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  1. What is the point of playing any matches at all if the EFL can decide to demote teams when the season has finished. IMHO it's absolutely ridiculous and makes a mockery of players' efforts. Yet again the innocent, and I include both players and fans in this, are punished.
  2. Absolutely disgraceful to leave us with so much uncertainty. Surely the EFL should have checked the accounts each season and applied the sanctions then, to go back 5 years is disgraceful and shows that they are inefficient and vindictive.
  3. Not expecting much at all. It's yet another transition season with pre season preparation spoilt by uncertainty. If we manage to stay up I will be satisfied. Mid league and I will be delighted. I'm finding it difficult to find any enthusiasm really.
  4. I'm just amazed that nobody at Derby County did thorough research into this proposed takeover and before anyone says hindsight is a wonderful thing plenty of fans on this forum were expressing concerns from day 1. I despair at the way this club is being run at the moment.
  5. I'm feeling very fortunate this year. 1 week in the Lake District with youngest son and family, I week in Yorkshire Dales with other son, I week with partner in Cornwall and 1 week on a narrow boat with friends sampling real ale pubs on the way. It's more important to me to spend some quality time with friends and family than go through the stress and hassle at an airport this year.
  6. Gladys- pint point crosses into the box! Kevin Hector and Archie are also up there. I loved that team.
  7. I just wonder how much compensation doctors, nurses, teachers, shop workers to name but a few essential workers get after suffering covid19 whilst working. Probably nothing 😕 and yet a footballer,who let's face it was offered a decent amount of money for doing next to nothing and getting the best possible treatment for his injury for which he was partly responsible gets over 2million in compensation. Absolutely crazy, madness. I just don't get it!
  8. It seems that Derby County have been ill advised on several matters over the last season.
  9. Much is rotten in the state of professional football and to be honest I've just about had enough of it.
  10. Yes but depending on points docked and uncertainty about take over how many players are actually going to want to sign for Derby. I doubt we will be first choice with all this uncertainty hanging over our heads. We need to know ASAP what is going to happen and then perhaps the takeover saga can be resolved.
  11. Meanwhile Aston Villa now they are a Premiership club escape their punishment So where is the fairness in that. If we are to be held accountable so should they. In addition to that this must be costing the EFL a hell of a lot of money, I'd love to know how much and who is going to pay for it?
  12. It's disgraceful how this drags on and on. A decision was made and should be stuck to. I can see this hanging over our heads for weeks and disrupting yet another season.
  13. I think we need to take a balanced view on this situation. We escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth. There are obviously some very serious problems at the club both on and off the pitch which will need addressing. If Rotherham had managed to hold on to their lead we would have been relegated. How many of us would have been calling for Rooney's resignation then? There's a lot of very fickle fans out there. I still have reservations about Rooney's ability to manage a championship club and one draw against a poor Sheffield Wednesday team is not going to win me over!
  14. Both these teams wouldn't look out of place in League 1
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