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  1. Nigel Pearson was manager at the time. Power-trip PE teacher, hating on anyone who doesn't do exactly what he says... 😉
  2. Christ, so we have fans who still moan about the type of goal we score. Even more bewildering with the quality of that first goal. Took 4 bolton players out of the game and I didnt realise until watching it back how well Waggy does to adjust his body to place it perfectly through to Mount. I hope we see more of this. Hes a fighter and can score all kinds of goals. Hope he can grab a few in the run in.
  3. Agree with this and it points towards an imbalance in midfield and generally all over the pitch in terms of how we are supposed to play. We play with such a lack of care and intelligence at times. When you aren't in games you have to go back to basics and take care of the ball. We just forget that we can play football and end up giving it away constantly. I hate to single players out but Bryson tonight was so pivotal to our downfall tonight. His aimless running, arriving too late to make challenges and then puts himself out of position killed us. It also puts more strain on Mount and detracts away from what he's good at as he has to do extra running. I think the little experiment with Roos needs to end now. While he's shown he's a competent keeper and step in when called upon, he doesn't half give me a scare everytime the ball is in the air. His catching and judgement has completely disappeared since the Southampton FA Cup game away. Carson back in please from now on. Overall I wasn't surprised we lost last night but we went down with a wimper yet again. We have a glimmer of hope left of the players as you'd expect us after the games tonight to be 6 points off the top 6 when Villa meet Rotherham. However the championship is bonkers. Win the next three Bolton (h), Brum (a), QPR (h) and it gives us hope but I just think the last three games will be too tough for us. I think we've shown what we are, a top 10 team. Had glimpses of brilliance but we concede far too many goals to merit being firm playoff contenders which as I've said before is disappointing sitting in a league which is so so poor. It was there for the taking. We will finish 8th in my opinion.
  4. working away from home so ipad it is
  5. Is the game on Rams TV for UK residents? No access to red button tonight...
  6. Where we drinking tomorrow then chaps? Which of the four pubs on the corners have been shut down?
  7. He is a very talented centre half for his age. I still get frustrated with him at times as he makes basic mistakes when trying to be a little clever but then 9/10 times he will correct it with his pace and strength. He's still only 21! For a centre half showing what he's capable of now and the maturity he's playing with he can become a fine centre half. Pace as a central defender is such a USP to have. The only times he falters for me is sometimes he's a little fired up and his tacking technique is a little over exuberant. The Forest tackle, Norwich away, and one other he dives in almost 2 footed. Has to be careful as some refs will look for an excuse to get the red out. A fine loan signing and has certainly got better since he joined. Unlikely to sign on a perm but certainly think we could get him on loan again.
  8. Would still be a better wing option than Jozefzoon and Bennett in my opinion. His absence was obvious towards the back end of last season. One of those who fans moaned about at the time but now he's gone you could see his value. Not a starter but certainly an option from the bench in our current set up.
  9. *9 meaningless, can't go up, can't go down, players already on the beach, nothing to play for games. Better?
  10. I think the break will be a good thing for fans and players. Nice bit of rest get energy levels back and get us ready for the 9 cup finals coming up. Good PR from the club to get pics of all the players and management smiling etc. it does go a long way. Looking forward to a decent atmosphere on Saturday as well!
  11. The Dirty Duck aka White Swan! Never break tradition
  12. It is still one of the greatest photos I've ever seen from DCFC. Modern players tend to rock into pre-season with their Prada wash bags, chains hanging low, shades and huge headphones. Bucko trots in with an asda carrier bag over his shoulder while still in his painting trousers from the second bedroom he's yet to finish but had all summer! What a bloke
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