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  1. Yeah fair point and, from a media savvy couple, was probably intended to highlight the dilemma he was facing. However, Drogba and the Redknaps are close to him - he could have had a word about their multiple postings. That seemed like campaigning for the job. But Chelsea are now really dragging it out.....we don't know but I would hope Lampard has been trying to get them to accelerate out of respect for Mel, the club, its supporters and players.
  2. I was desperate for Frank to stay - I loved the atmosphere around the club that he created last year. I even voted for him in this poll that I created only last night. But enough is enough. Not stopping his friends and relatives from pushing his case, then the Instagram from Christine, was bad enough. However, he has had the opportunity to push Chelsea to wrap it up quicker than this. He arrived full of respect for the club and its history. It's a real shame that it is ending on such a sour note.
  3. I thought somebody said he had a serious injury. ACL?
  4. Returning legend or not, if I was Frank I'd be having serious doubts about going to Chelsea. I'm sure he has confidence in his own ability to become a great manager but, relative inexperience aside, Chelsea is not a pleasant place for anyone to manage.... Talk about interference. It seems transfers (when they're allowed) aren't determined by the manager, even team selection can be dictated (eg. Shevchenko). I'm sure Frank is the kind of control freak who would prefer the freedom to operate with the control that he's had at Derby. Your playing career is over Frank. Become a managerial legend at a different club...Derby County.
  5. I was relieved when the article suggesting an interest in Cocu appeared. Before then the list of names to replace Frank was not very inspiring. Now the excitement around Cocu seems to have grown. I wonder who people would prefer. I'm actually wondering if Frank would prefer to stay at Derby where he would have more control. At Chelsea, it seems everyone has a say on who is bought and who plays in the team. So who would you prefer as manager of Derby County?
  6. Thank you for explaining that @David. That being the case, it's brilliant by both Mel and yourself. Fantastic. On the call the other day, a Newcastle fan rang in to say how refreshing Mel's approach is... He's right. We're lucky. Thank you David.
  7. Sorry, @David, curious...I appreciate that you are the forum admin but I wouldn't expect that to give you a direct hot line to Mel, so may I ask what your connection/relationship is with our club's owner and steward?
  8. Born Derby (Nightingale) 1960. Won an essay competition at school in 1970 - person I'd most like to meet: Kevin Hector. Prize: attended a training session at the Baseball Ground, led by the man himself, BC. "Young man, I suppose you want my autograph". After shaking his hand, I didn't wash it for a week. Got autographs of most of the players but ironically missed Zak, only to get it years later. My Dad was a Forest fan first but a football fan second, so he took me to some games, neighbors took me to others, but it wasn't until the start of the demise in the late 70s that I became a popside season ticket holder. Then traveled around.. York, Manchester, Toronto, Cambridge, Glasgow and now the Isle of Wight. My son supports Southampton but I buy him Derby shirts. He's also a fan of football. I now rely heavily on Sky and RamsTV but I'm still Derby County through and through. UTR 🐏
  9. Exactly. That feelgood feeling should not be underestimated. That's why we shouldn't go down the promotion at all costs, defensive 1-0 wins. I think there's more to feeling good about your football team than just winning. Style, performance and a bond with the club and its players also matters. The next appointment has to build on the foundations laid by Frank. Both supporters and players need to be inspired.
  10. My car broke down on the way home after we lost 2-0 at Ashton Gate in a mid week game around 1980 or 81, may have been a cup match. Long journey home but no ill feeling.
  11. Enough is enough is enough. Argh!!!
  12. Plays kids ❌ Attacking football with flare players ❌ Can handle dissenting dressing room ❌
  13. We cannot sack him - we need the compensation money 😬
  14. Can't one of you Twitter folks simply ask Jody what's happening? He seems to respond to questions. Might just work.
  15. No FFP. Anything that winds Gibson up is worth doing, right?
  16. I didn't buy into that idea but it would explain why, when the world and his dog know that he's going, Mel - who surely must know - was insisting, presumably for legal reasons, that he didn't know.
  17. If his intention is to join Chelsea but they continue to drag the process out (Roman cannot dock his yacht or whatever, Marina cannot find a pen), he won't be expected to do the pre-season training at Derby, surely. Someone said Chelsea players are not due back until July 5th, maybe they want to wait until then. Or, in these times, maybe it takes a week to shoot the announcement video (and we all have to act 'surprised').
  18. ...before going on "gardening leave". This could drag on a lot longer yet 😰
  19. Even if Chelsea finally go to WH Smith and purchase a pen for Lampard to sign his contract with, we may have to allow a couple of days for Phil Neville's hangover to subside after England win the World Cup. That takes us to around July 10th. So, it may be that the first team will have to train with the Under 23s until then. Mind you, around half of them are used to that already. I'm looking at you Martin, Anya, Butterfield, Blackman and 😰 Thorne.
  20. How do you embed YourTube videos? Anyhow...apologies if posted previously. Go Now...by Moody Blues: https://youtu.be/SN2fOgfFnDo
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