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  1. My heart sinks when I hear about all this speculation yet again in the second half of the season. This is the third time this has happened and must have some impact on the players even though we'd like to think it shouldn't. I know we are lucky to have Frank and that at some point he will be off to Chelsea but not now. This club definitely needs stability and I also think Frank needs more time learning managerial skills. He's proved he has ability but has much more to learn . Best case scenario for both Derby and Frank inmho another 18months minimum together. Managing Chelsea comes with many challenges!
  2. You are not alone. I think in just the same way. If there's a quiz question on fashion/ celebrities I just say pass. Apart from football my biggest interest is the decline of insect population.Currently in the Maldives and not seen one! But topic for another forum. Anyway in between snorkelling sessions I will be checking in to see how my beloved rams are doing. Hopefully much better performance than against Ipswich.
  3. Can we delete first sentence of last post please. Due to alcohol, jet lag, stupidity getting Regs muddled up!!! Last part of post applies though.
  4. I remember seeing him play at the BBG way back in 1967 when the manager was Tim Ward. So pleased he's finally got the recognition he fully deserves. Hope this freedom of the city honour comes with continuing attention, help,support etc-whatever for life and not just an award in name only. We need to cherish our old.
  5. Well we held on and got the point. Good play from Roos, Keogh, Tomori and Wilson Glad it's over and my blood pressure can return to normal. Hopefully King Cole will bring improvement in games like this.
  6. Not very impressed with the attitude of their manager saying he feels like quitting because of poor refereeing decisions. Every team has decisions that go against them you've just got to take it on the chin and prepare for the next match. Whinging achieves nothing and as for saying can't see Derby winning the cup that really brings out the fighting spirit. Come on lads let's show him!
  7. Just want to thank Stanleyhouse for his very helpful input. It looks like a really good day out - particularly if both teams play to the best of their abilities and the Rams are the victors.
  8. Fantastic display lads. I am so proud of you all. It was a real show of determination and positive attitude. Just shows what this team is capable of. Surely this performance must silence all the doubters.
  9. The fighting spirit of our team is admirable. I've no criticism of any player tonight. Lampards tactics spot on.
  10. Well I'm proud of the way my team has played in last 20 minutes. Unlucky not to be 1-0 up. Yes there were mistakes particularly in first twenty minutes - the short corner very sloppy but there's also been some lovely play. Don't understand the level of negativity on here. Just hope we carry on as we ended first half.
  11. I'm not downbeat at all. What did we really expect from a rookie manager and a much much younger team than last year. It is so important that we stick together and support our team. As fans we are quiet for large spells of the game and I'm as guilty as anyone. Going back to our glory days at the BBG under Brian I remember coming home hoarse from all the singing, shouting etc. Thought the Leeds fans were magnificent and it can't have helped our players confidence at all. Let's really make our stadium rock and intimidate the opposition. COYR
  12. Just wanted to say anxiety and depression very common after flu particularly if you are prone to mental health issues. Don't worry about having time off work or letting the little one watch TV. Put your needs first for a bit. As a family you are part of a team and everyone is important including you. Have you tried magnesium supplements. They do help and can be taken with prescription medication too. Vitamin B supplements are good too. Hope you feel better soon - anxiety is horrible.
  13. A work in progress and certainly much much more entertaining than last season. Very optimistic about our future and will be happy with top 6 place. Any better and I will be ecstatic.
  14. Glad the snake has got his reward for greed, arrogance- he states he did a good job with us! Really?! Getting rid of Hughes, really boring football and we were in free fall after Christmas. Add incompetence to the list and that just about sums him up as a football manager.
  15. Ah well I say what I mean and mean what I say-it's 10 years living in Yorkshire that's made me like that!
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