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  1. If it takes 3 months to transfer funds to buy the club, then I am not sure how we are going to go with buying any players 😆
  2. I live in Sweden, and they are still bitter they gave Norway the bit with all the oil 😆 the oil in Norway is state owned.
  3. It’s Sunday, most people have the day off Sunday. Ed Dawes has spoke to Mel Morris and he said it was very genuine.
  4. There is nothing wrong with having money to spend so long as you have a manager who can spend it correctly. Maxwell, Pickering, Gadsby and Morris all had success. Morris less so, but far more than the dross under Nigel and the Americans. The problems start when the money runs out, or it is spent badly. Back when Pickering started spending, Blackburn were doing the same. They spent wisely, we didn’t. They ended up winning the Premier League. Man City were in league 1 before the money came in, Leeds look good in the prem now, they were in league 1 due to bad money management, they are now i
  5. At the end of the day Mel has had his turn, and he can’t continue to invest in the club. He had to get a loan not long back to secure the future of the club. We have been after a new striker for a year and a half, and ended up with Kazim-Richards. We sold Bogle and Lowe for a reported 11 million or more, got a bunch of high earners off the wage bill, and invested less than half back into the squad. We have been playing kids who aren’t ready for first team football, and we are in the bottom 3. Now I respect those who wish to continue down this route or wait for a knight in shining armor fr
  6. I remember them well. Oh how we laughed.
  7. Khalid and Khaled I am told are the same name and interchangeable, so it is actually possible they are both the same guy.
  8. Took me about 5 minutes to realise there were two people with similar names, one being extremely rich, the other more a business man. Pretty sure people selling a football club for millions aren’t that stupid.
  9. If we wanted to keep Chris Martin, we would have kept him. I don’t think he was ever going to be our number 1 striker this season and thus was offered a deal to reflect that.
  10. I seem to remember a guy called Robert Rosario, who played for Coventry and they raved about him. I think he scored around 5 goals a season, if that. Emile Heskey is another one often called a donkey, but nobody liked playing against him because he was just so difficult to handle which allowed space for other players to shine. A striker who creates chances is often more important than one who scores. Most strikers can score if you create chances for them. I would much rather sign this guy than Charlie Austin or Billy Sharp. We already have a poacher in Marriott. We need a battering ram.
  11. Would love this due to what he did last time and he has pace which we really need. Him, Jozwiak and Lawrence in the number 10 role would be amazing, but Ibe has been poo the last two years and been in a heap of trouble, sooooo a big risk.
  12. https://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/sport/football/peterborough-united/moody-marcus-maddison-will-soon-be-forgotten-peterborough-united-1372186 This seems reliable, and pretty much screams stay clear.
  13. Under McClaren. He was tosh the rest of time, and has been since.
  14. Would be a vast improvement on what we have and prob better than anything we are likely to sign permanently. But as always, we will duck about too long and he will go to Middlesborough.
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