nhs to eject old people to their deaths?
  4. So no answer of which scientists? Just some made up statement?
  5. Which scientists? You say you don’t know who then the following paragraph the only people you mention are scientists. Not politicians, nhs management, care home management or a myriad of other people.
  6. Forgive my concern at tens of thousands of early deaths amongst old people. When something affects you personally then having strong feelings is understandable
  7. How would I know the solution? It’s not my area of expertise (or yours).
  8. Sending old people back to care homes was bordering on a crime, knowing how it was spreading at that point and then to send them to live with dozens of other vulnerable residents is way more than negligent
  9. Absolutely disgusting, outrage isn’t cutting the gravity of what has happened in care homes this year unfortunately. To try and then flippantly give it the old flu routine is really poor
  10. Tens of thousands of people dying is more than a fiasco
  11. What grants? I don’t have any experience of this but can you tell me (maybe even a link) what grants are keeping small and medium companies afloat for a year?
  12. Me and my wife both fall in the “key worker” bracket, neither of us do our jobs for any reason other than to provide for our family and pay bills. I always find if you can’t or won’t do the job there are a lot of others who gladly will and that’s fine by me
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