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  1. I think Rooney will only have a cameo role anyway top 6 or not, certainly won't be playing 2 games a week, now if we go on a streak were we are not losing without Rooney being in the side will Cocu leave him out, i certainly hope so. Can;t see him upsetting a team that's gelling just for the sake of giving him a match. I really don't think he will play as many games as people are expecting or hoping.
  2. What i was alluding to is if they were in the Prem they would survive. Lets say the Prem expanded to become the PL and include the top 1 or 2 from the SPL year on year by means of promotion they would receive the same money as Championship clubs receive on getting promotion as well as all TV rights etc. I agree teams in the lower half of the SPL are more on a par with League 1. I can understand making comparisons as it currently stands.
  3. I really can't understand the negativity i have seen posted today.I am not interested in comparisons with last season, that's gone, i am certainly not interested how good Chris Martin was 4 or 5 seasons ago and deserves another chance,no, if he's not good enough now then he doesn't that's football,that's life, it moves on.I am interested in the now under a new manager. I have faith that Cocu will achieve what he has been tasked to do and that ultimately is to get us into the Prem.So long as we see improvements month on month and we are moving forward with decent football. I don't want us to get promotion this season and do what we did last time, get up and straight back down. I want to see Cocu build a solid team that once we get there moves forward and stays there.Take his time in the transfer market over 2 or 3 windows and make sure he gets the right players on board, players of a better quality to replace Lawrence.Huddlestone who i don't think would cut it in the Prem. Another 18 months and the youngsters he has shown faith in mature and play with confidence and ability and become a force to be reckoned with and at the same time other talented youngsters Wassell is blooding appearing on Cocu's radar. To me he won't have failed if he doesn't get us into the top Six so long as we see a good strong team base being built that has the ability to push on.
  4. Do you really believe that the Championship is a higher level than the SPL ,rubbish. There are at least 3/4 teams in the SPL that would survive easily in the Prem, Celtic,Rangers,Aberdeen and Hibs
  5. If he doesn't try him he won't find out
  6. Well if that were me i'd be blaming a couple of dodgy pints and ended up with blurred vision
  7. I have seen Shinnie play a number of times for Aberdeen and you just can't go on pass stats, he is comfortable on the ball in the final third backing up the strikers as he is running back to help in defence. Always seemed to be there offering himself as another option.
  8. I honestly thought Huddlestone had a good game today (others may disagree) and made some good long passes with thought. Would love to see him alongside Shinnie, let Shinnie roam about box to box as at Aberdeen with Huddlestone just lumbering about in midfield picking his passes out. What Shinnie has to do to get a start is beyond me.
  9. We will never know, if you and others on here who still like to go on extolling Wilsons talents that much miss him i suggest you go and watch Bournemouth instead. He's gone get over it
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