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  1. Ironic, because I've seen Rooney do exactly the same type of thing a hundred times.......
  2. unlucky in the end. Should have made the subs at half time. Well done lads.
  3. Will Hughes to get sent off for head butting Waghorn. If carlsberg made football matches...
  4. Please please please... let it be waggy and roberts...
  5. Well I'm off to put a sneaky bet on us winning this... I have a feeling....
  6. wtf is Roberts doing out on the wing? Is he making up his own formation?
  7. Roberts is having an absolute mare! But also Waghorn - what's that about? I can't work out where he's meant to be playing... he's too deep to press, too poo to be a left midfield... may as well just take him off and stick a shirt on a post in the ground. He's in the team because he runs about. And.....?
  8. Unbelievably lucky tonight. Poor performance, didn't deserve it. But onwards and upwards, 12 points off the playoffs... ahem...
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