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  1. I'm already selling the wife's jewelry for the flights.
  2. One extra, or one in total? Our allocation must be 40k?
  3. I know it will be announced soon, but there are hardly any flights still available from Orlando and I want to book it asap because the prices are about double what I'd normally pay now and they will only go up. @Eatonram is old and creaky and his memory ain't what it used to, but he thinks season tickets holders were able to buy two extra tickets dfor the QPR game. Is that right?
  4. Ok, so I haven't nailed the scores, but come on people, I did tell you!
  5. Just imagine if Nugent had been playing. We'd have 6 by now.
  6. I've so much adrenaline coursing round my body I'm shaking ffs! Or having a stroke. Not sure which.
  7. BP is through the roof, just relieved I got the portable defibrillator out beforehand.
  8. Of course I would, I never said any different. Anyway, it's a moot point as Holmes has a thigh strain.
  9. Frank pretty much admitting he made a mistake. We have lacked a point of attack.
  10. Bamford moved backwards when he should have been going forward. Not a foul and he played for it.
  11. You knock him down and I'll drive a fork lift truck over the see you next Tuesday 's head
  12. Another missed cross, exactly why Marriott should be starting
  13. The only time Nugent is the answer is when the question, 'Who is known as the Motor City Madman and's first name is Ted? is posed
  14. I agree this was clinical. He was literally facing the wrong way and had no problem burying it in the net.
  15. I can remember being in Bakewell in the early '80s and attacking this guys forehead with the bridge of my nose after one too many shandies. I'm pretty sure that taught him a lesson. Bogle should be banned for at least three years for falling over in the Leeds half.
  16. Yeh actually, it was given. But no, it had no impact on an abject performance from Derby.
  17. Well, my not-so-bright friend, TV CLEARLY showed that Klich headbutted Tomori, there was no doubt. None. However, the penalty is/was in doubt, even after ad nauseam replays. Klich would have had a straight red if the ref didn't foolishly turn his back to run away. And the moron deserved a straight red too. And btw, I am old school, one of the reasons I dislike Wilson if for his incessant diving and over reacting Leeds clearly were the better team yesterday and should probably have won by more, but you are a classic example of why most of the country detest Leeds. The corrupt Don Revie helped with starting and stoking that fire, but you continue to pour petrol on it. Good work fella!
  18. How do you know he wasn't influenced? You have no clue what the linesman said, what the Leeds players said or what the referee was thinking. And you missed my point too. If you wasn't sure, wtf did he blow? And if he was sure, wtf did he allow outside influences to sway his opinion.
  19. Who gives a poo? The ref should not have awarded a penalty if he wasn't sure. He should have stopped the game and asked the linesman. The fact is, he did award a penalty. Why did he do that, if he hadn't seen the incident clearly enough? That isn't how you're meant to referee. I'm on the fence of whether it was or wasn't, but I'm not on the fence with the way the officials dealt with it. That was an utter cluster and amateurish at best.
  20. Yeh and if you were a Derby fan and a regular in here, you'd know I'm 90% tongue-in-cheek. In any case, the ref has the final decision. If no Leeds players had surrounded him, you know what? Well yeh, he may have overruled a subordinate. In any case, what are you trying to achieve here exactly? It's amazing how many fans of other teams come in here proclaiming their objectiveness only to get all defensive. Seriously, what do you want?
  21. What's the rule on overturning decisions? In (American) football a decision cannot be overturned unless it removes all doubt. That makes sense to me. I'm on the fence with this one, but I do think the ref was unduly influenced by the West Yorkshire scum dogs.
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