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  1. Waghorn and Marriott. We are evolving back to the Manchester United cup team (also had in form Johnson in it like now).
  2. I am ok with Cole starting as helps retain the ball well, but don’t think he will last the 90. Particularly if we play like we did v Leeds away. Dependant on game situation, we need different types of sub cover available. If chasing, then anyone but Wisdom. In the QPR final even vs 10 men he barely crossed the half way line.
  3. My arse has literally just exploded. It is either the stress of the match or the pilchard sandwich from lunch time.
  4. Just had Radio Derby on for 10 mins doing dads taxi before settling down. My god Ramage is on a downer. Had to turn it over to radio 2.😡
  5. I personally think Mason is better place to swap for Waggy than Nugent or Marriott. Marriott on his own up top against Leeds would be the unlikely to work in my view. We would need a formation with them both in.
  6. 2 teams left to beat to get promoted. The same 2 teams that have tonked us 5 times between them this season. No issues I can see.
  7. Nugent at the start of the season (and presumably pre season) looked a lot better than he does now in terms of pace. This is when the decisions were being made on who to sell/loan etc.
  8. I think Mason Bennett if Waghorn is not fit. As good as Waghorn in the air and hold up capability. Good pace and highly motivated.
  9. This is unfortunately the issue with why CM will not suit any championship teams. How many teams do we play against who have strikers as slow as CM (or Nuge for that matter). (Especially the top end champ teams)
  10. Weeeeeee all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds, Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds, we al hate ducking hate Leeds. (and Forest)
  11. Pleased with this, but think it is more of a Bryson replacement than BJ. I recon we will offer BJ a contract which is heavily incentive based such that he only gets something close to this years wedge if we get promoted.* *(All assuming we are unsuccesful in playoffs). If we do then get rid.
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