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  1. If you had made the same mistake, would you expect and accept not being allowed to go into work to do your job before any decision or verdict on guilt and consequently punishment had been decided or set? Or, would you get your head down and do your job and until a verdict had been reached by your employer and the courts?
  2. I have no words for this stupidity. Keogh, what the hell were you thinking? Lets hope we can get an injury free season out of Davies and Clarke to allow bielik to build on a promising start in his midfield role. A hard season of transition just got a whole lot harder...what a trio of dipsticks
  3. Decent that. This team ain’t far off clicking you know, and when it does, I reckon it might be pretty darn good. Can’t really fault anyone. Clarke was hesitant first half and could be a bit more decisive when he bombs forward but that’s being Uber picky. Waghorn should have had a pen before they got there’s and if he did then there’s doesn’t happen. 2-0 is a different game. Though based on recent pens we miss it anyway. Oh, and so happy to see a skinny as feck Martin back in a Derby shirt. Just imagine if he’d bent that last kick of the game into the top corner! For a minute it was written. Hey ho, on to the next. Who we playing??
  4. PS, swearings not big and it’s also not very clever
  5. Swearing at someone after a few games because they’ve not Exactly. We’re 6 games into the season with a new manager, new back room staff and very different starting line up after losing last seasons big players for Christ sake! 6 games! Some people need to get a grip. So quick to abuse. You’d think we were 26 games into the season and languishing in the relegation zone. A new team with new management is going to take a few months to settle in and gel. Rooney’s arriving in jan. He’ll do it by himself. People need to chill out.
  6. Mozza you do a sterling job at this, I don’t know how you find the time or patience! However, I think you’ve missed my points off this week?? Predicted Brentford 2 Derby 0 no frgs at 1.09 on sat morning if that helps? Or I might just be being a bit dim!
  7. Forest 2 - rams 1 frgs marriott hope im wrong
  8. Whoops! Thanks for the heads up. Obvs I mean Derby 2 Bristol 1 frgs Marriott
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