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  1. Clap
    IslandExile got a reaction from Ted McMinn Football Genius in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Mount and Tomori are smashing it for a top four side in the Premier League, Wilson is playing regularly and won goal of the month.
    It's clearer now, even more than it was at the time, those three carried us last season. Without them, without the injured Keogh and Marriott, we are left with a very poor squad.
    Not to mention the short preseason and the team bonding event.
    To consider sacking Cocu, to even be losing patience with him, when he's been dealt this hand is grossly unfair, ridiculously shortsighted and would, in my opinion, be a massive mistake.
    Right manager, wrong players (not his fault), bad budget (not his fault). Support the guy. COYR 🐏
  2. Clap
    IslandExile got a reaction from Squid in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Mount and Tomori are smashing it for a top four side in the Premier League, Wilson is playing regularly and won goal of the month.
    It's clearer now, even more than it was at the time, those three carried us last season. Without them, without the injured Keogh and Marriott, we are left with a very poor squad.
    Not to mention the short preseason and the team bonding event.
    To consider sacking Cocu, to even be losing patience with him, when he's been dealt this hand is grossly unfair, ridiculously shortsighted and would, in my opinion, be a massive mistake.
    Right manager, wrong players (not his fault), bad budget (not his fault). Support the guy. COYR 🐏
  3. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Squid in Can Cocu Do It?   
    People can blame Cocu for all this, I can kind of see your reasoning, I made a point on the match thread earlier saying that Cocu wasnt to blame for that match, maybe I was incorrect, but I’ll give my points as follows:
    The players: They simply aren’t good enough, you can’t expect Cocu to turn a bunch of lazy bang average players to world beaters, it’s not possible, not even Pep could turn Florian Josefzoon into Lionel Messi...
    We did a good job of removing some of the deadwood in the summer, the problem is, it wasn’t all of it.
    We had poor performers last season who seemed to be overlooked, and no it wasnt down to the gaffer... It was down to the fact that we had Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori & Harry Wilson in the squad... You see why Mount & Tomori are in the chelsea AND England team? They are absolutely quality, and we was lucky to have them.
    I dont usually like singling players out, but for me we need to get rid of Kelle Roos, Mason Bennett (I know he’s one of our own but, what does he do?!) & there are also more players in the squad that are simply dead wood.
    What I, and others saw today was a bunch of players who were lazy and/or arrogant (Not all of them). These are the type of players who need removing..
    If Cocu came in, and had Mount, Tomori, Wilson at his disposal, believe me things would be a lot different.
    We can have players who are fan favourites but in reality aren’t good enough for us to be mounting a promotion push... 
    The old saying is Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we aren’t going to build a quality team with not even a full transfer window.
    Also (not trying to cause any beef here) but some fans seem to think we’re entitled to a top 6 finish this season. If we somehow do reach the top 6 i’ll run down my street with my Cocu out... We aren’t going to hit top 6 this season so deal with it.
    This season will be a write-off. Mid table, and thats okay! Because we can build, we can develop a winning team, We’ve got Wayne frickin Rooney coming in January, what a bloody signing!!! Hopefully, we will get a couple other new faces in aswell, but most likely that still won’t be good enough, Next summer will be crucial for us.
    I read something a while ago (not sure exactly the words) but it was along the lines of how in the first season at PSV, Cocu’s football was bang average, and then once he had the time to build a team to suit how he wants to play, it was much better. Let him integrate his philosophy, let him bring in the players he sees fit, I'm sure he’s already looking!
    There’s a reason why Wayne Rooney wanted to come to Derby and work with Cocu, there’s a reason why so many different folk see Cocu as a great person, we need to give him the time to install his philosophy and shake up the squad.
    Until then, It’s not exactly going to be pretty, but what us fans can do is show our backing, cheer the lads on, don’t turn on Cocu, lets get behind OUR club, Mel signed him on a 4 year contract for a reason....
    Come on you rams.... 🐏 
  4. COYR
    IslandExile reacted to europia in Des Anderson - RIP and thank you   
    Maybe not Joiners Arms though, if looking for decent talent...
    Seriously though, from what I have heard Des Anderson was a good guy and part of DCFC's history. Sad news. 
  5. Sad
    IslandExile reacted to Ken Tram in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    I can't say that we was robbed this afternoon! 
    But, when I got home - I had a nice surprise - a burglar had helped themselves to my stuff!
  6. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Birdyabroad in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    A tale of two performances for me.
    On Friday night I watched the U23’s play last years Premier League 2 winners Everton and saw Bird, Knight and Sibley absolutely boss the midfield second half.
    Today I watched the game thanks to the jolly old, cough, VPN and turned off after the 3rd went in.
    It was just so poor, other than Shinnie, where to start. I don’t want to single anyone out, so I won’t 😞
    So, my thoughts are, surely it’s now time for Cocu to treat this year as a free hit.
    Let’s bring Bird, Sibley and Knight into midfield, see what they can do.
    Let’s bring Buchanan in at the back, he surely can’t do worse than Clarke, who makes me nervous every time he’s got the ball at his feet.
    Let’s bring Mitchell-Lawson in on the left and Whittaker on the right, they surely can’t do worse than Lawrence and Waghorn.
    Then lets embed Rooney in in January, again he gets a free hit, learn the pace of the championship and get the best out of him next year.
    Then Cocu will have had a couple of transfer windows, hopefully get rid of the players that can’t cut it.
    In the meantime, we won’t go down this year, we’ll pick up enough points at home this year and I’m reasonably certain there’s at least three teams worse than us.
    There you go, jobs a goodun, fixed it for you, I claim my £250,000 consultancy fees 💪
  7. Sad
    IslandExile reacted to B4ev6is in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    I neve damage in my whole body.
  8. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to JfR in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    I think another issue today's result has reiterated, and which I think is being overlooked a bit, is quite how awful we've been at times specifically when playing away. This isn't a new thing with Cocu either, Lampard got only a singular away win in the league in 2019 and only managed to pick up 2 points more in those 10 away games than Cocu has in 5 (8 for Lampard, 6 for Cocu).
    I can think of many away performances in the second half of last season that were just as abject as in the game today: the battering by Villa, losing our first local Derby in 4 years, getting matched if not outplayed by rock-bottom Ipswich, scraping a draw against Preston without a shot on target (whilst having 23 shots against us), the Blackburn loss (I recall a lot saying that was the season over at the time). Even that Bristol win was perhaps our luckiest of that entire season; 23 shots, 11 on target vs. 8 shots, 4 on target, against a side a man down for 1/3 of the game. If we'd lost you could hardly have called it an unlucky result. Even earlier in the season we were rubbish against Millwall, Rotherham and Bolton and rightly got nothing from any of them.
    I actually think we've looked quite steady when playing at home so far, albeit without looking spectacular. I do think 2 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss isn't a bad return when those games included 5 teams currently in the top half, including 2 of the top 3 (who have only lost 3 times between them), a side that was only 3 points off of Premier League safety last season, and a side that was only slightly weaker than we were last season. Our away performances have been inconsistent if not outright dire, though, and I think there's a fundamental underlying issue there that needs to be resolved. 
  9. COYR
    IslandExile reacted to B4ev6is in Come on lads that performance is not good enough   
    Well today left feeling angrey at you yet I never boo or shout abuse at you but the very least I expect is for you to come out fighting after going 1-0 down yes I did not have best view could roos got to it or not is another matter. But for 2nd is unforgiveable when need a spell keeping the ball and trying to create chances. I feel sorry for chris martin he had no service all game but when he got the ball he tried to make things happen. But Holmes when came on but to late and Mason Bennett he struck the ball well enough but there keeper saved it well. So lads at the moment you look like relgation battle than top 6 side. What ever going off behind closed doors sort it out.
    I will always get behind that is because I love you Derby county you are my team and will be till Derby till I die. So come on lads starting at wigan get struck in and dont back down. So that goal scoring that I know you have in your locker.
  10. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Cisse in Can Cocu Do It?   
    I think the squad is more of a problem at the moment than Cocu. If we had Jake Buxton in our squad then it would be a different ball game.
  11. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Of course Cocu can do it. He knows more about football than most of us put together. 
    Unfortunately for him he has inherited a squad that is fundamentally not good enough.
    Too many times we watch this side be out fought, out battled and show a complete lack of desire and heart. That too me is unforgivable.
    So often these players have hid behind a manager. 
    I honestly cannot stand any of the players we have. There's not one player there that I could care less about if they stay or go. 
    I've had enough of every last one of them. The replies to Davies tweet says it all. People aren't listening anymore. It's just words. They might turn up and play against Wigan but then will be utterly gutless again at Hull.
    Sacking a manager would be completely pointless. We go through a manager a season and we are still getting the same problems. The one common denominator is the players.
    This squad needs ripping apart. It's rotten to the core. But this is gonna take time. Let Cocu do what he wants.
  12. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Topram in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Been today been most away games we just aren’t good enough
    Cocu unfortunately for him has inherited this squad he deserves a few years it’s about time we got some stability and it won’t  happen over night 
  13. Haha
    IslandExile reacted to RamNut in Relegation or Rowett?   
    I would rather go Reg Vardy than growett. 
  14. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Premier ram in Relegation or Rowett?   
    Been to the match today , if that wasnt bad enough , i have a quick flick through the forum to find people arguing the toss for Rowett to return , i really really am beginning to despair of some so called fans on here
  15. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Ted McMinn Football Genius in Can Cocu Do It?   
    This all comes down to recruitment, Mount, Wilson and Tomori papered over the cracks big time last season. 
    Cocu hasn’t had much influence on the recruitment, but those responsible for our scouting etc have been here for sometime now. 
    The obvious place to begin any staff shuffling has to begin and end there as things are getting worse with each transfer window. 
  16. Angry
    IslandExile reacted to Owd miner in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Chris Hughton ...
  17. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Highgate in Can Cocu Do It?   
    We aren't going to challenge for promotion this season.  It's not realistic with our squad of players.  Let's see what Cocu can manage this season and assess his performance in May.  To even talk about a sacking now is totally reactionary in my opinion. 
    Long season ahead, hopefully we will see an a gradual improvement in performance as the season develops.  That's all we can realistically ask for at this stage as there are plenty of more talented squads in this division.
  18. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to G-Ram in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Its painful. Immediately after games emotions are high. We have been rubbish but at some stage a large proportion of fans have wanted every manager i can remember out in spells
    Even the wonderful Frank. He had a bad spell. The form at the end of the season & the game against leeds in the playoffs makes us look back with rose tinted glasses. There was a stage when a few wanted him gone
    A few didn't want mac in the first place & then towards the end were willing to drive him to Newcastle ourselves. 
    We were buzzing when Rowett went stoke but gutted at the thought when tge initially came in half way throughthe season 
    Its just all a big overreaction. Cocu has inherited a load of overpaid rubbish. Im not excusing some of the decisions but give the man time. 
  19. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Derbyram1983 in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Don’t forget all the good young players in the u23s and u18s. Maybe some will breakthrough (sibley and Whittaker) next season 
  20. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Rammed79 in Can Cocu Do It?   
    He and Derby will find their feet it was always likely to be a bit ropey after the highs last season and the gaping holes that were left by the loanees.
  21. Angry
    IslandExile reacted to jake the ram in Can Cocu Do It?   
    Don't think the players are happy with this crap.get him out
  22. Haha
    IslandExile reacted to DJFern94 in Can Cocu Do It?   
    You did watch Nigel Peason's Derby right?
  23. Like
    IslandExile reacted to Carnero in Can Cocu Do It?   
  24. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to Rosythram in Can Cocu Do It?   
    With out a doubt.
    We need to stay calm and stick with him, he will come good and Derby County FC will become the envy of the football league.
    Please let’s not implode.
  25. Clap
    IslandExile reacted to BondJovi in Can Cocu Do It?   
    His first footballing managerial experience in this country.
    Joins the club late in pre season
    The pre season arranged before he joined was not suitable.
    Injuries. Bogle. Holmes. Marriott. Evans. Huddlestone. Keogh..
    The recent after hours event. Losing the  captain and our most consistent player for the whole season.
    Being left with a team that only just made the play offs last season despite having 3 superb loans.
    I am not going to say Cocu has got it all right so far. But you have to take the above into account as none of that is his fault. Would be nice for him to have a run where he can pick a consistent side.
    Our first ever foreign manager. Give him time and respect. 
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