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  1. What a drab, lethargic game. Our defence is scary
  2. On a real downer after team selection 😞 Lawrence? seriously?? and Wisdom did more than enough to keep his place, was solid on current form he should be first choice. All I can say is that if we play badly, never mind win or draw, Cocu will get hammered on here, and rightly so imho. Just when you think we've turned a corner, Cocu has decided to go back home to change his tie....
  3. Sibley having a good game though - really impressed with him today
  4. Lawrence has been useless, it's like playing with 10 men 😞
  5. Him (hopefully) 😉 Just to clarify, that I don't condone violence of any kind.
  6. There must have been between 3-5 MOM's tonight! But Knight obviously gets it - because of his goals.
  7. Holmes has been excellent tonight. Plays better without Lawrence on the pitch. Having said that.... the whole team does (so far at least).
  8. Profit & turnover figures for these companies is a few million. Like £5 or £6m turnover. I gather he also has a CFO who's fronting another company or two for him, but similarly neither of those companies appears to have much cash. It doesn't look like the fella has anywhere near enough cash of his own to invest in a football club. But he does manage a 500m investment fund on behalf of his clients. So I can only imagine that some of his investors are the real money targets - unless of course Mel has simply sold them the stadium (since one of the companies has taken a charge out on PPS). Doesn't obviously look like anything to get too excited about IMHO. 😞
  9. "The worse manager I've worked with" - from an inside source who's been at the club for years (including the Pearson stint) Not sure if he was talking about tactics, coaching ability, man management, deodorant, but I don't think he's liked very much inside the club.
  10. Lol! Because it's blindingly obvious that Martin has a magic touch and can hold the ball and set people up - as we've seen time and time again, and who do you want him passing to? Waghorn? He who has the first touch of a dizzy one-legged man?? On the very few occasions they HAVE played together - either one or both of them has scored.
  11. Lawrence is a given, I've given up slagging him off on here lol Davies gave the ball away how many times? criminal for a central defender, and way too slow. Clarke was like a mediocre pub team defender getting drawn to the ball and easy to pull out of position Lowe just isn't good enough, I don't know why, maybe nervous, maybe just not good enough. Forgot Dowell, perhaps for the best. As for Bielik, well I just home we kept the receipt.....!
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