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  1. On 24/02/2020 at 05:16, Mostyn6 said:

    Hate hearing/reading this. Hall was a genius. His insight was amazing. Just cos he had the dialect of a coal miner, doesn't mean he was miserable!

    Ramage was chirpy, but never enlightened anyone.

    Richards was novel at best. The amount of basic mistakes in commentary he made was embarrassing, but because he was eccentric and eloquent, he's held in higher regard than he should be.

    I knew Ian Hall fairly well.

    My old man knew him from way back and he used to call in my sisters restaurant, The Strand in Matlock, 3 or 4 times a week for coffee.

    I've talked with him for hours and hours.

    He's super knowledgeable.

    Insisted that Cox would never get Johnson, Gabbiadini and Kitson to play together and that Pembridge was overrated.

    Utterly burst my bubble

    He thought Short would be good though.

    He pretty much nailed all 5 of those.

    His favorite phrase was 'jam tomorrow' in terms of buying player based on potential.

    He believed the worst kind of striker (or player in general) you could have was an inconsistent one no matter how good they could be, because every time you thought you'd drop them they'd play a blinder.

    I think he's right with that.

    Not sure I'd class him a genius, I doubt he could compete with Kasparov at chess, he failed with several attempts to solve Riemann's hypothesis, and I found his insistence on clinging to superstring theory when others had moved on to quantum chromodynamics disturbing.

    But he knew his sport.

    He was a miserable ducker though.

  2. 16 hours ago, Boycie said:

    Nobody likes the taste of cold steel.

    dont panic!

    I would have give you a well deserved 😆then if you hadn't had to remove the subtlety with the second line.

    Still, a step above rock, paper, scissors.

  3. 22 hours ago, GenBr said:

    I don't agree. Money is the deciding factor, but I can't see how Pride Park will be any cheaper than anywhere else nearby. And if it can't be cheaper we don't really have anything else to give us a competitive edge. The likes of Brum, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, etc do.

    Comparing a gigantic festival always held in the same place to the sort of events we'd be trying to attract is not a good comparison at all. Their are no other venues competing to attract the likes of Glastonbury.

    Well, the Isle of White was a one-off as was Woodstock and Glastonbury was intermittent at first and almost got closed down in the 80's. None of those, nor Burning Man, were about the money when they kicked off.

    I've no doubt things have changed significantly and you're right that money is a major element and the single biggest factor. But there's a lot more to major event planning and winning bids.

    All I'm trying to say is thinking small and saying 'well we just can't compete' is no way to go unless your Qatar and people suggest you try and win the World Cup.

    Hang on a minute, they won it.

    Perhaps we just need some brown paper envelopes stuffed with wads of cash?

  4. 2 hours ago, GenBr said:

    Concerts and other events were the entire reason for the roof idea. We would have a lot of competition to try and attract concerts here when we have a much larger city just next door though.


    Glad Glastonbury didn't say that.

    Or Knebworth.

    Or Woodstock.

    Or the Isle of White

    Or Burning Man.

    Or tbf, every major event in the history of music apart from Live Aid.

    And even then, it was in Philly on the US side and not NY, LA, or Chicago.

    Live events have little to do with the location and everything to do with what is on offer.

    Having said that, Derby is a central hub and that makes us very desirable. 

    Traffic permitting, we are less than a three hours for well over 30+ million people.

    That ain't bad. 

    Think big young man.

  5. Just now, Mucker1884 said:

    I am 57... and I have just come to the realisation that I haven't a clue how big a kippers dick is!

    I am sick to death of this sheltered life I've lived!  I'm off out... I may not even be back until well after 9pm!  


    Im 57 too (1962?) but sadly you earn the right to know about kippers dicks, I can't just share it willy nilly. 

    in all honesty,the only time I heard the phrase was when I was working in West Bromwich for a couple of years around 2001. Go figure. 

  6. 6 minutes ago, MuespachRam said:

    He was very very average for us, in fact I would say not even that good....he had a good time at Watford but never did anything for us (beside score against Forest)

    Let me know when you want to respond to what I said as opposed to rambling off on a tangent. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Curtains said:

    He was a very good midfielder.  

    Kris Commons type of player. 

    Didn't quite have the pace or ability to drift outside of Commons, but definitely similar in ability to strike a football. 

    Nigel is the closest I can think of, although Ramage is a kippers dick lower in ability. 

    FWIW, NC would have been a world beater with a bit more pace. 

  8. It had to be said, that most of what I have read was on Twitter, and I think the typical reader of this board is smarter and more well informed.

    But,  I'm surprised at how many people have knocked Ramage on his playing ability (not that that is even relevant).

    Technically speaking, he was a good player and many pundits during his early days thought he was headed for an international career.

    His issues at the highest level were two-fold, and both similar to Nigel Clough.

    He wasn't quick enough to be elite.

    And he didn't score enough goal.

    But, to say he wasn't a very good footballer is nonsense imho irrespective of what has gone on. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Mucker1884 said:

    No need to give him stick for it, though!

    Bud, you're both barking up the wrong tree and should leaf him alone.

    I think the root of this problem this stems from trying to branch out too soon.

    Anyway, I'm off to slip into my trunks as it's warm in central Florida today.

    If you want to continue this nonsense, hit me up on what SAP. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Norman Hull said:

    What an act of cowardice and shame by Radio Derby cancelling Sports Scene tonight. 

    Says the person who wasn't in the production meeting, does not run a radio show affiliated/connected to the BBC, and has literally no effing clue what is happening other than what they read on SM.

    You seem like the coward to me, otherwise you's say who you you were and contact RD directly.

    Rathwer than bleat in anonymity on a message board.


  11. 23 minutes ago, GeneralRam said:

    Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between African American children and European American children.

    did I fail?

    My data?

    Do you mean the data of the worlds leading academics who study the field?

    If so, take it up with them as I'm sure you can advise them of their shortcomings and they'll be suitably grateful. 

  12. 5 minutes ago, David said:

    I don’t like to see anyone lose their job and he won’t need me to tell him what he said was unacceptable. 

    He made a mistake, been punished for it and will now have to live with that. I hope he is able to move on from this and doesn’t prevent him finding employment elsewhere. 

    The man has a family to provide for, as do many of you. 

    Also it’s clear that players either read this forum or people they know read and share content with the players. 

    Think about your words, and how powerful they can be. You don’t know what personal battles others are going through. Your words either directly or indirectly could potentially be enough for someone to say....I can’t do this anymore.



  13. 3 minutes ago, 86 Schmokes & a Pancake said:

    So you think his words only worthy of sanction if there is provable intent behind them? Otherwise, you're 'ambivalent'?

    I think intent is important mate.

    My dad never got his head around the change from calling people coloured to black.

    He never meant to cause offence but every so often I'd cringe with what he'd say and tell him after the event.

    I agree, that we are looking to change and educate, but I think there is a world of difference between deliberately being abusive and not being sure what to say. Or, being ignorant of what to say.

    I'm generalizing and not sure this applies to Ramage. As somebody on public radio he should know better.

    But, overall I think intent is a huge factor.

    We have ALL unintentionally hurt somebody with the words we have used, that doesn't mean we are all bad or hurtful people.



  14. The reality is, everybody is a racist to a certain extent.

    This was first brought to my attention by one of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell.

    Who, for those of you who don't know, has a Jamaican mother. He failed the test.

    And you will too.

    It was started by Harvard University years and years ago and is still used to gather data.

    Take it and see if you too are racist.

    In no way am I using this to support Ramage, or racism. 

    I'm just saying things are more complicated than we like to sometimes believe. 

  15. 8 minutes ago, Tyler Durden said:

    Being a pedant back this is incorrect. 

    Even if a person has over 2 years service there still are instances where the company employing them could be totally justified legally in dismissing the individual instantly:-

    Threat to the employer 

    Collective Issues 

    Industrial Action 

    There are a few other cases for example if your place of work burns down then your employer can't then employ you 

    But agree with the other sentiments in your post 

    If that is the case, then the law has changed since 2004 when I got out of that industry - and of course it could have. 

    I used to work for Croner selling HR outsourcing solutions and we had numerous clients have to get themselves out of instant dismissal after unions found out.

    We had it drilled into us that an employee could shoot a colleague in the face and the owner would still need to suspend him for 24-hours and then call him back into fire him the following day.

  16. 8 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

    It’s not just for stopping goals though, it’s his ability to pass the ball quickly in possession. I didn’t really see the goal in fairness beyond Bogles duck up, I’ll watch it back again later. From where I was sat (pretty well in line with it) that ball that he punched didn’t look catchable. Had too much spin on it in the wind, he made the right decision to punch it, though he should’ve got it further away of course.

    I hope you get to see that punch again too. I was watching on TV and saw it twice. It was right at him and at a height where he had to get under the ball to punch, which is why he flapped it straight up in the air.

    kangaRoos showing his ball handling abilities.

    kangaroo dropped the ball GIF

  17. 54 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

    Overall that was a pretty poor home point imo. To be 1-0 up and in total control for most of the second half and then throw the game away like that is very disappointing. Once again it’s individual mistakes that cost us, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a defence that has such a lack of concentration as ours does. Cause it’s not like any of them are crap players, we just concede goals through a plain lack of focus, and that’s unacceptable from pro footballers. Cocu was right to criticise Bogle after the match imo, as soon as he came on he looked half arsed and like he didn’t want to be there - very much like he was annoyed he wasn’t starting and didn’t want to come on as a sub. Poor attitude for me, and he’ll rightly sit out the team for the time being.

    Other than the odd moment of stupidity, I didn’t think our performance was that bad, but it certainly lacked some of the attacking quality and intensity of some of our recent games. It was still ok and better than most of the first half of the season, but I do feel the switch to a more defensive minded backline was the wrong one in hindsight. It meant we really struggled to cope with Huddersfield’s press, and had to resort to hoofball Rather than playing our natural game and utilising the midfield. Think Cocu has to take a fair share of the blame for two dropped points because of that call, although as I’ve said before I do feel sorry for him as with our defensive options he’s almost damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. What did annoy me though was the Shinnie sub rather than Knight when Holmes went off. I have nothing against Shinnie, but Holmes is an attacking player and replacing him with Shinnie was an overly cautious move which served to restrict any real attacking threat we had from midfield. Add that to the fact Shinnie still looks to be lacking a fair bit of match sharpness, and I think it’s pretty clear it should have been Knight on in that situation. He lacks Holmes ball carrying qualities, but at least he’s an attacking option. That negative substitution was a real killer to our prospects in the game imo.

    There were some positives still of course, mainly from our play in midfield and in and around the box. Again our new looks midfield involving Bird and Rooney looked impressive and intelligent in possession, and we look far more capable of controlling the middle of the park than we did earlier in the season. We also looked a threat when we did have the ball in the final third again, 7 out of 10 shots on target shows were becoming far more clinical in front of goal. Some of our play in and around the opposition box was impressive as well, especially from Lawrence and Waghorn, with some excellent incisive pass and move football on display. We look far more likely to carve open the space needed to create quality chances than we did a couple of months ago. Our play has improved significantly in an attacking sense imo, it’s the other part of our game that needs work now! Anyway, ratings for me:

    Roos 7- Better on the ball than Hamer, should’ve done better with the goal but redeemed himself shortly after

    Wisdom 7 - Good game by Andre, excellent in possession with some good touches and bits of skill in tight areas, and solid defensively too. Just wish his crosses got the finishing quality from the strikers that they deserved.

    Davies 7 - Solid in defence as usual and really helped out aerially, but he’s too slow on the ball

    Clarke 7 - Similar to Davies, solid in Defence but as a pairing they’re too slow to play our football

    Forsyth 6 - Still hasn’t learnt how to pass. Some decent bits of work in defence, but doesn’t quite make up for the panic he exudes on the ball.

    Holmes 6 - Started ok as normal, but the injury didn’t look good. Hope he’s ok

    Bird 7 - Starting to look a real player now. So composed in possession, excellent close control when under pressure, and real intelligent reading of the game as well with his passing. Excellent vision, he’s a top prospect. Just need to give him the ball more!

    Rooney 7 - Some harsh reviews of him on here imo. Wasn’t on the ball as much as normal, but when he was he still played some excellent passes, and delivered some good set pieces.

    Lawrence 7- Quiet first half, excellent second. Worked hard tracking back, scored a wondergoal, and made some quality runs into dangerous positions, which he made the right decisions in terms of his passing from.

    Waghorn 6- Real bad miss which meant we didn’t wrap the game up. He was actually very good in possession, similar to Lawrence making good runs and good passes, but I had to dock a point for that miss.

    Martin 6 - Ineffective really. Some nice touches when he got on the ball, but he wasn’t on it anywhere near enough.


    Shinnie 7 - Off the pace to start with, but grew into the game with some good challenges as usual.

    Marriott 6 - A couple of good runs, but didn’t get on the ball enough

    Bogle 6 - Looked ok driving forward, but didn’t look arsed in defence. Poor mistake to throw the game away, and a poor attitude not being up for it coming off the bench.



    A 7 for Roos?

    Should have stopped their goal.

    And did you see that ridiculous punch straight up in the air he made with a ball that was coming straight at his throat without any real pace?

    I can't ever remember seeing a goalkeeper punch such an easy ball to catch without at least clearing his own penalty area.

    He made one reasonable save after the goal though, I'll give you that.

  18. 3 hours ago, Tyler Durden said:

    That's the issue though I think you're using a non valid outcome as a point of reference.

    Spitting at someone in a workplace would be classified as gross misconduct and instant dismissal. 

    I don't want to be a pedant (I do really), but there's no such thing as instant dismissal in English law for anybody who has been at a job long enough to have basic rights.

    You can instantly suspend somebody and then bring them back and fire them though.

    Of course it happens, but when it does the company doing the firing could be dragged through the courts for not following correct procedure.

    Aaaaanyway, I think Ramage will be out of work within the next 24 hours.

    If he'd moderared it even slightly to the two black full backs he may have saved himself, but even then, can anybody imagine him saying 'the two white strikers' when referring to Martin and Waghorn?

    As others have said, I don't think there was malice being the remark but you have to wonder if  that's what he's prepared to say on air, wtf is he saying off air? 

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