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  1. As others have said on different threads on same topic tonight, I think Leeds do have our number for sure. We have the players to hurt them but not sure if the current formation (against Leeds this season) allows us to do this as we need it to. They did seem to overrun us in the middle of the park today and very much so down our left where Malone was exposed for me me. We are better attacking from the off, play with pace, freedom and passion, first goal is crucial. They will wobble if we get it like Hull did at their place. I would start 4 2 3 1 with Hudds and Johno, try and get some posession and go from there. Bottom line, we need to play higher or stop them from pressing us high at least, get a foothold and see what that brings. West Brom away anyone?
  2. For me, Frank did it get it wrong today. I'm not criticising but for me we played much better after we made changes. Wilson inside causes havoc. They always bring him down and he's sees so much more of the ball, as he didn't second half. Marriots energy and willingness to chase is better than Nugent trying to do the same AND Marriott can finish. Lawrence was a passenger today and we really missed Waggy for sure. Holmes was great unt he had to go off, energy and ability to go at players is so good. For me, Wednesday is a free hit, Bielsa thinks he has us and the way we play, maybe he does. SO let's play Wilson inside, Mount at 10 or Lawrence? Marriott must start if Waggy still out. Start Bennett (for Lawrence maybe) let's confuse the duck out of Bielsa and be really positive first 20, see what happens, drag them all over the park....cmon Derby, let's have them in their own back yard!!
  3. At least we will have a defender who can score with his head!! We havnt had that threat for far too long in my opinion.
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