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  1. Dappled Ram

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    We need a man motivator on the pitch to keep the standard of play more consistent. At the moment we are like two different teams even with the same players on the pitch. One or two suitable players will make all the difference. As I've said before we need a confident battler bruiser who can rouse the rest of the team.
  2. we need someone who who doesn't buckle under pressure. The youngsters are still learning and it is inevitable they will make mistakes. Keogh does on occasions panic and make mistakes. There must be someone we can bring in who will add the leadership and experience and confidence that our defence needs. I 'd like to see a Taribo West type. That man was a tank!
  3. Dappled Ram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Fascinating to read all the different opinions but I'd just like to make a couple of points. Many years ago when I was young and a bit of a hot head I was told never to lash out with words or physically attack people. So I started venting my anger on a pillow and it worked a treat. Perhaps and it is a big perhaps Johnson bit the shirt in an attempt not to bite the person. Surely it is far worse to bite a person than a shirt. My second point is where is the evidence of an actual physical injury to Allen. I've not seen any photos of physical damage and I expect if both men were to strip off there might well be more physical damage to Johnson. I know loads of you will disagree but I find it very difficult to make it into a major event when Allen has provided absolutely no physical evidence of injury.
  4. Dappled Ram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    I've always been of the belief that the aggressor is as guilty as the retaliator unless we are talking murder or permanent disability. For the aggressor to get off without any punishment is an anathema to me. I don't condone any aggression and for this reason I feel somewhat sorry for Johnson. I just hope that when he returns we ALL support him. He will have served his punishment and have had his photo and the incident reported in national papers. He is one of our players and regardless of what we think we should move on and d support him for the benefit of the club
  5. Dappled Ram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Makes me lose faith in the FA RD. It seems harsh as neither Allen or Rowett wanted to pursue it. It would have been fairer to ban both players. It seems as it's seen on Sky that's it a ban but if you are sneaky you get away with it.
  6. Dappled Ram

    Come on Derby beat the snake

    Stoke won that battle but the war is far from over. We are still ahead of them in the league. We have a younger less experience team and manager and they were playing at home in conditions that suited their style of play. For the rams it's onwards and upwards!
  7. Dappled Ram

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    I find it interesting that neither Rowett or Allen want to pursue this incident. Is it because it really was no big thing or is it that Allen did something to Johnson that was not seen by fans at match or on Skye. There definitely was a mark on Johnson's neck. I think a line should be drawn under the whole incident. It was a dirty thuggish match and passions were run ing high. Men in suits should keep out of this.
  8. Dappled Ram

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    obviously disappointed by result but not despondent. Our team has a lot of youngsters and there is obvious potential there and they will only improve. However we do need to splash some cash in January to make the play offs this year. Let's keep the faith and remember we are a work in progress and keep behind the lads. We'll show Stoke next time!
  9. Dappled Ram

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    We need to use the full width of the pitch and get their 20 legs knackered. Johnson needs to come off.
  10. Dappled Ram

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Vicious thuggery on show. Absolutely disgraceful!
  11. Dappled Ram

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Magnificent support from most of our rams fans. Let's keep it up.
  12. Dappled Ram

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Having heard the snake's interview I've decided I shall hiss and wave my snake when the snake appears and then when the rams come out and for the rest of the match I will sing shout Frank's praise and totally ignore the snake. If and hopefully when we win the match I will hiss and wave my snake and shout something to the effect of good riddance snake! Can't wait for tomorrow!
  13. Dappled Ram

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Finally! Now let's get the game flowing.
  14. Dappled Ram

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    Just smuggled a mongoose out of the zoo. He assures me he won't go for plastic snakes although he does think they are funny. No he's after the one and only true snake!
  15. Dappled Ram

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    We are never going to agree on Gary's motives an d behaviour etc but I'd must say I was brought up to say what I mean and mean what I say. I don't do deviousness and insincerity and I don't like it in others. That's probably why I'll never be rich but hey ho I'm content with my lot and can look myself in the mirror.

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