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  1. No problem, I’m logging out for the last time.
  2. I take it you didn’t see the picture of the gun then?
  3. You are joking? What you posted was totally unacceptable
  4. Had a horrible feeling this would happen when I saw Dutch Mike and Buchanan were in for Clarke and Fozzy. Fozzy not looking so bad now is he? Be careful what you wish for.
  5. I’ve done a bungee jump in Jinja
  6. Has anyone ever seen them together in the same room?
  7. Thank you for proving my point 😊
  8. Is this like how Jamie Paterson suddenly became the answer after he left having had one good game for us? I’ll expect a thread about Kieran Dowell next.
  9. You do realise they were relegated because of a points deduction? Or is this a 🎣post?
  10. Then you’ll have seen that he played very positive, attractive football on the left wing.
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