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  1. You see it One way, i see it another. Anyway time to move on a, One thing iv'e learnt through life is. Never argue with idiots as they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience
  2. Punished him heavily don't make me laugh, no i don't think it is a sincere apology, it is a contrived PR exercise instigated by the club (that's glaringly obvious by the timing of the release) which will have been written by someone within the club and then Bennett posting it as if it a statement prepared by him. All done to lessen the pressure on him and the club today. As Jim Royle would say"apology my arse"
  3. The club statement announced on Sky after the Birmingham - 'boro match, which the blues won by the way.
  4. There are Two issues at play here. Lets say they had been to a wedding reception and this had happened there wouldn't have been the furore going on as it is.Yes it would have been reported in the press but not to the degree it was," Derby County players arrested for drink driving after attending wedding reception blah blah.." . the club would have been contacted for a response with no doubt the stock reply that they would be dealt with under club procedure. We would have made comments but more on the lines of "bloody idiots why didn't they book into a hotel or get a taxi, thought that they would have had more brains than to get behind the wheel, sod me, Bennett attending a drink awareness course the day before and then the dick head goes and does this etc,etc..... Played the following game and would have been accepted to a higher degree by the fans. However because they were arrested after attending a club event (team building day) it gets reported in the press in a different light especially as the club provided transport which was booked for 8PM. The club was obviously expecting the event to finish at that time with the arranging of transport. The fact that this happened much later shows a complete disregard to the clubs plans and a complete disregard for club discipline. This is why so many are showing anger towards the players and also towards MM and PC for allowing them to play so soon after,the players by not showing discipline towards the arrangements of the day and MM/PC for allowing them to play for the same reason. Yes, some have commented on other threads "but you know what it's like on a night out with the lads, you go for a couple of drinks and end up having more". The problem is, this wasn't a night out with the lads, it was an event arranged by the club and guidelines/ requests i imagine would have been expected to be adhered to. Not condoning drink driving under any circumstances.
  5. You would have thought he would have hired a powered wheelchair, money must be tight. Perhaps we should open a "go fund me"page to help out. 😁 As if things couldn't get any worse for him, he will be fined by the council now as he lives in a smokeless zone area and bonfires are banned .
  6. I agree with your First sentence entirely. I know of a situation where 2 people who worked for the same company (different occasions) got convicted of drink driving with totally different outcomes. The 1st one got caught drink driving after going out for a social drink (his words) but had a drink to many got stopped and convicted but returned to work as normal. The other driver got stopped and reported for drink driving, while the court case was pending he was suspended from work, after being found guilty was sacked.. The difference being the 1st one had just been out for a drink on his night off. The 2nd one had been attending a works event so was deemed to have brought the company into disrepute. He took the company to an industrial trial for unfair dismissal but lost. I Because this happened when they had been to an event which the club put on people are quite rightly IMO having a go at the club in their stance on this matter. The media wouldn't have been all over this if it wasn't a club related event,however it was so the club can naturally expect media attention about how they can't control their players drinking at a club do. Huddlestone posting pics on social media certainly hasn't helped the club either, when attending any event organised by work you are still representing your place of employment. I think this is what is getting a lot of peoples backs up. Other footballers have been mentioned on previous posts but how many were caught after attending a company function. By the way drink driving under any circunstances is totally wrong
  7. I reckon Shinnie will be a definite starter this Saturday
  8. Oh dear Oh dear these"fans" got you down, You have your views i have mine. I will tell you what pissed me off before the match, we were missing a team captain and the best defender we have due to a stupid mistake made by Bennett/Lawrence. I will tell you what pissed me off even more at the end of the match is that if Keogh had been playing we may have got 3 points instead of 1. But still,don't worry you keep giving them your support.
  9. Not having a pop at you at all but in my eyes he shouldn't be getting support from fans, others think different,that's their view.I will support him on the pitch for the football he plays. What he does off the pitch is of no concern to me so therefore shouldn't expect my support. After 40 odd years supporting the Rams it doesn't need explaining at all. I have no affinity with the players that i love them for how good or otherwise they are. They are paid to play and i pay to watch, they are just players who at this moment in time are playing for Derby, that's as far as it goes. Players come and sometimes give a good account of themselves then they go and replaced by other players.
  10. Careful what you say, you will turn the snowflakes back to drink again. I need counselling the fans are booing me. You reap what you sow.
  11. Thats what Stoke fans were saying at the start of the season, now look at them
  12. They are professional footballers ffs,showing the lads some love my arse, let their families show them some love,they mean nothing to me apart from playing for a team i support. They have let the board, their team mates, the manager and the fans down, they will move on and other players come in but i won't love them. I expect them to play to the best of their abilities and act in a professional manner.
  13. The only reason we created a fair few chances going forward was because of the opposition, Barnsley made us look better than we were
  14. But they are not members of your family,let their families give them the support same as you would to yours, to me they are just players and in that context don't deserve my support
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