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  1. Directly contributed to 5 goals so far. 433 doesn't work for him, injuries, blabla, etcetera.
  2. That's the only one that is arguable, imo he's too old to be starting now, and hasn't impressed this season anyway. Bench aside, quite a strong team, no excuses if we lose.
  3. Credit to @Davefevsfor the great analysis. I wasn't aware he was a member on this board.
  4. In his defence he is as critical for any club that he believes isn't playing fairly. Obviously Derby fans will only view his posts when it's in relation to Derby.
  5. Not many at the moment, it'll be a surprise for us all come 3 tomorrow
  6. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/209673-Derby-h-1500-sat-21st-nov-what-can-we-expect/
  7. twitter.com/GeeMacGee/status/1329792137957871618?s=20 Confirmed by Dean Holden: one player unavailable this weekend and one fresh 'positive' this week. Still to get results back from international players Kalas and Nagy. #BristolCity This is excluding our current injuries. So 2 more out + Baker, Mawson, Sessengon, Williams, Walsh, Weimann & O'Dowda, with a couple of internationals potentially out too. Arguably 7/11 first team players out at a minimum, with our training ground shutdown for 2 weeks. How this isn't cancelled I'll never know. Football's football thou
  8. How accurate is this? Ours is wrong, we've only conceded two Edit: Help if I read it
  9. Very easy for me to say at the moment, I know we're only 4 (6 inc cup) games in, but Chris Martin is some player. He's directly contributed to 5 goals already, 3 assists and 2 goals, a MOTM contender in every game he's played so far. I can't believe you wouldn't give him a 2 year deal, not that I know if that was the deciding factor or not. I can't say I know much about the way you play but he has been great for us so far. Paterson, Wiemann & Martin combing to beat Forest. Side note, Wiemann has been playing CM for us, who would've thought? Good luck for the r
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