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  1. We have Rotherham at home next and we will probably draw going off how we have been against the lower end teams, I wouldn't take any game for granted with how poor we have been in the final third recently. I reckon 9th is where we will finish , unless something changes big time in how we attack teams,.
  2. Just becuase we have signed a load of **** for highly inflated prices in recent years, doesn't mean that there are not good players out their from foreign or lower leagues that we could get on the cheap whilst being a lot better than Johnson . I am hoping our scouts are busy now looking at players from League 1/ SPL and around Europe trying to find bargains, becuase I am sick of crap signings every season. The only signing I would say from the permanent deals in the summer that has been a success is Marriott and even he hasn't been that successful as we don't play to his strengths and don't give him any support either as the midfield isn't good enough to feed him properly. Holmes has potential, but I am undecided on him so far as he seems like a 10 and we are playing him mostly out of position and he is inconsistent with his final ball, plus his shooting is poor.
  3. Not for much longer, and we have had a reliance on individual brilliance. Getting into the play offs also doesn't mean anything as on current form we won't stand a chance of winning them. With Mount back things could change, but I am not convinced at all in the ability of any of our strikers to be able to play as a lone striker, none can win headers and they don't have the hold up play we need.
  4. Not wanting to sound too negative as he has been ok, but he has hardly been too great considering what we paid and expected from him , and with two draws at home in the last two we haven't quite left the slump in form yet.
  5. 55/1, so actually a small prayer becuase of Mount.
  6. Our attack has been so poor this season apart from occasional inspired performances like vs West Brom, we are crying out for someone like Rob Hulse or a Mitrovic type player, we haven't got a prayer of promotion becuase of our lack of cutting edge and ability to score off crosses.
  7. Bad news for us, I think we won't make the play offs now with how Preston and Villa are playing . Oh well, duck it next season may finnally be our year, it has to be our year eventually.
  8. TBF he was a good player in his prime with Burnley and was alright for us , doesn't give him any excuse for being a bell though.
  9. Probably not, becuase if they both went up for a header Marriott would end up in the net with the ball.
  10. Derby 2- Wednesday 1 Marriott and Johnson FRGS
  11. Imagine a Derby player being nominated for the Puskas goal of the year award, if Bennett won it , maybe we could flog him to China for 50million.
  12. I am so glad we have finally won a game, I think Mason meant that TBF it was an instinctive finish more than anything. Hopefully we can build on it this Saturday and get back to back wins for the first time in a while, to go into the final stages of the season with some real momentum.
  13. My team would be: Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole Foon Bird huddlestone/ MM Wilson Marriott Waghorn I think we should play a 442 becuase it gives Marriott some support, he has looked isolated recently and I think him next to Waghorn would cause problems for defences. I would play Bird as I think he showed signs of potential today even though he wasn't great, and I think the 433 has been pretty hopeless recently.
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