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  1. Clap
    Sean reacted to Parsnip in Derby County vs Leeds United (Play-offs)   
    Ok massive day tomorrow. I've set my alarm for 5am. I'm going to start drinking at 5.10. I have as bottle of the sainsburys own brand version of Baileys to get me through the first couple of hours then I'm on the beers. I reckon 12/16 bottles of Moretti should get me well on my way to about 3pm at which point I'm going to eat a pork pie and open a bottle or shiraz. All being well I'll be asleep by 5pm and I'll see you buggers in the morning to fill me in on what happened.
  2. Haha
    Sean reacted to reveldevil in Swansea City vs Derby County   
    47 goals in 45 matches, there's no pleasing some people.
  3. Like
    Sean got a reaction from Nuwtfly in Derby County vs QPR   
    You mean Boro? 😂
  4. Like
    Sean got a reaction from RamontheMoor in Derby County v Rotherham United   
    Norwich winning!
  5. Like
    Sean got a reaction from BathRam72 in Derby County v Rotherham United   
    Norwich winning!
  6. COYR
    Sean reacted to David in Derby County v Rotherham United   
    Reading 2-0 Preston
    Sheff Utd 1-1 Bristol City
    Are nice scorelines

  7. Like
    Sean got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Jayden Bogle   
  8. Like
    Sean got a reaction from MK-Ram in England v Czech Republic   
    I do miss Vydra...
  9. Clap
    Sean reacted to Bob The Badger in Things are shaping up nicely for the perfect scenario   
    And it's this.
    We stagger into the playoffs like a man crawling out of the Sahara on his hands and knees after  5-days without water.
    Sheff Utd pip Leeds on goal difference after Leed concede 2 late goals to already relegated Ipswich in the last game of the season meaning we have to play them in the playoff semis.
    Leeds finish 20 points clear of us after beating us twice and petition the league to change the rules regarding promotion citing the fact that (and I quote), "We are Leeds and we do not understand, nor accept, that the rules apply to us too. When did this outrage happen".
    the league is unmoved and Leeds are mocked by every other team even worse than when they changed their stupid badge.
    They throw everything at us at Pride Park but only end up with a 0-0 draw after Carson saves a last-minute penalty.
    Everybody knows we're out of it going to Elland Road.
    Out of it, like a fox!
    The team that played at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford turns up and put on a clinical show. We win 3-1 win after going behind in the second minute to a Wilson own goal when, after not realizing we had lost the coin toss and had changed ends, he rifles a 50-yarder scorcher past a bemused Carson.
    The city of  Leeds self combusts that evening due to critically high levels of indignation, righteousness, and entitlement.
    Villa gets put to the sword at Wembley resulting in Grelish getting sent off for crying so hard he was affecting the condition of the pitch and the Rams cruising to a 4-0 win, leading to a Frank lead bounce so impressive that all other teams sign a pact to never try and match it again.
    I'm fairly confident that's what is going to happen.
  10. Clap
    Sean reacted to Boycie in The atmosphere at home to Wigan   
    A lot of people stayed away tonight, and who could really blame the individual match ticket buyers and fed up season ticket holders to be fair.
    But, those who did turn up, did the club proud tonight, behind the players form the kick off, chanting for Mel Morris too, and really getting behind the lads and club.
    It looked like the players appreciated the effort and the atmosphere was infectious, spreading all sides of the ground.
    It surprised me to be honest, I thought tonight was going to be flat after Villa thrashed us. It makes you wonder if the hardcore fans turned out in force and the moaners and boo’ers stayed in and watched online or on the red button.
    It’d be nice to hear the crowd get behind the team like they did tonight, and I’ve not heard Mels name chanted since he took over 100%
    Well done to everyone who turned out 👏🏻
  11. Clap
    Sean reacted to Bwash_Ram in Derby County v Sheffield Wednesday   
    sat 9 march 15.00
  12. Like
    Sean got a reaction from jono in Derby County v Wigan Athletic   
    Leave the negativity behind at PP for 90 minutes, we've got a game to win! COYR
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  14. Haha
    Sean reacted to Bwash_Ram in Derby County v Wigan Athletic   
    Tues 5 March 19.45
  15. Like
    Sean reacted to ariotofmyown in In July, would you have taken...   
    ...3 points off the playoffs at the start of March, with 4 home games on the run coming up against struggling opposition?
    If you would have, then get behind the team for the rest of March and help them get back to winning ways. They need our help.
    If you wouldn't have taken it our current position, you can still help out and get behind the team. No one has any divine right to get promoted.
    If you are @Bris Vegas, then you must still be on cloud 9 after you wrote the season off in the Summer.
    In the modified words of the @Manicsheepreachers: "Who's responsible for our Spring wobbles? You fking are!"
  16. Clap
    Sean got a reaction from SKRam in Villa v Derby   
    Been handed another lifeline. Frustrating as we should've made it comfortably into the top 6 by now (built a gap below us) but the season isn't over yet...
  17. Angry
    Sean reacted to DcfcJB in Sack Frank   
    Lost my patience this season now, nowhere near as good as we should be, but the worst part is there is no passion in that team. Poor results you can deal with bad performances can be frustrating but we haven’t turned up for a game since before Christmas, what is completely unacceptable is not turning up to play at all against your bitter rivals. Embarrassment.
  18. Clap
    Sean got a reaction from SKRam in O'Nottingham Forest vs Derby County   
    I thought this too. Praying it's the case, think he'll be a real boost for this game
  19. Like
    Sean got a reaction from Carnero in The Championship 18/19   
    Bristol City have had to go on an amazing run just to get into this position, it can't last forever. A win on Monday, we go above them and the rest is in our hands...
  20. Like
    Sean reacted to RamNut in Has Rams season been adversely affected by Cup runs?   
    i think whats happening is that the veteren core of the team is fading fast. This may even be partly what affected last season too.
    the influx of young loanees had disguised the rapid decline in the rest of the team. Ledley, huddz, nugent, and bryson have been going downhill in front of us. Wisdom has gone backwards from last season, possibly carrying an injury. Then we lost some of the brighter younger players to injury - wilson, mount, marriott. The players who have come in may not be good enough for a promotion team. Bogle, bennett, Jozefzoon, Waghorn, Holmes, Malone and Evans have all done well at times, but they all have also been inconsistent too. Would they feature in a top 6 team?  Maybe not.
    The problem may continue next next season with carson, davies, fozzy, and keogh also starting to fade. 
    Promotion is probably a pipe dream whether we make top 6 or not.
    The next critical step is the next wave of recruitment. The academy cannot yet produce the foundation of a new team, so we need to bring in good new players on a limited budget. I see us going backwards to try to take two steps forwards. Its a tough ask for any manager and there is no guarantee of success.
    Enjoy whatever remains of this season, but the real work starts in july.
  21. Like
    Sean got a reaction from BurtonRam7 in The Championship 18/19   
    Bristol City have had to go on an amazing run just to get into this position, it can't last forever. A win on Monday, we go above them and the rest is in our hands...
  22. Like
    Sean reacted to Paul71 in Another Keogh thread   
    Keogh to see out his career with us for me
  23. COYR
    Sean reacted to David in O'Nottingham Forest vs Derby County   
    Win and we’re back in the top 6. Sounds easy enough. 
  24. Angry
    Sean reacted to LondonRam2 in A confession   
    hi all
    In view of last night's debacle and the Radio Derby team last night mentioning our assistant manager's constant Chelsea related tweets, I had a look at his feed this morning.  That's not the confession, but this is - I was so riled by the smugness and self congratulatory nature of it all, as well as the apparent reluctance to mention who actually pays his wages these days, that I tweeted him saying that maybe he should focus on the day job of improving on last night's awful showing instead of endlessly tweeting about Chelsea.  Regrets?  I've had a few, but this wasn't one of them.
  25. COYR
    Sean reacted to Wraggrams in In defence of Frank and his management team   
    Frank et al are a rookie management team (Mr Abramovich please take note!). They have courageously taken on a big challenge in DCFC. Probably bigger than they expected. FFP has clearly bit us hard. The lack of activity in January  proved that. Inspite of this they have reduced the average age of the 1st team. Tried to incorporate academy players in the 1st team squad. Used their contacts to bring in 3 loan gems. Tried to introduce a possession based pressing game. They have changed formation and tactics. We seem fitter. We have had some excellent performances e.g. WBA and Manchester United. This has all been done with a net spend close to break even. They have raised expectations with us in/near promotion places all season. Just to be there is an enormous achievement for a rookie management team. I would love us to go into the Premiership next season. But either way am looking forward to the summer transfer window because Frank and his management team will have every opportunity to create an exciting squad for whichever division we are in. A squad not only signed up to their high press tactics but one with the strength, vitality, youth and ability to be able to consistently deliver it, no matter our opposition. 
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