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  1. 17 hours ago, 86 Schmokes & a Pancake said:

    The notion that one need be trained to be a mentalist tickles me somewhat! I've met loads across the years and I'm pretty sure most were born bonkers.

    I think they have to have had an embarrassment bypass operation for when they start, but the really good  ones study the crap out of if.

  2. 12 hours ago, SaintRam said:

    The estimation was that he'd be able to grip a ball again after 4-5 weeks and ready to play after 6-7 weeks - most assuming he'd come back after our week 9 bye.

    Quarterback controversy!!!!

    Maybe not, but it seems like Teddy may be playing himself into a starters spot next year and your fears were misplaced  

    You'll either need to pay him silly money for a back up (isn't he already the highest paid back up?), promote him if Brees retires and pony up north of $25m or wave adieu. 

    A nice problem to have I guess 


  3. 57 minutes ago, WHAT DO I GET said:

    Not first time we won the league but the first time we qualified for the UEFA (FAIRS cup) then the ducking Yorkshire Dirties won it by beating the ducking Italian dirties in the most filthiest, cheatingest Final one could ever imagine, Wasn't a game of football but who it was decided on who could cheat the best. Me bitter no!

    Good catch.

  4. Something that just crossed my mind and a lot of younger Derby fans I'm guessing may not even know and I tend to forget about.

    We were banned from Europe after the first time we won the league because of accounting irregularities.

    Can you imagine that in this day and age? Totally unthinkable.

    It would be dragged through the courts for years even if UEFA had had the gall to do attempt it.

    So twice we qualified and then were denied European football. FML.

  5. 1 hour ago, WHAT DO I GET said:

    Will always be Juventus to me I am pretty sure that cost us everything from Clough going, Forest rising and ultimately world domination. My late dad had already sorted travel to Belgrade and when a few years later the dogs got there it opened the sore even more. Safe to say I hate the cheating Italian Bamford more than any other team to this day 

    I think it's one of those spectacularly rare events where people were saying at the time the ref must have been bribed.

    And the ref actually had been bribed.


  6. 3 hours ago, Yani P said:

    Our board accepting Clough and Taylor's resignations.. 

    I'm actually not bitter about that.

    As has been well documented and Cloughie himself admitted several times, he put the Board in an impossible situation where they had no alternative.

    I'm more bitter about the two of them maturing after they left Derby.

    Somewhere in a parallel universe Derby County really are the greatest team the world has ever seen.

  7. 1. Charlie George getting injured against Stoke and missing the end of what could well have been a double winning season?

    2. Juventus bribing the referee in the European Cup Semi-Final and getting away with it?

    3. The last minute winner for QPR at Wembley?

    4. Paulo Wanchope not getting goal of the month after his brilliance against Man Utd?

    5. None of the above - so come on, what is it then? Let's get bitter and twisted.

    I'm going for #1. That was truly the start of the decline imho.


  8. 9 hours ago, DazaDunn said:

    Random thought but everyone has their favourite players etc, but who do you have the upmost respect for that plays for our club? Could be for any reasons, dedication? Work in the community? 

    also, if you could spend 30 minutes with any rams player over a coffee, who would it be and what would you ask them? 

    i’m still thinking of mine! 

    The last question is easy.

    It would be Jozefzoon.

    I'd like to meet with him here in Orlando at 3 pm on Saturday 19th October.

    Enough of the Florian bashing for one day?


    Okay then.

    I'm trained in all sorts of stuff around persuasion, hypnotherapy mentalism blah, blah, blah.

    There's very few people who do this stuff that when I watch them I cannot tell you what they're doing.

    Richard Bandler and Derren Brown are two exceptions and at the top of the tree.

    Or, rather they were.

    Move aside Bandler and Brown because neither of you two could spot how on earth FJ is slipping into a Derby shirt every week and getting onto the pitch without somebody noticing. 



  9. 48 minutes ago, philmycocu said:

    The new singing area is a great idea, but jeez that guy in the white t-shirt that had his back to the game for 90 minutes conducting the singing was flippin annoying! Not a flare in sight either, Wisla Krakow we are not 😂

    I don't need some young whipper-snapper instructing me how and when to sing "Derby Derby Derby" I've been doing it for 35 years and never missed a beat.


    White shirt?

    Back to the game?

    Annoying as hell?

    Was it Jozefzoon?

  10. 2 hours ago, 86 Schmokes & a Pancake said:

    Your hyperbole game is strong!

    Not sure Keogh's injury was even remotely life-threatening but cool story nonetheless. I guess Keogh as a 'grown man' could have made the decision to cab / walk home or not get in the car with someone who is pissed, maybe? Perhaps he could have even exercised some conytol as the club skipper and insisted cars were left at the pub, or that players called it a night earlier.

    Quite a few alternative scenarios other than Lawrence being the Devil incarnate but who really cares?


    He saw Keogh had an ACL and thought it mean anterior cranial lobotomy so was rightly worried about his fate.

    Ironically, I think a minority of Derby fans have self-administered anterior cranial lobotomy's with the way they're reacting.

  11. On 29/09/2019 at 20:24, Carl Sagan said:

    Alan Hinton thought Rooney did well. [His question marks will look odd to people not used to them. It's a feature that defines his Twitter feed]

    It reminds me of my old man when he first got a calculator.

    He could never quite wrap his head around the fact that he didn't need to turn it off and on again to cancel the memory - no matter how many times I told him.

    Alan is either a very curious person or some ducker swapped the question mark and full stop around on his first phone as a joke not realizing the devastating long-term consequences to his Twitter followers over the following years.  

  12. 2 minutes ago, NottsRam77 said:

    Genuine question 

    why has it taken 11 games, a tom Huddlestone injury and realisation that Dowell isn’t good enough for shinnie to be involved 

    I question cocus thought process or at least would love to know the reasoning why ... purely out of interest, not having a pop just curious to know the logic when we’ve been so obviously craving some mobility and tenacity In that area of the park 

    Why did it take Bobby Robson a Butch Wilkins sending off and a Bryan Robson shoulder dislocation to play Beardsley and Lineker together in the 86 World Cup?

    And similarly, an injury in the warm up games (I forget who to now) for Gazza to even make the '90 World Cup squad?

    I'm showing my age I know, but most managers need an element of luck.

    Let's just be glad he made the change. 

  13. Just now, cosmic said:

    From his last couple of contributions he looks knackered.

    Just hope his poor performance today doesn’t mean he loses his place. 

    I hope it does.

    He isn't/wasn't the issue.

    The forwards just haven't had the service all season.

    Having said that, I'd rather see him with Waghorn on the pitch.

    I've just no clue who we could take off. Certainly not Jozefzoon, that's for sure.

  14. 3 minutes ago, SaintRam said:

    Our worst player in this half has been Chris Martin 🤷‍♂️

    Not been awful; but been our worst. 

    And I know I contradicted myself, but what I mean is Jozefzoon is not in the game, he's just being Jozefzoon and offering nothing.

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