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  1. So why can we play like this at home and have away performances like Tuesday. It's very frustrating!
  2. We fans deserved better tonight. Absolutely dreadful display. Can't say we deserve to be in play offs with this performance.
  3. Totally agree with you Paul71. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable and should be dealt with firmly the first time it happens. Ignoring it just lets the loutish element think it's ok.
  4. Reading this thread it would suggest that we have higher expectations of a fan's behaviour.
  5. look up kick a ginger day. One year in Rotherham kids were kicked and punched for being ginger. Most unpleasant. Why do we treasure reds in the animal world eg red squirrel and victimize humans with this colouring?
  6. Just heard a Brentford supporter has been arrested for racially abusive behaviour towards Holmes. What is wrong with these people. It is totally despicable. Can't say I've ever heard racial abuse at Pride Park or the BBG and I hope I never do.
  7. Couldn't fault the passion and determination of the lads though. They kept fighting right to the end. Sure there were lapses in concentration and a few mistakes but we are definitely in the mix for the play offs.
  8. Before the match I would have been happy with a point but feeling a bit disappointed now. But a very exciting and tense match. Well played lads.
  9. Just confirms how much we have missed Mount. His return has had a positive impact on every player.
  10. Yes it would David. But there is one problem. I'm not invited to the forum, I've no way of getting in touch with and wouldn't dream of asking if I happened to bump into him so how am I supposed to ask Frank?
  11. Of course I don't expect Frank to say where he is living and to be honest I really don't care. What I am interested in is if there is going to be instability at the club and we are in for another season of all change. I didn't start the rumour I just wondered if anyone else had . It's a poor forum David if a concerned fan, very much a Frank supporter, can't ask for reassurance from other fans. So sorry I won't seek reassurance again or ask any questions.s
  12. It would be great to think it's utter rubbish but there are so many rumours flying around it would be good to squash any false ones. Perhaps we could get some clarification from tonight's meeting?
  13. Has anyone else heard that Lampard has left his place in Hazlewood and now living in London?
  14. Just use the article as toilet paper or use it to line the cat's litter tray. That's what you do with crap!
  15. Where's the source of this possible points deduction? I don't agree with points deduction at all. Who suffers? Yes it's the fans shafted again. Big money has ruined the sport.
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