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  1. Dreamt we drew Real Madrid at home in this last night
  2. Thoroughly disappointing so far (based on radio Derby commentary). Lots of possession, sounding decent then vulnerable in both full back positions. Not quite sure why we wouldn’t start with the same back 4 that finished the Swansea game?
  3. Tom Lawrence? (....throws in grenade and takes cover....
  4. Glad Forsyth is back in, he had a good game against stoke and deserves to start. Only change I’d make it Martin in for knight and move waghorn to the right
  5. Ah yea, I knew I’d seen a hat trick, Southampton, course it was! Think shearer scored for them
  6. Ok apparently I imagined the hatrick! Just found the highlights and Phil Gee got the other 2. Right about that flying volley though, stunner. Forgot Shilton saved 2 pens as well and we still lost!
  7. Remember being in a packed out terrace out the old bbg when Paul William scored a hat trick against villa in a cup game. One of which was a flying volley. Anyone else? The stuff of legend was only about 9 or 10. Me old man had to keep me held up on a step so I could see a tiny bit of any of the game. Don’t think me dad saw any of it!
  8. Can we play that way for the rest of the season now please?
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