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  1. chipperram

    Stick your fake support up your Forest.

    I think it should be seen as a compliment, it is always good to have"outsiders" on your side, they add balance. Next thing will be to say you can only play for the team if you are a fan..... We are going to see this more and more, especially if the team performs as it has done of late. As media coverage grows, so will the interest of ordinary football fans. Providing we continue to play good football and don't become arrogant I am all for embracing being people's second team.
  2. chipperram

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    After yesterday we will play like we are on Fire. Stone me, when you look at our squad we should have a good year, hopefully we won't have a keeper crisis, we will have to get Mitchell in........
  3. chipperram

    East Anglian Rams

    Frank's Tanked, unfortunately not, I do Army Reserve stuff every Tuesday, however the landlord is showing it through the red button.
  4. chipperram

    East Anglian Rams

    I wonder if its worth doing a round robin between areas for some games, say all visit Colly one match, then to Norwich and Stow maybe. It would be great to have 10-15 in one pub at a time.
  5. chipperram

    East Anglian Rams

    This week's report from the Oak, 3.5 Rams turned up(1 being a tractor boy but supports the Rams as a 2nd team) Low numbers due to holidays. Trying to get the word out for increased attendance. Quiet night in town overall but worth leaving the house for.
  6. chipperram

    East Anglian Rams

    Well, I'm in the Oak and ready to go, beer in hand and burger on its way. Can't make it next week though, gutted. COYRs
  7. chipperram

    East Anglian Rams

    I'll be in the Oak as usual, the landlord is now aware that his pub may be a small time gathering area for the Stowmarket region. Food is ok too. I try to get there about 45 mins early to ensure the right seats are available. If anyone else is coming to the Oak let me know and I will get a table reserved for us. Also for anyone travelling down to the Rams v Ipswich it is also a good place to stop.

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