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  1. I am certainly not taking the moral high ground or sneering at anyone, you pay your money and take your choice,if you don't like that choice you don't pay, that's not being bigoted or looking silly, that's the choice available to everyone Fans come on here and say "Derby till i die" who believe in the club "whatever" but then there are some who as soon as a manager comes in and doesn't play in the style they want he is perceived to be using boring tactics and start saying we will lose fans,as i said, that's there choice. There are a lot on here who can see the bigger picture and are prepared
  2. If you don't like the "boring tactics" you are very welcome to start supporting another team
  3. So what you are saying is, if there is no improvement in the next month it's time for him to go, i very much doubt that will happen, for a start there will be the remainder of a 4 year contract MM will have to pay. You need to get used to Cocu being here
  4. When Cocu signed on the dotted line he knew the way the club wanted to move forward as outlined by MM, how many managers were interviewed besides PC and walked out of the door when told they would have to bring the youngsters through to the 1st team as they would have limited funds, they want a war chest to bring in players they want and rip the team apart to try and achieve instant success, MM tried that and failed. Cocu didn't have that luxury and knew he would have to nurture the young blooms to blossom that's why he has a Four year contract. With what Cocu has had to contend with so far (a
  5. Having watched Shinnie play numerous times pre Derby he is a good technical box to box player and as we saw against PNE has the capabilities. When we have a good back line hopefully Cocu will allow him to roam rather than bolster the defence
  6. Jack probably knows that and hoping someone comes in for him this window
  7. But to get a player of that quality they would command a decent contract which the club seem unwilling/unable to give
  8. Derby 0 - Reading 1 simply because we don't have any fire power up front
  9. Sorry that is Bryson i am on about. Injured most of last season and is in the process of terminating his contract at the Dons and should have left the club by the end of the week. Dons fans hated him
  10. After yesterdays announcement by the government you may find yourself waiting even longer
  11. As i said, it wouldn't impact on the diehard who go to every away match and see it as an important part of their lives but opens up a new market for those that can't get for any reason
  12. David, are you suggesting all L1 and L2 matches streamed for all clubs for every match, if that was the case there would be no supporters in attendence, possibly a better solution would be to stream the match to the away teams supporters to watch from home thus increasing revenue because you would have a "new" market, some only go to home matches. You would still have the diehard fan who would travel to away matches thus maintaining revenue for the home team. The same could equally apply to Championship clubs, a lot do not go to away matches or are constrained by away capacity so why not
  13. As the EFL represent 72 clubs it would have to be put to a vote of all members as there are also league 1 and 2 matches shown on TV and get payments from the TV rights distributed accordingly I agree, may be it is time for other clubs to listen. What do you suggest a PL2 in which case clubs in leagues 1 and 2 would soon go to the wall and as a football fan i am sure you would not want that to happen
  14. But the EFL represent 72 clubs not just 24 in the championship so they go along with the majority as i said 75%.
  15. 18 clubs were not happy with the TV deal, you know what the EFL did? Pushed it through regardless. That means 54 clubs (over 75%) were happy with the deal. It is all very well saying there were numerous other clubs unhappy with the EFL's decision to charge us, that remains unsubstantiated until they make that fact known and is subject to pure speculation
  16. Steve Gibson has nothing to answer for, he is just protecting/defending his club just the same as MM would have done if the roles had been reversed, they were probably rattled by MM's ulterior motive or perceived ulterior motive. MM should have gone about it a different way and contacted the owners/CEO's of the other 71 clubs and got their views on the way to get a fairer deal and approached the EFL as a combined united body. As i said earlier not all the clubs will have a problem with how the EFL operates or the rules under which they are expected to comply to,just those that have had invest
  17. TBH there are a lot more important things that matter to voters than football, there are more important things to me which matter as a voter than football, football,sport in general comes way down the list of priorities to the vast majority of voters. Brighton fans took over the council house because the council were the landlords and wanted the ground for redevelopment. There are very few,if any, grounds in the EFL now which are owned by councils
  18. i agree with you and not having a go or anything but 1st off the fans would have to get the 72 clubs or the majority of the 72 on side. I am not the one being naive. Whatever you are proposing can only be brought about by clubs enforcing changes.. When you purchase a ticket that is a contract between you and the club not between you and the EFL .If you don't like the organisation that the club is a member of then you complain to the club.The best plan of attack, so to speak, is for fans to complain to their clubs, you would then have a clearer picture of what fans/clubs of the 72 really think
  19. That is only if it concerns the government or government bodies, i wouldn't imagine it would get parliamentary time as the clubs would be told to enter discussions with the EFL.
  20. Hurting the clubs may be the only way for the 72 to see the fans are not happy,however the majority of fans will be. There will also be clubs that have no issues on how the FL is being run,sorry but that's the truth. I don't recall the owners/CEO's of the other 71 clubs rallying to MM's defence during our investigation by the EFL. How many voices do you expect to be heard, the very vast majority of fans are not members of forums and fans of other clubs via their forums wouldn't be in the least bit interested,however if it had been the team along the A52 or the A50 and their forum admin suggest
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