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  1. I'm a Chelsea fan myself and there are quite a few of us who share the same outlook. There's no way Lampard would succeed with the way the club is functioning right now. The board and directors have no idea what they want and no long term planning or resolution to stick by what they think they want. It would be incredibly hard for Lampard himself to turn down the job but it's in the best interest of all 3 parties imo. If he takes the Chelsea job now and fails, I'm more worried what it'll do to his managerial career.
  2. Having watched so much of Cole over the years for Chelsea, my natural inclination is to feel comfortable that he's starting but that was a long long time ago. Football is a mental game as much as a physical one so at least he'll have that base covered. Hope he can have one last memorable night in an excellent career filled with big nights...
  3. What a ducking game. Was bouncing in my living room all the way from India... Up the rams!
  4. Rams TV not showing the game for the usual countries abroad?
  5. Thought he was quite excellent throughout the match. Kept Hernandez(their best player by a mile) at bay for so darned long. Even did quite a bit for the goal too, just slightly unfortunate imo.
  6. He's on 25k apparently. Jack Rodwell now...
  7. I'll add to that. He left Chelsea after losing to Leicester not Liverpool. Just your usual scouse Klopp dickriding.
  8. Mount hasn't been very available but Bryson's looked worse. Why not him for Holmes?
  9. Fairly even contest. Fiesty as any derby should and will be. Hopefully we'll get more out of Mount and Bryson in the second half.
  10. I agree with TigerTedd. I don't see how Wilson deserved to get one yellow let alone the two that is being argued by some here. It's a pretty common occurrence for players to go down expecting contact but not receiving it. He didn't try to deceive the officials or anyone so that's clearly not a yellow. As for why the first yellow was given, I still haven't the faintest idea. He was kicked while he was down and got up and walked over to Morsy who then felt contact from Wilson's head when there was absolutely none... If Wilsons's getting a yellow in that scenario, it's for something he did surely? He can't have got a yellow for going upto Morsy? If that's the case, there'd be 20 yellows every match. If Morsy's been given a yellow for wrongfully asking the assistant to send Wilson off then how does Wilson get a yellow? Inconsistent and incompetent reffing in that incident clear as daylight. Following this, there was not a foul given to Derby for Morsy stomping all over Wilson in the first place.
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