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  1. As i put in my post It wasn't imposed by Mel,it was imposed by the EFL because Mel would only provide enough funds to just keep the club ticking over,it is separate from the embargo.
  2. AIUI the ceiling cap of £4.5K per week will remain unless MM has had a change of heart or until a takeover is complete,the cap was not part of the embargo. The cap was put in place because MM stated he was only prepared to put enough funds into the club to keep it "ticking over" until new owners come in.
  3. Ex Man Utd players don't have a good track record either when they have a go at becoming coaches/managers.
  4. So you expect everyone to be happy clappers and be thankful we have Rooney doing such a sterling job at the club.
  5. i'd much rather MM give us some content to get our teeth into soon, there is only One man who can lift the spirit.
  6. I am sure MM would have liked him to have walked, look at the money he would have saved.
  7. I thought you said it wasn't all about Rooney 🤣
  8. Not all about Rooney, i half expected him at one point to say how Rooney had single- handedly saved the club.
  9. If anybody knows about being on the inside with Wayne Rooney there is nobody better placed than you.🥰
  10. No he wasn't sacked as such but then again he didn't resign.
  11. I didn't make that assumption, that was in response to a @RoyMac5 posting who said he walked away.
  12. Which we could have been if he had been given the time.If MM wasn't prepared to give him that time why give him a Four year contract.
  13. He who pays the piper calls the tune,i am sure it is more advantageous from a Red32 point of view for the club to be known as Wayne Rooneys Derby County
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