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  1. Dean_Saunders

    v Hull (H) - Predictions

    I was thinking a defeat, but Prutton is predicting we will lose so we’re bound to win. Prob a 1-0 back to the waller. FRGS Joseph Moon
  2. Dean_Saunders

    Out of the door - Predictions

    Can’t see Nugent going unless another striker comes in. My bets. Ledley, Johnson out of the seniors only.
  3. Dean_Saunders

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    1 - 1 Keogh
  4. Dean_Saunders

    Marriott the ultimate clone

    He is not amazingly quick full speed (not as fast as Dean Sturridge , Tommy Johnson I would say) but is fast over fast few yards which counts for a lot (bit like Gabbiadini). Think he would be even better alongside a target man.
  5. Dean_Saunders

    Best Premier League Player EVER!!

    Personal Favourite. Matt Letissier.
  6. Dean_Saunders

    Negative posters

    Parsnip, Fartsnip
  7. Dean_Saunders

    v Norwich (A) - Predictions

    0-1 Norwich.
  8. Dean_Saunders

    V Sheffield United (a) match day thread

    Personally, although defence clearly shyte yesterday, I am generally more worried about lack of goal threat in recent games. If this aspect were improved a bit, I think we will cement our top 6 place, which is more or less this teams capability. Agree with the poster who said a Mitrovic type loan would be fantastic.
  9. Dean_Saunders

    v Sheff Utd (A) - Predictions

    Shutd 0 - DCFC 3 (FRGS Wilson)
  10. Dean_Saunders

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    If you taken Grabben out of their side, they would be a pretty average team.
  11. Dean_Saunders

    First Derby Player You Ever Saw Score a Goal Live

    Paul Goddard. Derby 1 Middlesbrough 0 August 1988 (I think)
  12. Dean_Saunders

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    First half we had the better midfield and bossed them. Other than the injuries, key moment was first half misses. To me it was only half a bad performance. Doubt many that watched the first half could see the second half coming.
  13. Dean_Saunders

    When You Were A Teenage Ram (14-16)

    Early Teens Dean Saunders, Paul Goddard, Trevor Hebberd, Ted McMinn, Mark Wright. Later Teens Tommy Johnson, Marco Gabbiadini, Craig Short.
  14. Dean_Saunders

    Jack Marriott

    Have u been recently. Went last year down dock side and thought it was nice place. Love Marriott by the way. My favourite hotel since Dean Saunders.

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