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  1. As I’ve posted on another thread, after 41 games last year we were in 8th and 5 points off 6th. We didn’t actually move into 6th place until match 45.
  2. I know we have a tough last five games, but after 41 matches last year, we were 8th and 5 points off 6th.
  3. Just seen next Saturday’s (11th) match v Brentford is now on Sky and has been moved from 3pm to 12:30
  4. Looks good 👍 Thought I’d broken something cos my orange had gone 😂
  5. @Ellafella didn’t you promise us a new poll after the Preston game? 😁
  6. Wow when was the last time we won five on the bounce?
  7. My feed was two minutes behind on Saturday.
  8. If Wigan disappear, what would that do to the table? 😳
  9. And now he’s injured himself again.
  10. What horrendous news. Get well soon, Andre.
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