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  1. Why the angry face,all i was implying is that they would probably ignore you to put it politely.
  2. No they don't so what is the point of posting how much debt other clubs are in,totally irrelevant if they can manage to service that debt.
  3. Their owners didn't reveal they were only putting enough money in to keep the club ticking over, i don't think the EFL have sought assurances that those clubs could fulfil this seasons fixtures,they must be in a healthier position than us
  4. Or they want to show prospective new owners that they have explored every avenue open to them and not to be accused at a later date of why they didn't appeal.
  5. Nothing of the sort,just fed up of putting money into the club month after month. He admitted he was only willing (not that he could not afford to) to put money into the club until a buyer was found and was reluctant to give an assurance to the EFL that he would fund the club for the season,that doesn't imply to me that he was struggling to pay, rather he didn't want to.
  6. Covid was only one of the factors, as you have admitted yourself Derby's historical overspending,which we could still be paying for would also be seen as factors.
  7. The tax bill didn't just happen overnight, we could have sold players in the transfer window to pay debt. The lack of transparency from the club by failing to submit the last 2 years accounts to the EFL raises a Red flag. We don't know what financial position the club were in. To blame everything on Covid is clutching at straws without knowing the full facts No doubt all will be revealed in time.
  8. So he decides to get rid of the builder because the building work wasn't going as quick as he hoped
  9. The test will include what happened leading up to lockdown, we don't know what the clubs finances were like or what MM was putting in on a monthly basis to cover bills.That will have a significant bearing on proceedings. We broke the rules because the players didn't get paid,as someone alluded to the contract was signed and sealed and MM assumed money would be transferred into the club to pay the wages. As a businessman you don't assume anything,assumption counts for nothing.If money was to be transferred in then you get that in black and white. If MM had that proof he could then have presented that to the EFL which would have put MM in the clear,assuming it was going to be transferred is no defence. There was nothing to stop MM paying the wages then taking the money back when funds were transferred.
  10. How can they give a 100% guarantee that the club would have avoided lockdown, the outcome will depend on how the club was run prior to that. That is why they have demanded the accounts for the last 6 years.
  11. Of course it doesn't, we don't know how the club was being run prior to Covid not just when Covid struck
  12. And that is the crux of the matter. ACCORDING TO MM.... everything is according to what has been said by MM, how much is believable is open to conjecture.
  13. And we also had an owner who was only prepared to keep putting enough money in to keep the club ticking over and was reluctant to give an assurance when asked by the EFL if the club would be able to fulfil this seasons fixtures. We don't know what MM was putting into the club to cover monthly debts so it is understandable if they told us in advance we didn't qualify. If the owner wasn't willing to cover debts why should the EFL.
  14. All clubs suffered losses during the Covid period that wasn't just particular to Derby but no other club has gone into administration. It is going to be hard to prove that Covid was the cause when other clubs have survived. It needs to be proved as the cause not as a factor.
  15. And it's their right to appeal,they are trying to sell the club,whether the appeal succeeds or not we will find out in time.
  16. You might be right but it doesn't matter who it was in the scheme of things.
  17. Our financial position is very material and will be vital in the run up to when Covid struck. Covid might be a factor why the club went into administration but not the cause. We don't know the state our finances were in prior to Covid striking or how indeed the club was being run. The players were not paid on time one month,MM's fault whether he was expecting the Fake Sheikh to pay them or not,until the deal is signed and ratified by the EFL it's still the owners responsibility,the EFL will have a far greater knowledge whether a deal was close or not. How long has MM just been putting money into the club to keep it ticking over,did that start when he decided he was looking for a buyer (over Two years now) we don't know but the EFL will. How long have we been owing money to HMRC again we don't know. How many agreed transfer payments were missed if any? again we don't know. All these factors will no doubt be submitted by the EFL to the arbitration panel to make a judgement.
  18. Indeed,the onus is on the club to prove Covid was the cause,it's not on the EFL to disprove it.
  19. So why do certain posters seem to blame the EFL or anybody else for the clubs possible demise when the answer lies closer to home.
  20. Then why is it only just Derby and not other clubs,no agenda against Morris just more worms coming out of the can as things go on.
  21. Yes, the perfect excuse for an owner who has been trying to sell the club for 2 years,if we only got in this situation due to Covid no doubt there might have been a buyer before Covid struck,as there have been no accounts submitted for the last couple of years nobody has a clue apart from within the club as to what the finances were really like. You can see why he was desperate to sell to the fake sheikh.
  22. I was replying to the post about which was the bigger city not about either clubs catchment area.
  23. They were a well run club before the new owners took over, will wait and see how things turn out at Burnley. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/02/burnley-us-takeover-has-left-club-90m-worse-off-and-loaded-with-debt
  24. Latest comparable figures per population of the actual cities in 2019 was approx. Newcastle 300,820 Derby 258,740. However if you want to include the surrounding areas Chad, Littleover, Alvaston etc and Gateshead, Manors, Byker etc then Newcastle is approx 3 times the population of Derby.
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