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  1. I'm not saying it isn't important, obviously it is. Buuuut, I think experience is super overrated. The commentator mentioning how experienced Waghorn is. Well yeh, but he's still not that good and I'd not swapped him for Marriott.
  2. In fairness to The Bard, it was pure plagiarism and was Shakespeare because I lifted that line from the 2nd act of Hamlet. He slams Lawrence in Henry V, which thought was uncalled for to be honest.
  3. I'm going to defy basic maths by saying I 200% disagree. Knight has looked like a really good Championship player. Bird has held his own too. And Sibley is bossing it at the younger level. I think you have to look at their ability and not their age. Quite honestly I wish he'd played a couple more youngsters.
  4. Yeh because Elton is short of a few bob and can't afford to hire the best. Or maybe no matter how good it is if you're nudging 100, it will still look odd. Hmmm, not sure which it could be.
  5. I wish Scott Malone was Scott alone. Alone back in Derby. Utter poo
  6. Ducking outrageous decision. There are people into auto asphyxiation you haven't choked themselves like Marriott was choked then.
  7. This is a bit leftfield, but hear me out. What if we try and transfer an actual window? We could go for Selfridges on Oxford Street. It will take time to settle because it won't start to hit its stride until December 2020. But think of the publicity up to next Christmas. I'd have Mel as the Baby Jesus in one window and Patrick Bamford as the goat paying homage. Not entirely sure there was a goat in that scene, but there is now because it's our window and it's Bamford the utter Bamford. Also, I doubt we get hit by FFP restrictions for hiring a window even in the transfer window, so it's a win/win.
  8. Biley's 19 goals in 51 games is pretty good, but it's not much of a body of work and I certainly I don't think it deserves being called great or mentioning in the same breath as the other 3. Or Bobby Davison who I just saw you had mentioned and I forgot.
  9. I have had enough wingers from Brentford to last me several lifetimes.
  10. Boyle is another I'd pay heftily to see and haven't. Glad you liked him.
  11. I've seen both Doug Stanhope and Jim Jefferies live 7 times. Both excellent every time. The first time I saw JJ live the place was 75% empty and it was a small venue. The last time it was packed and it was an arena. Saw Louis CK a few months ago at an unadvertised gig in a venue that barely held 200 people in Tampa and was almost sat on the stage with him. His opening line was 'I used to play arenas'. Yeh but you didn't use material that dark. Brilliant though. Best live was Frank Skinner in Sheffield about 2002, almost 50% was material about stuff that happened that weekend. Billy Connolly was good but on stage way too long - almost 3 hours. And Steve Coogan was fantastic. Eddie Izard wasn't far behind Skinner, but his newer stuff is too anal imho. Seen loads of US-based comedians since moving to Florida that aren't that well known in the UK, but of those that you guys may know, Trevor Noah was brilliant both times, Chris Rock was good, but a bit ranty about his divorce, as was Bill Maher about Trump. Would love to see Gervais, Jimmy Carr, Judah Friedlander, Rick Vos, Dave Attell and a few more that I don't think have been to Orlando
  12. His jokes only work when people laugh. That's literally it. There's no other way to measure comedy. His stand up still makes people laugh therefore he's still funny.
  13. He's not even close to being as good as Ince as a footballer. Plus he's a much different player and doesn't possess Inces' ability to drift past defenders He's as sullen as Ince was, but that's about where the similarities end . His distribution today prior to that good corner was dreadful Having said that, he does do a lot of unappreciated stuff and I *think* some fans miss work he does off the ball and his effort level is higher than his demeanor would suggest. He does also flash brilliance - see the goals at Huddersfield - but it is flashes. So, I think too many fans either rush to support him, or rush to attack him and avoid the middle ground. But I'd swap him for the Ince that played for us in a heartbeats heartbeat.
  14. 4th Official announces we're playing another half.
  15. We win at Palace, Palace look like they're getting a draw at Man City. Ipso facto we're better than City.
  16. Tough to pick a MOTM today, but I think Knight may just edge it for me. Holmes has been good too.
  17. We'd be comfortably in the top 4 if we'd shown this level of commitment all season.
  18. Honeyman looks like a young Alan Hansen and equally as punchable.
  19. Lawrence has put some great balls in today.
  20. Lawrence has put some shocking balls in today.
  21. I agree. I just didn't know how to spell his name so opted for Rooney.
  22. Worst player on the pitch at the moment is that Rooney dude.
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