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  1. One is reading as apparently it is to do with that Samuelson person
  2. Al Jazeera have announced that a documentary is coming out tomorrow about an English club it is on their Twitter page, didn’t say which one but someone noticed it had Derby in the trailer 9pm tomorrow is the time on Al Jazeera
  3. He has signed for Ipswich which means that is one less trial it’s not coming back. That must be why Paul Cook was at the game against Real Betis. Now expecting someone to join Sheff Wednesday as Darren Moore was also at the game.
  4. Honestly think Ebosele will be a lot better than what Aluko would have been
  5. They have updated the Derby website with new player pictures
  6. And I’m sure that there will be more sold especially if we get some signings done hopefully
  7. There is still 14837 tickets left for the Huddersfield game
  8. It is legit a fake story it says we could make a move for Tom Carroll at Swansea with the money from Tom Lawrence
  9. He is probably another trialist, but who?
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