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  1. Erm, why Gary? Haven’t we sent your P45 on yet or something?
  2. I actually think there’s a fantastic player in there. Give him time.
  3. Have we looked better since Marriott came on?
  4. Just seen the goal on Twitter. An absolute beauty 👍
  5. When is this actually on? Hope I haven’t missed it, I could do with s good laugh at the moment.
  6. Yes, yes I am 🙈😂 Thanks!
  7. I thought we sold Ethan Wassall to Man City. Why did I think that? 🤔
  8. I admit there was a bit of schadenfreude at 1-0, but I didn’t want to see him humiliated like that 😔
  9. They started on Twitter when they saw the team sheet!
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