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  1. So Boris has backed Cummings. Makes me wonder if Cummings has something on Boris. I really do not understand how Cummings behaviour can possibly be defended. To be honest I am embarrassed by how our government has handled the pandemic.
  2. Why? I actually find our response to covid 19 embarrassing. We were too late going into lock down and successive governments failed to provide the NHS and care home staff with the proper PPE. Way back in 2009 my partner was part of a team who were tasked in investigating what would be needed for a pandemic. Their recommendations were not acted on at all! In contrast the Germans seem to be handling this crisis much more efficiently. An interesting fact I learned that the Germans are less likely to use ventilation as they believe it can do more harm than good. It pains me to say it but I think we could learn a lot by looking at Germany.
  3. Thank you for doing that Pastinaak. I enjoyed it. It's good to exercise the old brain.
  4. Worldometer, corona virus, is full of statistics and makes interesting reading.
  5. Passion and desire was aimed at the team as a whole.
  6. Fully agree. Surely the manager ought to send them out at the start firing on all cylinders, full of passion and desire. Also Lawrence shouldn't be on the pitch and I only hope he's there so somebody comes in with an offer for him- but he ain't doing himself any favours!
  7. And long may you manage without it but if and when the time comes are you going to customise it and make it into a Derby County stick? All the best mate
  8. Now that is a very one sided view. There are many arguments to support the Queen. Am I the only one on this forum to recognise that Princess Anne is actually an extremely hard working Royal and a credit to her mother. There are countless example of the good the Queen has done. If you think I am pro Royalty I'm not but I do believe you need to look at the full picture of someone. Nobody is perfect and I suspect most of us at time have behaved badly.
  9. Ah but if you read my post carefully you will see that I only mention Princess Anne and the Queen as behaving with dignity. I didn't specify what a slimmed down royal family would be but I can't see any problem with William .
  10. Not really very interested in Royalty myself and certainly don't buy newspapers to see what they are up to but I've not been able to escape this. From my point of view certain members of the Royal family court celebrities, going on holidays with people such as Elton John and seem to invite interest from the press by the life they live and the company they keep. Princess Anne on the other hand is the most hard working Royal who behaves with dignity like her mother the Queen. As regards Megan and Harry they can go but I don't see any reason for the tax payer to fund their security or fork out any more money on housing improvements. A very much slimmed down Royal family who behave with dignity and work hard has got to be better.
  11. Yes me too. I was so lucky and privileged to see them play and I treasure memories of the B Clough days. Great to see Chris has made it into the list. He is loyal to the club - a very rare thing these days. So pleased he's playing and scoring again.
  12. I'm glad you were not bothered by comments but some are and I'm standing up for children and young people and as a former teacher I can state that it can border on bullying which is totally unacceptable. Banter is not banter if it causes distress. Other minority groups don't put up with it why should gingers? I have stated my case and will post no more on this subject.
  13. Ok mate but perhaps you've not seen a ten year old with lemon juice trying to bleach and get rid of freckles with tears streaming down her face because of being called names or in my case for 65 years constantly having snide and unpleasant remarks made. I repeat it is not banter and I would ask you politely please to refrain from such comments in the future. Thank you
  14. Agree with first statement but as a ginger yawn yawn. It's not funny and is not appreciated.
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