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  1. Looks like more clubs coming in for Celtics Tierney. Lowe was linked to Celtic a while ago. If Tierney was sold for close to £20M, how much do you think we could wring out of Celtic? Any players we might like to swap for?
  2. I would expect CM to get some game time vs Burton, who have a decent defensive unit and did well against the better league 1 teams last season. If we are still discussing good CM performances after that then I think he will be in the squad for the season as there is little time left until transfer deadline and other areas to focus on.
  3. https://www.psv.nl/english-psv/news/article/jorrit-hendrix-signs-contract-extension-1.htm Seemed happy enough to sign a new contract earlier this year.
  4. Roos throwing one in was as bigger an issue as the amount of time Marriott was on the pitch. That moment was as disappointing as anything else that happened at Wembley. If it was not for that moment I think the Waghorn/Marriott contribution in last 30 minutes was so close to getting us there. (God Damn It)😩
  5. You can only beat what’s in front of you, but aren’t half the WWC teams England are facing amateurs.
  6. Still thinking Wasall if no grade A quality is available.
  7. Interesting article in the Sunday Times on Michael Johnson and the (lack of) opportunities he has had despite now being amongst the most highly qualified coaches in the country. Not sure if he is suggested at any point within the thread but could be a contender if we wanted to promote from within. (link would need subscription which I don’t have)
  8. If Hughton not available I would go for Wassall. Most of other suggestions are either unrealistic or not likely to do better job than Wass. Rolling contract until he proves himself.
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