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  1. I've been able to vote for nearly 50 years and of one thing I am certain. All parties twist and distort the facts. What they promise and then go on to deliver , particularly when in opposition, are different from reality. As someone has already posted there are good , honest, altruistic MPs in all parties and there are poor, greedy, in it for the wrong reason, MPs in all parties. In reality I would like an MP who lives in Derbyshire and understands what we need and can represent us accordingly. However I see that at least one of the candidates for my ward has been parachuted in from London and as yet I know absolutely nothing about her and I can't find much about her on line either.
  2. All parties are targetting who they think will vote for them. This means people will inevitably received very unbalanced views and information. It sounds like they are completely wrong with you. I think the only way we can get all the information and views from each party is to do our own research.
  3. Thank you for your comments. Certainly numeracy and formal English ( grammar, punctuation, and spelling) have improved but at what cost? Children are pressurised to achieve good results. In my later years of teaching children were removed from PE, Music, Art and other subjects in order to receive extra coaching in Maths and English. This often happened on Friday afternoons. Mental health in children is a major cause for concern. There is a very interesting article in the Guardian about escalatingmental health issues in children and as many teachers know pressure to achieve is one of several factors in this. I know of several children and young people who have have committed suicide, self harmed or developed anorexia in recent years. Working in the seventies in Sheffield for over 10 years I honestly can't remember any and that was in Pitsmoor, an area of deprivation. For children suffering now there is an incredibly long wait for psychological intervention. The government brings in all these initiatives and doesn't think of the consequences or make provision for them. It's a bit like giving people statins to prevent deaths by heart attacks or strokes which is great except people live longer, develop dementia and then find there is no care available. Lack of forward planning once again!
  4. I'm so thoroughly disillusioned with politicians. So many have no idea what life is like in the real world and many are just career politicians who go into it for all the wrong reasons power, perks, pension and pay. It's time we followed other countries who make it a condition that you must have worked at least 10 years in areas such as Education, medicine, transport etc so you actually know what you are talking about. Too many of our politicians take on a new role and make sweeping changes, costing huge amounts of money, when perhaps small tweaks would suffice. Call me cynical but much of this is done so comparisons can't be made. I have worked in Education all my life and we just keep reinventing the wheel over and over again. Many people criticize education in the seventies and yes there was some bad practice but much good, certainly creativity and using initiative flourished. But huge scale changes were brought in again costing millions with every teacher received thick folders on all 10 subjects. Just addressing bad practice would have sufficed! I could write about this subject all day. My partner has worked in healthcare and is really fed up with the meddling of politicians. I haven't a clue who to vote for. I really don't like or trust any party but feel I ought to vote.
  5. Even when a baby is screaming it's head off remember this too will pass. Treasure and enjoy it all. It is over too soon.
  6. For a differing opinion refer to HS2 action alliance. No doubt both parties have interpreted the facts according to their own agenda. It is up to us decide which we choose to believe. Having done much research I have chosen to believe that there are more negatives to HS2 than positives. However as per usual I respect your opinion to have a differing view.
  7. This to me is a major issue. HS2 will have an unprecedented affect on the environment and will also not improve carbon emissions. It will be absolutely no use to people who live in my area as we will still need to drive or take another train to get to Toton. Who will use it and how often? Any business meetings or interviews can now be done via skype. Research has shown that many people will still choose to travel by car and plane.
  8. Retention of trained staff who have been educated in the UK is also a problem. I know of several people in both the medical and education workforce who have moved to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UAE because the pay is better, work/ home life balance is better and in the case of Education schools are better equipped and behaviour is good. We then have to plug the gaps by them leaving by recruiting people from other countries,eg India, and I sometimes wonder who then goes to work in those countries. It is a difficult situation to resolve because if we raise taxes too much for the higher earners then we get the resulting brain drain. However more money is needed to improve working conditions and poor working conditions are also a factor in people leaving. A huge amount of money has been wasted on the Brexit fiasco and more controversially I believe more money to be wasted on HS2. This money should have been spent on health care and education! Rant over.
  9. There is far too much difference between the highest and lowest earners in my opinion. I don't agree with the amount various celebrities receive purely for being celebrities and I am shocked by some salaries received by footballers particularly when they look as if they can't be bothered. There ought to be a complete overhaul of what everyone earns with those doing highly skilled essential jobs earning the most. People who work in caring roles definitely deserve. But having been part of a small family business which was forced to close and make several people redundant during the last labour government, the sudden introduction of a £10 minimum wage and 4 day week concerns me.
  10. I really don't like parties withdrawing candidates to leave the way open for another party with the same view on brexit. It makes a mockery of it being a general election. I'm just waiting to see what choice we get in Amber valley- probably just conservative, lib dems and labour!
  11. So far a huge improvement in our away performance. Yes there are mistakes but if we continue like this it is possible we might yet make the top six.
  12. Well I'm quite optimistic today and like the team selection. Can't be worse than last time anyway or can it!
  13. Well this is the best I've seen this season.Really glad to see Marriott and Martin on and attack looks threatening. It's very encouraging after the turmoil of this week.
  14. When I first heard about the incident my initial reaction was relief that nobody was killed and hopefully the lads would take their punishment and we could draw a line under it and move on. However since Keogh has been sacked for gross misconduct it doesn't sit well with me that the ones found guilty of drink driving are still playing for Derby. As far as I'm concerned the sooner they are sold and move on the better. Financially I understand the reasons but morally for me it is unfair and very wrong. I understand some people will disagree and that is fine as I respect that other people will have differing opinions.
  15. I know a lot of you won't agree with me but I actually feel rather sorry for Keogh. What exactly is he guilty of? Yes he didn't set a good example on that evening but Bennett and Lawrence were the ones who made the decision to drive and both are in their twenties and should know better. Lawrence had even attended a drink driving event prior to this. Yet Keogh is the one who was injured, possibly won't play again certainly not at this level which surely is punishment enough. Now he has the additional punishment of being sacked. Meanwhile Bennett and Lawrence do some community service probably doing something people volunteer to do in their free time and are back playing football a week later.
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