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  1. Ha, I don't know how I managed that!
  2. It is the same rhetoric we hear every year. "Sack x manager". And evidently it is what tends to happen, we've had five full time managers in the last three years. But nothing changes. When people are angry after several poor results it is the default argument, "sack the manager". It is boring. But why? What are people after? Promotion? Free flowing attacking football? Okay, but why the rush? Why the need for immediate promotion? Why does the goal have to be achieved in less than 12 months? Yes, some teams appoint a manager and it just seems to click. But for the vast majority, it doesn't work like that. What is wrong with a bit of fortitude? Is 9 months the limit of peoples' patience? Many have already stated that we don't have the money to invest properly in the squad or the money to fully support a transition period. But how is piddling more money up the wall on new managers, new backroom staff, new ideas going to get us closer the the goal? I'm not convinced. We've all seen it over the past years, changing managers doesn't work. So I'm not convinced on changing this one. We all know that at the end of the season a bunch of players are out of contact, several are returning to their parent clubs, at least one is retiring. So next year we have another opportunity to try and build a squad. Do people really want to get promotion this year? Based on the squad and performances? I personally don't want to scrape up through the playoffs and endure a torrid season in the Prem. I'd like to give it a go when were in a better position as a club, as a squad, as a team. I don't see the rush. Okay, so we sack the manager, replace him with... someone. For what? To get promotion? To scrape up? Nah, not for me. I don't see the harm in waiting and trying again next year. On the whole, barring the last few games I've been enjoying this season. We've seen what Frank has been trying to achieve at the start/mid period of the season. Maybe I'm not the typical fan. Maybe I have a bit more patience and less of a desire for instantiations success. Maybe I'm not as fussed about getting promotion. Maybe I'd prefer a little more stability than the average fan. Or maybe myself too is just delirious.
  3. Oh bore off. Go and support Man City.
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