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  1. Good st Good stats to see there. Really hope we see Clarke back in defence and Bielik in the middle on Friday.
  2. Twitter is an absolutely toxic place. I can't imagine being a player and typing your name in and seeing what comes up. Can't blame him for biting back.
  3. Huge huge game before the International break. Would settle everyone down if we can get a win here. Not outside the realms of possibility. We should get chances against this lot but have to be on it defensively as last year showed. On selection, I'm still unsure if Bielik is fully fit yet. He's obviously a good player but against Bristol he looked knackered. Whenever the ball was out of play he was gasping for air, hopefully he's made time up now. I do think he's wasted at CB and Matt Clarke should be starting with Keogh. Marriott and Waggy in from the start for sure: If all players are fit I'd go: Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone/Buchanan Bielik Knight Holmes Waggy Marriott Lawrence COYR. Always love this away day and the Brentford fans are actually great crack after the game, The Griffin before the game, Princess Royal after if anyone is looking for watering holes.
  4. A decent squad player. Can contribute. Not a starter.
  5. Genuinely have no issue with him giving it back to fans. The amount of abuse footballers must hear is understandably going to touch a nerve. Its shocking that grown men and women think because they have paid their money they are now out of the norms of society. If he plays well then it isn't an issue. However any fan who complains about it needs to grow up a bit. If you are giving a player abuse when you are not a professional footballer and then get upset by them biting back then you have one of the following issues: 1. Sense of Humour failure 2. Get upset by the phone ringing in your house and say out loud "who is this calling at this time?" 3. have forgotten some of the real dross we had over the years. Having said that having played semi-pro and been given my fair share of stick over the years, the best thing you can do is actually smile at those abusing you, or even go the whole hog and deliver the Sam Allardyce style laugh he gave to Chico Flores if you remember. Admittedly this was more for the opposition fans who used witty remarks about my looks, family and sexual preference having not seen my family tree or Tinder page... For the record I think Malone is ok. I don't think he's a great left back but does have energy and has played well. His mistakes last game however were avoidable and is all down to decision making that frankly as a professional you cannot be making. Real school boy stuff. He either knuckles down and gives everything in training giving himself the best possible chance of starting Saturday, otherwise he could be dropped with Shinnie coming in and being given a go. I think the latter is unlikely however and he'll be given another chance.
  6. I thought he was impressive when he had a stint in goal for Leicester in the Prem. I've watched the save he made against Scunny on loop. Really impressive. Keen to keep Roos in for the time being but great we've got a decent keeper in reserve if needed.
  7. No chance Keogh or Clarke are replaced. He'll be moved further forward. I'd imagine in place of Evans. He is just as agile at getting around the pitch so if anything we benefit from more legs in there. His aerial presence and tackling as well as comfort on the ball will be a huge boost. You could see at times against Huddersfield and also against Swansea where Huddz and Evans (more so Evans) took it in turns to slot into a back 3 allowing our full backs to get forward. Bielik can easily do this as well.
  8. I think if he's consistently played up top then this is more than attainable. Had a decent game on Saturday and unlucky not to score just before half time. Locardia seems a bit like an Assombalonga to me but can't see it happening as Brighton spent a fortune on him.
  9. Spot on. Was impressed with all three in the middle. Initially was worried by the mobility but Evans was great. Huddz when given the ball to distribute is such a calming influence and Dowell had glimpses of what he can do (just keep him away from our peno box).
  10. 'Rambe33

    Jordon Ibe

    Would love Ibe back he was devastating in the championship when he came to us first time. Was so unpredictable for defenders and a real loss when he was recalled.
  11. We've got Bielik, Krystian Bielik, I just don't think you understand, He breaks up the play, he's better than Kanté, We've got Krystian Bielik! And again... 🐏🐏🐏
  12. I think from the winger standpoint likely to be a waiting game. Prem teams will be holding fire right to deadline day to see who they can bring in and who they can allow out.
  13. Anya is a fraud. He has very little ability aside from his pace. Poor crosser, no real chick in his armoury and basically a headless chicken. Get him far away from the squad. Just in case you were wondering I don't rate him.
  14. Now this is a signing to get excited about. If Mel pulls this off would be class. Assume he is to play in DM role and Matt Clarke in CB if they are both coming? Both look good talents and a decent age for what we are trying to shape. A winger or two and possibly another creative midfielder and then we are cooking!
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