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  1. Historically yes under a different manager, may not fit into how Cocu is striving to play. The Stoke forum seem to have mixed feelings about Ince, some saying he is good, others saying get rid not a team player
  2. Ince, not for me, same attitude as Lawrence, thinks he is better than he actually is and should be playing in the Prem
  3. Before i go any further i have always been a Cocu "in" man. Cocu is doing what he was to do when brought in and that's bringing youth through, however i am not sure the other side of the coin is happening and that is Cocu having money available to bring experienced players in who are needed due to lack of finances. It is being recognised by pundits who are commentating how well he is integrating youth into the 1st team and this will have been noted by owners of other clubs including some of those in the Prem. I can see come the end of the season he may be "romanced" by other owners who can offer more in funds to bring in 2 or 3 high quality players if needed and also bring youth through (as seems to be the way of thinking now) especially if the current status quo remains here. I believe Cocu to be a man of principle and experience with (as as he has stated) a winning mentality and would hope to see out the length of his contract but if a club offers him more than we can and left i would fully understand why.
  4. MM just waiting for 32Red to come up with more cash to sponsor another ex England International, it's the only way we will get anyone in.
  5. Norwich home, 3 or 4 youngsters in the team to see how they perform against a struggling Prem team
  6. Cocu just showing MM what life will be like if we don't bring anybody in
  7. I've tried to edit the highlights and got a blank disc
  8. Well there's no chance of Sibley entering that competition the way he goes over
  9. No;he was just making sure he had it on the right way round so he knows which way to run
  10. No,he just wanted Rooneys autograph, he couldn't be bothered to wait outside after the match
  11. Rooney giving the ref a bit of grief in the tunnel
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