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  1. Whoops! Thanks for the heads up. Obvs I mean Derby 2 Bristol 1 frgs Marriott
  2. Sneaky feeling Cocu knew some deals are already done. Anyone else? Am I being overly optimistic expecting us to announce 2 or 3 signings that haven’t even been mentioned as a rumour shortly after the window shuts?
  3. I’d say awful a bit harsh, decent outlet slightly wayward passing at times. Thought first half he did ok. 2nd half he struggled due to a much quicker Huddersfield press and fairly limited options as we were trying hold on and see out the game.
  4. Thought Jozefzoon did ok tbh. Wasn’t outstanding but wasn’t terrible. Occasionally sloppy in possession but so was Evans and malone. He’s never really had a proper run of games in the team to get going. No reason why he couldn’t settle and improve given the opportunity.
  5. Ah that explains why Alan Nixon always says it. He’s full of old lady parts
  6. Daft question, maybe I’m being a complete fud, but what does fud actually stand for?
  7. Hope he comes earlier than Jan if it does come off. There’s a lot of games between now and then. Could we not try negotiate with DC United so his current contract is cancelled he joins us but is loaned back to them to see out their season? Is that possible? He could then presumably join us in November. Make it happen Mel 🙏
  8. Need to sleep but must........keeep..............refreshing.................thread 😳
  9. Keogh = Derby legend. Love him. The fact my forest supporting best mate hates him so much makes me love him even more. Not sure what all the hate on Twitter about this is from Derby fans. They clearly don’t know very much about football ⚽️
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