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  1. Yes we bloody can. Gotta go for the throat from the off 2nd off. I’d bloody love it if we beat them on their own patch
  2. They don’t like it in behind do they? That keeper’s well dodgy. Lump it up second half lads!
  3. Yes we weren’t great in the first half and after a good first 10 the tactics were wrong. Took conceding to up our game and have a go at them. And when we did we looked dangerous and they lost a lot of the threat. I’d say pathetic is a bit strong though. We know from that last 20 mins how we need to approach the second game. Take that on and I’d say there we’ve still got a good shout of getting a result.
  4. Leeds really don’t look all that good when you have a go at em
  5. Looks like the plan is draw Hernandez and Ayling on down the wing so we can hit the space in behind to Lawrence but only come off once so far. We’ll need to be braver with balls in to feet from defence to midfield and not just lump it forward but it’s a dangerous game to play. Here’s hoping Frank works some half time magic in the dressing room.
  6. TBH, although the contact was very slight, it must have been enough for him to lose his balance as I’m not sure why else you’d go down after beating 4 players and through 1 on 1 with the keeper from 8 yards out. Makes no sense. It was probably easier for Lawrence to score than it was for Wilson to score the pen. Just saying
  7. My dodgy streams gone down, this is torture! What’s happening?
  8. Derby 1 West Brom 1 wilson frgs I hope I’m wrong, I usually am
  9. Swansea 2 - derby 3 Frgs waghorn 2-0 down at half time rally in the second half, Bogle to nick the winner in stoppage time
  10. Let’s hope forest do us favour at home to boro on Monday and shef wed def capable of beating Bristol at their place same day. Beat qpr at home and those results go our way and we’re in the top 6 on gd, with a game in hand on boro. All of the above happens then the game in hand away at Bristol would be massive!
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