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  1. People who racially abuse other people are absolutely pathetic. There is absolutely no place for this kind of behaviour at any time or any place.
  2. So who are these Waghorn haters? I guess we are fans who are frustrated by the way he is playing.
  3. So Kazim ran and blocked the ball and Waghorn did nothing even though he was closer to the ball.
  4. What have a succession of managers seen in Waghorn because whatever it is I don't see it. Give me Sibley anytime. He can only get even better with more match play.
  5. Expected Derby players to play like elite Dutch players and didn't understand the championship
  6. Just one short comment. What a poor attitude ' we threw the towel in '
  7. I'd just like to give a shout for 104 year old Ruth Saunders who walked the equivalence of a marathon outside her care home. She too has raised money for charity but has not received a huge amount of media coverage. She too is an inspiration for us all.
  8. I just wish we could draw a line under this debacle. This uncertainty can't be good for player morale and certainly isn't good for the club and its fans as a whole. Although I was quite enthusiastic at first about this I'm just absolutely fed up of it now. So many rumours about players who might be going and none coming makes for depressing reading .
  9. Hendrix anyone? That's what's we're listing to at the moment. Not a great singer but an absolute wizard on the guitar. Died far too young sadly.
  10. Not many women on that list so I'll add a few. For jazz it's got to be Ella Fitzgerald but Annie Lennox is pretty good. Dusty Springfield, not so much the songs but wow what a voice. Eva Cassidy is up there as she sang with so much emotion in her voice and Katie Melua's good too.
  11. Didn't expect that result but wow. All the team played really well, fighting for every ball and showing great resilience. Now we need consistency because with performances like that we don't belong in the bottom 3.
  12. I fear we have become a training club for managers and players. I'm getting fed up of this.
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