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  1. And what measures do you think could be put in place for half time. I think it will just be the maximum permitted number of fans allowed into the ground to watch the match without the necessity of providing food and drink. No one knows until/when fans are actually allowed back. As i said earlier when restrictions are relaxed from tomorrow and if the R rate spikes again fans may not be allowed back this year
  2. I would imagine that would be highly unlikely
  3. How people view going to a match in the future for the short to medium term is going to be way different as opposed to prior Covid-19.. I can see the clubs putting (and having to put) stringent practices in place. Turnstiles closed 30 minutes before kick-off so that people can take their seats, anyone turning up after that turned away, temperature checks being taken while in the social distancing queue to access the turnstiles with anyone showing a raised temperature being refused admission, anyone not adhering to the distancing rules inside the ground being made to leave the ground. That is i
  4. It would indeed and Leeds or any other team should have every right to do that with the transfer window opening on 1st July. You simply cannot have a transfer window and then not allow players to play, it is no different to the January transfer window. We shall see, if that was the case why not just put the start of the transfer window back to coincide with the end of the season, when this was originally discussed (2 months ago) no one had any idea when the season would restart if at all, events have changed, i can't see how player registration can be withheld if a player is signed in the
  5. But surely that was before it was decided when the transfer window would open. Clubs will have a legitimate claim to play new players that they have signed in the open transfer window which will give the new club live playing registration before the present season ends as opposed to signing a player on pre - contract terms. I can see clubs threatening court action of they are not allowed to play
  6. And the 2020/21 transfer window opens on the 1st July
  7. FIFA announced yesterday 11/06 that the transfer windows for National Associations will open on the original booked dates so that any players whose contracts expire at the end of the season (June) are not left unemployed. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8411575/Players-allowed-play-THREE-clubs-one-season-2020-21-campaign.html I take this to mean that any player who signs for a new club can play for them from day One and not wait until the new season starts.
  8. With the season scheduled to restart in under 2 weeks time i would say players out of contract at the end of the month are the players clubs will be having a good look at and more likely to be signed up
  9. But the clubs will be fully aware of those issues in the days before the match, it's what happens with the testing on the day of the match that's the difference
  10. So what happens if say Marriott, Martin and Waghorn all test positive for Covid-19 at the same time. People will be on here screaming the match they were down to play in should be rearranged to play at a later date. Matches may be on the way back but you can't guarantee the best 11 will be playing until a couple of hours before kick off
  11. As i posted earlier, i have cancelled both Sky and BT Sports and will not be renewing, it's not i have fallen out of love with football it is how the game has evolved,with broadcasters money meaning more to clubs than fans through the turnstiles but we, as fans, are as much to blame because we all accepted the mega bucks that was being thrown at the game and the thought of the players we could sign or hoped we could sign. Yes i may well be ridiculed for that comment but that doesn't bother me as i am on 12 week lockdown (or confined to barracks as i prefer to call it) due to being in the vulne
  12. Being honest i couldn't agree more, yes this is a football forum and there are a lot really missing football. Until i suffered with illness a couple of years ago i was a devout ST holder for years but now i have cancelled sky sports and BT sports and will not renew them when the season does resume nor will i attend matches i have to say i am not missing it one little bit. It just shows what a farce football has become. The reason they (the PL and EFL) won't call the season off is because of the money they would have to return to broadcasters, they are waiting for the government to call i
  13. I can actually see where Alex Neil is coming from, it could be deemed that such teams have gained an unfair advantage by offering contracts especially free transfer players when they still owe existing players money. If they have not got enough money to pay the players their current salary during this suspension how will the magic money tree suddenly appear to bring new players in when the transfer window does open. I am sure the debts the clubs have accrued during this suspension, deferred wages etc, will not disappear in a matter of weeks
  14. According to the Telegraph (Daily) broadcasters BT and Sky would sue the PL for breach of contract if relegation was not involved when the season is eventually restarted also reported (but i can't find it anywhere) is that clubs in the EFL have stated that teams such as Derby, Leeds, etc who have entered into a voluntary wage reduction with their players during this suspension should not be allowed to participate in the transfer window until all outstanding monies have been paid to players taking part.
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