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  1. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/amp/news/2020/01/ticket-information-confirmed-for-northampton-cup-replay?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Yes, we’ll just have to find somewhere with BT Sports.
  3. I was hoping they might show it like they did the Leeds match.
  4. Anyone heard whether they’re going to screen it at Pride Park?
  5. We’re going round in circles here.The stadium was revalued right before the transaction and the EFL said, in writing, they were happy.
  6. Nope, the club statement says “The transaction and valuation were discussed extensively with the EFL Executive, which asked for a relatively modest price adjustment which was accepted”
  7. That doesn’t make sense. If the EFL thought it was arms length and the value didn’t matter, why then did they ask us to reduce the value slightly, which we then did.
  8. The Leeds scum lost and we’ve just overtaken Gibson’s lot. Chin chin 🍷
  9. Didn’t the club statement mention we dealt with the EFL Executive rather than some random employee?
  10. @Van Cone De Head our bets are back on 🤣
  11. But the amortisation is in audited accounts that independent auditors & the EFL have previously signed off.
  12. So change the requirements going forward (with required agreement of clubs). EFL can’t change their mind about accounts they’ve already passed as ok.
  13. Yes it is. I think we do it in an unusual way compared to other clubs (can’t remember the detail) but have done it our way for a number of years and always been signed off as ok by the dear old EFL.
  14. The auditors will have signed off the accounts saying they give a true and fair view. They will have seen the valuation documents during the audit. If they had a problem with the valuation, they would have discussed it with the club. If they hadn’t reached an agreement over it, they would have qualified the accounts by inserting a statement about it.
  15. He must have had a face lift then 😂
  16. I have no idea how that eleven is going to line up.
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