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  1. Erm, why Gary? Haven’t we sent your P45 on yet or something?
  2. I actually think there’s a fantastic player in there. Give him time.
  3. Have we looked better since Marriott came on?
  4. Just seen the goal on Twitter. An absolute beauty 👍
  5. When is this actually on? Hope I haven’t missed it, I could do with s good laugh at the moment.
  6. Yes, yes I am 🙈😂 Thanks!
  7. I thought we sold Ethan Wassall to Man City. Why did I think that? 🤔
  8. I admit there was a bit of schadenfreude at 1-0, but I didn’t want to see him humiliated like that 😔
  9. They started on Twitter when they saw the team sheet!
  10. True. It’s certainly more open. But the quality of the final ball reminds me of Derby v Swansea 😂
  11. Can’t say I’m impressed by either side so far. Littered with mistakes.
  12. If anyone’s interested, Mount’s starting for Chelsea today, with Tomori on the bench.
  13. ^^^ yep, this. I work on Pride Park and these roadworks are an absolute nightmare. There’s only one way to drive off at present if you’re heading north. Please allow loads of extra time for getting to the match if you’re intending on parking anywhere near PP. There are massive queues every morning along the a52 to get to the Pentagon in order to access PP.
  14. Yep, just watched the full interview. Not convinced by him at all and have no idea why he agreed to join us. Hope I’m proved wrong. I’m usually a happy clapper.
  15. Signed a year long loan at Bournemouth. https://mobile.twitter.com/bbcmerseysport/status/1158817037482975232
  16. Didn’t seem very impressed by our Tom’s two wonder goals either 😂
  17. Very impressed. Stuff to work on, but very happy with that as a first performance 💪🐏
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