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  1. What really annoys me is that once again our pre season is marred by uncertainty. The whole debacle needs to be sorted out, done and dusted so that clubs can focus fully on the coming season.
  2. This team is exactly where I thought we would end up so I don't feel anything really. There's no way they are good enough to go up but hopefully given a season and with a couple of new signings we will be in the running for promotion, if not next season the season after. Just hope we keep our youngsters.
  3. Not enjoying this Leeds celebration. What's the point? They were already champions before they played. They are really milking it.
  4. Every day we learn something new about covid 19. Last week there were reports saying that some people who had caught the virus were showing signs of lung damage and it might well be permanent in some cases. Today there was a report linking it with psychosis and strokes. What will be discovered next week, next year?Yes we know in some cases it can be a mild infection but it's rather like Russian roulette. It can effect anybody regardless of ethnicity or age. So why are some people so cavalier in their behaviour? Even if they don't care about themselves or think they are invincible they ought
  5. I agree with you. I'm a dog owner and I really can't understand why people leave the little black bags lying around. Who do they think is going to clear it up. There isn't a poo bag fairy. Is it my imagination or has leaving poo bags and general litter around got worse recently. Me and my partner get so fed up with the litter thrown from cars or dropped by walkers we sometimes go out with a large bin liner and pick it up and take it home to put in our bin or recycling bin. It was drilled into me to never ever drop litter and I drilled it into my kids. It's not difficult is it. I'll get of my
  6. Well we make our own vitamin D so have built in defence against covid19😉
  7. Above only funny if you get the right word in the *.
  8. Me and my 2 sons were outside Morrison's talking about people who are *********. Son says without thinking 'I'm getting good at sniffing out ********* a mile away' Me and other son start laughing. Son says what you laughing at? I say just think about what you said. Whenever someone annoys me I think of that and anger melts away!
  9. My son didn't even get as far as a first date. He asked a stunning young lady her name and she said Lydia to which he replied oh like Chlamydia then! Needless to say she wasn't impressed!
  10. Having friends who live in South Korea I know for a fact that their app has been very successful. Before we were in lockdown my friend received a text message telling him that a case of covid19 had been identified 100m from where he was living! The children are all back at school there with temperature being taken every day. On one occasion my friend had to pick her up from school as her temperature was very slightly raised. Fortunately she did not have the virus. I am very disillusioned with our government's handling of this crisis.
  11. Extremely offensive to horses though.😉
  12. I am really hurt that certain people have cast aspertions on my views. I should not have to defend myself but I feel I must point out that in the seventies I was a teacher at a multi ethnic school in an area of Sheffield called Pitsmoor. All the staff worked incredibly hard going above board to ensure racial equality and that all the children treated each other with respect and kindness. We also socialised extensively with the parents and discussed and helped with many of the issues they faced. So if anybody is under the impression I don't understand the issues faced by BAME people they are r
  13. I know that and if the slogan was as you put it I would be fine with it. Perhaps I'm being pedantic!!
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