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  1. I’d absolutely love to see him back in a Derby shirt.
  2. @RoyMac5 here you go. It’s creased already, don’t judge me 😂
  3. I’ll take a photo of mine in a bit. They’re very plain, but good quality.
  4. Doubt the third kit is going to be orange. Just been in the club shop and they are selling some nice Umbro orange T-shirts with the ram logo on. Just bought one for £12.
  5. I used to have that bottom one 🙂
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Derby_County_F.C. It doesn’t have an eye on our Wiki page 😳
  7. Bristol City’s robin doesn’t have an eye 😂
  8. I have a cat named Vinny. He’s named after Vinny Jones, because when I first got him as a kitten 17 years ago, he was a right little thug.
  9. I thought we’d scored then. I can barely see the ball 😂
  10. That’s really odd. He wasn’t on the list of travelling players that the club announced. I’ve just double checked on the website.
  11. Interesting interview with George Evans, talking about how they’re being coached on using different passing angles and body shape. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/07/evans-everyone-is-looking-forward-to-getting-the-season-going
  12. Here he is 😁 https://mobile.twitter.com/dcfcofficial/status/1148283102885601280
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