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    I agree. It made me so sad and angry. My heart goes out to his owners. They must be feeling dreadful this morning. Hopefully with the help of social media the police will soon have the name of the perpetrator.
  2. I am deeply saddened by the intolerance from both sides shown to people who voted differently to them. The other day a little old lady, whose husband was a veteran of WW2 was reduced to tears in a Derby supermarket because she happened to say that life in the UK was fine before we entered the EU. A group of remainers rounded on her for daring to express an opinion. It was bullying and outrageous behaviour and no doubt leavers have been guilty of such behaviour too. I have friends and family who voted differently to me. They are intelligent and well informed people and although we disagree I respect their opinions and they respect mine . At no time have we fallen out. When did people become so rude, aggressive and intolerant? I have written to my MP saying that our politicians are showing a complete lack of respect to each other and to us the electorate and should be setting an example and working together for the benefit of the country. It is politicians that deserve the anger, not friends, family and work colleagues.
  3. If the remainers get a slim majority next time will the leavers accept it? They have every good reason not to. So what next best of 3, 5, 7 and beyond? I can see me being dead before it's sorted. They couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery this lot.
  4. So once again David Cameron is nowhere to be seen having been the architect of this disgraceful mess. Why he didn't do his research and realise that the country would be split virtually down the middle is unbelievable. If you won't like the answer don't ask the question! Out of the people who bothered to vote the majority voted leave albeit a small majority. At this point surely common sense would suggest that they work together to get us the best deal. History teaches us that when people are united they achieve more. However our politicians behave like spoilt children throwing their toys out the pram and they continue to do so. Their behaviour shows contempt for democracy and it is very difficult to see where we go from here. We must be a laughing stock with the rest of the world. As has already been said the majority of parliament have no intention of delivering on the referendum so why are we going through the farce of trying to negotiate any kind if deal. They lack the guts to say they really want to go against the people's referendum. What I find so sad is the number of people who are so disillusionedthat they say they will never vote again.
  5. I too am concerned about the cohesion of our squad and also the calibre of certain players. I agree with the fact that Lampard did very little that benefitted our squad long term. I really enjoyed last season but looking back it was mainly down to an inspirational, passionate leader and three excellent loans. Players that have been brought in haven't not proved to be an upgrade on players that have left. Vydra, Hughes are two examples and there are others who are now playing at a higher level and doing well. I know some people didn't see how Vydra fitted in but at least he could score goals. I still maintain that having a succession of managers all bringing in their own players has led to an unbalanced squad with players at the moment who have no idea whether they will fit in with the current regime. I feel very sorry for players like Chris Martin who have been out on loan after loan because they don't fit in with the current manager's plans. It must be very demotivating. So yes we need a period of stability so that everybody knows where they stand. Going back to the days when Brian Clough was manager, don't yawn, but fans could name to team before it was announced it was so stable.
  6. I'm not talking about his style of play I'm talking about his leadership. Some managers are inspirational eg Klopp and Lampard had that skill. Not sure Cocu is inspirational as when I've listened to his pre and post match comments it doesn't come over. Doesn't mean he can't succeed though given time
  7. We all know that for several reasons the management and team are struggling at the moment and confidence must be low. Yesterday I was concerned about the football but more about the team spirit. I'm not going to name names but through sheer frustration a more senior player getting at a younger player achieves nothing. The team need to bond and so do we fans and get behind our players. We had an extremely charismatic manager last year and most bought into his vision and enthusiasm. Cocu seems a very different character and it will be a huge change for the players and they need to adjust which will take time. Yes results are disappointing and play has been poor but let's hold our heads high and be supportive.
  8. Wasn't impressed on Tuesday and certainly not impressed now. I can't honestly see what Cocu is trying to do. Complete and utter shambles. We need to get a settled team who know how to play together. Players are losing confidence and to be honest so am I.
  9. As somebody who believes that Cocu got in wrong against Forest and who believes that success breeds success I would like to point out that I agree we give Cocu more time before we make any judgement on his ability as a manager for Derby County and yes we desperately need stability. However at the moment I can't honestly say I've enjoyed the matches I've attended and I certainly won't be forking out my hard earned cash to attend pre season friendlies or cup matches again for the foreseeable future. What's the point of going when the line up stands no chance of winning. Indeed why bother playing the match at all.
  10. A win against Forest would be a huge confidence boost for our lads. As it is we have not used our strongest team and this has come back to bite us. I for one am so glad I didn't go to this match. Not Cocu's finest moment
  11. If Marriott isn't able to play a full match I'd like to see both him and Waghorn start and then hopefully we can score first preferably score 2 and then if Marriott is struggling we could either bring on Bennett or park the bus. We've been playing catch up by bringing Marriott on later and because other teams have parked the bus we've not managed to go on and win despite coming close.
  12. Can't really see what Dowell, Josefzoom, Malone bring to the team. Lawrence can be brilliant but is far too erratic. Marriott lifts the team and provides a much needed spark and I too would like him to start. We need to be the team going ahead and not playing catch up. To be honest my heart sank when I saw the line up. And no I am not a doom and gloom merchant I just have high standards and there's nothing wrong with that!
  13. I think Mel deserves the biggest thanks. He's Derby through and through. He had the vision to appoint Frank and quite honestly did Cocu come here because of Frank and his high profile- something only he knows. But really let's hold our heads up high we are a club with a long footballing tradition with a good ground and great fans. That may also have something to do with recent developments you know.
  14. Frank who?? Yesterdays man as far as we're concerned. The only loyalty to any club nowadays seems to be the fans with occasional exceptions like Mel Morris and Chris Wilder who did a great job with Sheffield United last season and is really enjoying his time with his boyhood club. I'm looking forward and don't believe Chelsea will do us any favours.
  15. What a horrible anxious time for you especially as you already in a low place. I really hope he pulls through. Let us know.
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