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  1. And to think I used to rant about Leighton James 🀣
  2. Bird and Knight have been absolutely fantastic in these past few games. It's impossible to praise them too highly. However, I fear the meltdown on here when they are "rested" from the first team (I mean in the league, not bothered about the cup). Their performances belie their age so it's easy to forget. Cocu knows how to bring young players through. He has already said that academy players will get games in the first team but then return for spells in the academy. Let's think long term. Good though, aren't they? πŸ˜€
  3. Story McGovern tells about Clough when he was a youngster, Clough says to him: "Get this ball from this cone to that cone as fast as you can". McGovern: "So, being a winger at the time, I dribbled it as fast I could". Clough gets the ball and just passes it from one come to the other and said "that's faster".
  4. A certain team from West Yorkshire must have had an influence on the law makers then.
  5. One of my friends, a Blades fan, says "two clubs in Sheffield: Sheffield United and Sheffield". Weren't Sheffield the first ever club? And I think he's technically right, not just a crap joke, Wednesday are in Owlstone which may not be part of Sheffield. Another friend (I have two) kisses the ground at Parker's Piece in Cambridge. Another football historian. I think that's where the laws were first drafted. And those rules have since been spoiled by the lot running the game now, offside by a toe, accidental handballs ruling out goals etc.
  6. Another interesting article that gives the answers but @superzak was correct albeit in a cryptic way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/23397062 Nice one @Ellafella
  7. I do know Derby came back to win the game 3-6.
  8. I think this post is worthy of praise and should be highlighted. I'm not saying that because, as is obvious to all, I'm on the Cocu in side but because the majority on here - on both sides - have been entrenched in their view. Well done for your open minded consideration. COYR πŸ‘
  9. I'm now finding this whole discussion depressing. It's been rehashed so many times now - by both sides. Despite the cynical launching of this second vote immediately after the game at Wigan, the majority of fans still buy into giving Cocu a fair chance. TFFT. Even though I accept more sheep are now voting out - even though the circumstances have not yet had chance to be changed. Forum moderators: Please can the 'Cocu in/out' "discussion" now be confined to a single topic. That would allow us to discuss other DCFC matters without falling into going over the same in/out ground over and over again. I know folks will point out that everything ultimately goes back to the manager - and it largely does - but, at least, make constructive and original points. Please don't simply regurgitate the same old stuff (apologies because I'm as guilty as anyone). Thanks. COYR 🐏
  10. It's pointless trying.... They ain't listening πŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™‰
  11. Yeah, sorry. I can never tell whether I've not been heard or just ignored πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  12. I've not quoted all of your post for brevity but I agree with it. However, I want to emphasize the point you make about squad size. I think small tight-knit squads have better spirit and generally work better. The counter argument has been the ridiculous number of injuries sustained this year. Ordinarily though, injuries can be covered by fringe players and youngsters but this year....
  13. Some are doubting the Athletic article but I have a friend who works for Hull, albeit not near the playing side, and he told me a long while ago now that they expect to sign Marriott in January.
  14. Plain chocolate hob nobs? Sorry got distracted. Yeah, bidding should start at Β£15 million. (And I think his ankle injury is what's affected his form this year.)
  15. Agreed. But Cocu says he likes to "loan with a view to buy". Maybe....
  16. Aye, sorry it was a long post. I bore myself sometimes. All you wish for yourself 🍻
  17. Well I'm hoping we'll bring some in but that doesn't tend to happen in January. Anya is a good example of how difficult it will be to ship players out. Given his fee, he'll be one of the higher paid players but when will he ever be fit to play? They barely mention him in DET's injury updates these days.
  18. So Cocu has said this himself but I think it's a generally held view, January is a more awkward window than the one in the summer. Some clubs are desperate to buy yet other clubs are less keen to release their better players. Even with incoming investment, if it happens, presumably for FFP, we need to move some players out to balance those coming in. The problem for us is that our underperforming, injured and (likely) overpaid players may not appeal to many potential buying clubs. Unfortunately, to placate the baying mob, Cocu and Mel may not be able to wait until contracts expire in the summer. So you FFP experts..... Is it better to loan players out (even part paying salaries) or just pay them off? Next question..... Which players do we think other clubs may take? Bogle is the obvious one. I can imagine us selling him - if only to give him the chance to progress his career quickly. I just hope we don't let him go on the cheap. Marriott seems to be on his way to Hull. I revealed some time ago that my friend, who works for the Tigers, said they're expecting to sign him in January. I've just read a post saying Sunderland are in for Martin again. No smoke without fire but that saddens me. In fact all three of the above sadden me. To me they're easily amongst our better players. I had very high hopes for Marriott - in my view the best natural finisher we've had since Bobby Davison. I can only think of one other player that may generate interest. First though, let me say that I really believe we should tie this player down with a 10 year contract and lock him in a cupboard every transfer window (is that legal?). But didn't Wolves want/offer a million for Sibley? Before, I am flamed I am not saying we should let Sibley go at all. It's my big fear going into this window. I've argued a lot that we're rebuilding but, when doing so, club's often sell one or two of their better players (eg. Vydra) to bring others in. My hope is that we don't have to lose any of the above mentioned players. Unfortunately, noone will want to buy/pay our lesser players.
  19. RamsTV? Edit: no, just seen: outside UK only.
  20. Yeah maybe. Or maybe there are some people who are determined to be negative about the manager, the players and even the club - even at Christmas! 🌲 Anyhow, let's hope it's a happy new year for all of us 🐏
  21. True but, in the Reading example, the reports from those at the game were all positive. I think we might have more accurate stats if the ratings were only done by those who do see the game. Or maybe we could have a question of how you voted based on being at the game, watching on TV or based on text reports or gut feeling. Then we could filter the results as we choose.
  22. Fair observation. It suggests to me that folks are awarding marks based purely on result and not actual performance. (That's kinda understandable - disappointment etc) Take Reading away as an example. According to all reports the performance was good, especially so because of being down to 10 men almost from the beginning, and yet the rating on here was low. It was also accompanied by another chorus of "Cocu out" and "the players aren't playing for him". Facts not overlapping with some people's reality πŸ€”
  23. I posted this in another thread (Cocu in/out) but the article mentions the investment: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/12/23/Derby-launch-bid-sign-leicester-defender-filip-benkovic-club/
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