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  1. topgun06

    Stoke fans

    Even if you did sell out against Brum (although I'm seeing no evidence of this), your claim that you didn't sell out last like "like usual" is pretty fallacious.
  2. topgun06

    Stoke fans

    Stoke haven't sold out all season.
  3. topgun06

    In a Nutshell: Derby County v B’ham City

    I actually saw it as the ball boy throwing the ball too hard at/past Camp. Nothing to do with Camp kicking it away. He was kinda unlucky to get a yellow for that.
  4. topgun06


    http://partickthistleahistory.wikifoundry.com/page/1953+-+Derby+County+3-1 Any use?
  5. topgun06

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    How are they defining a shot on target? Does a blocked shot count? Because there were at least two of them, and then the saved shot for the goal.
  6. topgun06

    No foreign players please, we're British.

    Impressive! 😃 Can you move us to somewhere near the Maldives please?
  7. topgun06

    No foreign players please, we're British.

    How are you planning on changing which continent Ireland are in? What are these superpowers that you possess?
  8. topgun06

    Snake City watch


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