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  1. With the current squad and manager we have he has no chance of his talent being unlocked with us
  2. Jack had his best spell in his career under Grant McCann at Peterboro', linking up with him again at Hull might just be the thing he needs.
  3. Don't worry,the matches are only 5 a side to minimise the risk of injuries
  4. MM probably hasn't got the will or energy to argue anymore,he just wants rid.
  5. I woudn't say a "doom and gloom" thread, more of a reality check
  6. Especially when he tried to pay in Pesato's and his excuse was his grandad had been saving up all his life as he knew sometime in the future he wanted to buy a football club
  7. They would soon find out that they had bought a load of poorly trained nags
  8. Not being political here but maybe taking the knee for BLM should be changed to "Lives Not Knifes" campaign,the coverage would be immense
  9. https://www.derbycounty.news/transfers/report-backs-burnley-to-consider-move-for-Derby-ace-kamil-jozwiak/ The Athletic reports that Burnley are interested in him,if he has a good Euro campaign i can see him leaving,he needs better players around him which has been proven when playing for his country
  10. At least he will have a team to give a talk to.
  11. I think we should get Warburton in as manager
  12. But when you think the law is an ass then you ignore it by trying to get round it, an awareness course would be no good
  13. I read somewhere the other day the odds for next season as things stand now,we are 66/1 with only 2 clubs promoted with longer odds
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