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  1. I seem to remember there used to be a sign in the BBG dressing room saying.....the biggest crime in football is giving the ball to the opposition .
  2. Wrong. They’ve won the league* *if you listen to the pair I work with.
  3. Weak and petty? Really? Give your head a wobble 🙄
  4. Only Derby County could end up with a player getting injured whilst taking a penalty ffs 🙄
  5. Waaaaarrrrrrddddddrrrrroooooobe 😁
  6. It boils my pish that he’s in the team.
  7. Really not happy about Lawrence starting. What kind of message is it sending out? I don’t care how contrite he’s been, he could have killed someone and Keogh’s out for 15 months.
  8. According to DET, Marriott is injured 🤷‍♀️
  9. Considering Huddlestone got booed by some on Saturday, can you imagine what the response will be if either TL or MB are in the team next weekend? I really won’t be happy if either of them are involved.
  10. He’s now tweeted that he hopes his goal is the first of many...........and he’s also now getting grief from the red dogs 🤣
  11. No, I still support my club and think they’ve handled the whole sorry situation very well so far. I will, however, be extremely unhappy if any of those three idiots ever pulls on the shirt again. I did notice yesterday though that there were several empty seats near me that are usually filled by season ticket holders. They may have been absent for other reasons, I guess. See whether they’re back or not next Saturday.
  12. He also changed his Twitter profile pic last night to one of him wearing a Derby shirt 👍
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