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  1. When I was on the main screen it had 1,000,001 and your post was the most recent, 2nd most recent was @LeedsCityRam.
  2. Since the 5-0. Us clinging on to our faint hopes of automatic promotion, Forest 6th and looking to cling on to their play off place.
  3. Think it was this one.
  4. That's how I watched last week.
  5. Fun fact (using the term fun loosely); the last 3 teams to win the top flight for the first time are Leicester (2015/16), Forest (1977/78) and us (71/72).
  6. Champions League winner, don't you know.
  7. Bit harsh to call him a journeyman, he has only had 3 clubs (and a loan club).
  8. You only have to input it once. So you won't need any further code.
  9. rynny

    Ex Rams

    Zanzala has been released from Accrington Stanley.
  10. Good question, there hasn't really been a lot of information on it.
  11. Destiny and Elite, we called it Desperate and Easy.
  12. I've watched back quite a few times. There Bogle cannot do anymore than he did. The player that crosses it takes one touch and puts it in, he is on control of the ball for 1 second.
  13. That's harsh, he had 2 players on him, not sure he could have done much else really.
  14. Not sure how many pubs will be opening on the 4th as they can only open with online table service. Not sure how easy it will be for independent pubs to implement, also with the cost as well. Also everyone going to the pub will need to leave contact details to help with the NHS track and trace.
  15. The same reason that they had Richard Wright and Stuart Taylor, why Man Utd have Lee Grant, Chelsea had Ross Turnbull and Rob Green. They are just English squad fillers to help them with squad quotas.
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