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    IslandExile reacted to Orphanram in Abu Derby County   
    It’s funny how people’s political bias shapes their interpretation of virtually everything.
    If that article was printed word for word in the daily mail then it’s fairly likely that the left leaners who are saying nothing to see here guv would be screaming blue murder. Likewise the right leaners would have few complaints if the mail had published it. 
    The thing is people seem to need to have good guys, bad guys, heroes, villains, axis of evil, leaders of free worlds, terrorists , freedom fighters and whatever else to define what they think about the world. The are a writers in the mail sports (and elsewhere for that matter) pages that are ardent left wingers. I’m sure the opposite will be true in left/liberal leaning papers but that doesn’t matter to people when they want to make a lazy reference that shows the world what they want to be seen as. Defining yourself against what’s written in a newspaper is daft and the only thing you could really accuse that Guardian article of is being about two weeks late. 
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    IslandExile reacted to loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    East Midlands Derby tomorrow ! One footballing genius links the clubs, the greatest manager England never had ? should have got more England caps with his legendary goals per game ratio ! The man who put Derby County on the world footballing map ! Brian Howard Clough OBE ♥️🐏

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    IslandExile reacted to B4ev6is in Well lads less 24 hours to the big one   
    Well lads Derby face forest but to the Derby players go out there show them how really football is played god this first ever Derby vs forest game ever ever missed but I will be cheering you on from home. But normal times pp would sold out and you sence tension in the air you can cut it with a knife.
    Get into forest players faces and stay in them dont give them a moment to breath on the ball. Most importantly most sure the ball goes into back of there net. And get that brain clough thorpy back home at pp.
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    IslandExile reacted to LeedsCityRam in Rooney the Boss   
    A fantastic few days for Rooney. Firstly, the results - 3 wins in 10 days & a bloody good effort away at a side flying near the top.
    I've particularly enjoyed his hard nosed approach though. Him & Rosenior standing motionless as we won in injury time at Wycombe was just class. I've always liked managers who are calm & measured and the idea that a winner that dramatic made no difference to his demeanour or his post match interview must have sent a very clear message to the players.
    Same with the pre-match stuff pre-Huddersfield - been a long time since we've had such an edge to us & refusing to chat with Holmes & Keogh was exactly the right thing to do. No more being a soft touch, don't give them any opportunity to disrupt our focus. Brilliant.
    Tactically I think he's got it spot on too. Of course Middlesbrough & Wycombe were dire watches but Rotherham will have scarred Rooney so he's thought lets beat them at their own game. Spot on. People often forget that Fergie's Man Utd could be extremely pragmatic when they needed to be - Park Ji Sung always played against Arsenal to harass them for the full 90 mins. Watford we've then focused on keeping the ball better, which we did & should have nicked a point there. Tonight he recognised Huddersfield will keep the ball so packs midfield & springs the trap that we used so effectively against Swansea & Bournemouth.
    Like Lampard, a very quick learner & a manager who has a knack of coaxing bounceback wins after bad results. He looks a natural.
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    IslandExile reacted to Anag Ram in Rams v Red Dogs Match day Thread.   
    Think it's more likely to be the system we ended up with. 
    Byrne  Wisdom Clarke Buchanan
           Knight  Bird  Shinnie
    Waghorn Kazim-Richards Jozwiak 
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    IslandExile reacted to B4ev6is in Is roony aiming for title push next season   
    Well to be fair to roony he had wealy  and deal in january and think that why sacrificing some youngsters so he got some funds and depanding who stays or who goes but I hope Richards stays and maybe lee Gregory and I hope selby stays and knight but if we can some rise funds with out sell best young players.
  8. COYR
    IslandExile reacted to B4ev6is in Is roony aiming for title push next season   
    Well I am looking forward to this mighty rams having a title winning season providing he is given a good money to spend depanding who still owns the club but I am likening what i am see so far the form we are showing title winning team just a shame he was not in charge start of the season.
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    IslandExile reacted to SKRam in Rams v Red Dogs Match day Thread.   
    Wayne gets it... totally. He’s fine the players are fine......Interview ‘got to go and calm down the kit man and back room staff though’ Utterly wonderful. He’s winning plaudits all round. Wayne Rooney is a Ram 💪🐑
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    IslandExile got a reaction from Ellafella in Derby v Huddersfield match day thread.   
    5-3-2 width from the wing backs.
    Personally, I'd play Jozwiak.
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    IslandExile reacted to Steve Buckley’s Dog in Arthur Cox’s Reign   
    Great memories. Singing ‘Portsmouth are losing’ just minutes before Phil Gee scored at Sheff Utd. Rob Hindmarch scoring at Sheff Utd the year before in the cup - another time we had more inside the ground than they did. 
    The players running round Allestree golf course (sign the petition-see other sports thread) during pre season training, Andy Garner and Rob Hindmarch playing tennis at Chester Green - realising they weren’t quite as slow as they looked on the pitch.
    That Friday night against Rotherham. Shilton’s one man show at Newcastle. Seven against Telford and five against Crewe in the next game. The parachutist missing the ground at Elm Park - a rare disappointment of an away day. Mickle, Mickle, Micklewhite. George Williams scrapping on the goal line at Stoke.
    Goddard’s chip against Everton. Deano’s debut. Phil Gee ‘screamer’ against Arsenal. Great days.Great team. And as someone has said, wake up the day of the game and fancy it, head off without a ticket, meet your mats behind the goal -  no weeks of planning or organisation. Just the match. No wonder so many of  us on here are miserable now!!
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    IslandExile got a reaction from 48 hours in are final getting nearer entering pp again   
    Not long now mate. Hold on 🐏
  13. COYR
    IslandExile reacted to B4ev6is in are final getting nearer entering pp again   
    I know they are saying pp for next season for football fans but capacity only 10k but I dont think this is far what happens you got big support base like Derby fans I think we all should all be allowed in pp again. 
    It has been far far far to long since we been to see our lads play.
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    IslandExile got a reaction from Gee SCREAMER !! in Arthur Cox’s Reign   
    Was going to say that I thought it was Burridge - played a handful of games for us and had "more clubs than Jack Nicklaus". Was certainly a "character" was Budgie.
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    IslandExile reacted to Alpha in Gamesmanship   
    Gamesmanship = cheating. 
    That's why we have a game where two grown men can put their heads together and the one who makes any sort of forward movement is sent off for a "headbutt" and we all say "you can't do that" while the "victim" rolls around on the floor holding his face like it's fallen off. 
    Gamesmanship is the name football gave it to excuse childish behaviour and cheating. 
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    IslandExile reacted to ilkleyram in Arthur Cox’s Reign   
    Dave's teams finished 3rd (after a tumultuous first few weeks), 1st and 4th before he was sacked in the November of the following season. We also got to the semi-final of the FA cup and were well in the running for the double (in the days when it meant something) before Dennis Smith clattered Charlie George, in Dave's last full season.
    I'm not sure that he could have done what Arthur did but then I’m not sure Arthur could have done what Dave did either, but I do think that to suggest that Dave could have done much better would be an exceptionally harsh criticism of the man who created the best footballing rams team that I have seen in 60 years.
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    IslandExile reacted to loweman2 in Arthur Cox’s Reign   
    Cox took over the club when we were literally at rock bottom and made up of mainly of journeymen, he was our ninth manager in eleven years, he did have a couple of gems in the team, Bobby Davison who he switched from number 8 to number 9 whose goals dragged us through those years and solid reliable ever present defender Steve Buckley, in the January window he added Williams, micklewhite, Christie, Sutton and had introduced Harbey and Blades from the reserve team and finished in 7th place at the end of that first season the centenary 84/85 and had stopped the free fall, the following season he added hindmarch and the two McClarens, gregory and Phil Gee and his team got out of division three, the final two pieces of that jigsaw  cally and Brucie Forsyth were added and the took division two by storming the 86/87 season as champions ! Put together pretty much on a shoestring, that’s why he deserves the credit, Dave McKay was good but had a great team of internationals and at the top of their game, eight of them had played in the previous championship team, he had money to add the likes of Charlie George and Francis Lee to strengthen but instead the team fell apart, some may say he should have done better ? Cox was a genuine old school motivator and team builder, he had some quirks but so do most successful managers ! Great days !
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    IslandExile reacted to loweman2 in Arthur Cox’s Reign   
    Brilliant, my favourite seasons, the question is asked “where has the game gone ?” It makes you wonder ! When you think it was thirty five years ago and most of us who were there in those days can recall those seasons instantly it’s because of the enjoyment and the excitement of every game, The pre match routines of a few beers in the various pubs dotted around the ground, the walk up to the baseball ground, the rising noise levels as you approached, the smell and the sounds, the knackered stands, the fencing, the surges in the pop side when we scored, the camaraderie with the players on the pitch, the effort levels set at maximum, the chants of ee I ee I ee I o, up the football league we go ! Arthur give us a wave ! Great days to be a ram ! I’m lucky enough to have Phil Gee and Bobby Davison’s shirts and also one of the second division championship medals to remember it by if the grey matter starts to fail but at this moment I can remember that era far more clearly than the present era !

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    IslandExile reacted to Arsene Titman in Arthur Cox’s Reign   
    A cracking read from Steve Nicholson.
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    IslandExile reacted to RamNut in Hoofball   
    I couldn’t really be bothered to respond you, @Asanovic70 what’s the point? 
    the point I’m making is simple enough. 
    Quick purposeful pass and move football is the way to play. It is both effective and successful. 
    the hoofball philosophy of Charles Hughes was something BC raged against for his whole career. 
    Most of the stuff you reference is irrelevant.
    what has tapping up players got to with it? What has sitting on the bench at extra time got to do with it? What has Cocu’s sidewards and backwards negative passing got to do with? 
    all totally irrelevant.
    Watching our players under instruction keep hoofing 50 yard long balls to CKR v Wycombe was not effective. It was just poo. 
    The mythology that that was effective is false. We scored from two dead ball situations. Our general play achieved bugger all. But because we scrambled a lucky win against the bottom team in the league then suddenly ‘ oh yes, how clever, this is the way to play’. No it isn’t. 
    you’ve read one book about Brian Clough but have totally missed the point. 
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    IslandExile got a reaction from StrawHillRam in Gamesmanship   
    We are not Leeds.
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    IslandExile reacted to jono in Gamesmanship   
    Yes ! I’d much rather see the cheats outed by laughter, derision and critism in general rather than urging us to be less sportsman like. .. TV pundits need to up their game ., saying hey ho that’s the game is not right .. it dereliction of duty, its being complicit in wrongdoing . They should be adopting the same intolerance for this as they do for even racism or genuinely violent conduct or intimidation. It is not sport. It’s wrong 
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    IslandExile got a reaction from jono in Gamesmanship   
    We are not Leeds.
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    IslandExile reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Hoofball   
    Whilst the result was disappointing and I was frustrated with our performance in the first half hour, I will admit that its th first time I can remember this season that we fell behind and IMPROVED, rather than petering out further and looking clueless.
    So some definite positives for me in that.
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    IslandExile got a reaction from Van der MoodHoover in Hoofball   
    After tonight's game against Watford.....
    Yeah we lost. All the more frustrating because of the wrong decision to disallow the goal in the first half.
    But that was much better, wasn't it?
    That's how we want Derby to play.
    Sure, Watford looked really sharp in the first half hour. Good players, good side. After that, though, Derby were the better team.
    Far more pleasing on the eye.
    But I suppose that doesn't matter to you folks who think it's only the result that matters. Ah well.
    COYR 🐏
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