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  1. Was disappointing last night in the fact that we didn't go for the jugular after going in front. Had we pressed them and kept the ball better after the first goal a second quick fire goal would have killed it. Was very frustrating watching. Other teams in and around us kill off these teams and we just never produce. These games I'm afraid highlight we need more character and desire in the side in games like last night. Its not a new thing that we struggle against lesser sides its happened for years. To concede in that manner from our own free kick was embarrassing. A lack of common sense and also decision making cost us. That being said it was screaming out for a Huddlestone. The amount of times I was screaming at the TV for us to hold onto the ball for a bit was ten-fold. If he really can't do two games in a short space of time then fair enough, this needs to be addressed that we either bring in an adequate long term replacement (I don't see one in the club at the moment) or we learn to play a different way when he isn't there. For what its worth I thought Johnson did well as did King in the first half but we needed more control in there. We are missing Mason Mount a lot as well. He is the one who can take a game to a team and make something happen. Hopefully get him back soon and we are still in contention. I also think our wingers don't help us at times. I think maybe one of them should start way more narrow and one right out wide giving the oppo back-line more to think about. We still aren't seeing enough from the wings and haven't cracked this since we had McClaren first time around with the two who started giving everything, if it wasn't working McClaren would hook them for two off the bench. That's one thing I think Frank could learn with his subs. As Mourinho used to do a lot and was never scared of a sub. Nugent is just not up to it. I get that he hit the bar and if it had gone in we wouldn't be discussing this but he didn't score and that is more poignant from someone who is supposed to be a "poacher" and a proven goalscorer. If he is going to be on the bench you want an impact. He hasn't provided that impact for weeks and weeks. I think he's a great guy but sadly his time is up. Consistency is lacking. Yes we are still unbeaten in Feb but this was two points dropped no doubt about it, a missed opportunity. I really hope it turns out to be a good point by March. If we can win at home to Millwall and then the dreaded Florists it will be forgotten but a derby match can be a lottery. I still think we will make the playoffs although the so called easier/favourable run hasnt been that fruitful and with Forest and Villa coming up they aren't easy games. Its games like last night that we all tear our hair out because it was a massive missed opportunity and also the manner in which we dropped points frustrates us like hell. Like I said before we have seen it countless times and it hasn't been addressed. Anyhow a free hit this weekend. Hope we can get a result and also see a couple of the championship results go our way as well.
  2. cracking effort if that's the case! Considering Brighton away as well on Sat.
  3. He’s got stiff competition to be our best Nigerian player in history... After Blessing Kaku obviously πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
  4. He does backflip celebrations. I’m sold!
  5. I do believe he'd offer more down the middle than Nugent. Stronger more aggressive and a lot quicker. Sadly he's never been given a chance there but appreciate FL knows more than me spending time with these players day in day out. However I do think he'd have a greater impact on games now than Nuge. I do think in front of goal he lacks composure in front of goal but thats the same for a number of players. The chance against Accy Stan optimised this and I remember another against WBA away where he somehow ballooned it miles over the bar As one of the posters said he makes up with a really good spring and wins a lot of headers for a relatively small (but stocky) guy. Having said that if our boy Jack isn't the one to lead the line then surely Waghorn is next in line, but I would like to see Mason given a chance. He could really enforce and be the catalyst for the high press that we crave. All in all I voted impact sub...
  6. Got to remember it's going to be cover. Unless the deal is right for a player to come in like an Ampadu who can dislodge Keogh or Tomori, it doesnt worry me too much of what comes in.
  7. I do like him but don't think he's been particularly successful. Pretty poor goal return.
  8. What @Srg said. Don't make the mistake we made with Nugent!
  9. Presuming players are fit and we don't see any incomings: Roos Wisdom Tomori Keogh Malone Huddlestone Wilson Bryson Waghorn Marriott Holmes Subs: Mitchell, Cole, Evans, Jozefzoon, Lawrence, Bennett, Nugent Would love to see Ashley Cole get some game time
  10. Lawrence is incredibly frustrating. He could be a really dangerous winger but its his decision making that lets him down. Its when to shoot and when to pass that lets him down. Once hes fired up and in a game that is where we see the best in him like against Southampton. I'd want to keep him as we've paid a decent fee for a player who is a good championship player as it stands but has the potential to be one of the best.
  11. Great forum @David was a long time reader before taking the plunge to post! Keep up the good work
  12. Would love Austin but wages would be the stumbling block. Would love him on a permanent in the summer but again might be a bit pricey.
  13. What was confirmed for me on Saturday that I've been thinking for a while is we are in dire need of firepower up front to support Marriott when hes not playing or off his game. I get that he's a likeable character. He occasionally starts the bounce when we've won and I'm sure he's great around the training ground and in the dressing room but even against a League One outfit, Nugent looked way-off it. He looks slower, laboured and doesn't hold the ball up for us. Please don't think this is an attack on Nugent but aside from Waghorn who Frank doesn't seem to want to play up top, I do think this is an area we need support in now. Definitely in the summer but if we could get a body in now that would be a huge boost and take a bit of pressure off Marriott. Maybe something a bit different as well.
  14. I do still think Scotty Carson is our best keeper and No1. However Roos has done no wrong in the 4 games he's played. In particular the Southampton away game he was excellent. Not just shot stopping but catching and holding the ball to alleviate pressure. As a defender it is so welcoming to see your keeper claim the ball and hold it when you need to take a break and set yourself up again. I agree with the comments above however in terms of Carson being a better keeper but we are on a good run with Roos in at the moment and I say keep the run going. I hope he can earn himself a contract.
  15. I still can't bring myself to watch it back. I can't really remember anything other than the goal and Russell getting chopped. So many hindsight points from this: - Why didn't Bryson start - Why was Rob Green suddenly Buffon - Had O'Neill not chopped Russell would we have won? - Was it actually Bucko's mistake in the corner rather than Keogh we should be burning the effigy's of... - Harry bloody Redknapp!!!!!!! 0 I'm not crying you're crying...
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