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  1. It may well be like the first game of the season to some when football eventually returns however some may have second thoughts about their priorities, businesses will struggle to restart, some may not even reopen. People who take a 3 month "holiday" on their mortgages will find their monthly repayments increasing, overdrafts to be repaid etc. People will want to get their lives back to sort of normality which for a good number of fans won't include football to begin with and i certainly don't see matches being played at full grounds
  2. It may well have but at a price,it's not free same as here at home and i am sure insurance policies would be amended so that Covid-19 cover is not available. Experts are now saying after this wave has been contained another wave will start. Would Qatar want visitors from all over the globe anyway?
  3. Of course it wouldn't, the players would be furloughed as is happening in other industries
  4. Football is more business focused nowadays so teams who are in the lower leagues who say they are skint will go into administration as in any other business structure. They will certainly not get a government bailout and i cannot see that other clubs will bail them out unless they buy them as feeder clubs. People are saying there is money in football and PL clubs could afford to do this but global stock markets are crumbling worldwide so teams may not finish up as rich as people think. Owners who run clubs out of their own pockets may also find returns on their investments depleted for some years to come. I don't see football carrying on in the form as when it was before the virus hit.
  5. This situation will get a lot worse before we start seeing any sort of returning to life as we knew it pre covid-19. As much as the PL/EFL will want matches to be played behind close doors, football,sport in general will be way down the governments list of priorities and won't allow a restart. When the government get covid-19 "under control" by the use of lockdown measures it won't be lifted anytime soon after that, the measures could remain in place for months I don't think we will be in a position to start next season on time never mind trying to finish this season and unfortunately some clubs will go to the wall, that may well include championship clubs as well as league 1
  6. But i would have thought the opposite "season long loan"meaning exactly that, the dates given as that would be the length of time when a "normal"season is brought to conclusion as they would no longer need the services of the player.
  7. I may be looking at this all wrong but Te Wierik was joining us after the season should have officially finished so it would follow that he will join us when the season does eventually finish and up until that time he remains a Groningen player, same with players on loans until the end of the season, they remain on loan until the season is completed, as the season may still be ongoing in June/July such players would still technically still be on loan. Same with players out of contract at the end of the season, that will come into force when the season has been played to a finish one way or another
  8. Actually the Daily Mail was only printing on what was already posted in the Daily Telegraph
  9. No he is not, he makes Patrick Bamford look highly intelligent after posting a comment like that.
  10. But i would imagine the EFL will want the season concluded to avoid any possible legal repercussions from teams or TV contract issues rather than whether fans can attend or not. The possibility of fans being able to attend will come way down the pecking order in the complexities of getting the season restarted asap especially if there is a possible government order banning mass gatherings still in place when the EFL/teams agree it is safe for the season to restart with certain restrictions in place
  11. In all probability it will be later than the 30th April and i would imagine it will be games played behind locked gates purely to bring the season to a conclusion if that's what they are endeavouring to do.
  12. For anyone suffering withdrawal symptoms there is a full match replay of DCFC v WBA play off final 2007 on Sky channel 403 at 8PM. Go on relive the memories
  13. They have not said anywhere it will be on its way by April, it is not expected to peak for another 6 weeks.When it peaks it doesn't mean the virus miraculously disappears overnight, we may well be in the same situation we are in now for another 3 - 4 months. The EFL said all matches would be suspended until April 3rd at the Earliest. More information will be released when they have had a board meeting later this coming week
  14. If the rest of us stayed off work the country would fall to its knees, however failing to play sporting fixtures would not have the same impact.
  15. They would probably have those rules in place already (cases of exceptional circumstances) but are holding off implementing them with a knee jerk reaction until they see how things stand on the 3rd April
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