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  1. Same, just seems odd that @Van Wolfie says when he clicks on the notification that says I've reacted to the post it doesn't go to the post.
  2. You mean this one? It's still there, maybe @David can have a look?
  3. No recent posts of yours has been removed, as far as I can tell.
  4. You all believe that the Tories would be able to reduce workers rights and get it through parliament? Maybe I'm just naive 🤷‍♂️
  5. Are we really going to do away with the current working laws and regulations, just because we are leaving the EU?
  6. It amazes me that there are a number of their fans that say it was our fault, and can't believe we complained about it, still, then have the gall to say we can't forget about it and keep going on about it. Yeah cos you talk about it every 30 seconds, knobs.
  7. Personally thought at the time that during the passage of play, in the 2nd half, where we just kept the ball was to try and take the momentum away from Luton, keep the ball for the sake of keeping it away from them for a while. Obviously not everyone agreed with their loud groaning.
  8. Bloody hell, could barely hear them in the South Stand, not sure how the radio mic picked them up.
  9. I kept thinking he is doing everything I wanted from Johnson to do when we bought him. Always thought before we signed Johnson he was one of those horrible players that you hated on the other team, niggly fouling when needed, crunching challenges when needed, wasn't going to unlock defences but was competent enough on the ball. (I sometimes wonder if Johnson didn't have the season he had before he joined us what would have been.) That was exactly what Shinnie did yesterday. Broke up play, some brilliant tackles, very good tactical foul for his yellow, used the ball sensibly. It was a very good performance, he just needs to follow it up now.
  10. Quite possibly. I've played in every position, and find it quite easy to adapt. The last team I played for one week I could be up front, then I'd be DM followed by lcb then rcb, then AM. Some would say it is because I was crap (😂) but it was more I could fill in for whoever was missing/still drunk from the night before. I'm a strong believer that young players should be put in different positions strikers need to learn CB, it can help them see what movement CBs will struggle with, and vice versa for CBs see what they need to look out for etc.
  11. How often do teams have 2 left footed cbs? Everyone thinks automatically that the left footer and a right need to play that side. It used to be the same with wingers, that guy is left footed, play him left wing. It's always used to be the same, doesn't mean it always used to be right, look at our best right wingers over the last 5-6 years Ince, Wilson, Russell, Waghorn and Bamford, all left footers. The only one that wasn't recently was Ward and even then he played left wing. Some players are less comfortable switching sides and it affects their performance, not going to lie, however I still stand by the fact that there is not much difference between playing either side. Look at Keogh as an example played rcb for us and lcb for ROI, didn't affect his performances. On my own personal experience it is exactly the same playing either side.
  12. His 77th birthday today, I believe.
  13. I have played centre back a lot, and have played both LCB and RCB and there really isn't that much difference.
  14. The glint in his eye and the little smirk.
  15. Been to Burton vs Stevenage when both were in the conference, the year Burton went up, stood in the Stevenage end, finished 2-0 Burton, Steven Morison missed a penalty for Stevenage. Was such a bad game.
  16. The Green one was under Burley, just checked and it was his first game in charge back in 02/03, thought it was play off season though
  17. I forgot about that one as well 😂 Rob Green let one under his foot, into the south stand goal, the pass was from almost the same place, when he played for Norwich. Leicester, with guilty parties future Derby legends Andy King and Chris Weale.
  18. Pedantic hat on but that's the 3rd time I've seen an og like that in our favour at Pride Park.
  19. If there is any doubt of what the players think, then I think this sums it up.
  20. I've become very good at avoiding spoilers, often able to go a few months of avoiding Marvel spoilers before I get to see them.
  21. Really looking forward to seeing this.
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