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  1. Well we've had a season with a "celebrity" manager and he came out of it very well but we're still stuck in the championship. Don't want another manager who uses us as a stepping stone.
  2. Well I think as we are rapidly approaching pre season we are entitled to know what is going on and if we need to be looking for a new manager. Johnson said it is a matter of respect and I fully agree. In my opinion I think there ought to be a rule stating that all managers should be in place by mid June. At least then clubs would be able to plan for next season. And before some of you say oh well it's the players' / mangers' holiday I would like to point out that everywhere throughout the world business deals are done during holidays and there is such a thing as skype plus the fact the salaries these people are on would allow them to fly there and back within 24/48 hours.
  3. Apologies if tis pun's already been posted but we're just letting off steam!
  4. The way some people post it's like Derby don't matter - we just sit and take whatever we are given, a bit like a subservient dog. Well we do matter. We deserve to know what is going on. We deserve better.
  5. Gary Rowett 12-1 No no no. I really couldn't bear it. And whatsmore paddy power says Derby were steadily improving when he was manager. Was I dreaming when I thought we were in free fall after Christmas when he was in charge? I want to watch exciting, successful football and any manager who can deliver that will be welcome.
  6. Hope he's got that cockerpoo trained. Thank you Bryson for being a loyal and hard working player for us.
  7. Perhaps he's in the early stages of dementia and can't remember what he said two weeks ago. He certainly seems to be shooting his mouth off inappropriately.
  8. Unfortunately the longer this uncertainty carries on the more our next season is affected and more people will criticise Frank. Although I would have liked him to stay and couldn't bear going through this every time Chelsea are unhappy or their manager is unhappy with the way things are going.
  9. Just hope Chelsea fans are patient. The weight of expectation on Frank and the media spotlight will be huge - much more so than with us. I don't envy him one bit especially as he has a young baby who will want and need attention from his father. Being with Chelsea he will also have commitments overseas - more time away from his family.
  10. Don't sell yourself short. You do an important and worthwhile job. In the context of this thread if I was in an accident I rather see you than some over paid footballer.
  11. And yet this is just what Chelsea are doing. When I say someone who cares about Derby I don't necessarily mean an ex player. You never know we might have a budding manager on this forum. Some posters sometimes suggest they know better than whatever manager we've got!
  12. Whoever is going to be our manager this needs to be settled as soon as possible. If Frank is going his mind is not going to be focussed on us. Meanwhile this lack of certainty is probably having an impact on new signings. 3 Supposedly Derby targets have already signed for other clubs and has been previously said we will be left with a choice of unemployed managers nobody else wants. This time last year we had Frank and were planning ahead. This year? The longer this goes on the more disillusioned I become!
  13. Football has become a very Machiavellian business. Watch your back and don't take everything at face value! Yeah I'm old and very cynical sadly.
  14. To be fair I see absolutely no point in second guessing Mel's motive or motives in appointing Lampard. The only person who can answer that is Mel himself.
  15. I'd like someone who really cares about Derby County and just doesn't see it as a stepping stone to a bigger club with a bigger salary. I'd like someone with excellent people skills, who nurtures and develops young academy players and is able to carry on with style of football we have been playing this season.
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