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  1. I don't often comment on here but feel I have a slightly different view on this. I am not sure Frank is 100% hell bent on going to Chelsea, they want him though so need to make sure all the stars align to get him in. By taking their time they have created a divide between us(Rams Fans) and Frank, making his post here untenable. He was perhaps happy to talk to them whilst away on leave but could well have been held back by Chelsea not wanting to talk to him until he was back(creating our discord).Also forcing his hand in not being able to discuss his position with the press as his position is not clear. He would be mad not to hear them out but has now been forced down a route where he is not in as much control as he would have liked to have been. I hope that all makes sense. Personally I think Chelsea's approach to this whole affair has been bereft of fairness to DCFC, and perhaps Frank Lampard. I hope he doesn't read this forum, the way some opinions are given would make anybody wonder why they would want to be involved with us. There has been very little factual comment from either side on this matter and yet we are telling him to duck off.
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