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  1. Thought you were toothless up front, and we were just as poor but would've struggled to not score after you basically gifted us 2 goals. 9 times out of 10 Wiemann takes that shot first time and misses, sods law that he puts it away against you. Surprised we sat so deep second half & let you play around the box but I guess it worked? Bad day at the office for both teams, but with a lot of new players each I can understand why. Think the reverse fixture will be like 2 different teams. Good luck for the rest of the season & please do the scummy baadiff/leeds next month.
  2. Hope you play with wingers for a change. We have CB Wright injured & LB Dasilva injured too so have had to resort to playing 352 with Rowe, a CM, at LWB who had a bit of a stinker on Saturday (although you can't really blame him). I think your natural game plan will suit our patched up one better. We haven't had the best start to the season, 1-1-1, and we haven't really clicked yet, with 6-8 new starters in every game you can understand why. Afobe looks good & we hope he can recapture his Wolves form, our new wonderkid from Monaco looks very good, although lightweight as you'd expect (he's just turned 18). I think the middle of the park will win it or lose it tomorrow, with 3 CMs I hope that we can take control of the game but with our new CDM coming off injured at HT on Saturday that isn't something I'm too confident of. Here's hoping to an enjoyable game with 2 sides trying to play the game the right way. You reds.
  3. Not attacking Derby personally, just asking for your opinion of what I've seen in the media. As others have said it's the Sky Bet Championship & about 80%, including City, have a betting company sponsor somewhere. If it was down to me I'd ban all sponsorship from companies that have proven to have highly addictive products.
  4. I was surprised! Palmer is only 22, think we got a great deal for him! 1 MOTM & 2 assists so far. It seems a very good signing, I'm not sure how is fitness is now though. Maybe a 60 minute player? I'm glad you don't have him for the whole season. Also, the Bet32 stuff seems pretty immoral, from the little I've seen, what are your views on the accused subliminal messaging of gambling being subjected to kids? (Genuine question)
  5. Surprised you've taken him on loan. Great player on his day but unfortunately that's a 1/4 occurrence. Can't believe you've signed Hamer, we had him on loan a few years ago and he's absolute dross.
  6. Not completely different but a 2nd team yes, I'd say Pack is the only outfield player that'll start the first game of the season
  7. Waghorn injured our record signing Kalas with a late tackle last night
  8. Some fans are getting a bit giddy & thinking about top 2 (yes we all have deluded fans), because our owner has said the aim is top 2 (big difference between a target & realistically thinking we'll get it) and that play offs is a minimum. With that being said, last season we only missed a good striker & a 3rd CM for freshness. It looks like we're signing Nketiah on loan from Arsenal, a player I rate higher than Tammy when he was here so I'd be disappointed if we didn't get top 6. LJ seems to do these small things right. Although he plays the pantomime villain a bit with some away fans (Leeds/Vile) he is widely regarded in the football world as a good up and coming manager & generally a 'good guy'. He definitely takes his PR training seriously put it that way. Don't remind me of the game, we were 21st? in the league at the time & that first half I felt like it was the start of our upturn in form. Obviously you put an end to that 😄
  9. edit: wrong tweet sorry! edit2: can't seem to add the proper tweet
  10. Hope to see a good game with total football from both teams, score doesn't matter
  11. https://www.bristol-sport.co.uk/news/bristol-city-vice-chairman-discusses-the-clubs-independent-kit-making/
  12. I think a bit more detail would be better but it is what it is. Something like Man City's badge. Ours is just too simple.
  13. I hope you don't mind me posting this in the main section of your forum. I'm doing a study of how other Championship clubs view us to try to get a relatively unbiased opinion of our club, prior to the new season starting. I have a few questions to ask, if anyone will answer them then it's highly appreciated. Thanks for your time! Where do you think we will finish next season? Do you view us as having any standout players? What are your views on Lee Johnson? If you have been to the Ashton Gate, how was your overall match day experience? What do you think about our fan base? (Grounded/delusional, fickle/reasonable, old/young etc) Thanks again for your time, and good luck for the season excluding playing us of course, hopefully we both have what it takes to push over the line this year.
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