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  1. I also wonder how much of a factor getting the deal done quickly - when it was realised there was a possibility - was in having it sorted out today instead of waiting. We only read about the Burnley and WBA interest but I reckon there would've been a whole host of Championship and lower prem clubs on the phone since last night trying to get in. Mel on Talksport himself said "unfortunately the news got out last night but hopefully it should be done today."
  2. Rooney must be one of the most marketable players around in Asia and Africa as well. Chelsea(Lampard) is big but United is massive around the world(in terms of pure numbers) and the generation that follows will all have idolised or been massive fans of Wazza growing up.
  3. Can't see how this would be bad in any way. I for one would be very excited if there's substance to this story.
  4. Going purely by managerial CV, it would be Cocu but Lamps brings a lot and there's someone finally who really gets the club and has the tools to succeed here and he's our greatest ever player. If you 'remove the name' anyone would take Cocu but that's not how it works really. Lampard is a work in progress but a lot of people have faith in his abilities - including me. I'm generally quite patient and supportive - be it with Sarri, Mourinho, Conte or whoever - and I will be with Lamps too. I've seen first hand the mistakes he's made with Derby this season but he also brings quite a lot of intangibles that will help our club with the place it's in at the moment. Appointing Cech as a technical director is another good step that will help Lampard undoubtedly. Too often we've missed a proper link between the board and the manager in recent seasons. Lampard pretty much means everything to us Chelsea fans so the prospect of having him manage us is super exciting at the least.
  5. He actually added some perspective in the press conference too which I thought was a nice touch but no more than expected since he got to work with an owner like Mel and Derby gave him his first opportunity.
  6. What a great appointment for Derby! Kudos to Mel for taking Derby through all kinds of obstacles and still being so visionary with the direction of the club. I know the Chelsea fans aren't so popular right now but I just wanted to say I'm really glad I decided to follow Derby this season and there's so much I've learned about the club and the championship in general and someone's even started a post below bigging up the forum and I have to say I agree. This is one of the best football forums I've been on and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Wishing you folks all the best for the season coming up - hopefully see you in the prem sooner than later!
  7. I'm a Chelsea fan myself and there are quite a few of us who share the same outlook. There's no way Lampard would succeed with the way the club is functioning right now. The board and directors have no idea what they want and no long term planning or resolution to stick by what they think they want. It would be incredibly hard for Lampard himself to turn down the job but it's in the best interest of all 3 parties imo. If he takes the Chelsea job now and fails, I'm more worried what it'll do to his managerial career.
  8. Having watched so much of Cole over the years for Chelsea, my natural inclination is to feel comfortable that he's starting but that was a long long time ago. Football is a mental game as much as a physical one so at least he'll have that base covered. Hope he can have one last memorable night in an excellent career filled with big nights...
  9. What a ducking game. Was bouncing in my living room all the way from India... Up the rams!
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