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  1. Paterson MOTM for me! Makes Lawrence look like a pedestrian. Oh wait, I guess he is now anyway....
  2. 1-1 away to Leeds is a Win in my book too 😉
  3. I think you mean 8-7? It really is THAT bad!
  4. 3-0 could be a cricket score. Shambles all over the pitch
  5. Lawrence sets up another attack. By Brentford.
  6. could easily have had 4 so far 😞
  7. Dowell just looks out of his depth.
  8. midfield just keep giving the ball away, it's awful. Just pure lack of talent. Mid table at best at this rate, possibly even lower table. It's that bad.
  9. what a disaster. no capable midfielder on the pitch.
  10. Looks like it's a different Derby this year.. dare to dream.....?
  11. Lawrence MOTM for me. Never thought I'd say that!
  12. It's got 3-1 written all over it..... 😮
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