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  1. thats not Erik Alonso's photo... its Rooney's mate Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics!
  2. I have been a critic of Waghorn for some time, however, there was no questioning his commitment today.
  3. lets not have to go through this again............please
  4. what song do we play on the PA these days when we score...... I missed the goal because i was making a cup of tea!!
  5. The game as a whole is currently souless without fans. It's an unknown whether this group of players would perform better with a full stadium behind them.... or indeed how full the stadium would be with this group of players?
  6. We can't surely be considering offering Waghorn a contract? He consistantly fails to bring anything to the game..
  7. Sad news, far too young... who I remenber as a solid, hardtackling midfielder..... with a cheeky grin
  8. I like his style and hope he is still around in 18 months...
  9. There is a lot of talk about players not respecting the officials, use of bad language etc. Yet in the recent game against Middlesboro, Warnock could cleary be heard giving the fourth official loads of earache and swearing. If the managers are behaving in a disrespectable manner what chance the players? Cheating or as managers call it, bending the rules is sadly become a normal aspect of the game in general. it is very frustrating watching defenders throw themselves to the ground if they are boxed in or strikers looking for a foul in a promising position rather than getting a shot in.
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