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  1. I am certainly not taking the moral high ground or sneering at anyone, you pay your money and take your choice,if you don't like that choice you don't pay, that's not being bigoted or looking silly, that's the choice available to everyone Fans come on here and say "Derby till i die" who believe in the club "whatever" but then there are some who as soon as a manager comes in and doesn't play in the style they want he is perceived to be using boring tactics and start saying we will lose fans,as i said, that's there choice. There are a lot on here who can see the bigger picture and are prepared
  2. If you don't like the "boring tactics" you are very welcome to start supporting another team
  3. So what you are saying is, if there is no improvement in the next month it's time for him to go, i very much doubt that will happen, for a start there will be the remainder of a 4 year contract MM will have to pay. You need to get used to Cocu being here
  4. When Cocu signed on the dotted line he knew the way the club wanted to move forward as outlined by MM, how many managers were interviewed besides PC and walked out of the door when told they would have to bring the youngsters through to the 1st team as they would have limited funds, they want a war chest to bring in players they want and rip the team apart to try and achieve instant success, MM tried that and failed. Cocu didn't have that luxury and knew he would have to nurture the young blooms to blossom that's why he has a Four year contract. With what Cocu has had to contend with so far (a
  5. Having watched Shinnie play numerous times pre Derby he is a good technical box to box player and as we saw against PNE has the capabilities. When we have a good back line hopefully Cocu will allow him to roam rather than bolster the defence
  6. Jack probably knows that and hoping someone comes in for him this window
  7. But to get a player of that quality they would command a decent contract which the club seem unwilling/unable to give
  8. Derby 0 - Reading 1 simply because we don't have any fire power up front
  9. Sorry that is Bryson i am on about. Injured most of last season and is in the process of terminating his contract at the Dons and should have left the club by the end of the week. Dons fans hated him
  10. After yesterdays announcement by the government you may find yourself waiting even longer
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