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  1. Feel a bit sick not gonna lie😂 But Jansson has given me hope😊
  2. Without flogging a dead horse anymore, what id really like to know is where this binoculars, pliers, ladders stuff came from? And the breaking in stuff? There was no mention of that from the police? They explicitly stated everything was above board? a man was watching from a public space and he was moved on, no mention of breaking in or ladders or pliers. And the police stated they didnt tell Leeds or Derby or anyone else anything including the stuff about the car or anything else. So where is this information coming from? Watching from public land is one thing, but Frank and the media and some on sky claiming that the man was about to or even in the middle of breaking into private property is something totally different.
  3. @David Will keep this short because its late lol. I believe and i could be wrong but the AVB thing does link back to the Telegraph article, but i have heard he goes into detail in his book about what he used to do. He doesnt admit specially spying on training sessions (that I've seen) but wouldn't you agree its incredibly unlikely a man famous for his analysis would just travel hundreds of miles to Newcastle for example just to sit in the car park of the training ground? AVB was famous for his meticulous nature and would sometimes spend days scouting opponents apparently, he wasnt sitting in a car park for days. I think while there isnt a specific admission i think its fairly clear what he was doing imo. Maniche i think it was confirmed the laundry basket tactic was one that he personally saw Jose do, whether that was Porto or Chelsea i dont know mate but the tactic is a matter of fact according to an ex player. True enough on the Lampard knowing, that was an assumption i made. But AVB did go to opposition training grounds in disguise by his own admission, whether that was just to sit in the carpark or spy that in itself is underhand and sneaky and not within the spirit of the game. Probably never know the whole truth on all of this sort of thing, i just think its hard to believe Lampard isn't aware of this sort of thing, people gaining inside information by underhand means And i think its doubtful Frank hasnt gained a bit of a hand for his own benifit in the past, texting a mate on another team, talking to a coach etc. I agree, think the EFL should just get on with it now.
  4. He admitted his guilt-honesty. He didnt see he had done anything wrong so refused to apologise -principled. But no i am not that Cj Although i had a shirt like that
  5. Only one has tactical ideas that have accounted for multiple trophies in World football. Frank helped a team, MB helped many teams😎
  6. I acknowledge in the spirit of the game his actions were wrong i really do. I can also see it from Bielsas side because as mentioned i have done a hell of a lot of research into him (a hell of a lot it was astounding even to me)😂 Bielsa essentially said he acted alone, the club apologised. I dont know what the EFL would have done had Bielsa denied it, there statement makes it sound like nothing. I compared it on our forum to the Wolves situation last season. Wolves did nothing illegal last season, but was what they did fair? No. Thats what i think here, nothing illegal, fair? Probably not, but at the same time really worth all this fuss? Not imo.
  7. As you say we will.never agree really, good points can be made on all sides but people have there views and as you rightly point out as Lampard said, you will have your view, we have ours and the rest of football has theres. I shouldn't have been questioning Lampards character actually, that was wrong and i am more leaning towards non football matters, i shouldn't have done that. I would defend Bielsa for the reasons you say but also because i have done a lot of reading on him because as he is our manager i wanted to find put the most i could, so having done that i did take exception to people questioning his character and basically calling him a cheat, that's not fair on him and anyone who reads about him would know thats not true. He isnt a bad person which "cheating" implies, he gave £2mil away to his old club just a few months ago to repay a "debt" , basically they helped him so he helped them. Not worried about points deductions i think thats pretty fanciful and would open the EFL up to all sorts of legal trouble if LUFC wanted to. I am worried about Bielsa, as mentioned despite the opinions of some he is a very principled and deep thinking man, if he feels he is being unjustly hounded he could just walk ? Being honest he doesnt need us, he doesnt need English football, he is 63 with millions in the bank, he could walk into a higher paid job abroad tomorrow. So i am concerned if he feels he is being victimised he may walk. For me i think the issue with Lampard is he is clearly flustered, he has seen his side beaten and he is now criticising the practices of one of the most respected managers on the planet. He has seen his fellow pros, fellow teammates in some cases basically dismiss it as a non event and say "well this has gone on for years". And then the AVB stuff came out. The AVB thing isn'ta secret, his role under Jose was well documented at Porto and his job title at Chelsea was Assistant Scout. Jose wasnt an above board sort of guy, Lampard knew that, he took tactical advice from a laundry basket quite readily. I think with the greatest of respect to Frank the idea he didnt know is pretty fanciful and the idea a man as high up in football with family high up wouldn't know about the shadier things that go on in the game is very unlikely. I understand why Lampard would try and dismiss the Chelsea stuff but his answer wasnt the most convincing either. He did, Bielsa didnt apologise or say he wouldn't do it again because in his mind he hasnt done anything wrong, and technically he hasnt. I dont think he will do it again but i respect him for his honesty and his refusal to bow down. No I'm sure our players didnt but i think the difference is there was an article in a national paper in 2005 i think detailing what AVB used to get up to,it was in the public domain when Frank was a player. AVBs role under Jose has never ever been a secret, i would imagine the club would have been aware of what AVB was there to do and i think the players between themselves would to, they may not admit it publicly but i think most players are quite savvy regarding the workings of this sort of thing as has become apparent in the aftermath. I fully understand Derby fans being upset, absolutely. Its Franks questionable attitude i take exception to. I dont think Bielsa sees it as cheating though, from reading about him thats not how he works, he sees it as being thorough and methodical and doing what he has to within the law to gather information. From our point of view i admire him tbh, not going to lie. Fergie had a helicopter fly over the City training ground back in the day. I think whatever your view what is telling is the level of people who have come out in Bielsas defence, international players and managers and award winning journalists. The level between the condemnation and dismissing parties is quite great. Is that because of the respect Bielsa has or is it just because those at the top of the game are more aware of the shady side of it? Which is why i find Franks denials more baffling tbh, players his level his teammates knew but he didnt? Tbh all a bit bored of it now i think, its not likely to greatly improve your season whatever happens and the chances of it negatively impacting ours is greater but still not massively concerning. Thanks for the response and whatever happens goodluck for the rest of the season.
  8. There is no proof he has done it all season, his methods arent secret man, Google him everything he has done for 30 years are all over the internet. He doesnt hide his methods he gives 3 hour lectures on them😂. He is a very honest and principled man, i understand why you would think not but read about him and what people say about him, one thing that he isnt is dishonest. If you compare Bielsa to Lampard, only one of them has a history of good character and it isnt Frank.
  9. And he could have denied it, the club could have denied all knowledge. The EFL are only investigating because Bielsa admitted it, they said that in there statement. How often do managers ever hold there hands up for anything? How often do players for that matter. Scott Carson said that they were disrupted for a few minutes and then carried on. Carson was a lot more laid back then his manager.
  10. Tbf Lampard is hardly a stand up guy whose character and honesty is unquestionable. Like most people he lies , hes been caught lying before like everyone, he will be caught lying again, and its highly likely he would lie about AVB given the ranting he has done. He can hardly come out and say "well erm yeah, i knew about it at Chelsea but yeah so erm, Bielsa bad". I dont believe he didnt know about AVB, same as he knew about Jose in the laundry basket, same as plenty of ex players his level and below have openly admitted this sort of stuff does goes on, it happens. I think the only person who has been totally honest during this whole thing is Bielsa. Just going to wait and see what the EFL do, nothing i suspect. 😣
  11. They probably are, thats the point imo, the reason there has been little condemnation inside football is because they all know it goes on. There is no defined rule about it, they will either have to make one up or try and interpret one to suit them, its not technically illegal as everyone including Lampard i think has said. Would think journalists with there connections would know, even Frank isnt sure what happened, Carson contradicted him as did the Police. Indeed it has😊
  12. Sky spent ages banging on about it tbf, Keith Andrews wanted points deductions and Jermaine Jenas to, certainly wasnt favourable to us. Not being laughed off by the EFL whose leader is Shaun Harvey, how ironic. Oh well, see what happens.
  13. I find the reaction to this thing quite fascinating. Originally when it first broke there was a lot of condemnation from Sky and others. But as the days have gone by this has changed. Ex players and managers like Chris Wilder and Poch standing up for Bielsa. The majority of fans from other club seem to find the episode funny rather then shocking. Journalists writing numerous articles in his defence and calling out the hypocrisy of the whole thing. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/01/14/marcelo-bielsa-broke-no-rules-spygate-footballs-moral-outrage/amp/ https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/spygate-leeds-united-derby-county-marcelo-bielsa-frank-lampard/amp/ https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-vs-derby-spygate-marcelo-bielsa-frank-lampard-cheating/amp/ Plenty of ex players some ex teammates of Frank including Gazza, Michael Owen and Gary Neville have dismissed it as a non event. Of course with the AVB thing coming to light it put Frank in a difficult position, anyone who once took tactical advice from a laundry basket is hard pressed to look totally innocent when preaching morals and the good integrity of the game. "I certainly wasn't aware of it and I don't believe it at all," said Lampard. "Certainly not in the form that it happened this time." Bit awkward that response to questions about the Chelsea spying incident. If you wernt aware of it how can you be certain what form it was in? Anyways the whole debate has been really interesting imo, all sorts of good points and stuff and certainly more interesting then the usual stuff.
  14. Cjay

    Leeds Fan In Peace 2

    It is and so must Sky. No disrespect to these sides but how hard must it be for Sky to promote Burnley vs Bournemouth as a Super Sunday game? As opposed to a Leeds vs Derby or Villa vs Birmingham or whatever. Read through some Prem forums, they hate it, the big sides want the historically big teams back asap.

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