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  1. To be fair, when Bucko was playing under Mac 1 and formed the partnership with Keogh, his passing range was superb. Better than anyone in our current team. The tactics currently being employed by the first team is sideways and back, if we went more direct and back to how Rooney picked up points it would only be a good thing.
  2. 48 hours I reckon we'll hear something...
  3. He deserves until the end of the season and another crack next season at the very least. What I can't understand is the way we got points in our mini-run of good form was from being competitive, direct, playing percentages, getting players in and around Kazim and playing from there. Why have we gone away from this over the last 5 games? He did really well to get the very best out of a very limited group of players and it worked. Why deviate from this now? We all know that isn't what we want to be watching or enduring in the long term but it is necessary in the short term to confirm o
  4. You won’t have to wait long mate, he’ll be back to provide it on the other wing next week 😂
  5. The lack of pace in our ranks has been a problem for a number of years now. We still find ourselves in that situation where we still don't really have a proper winger in the club. All our so-called wide players drift in field and play inverted. Unless this is part of the tactics it is still a major issue that we don't have a player capable of dribbling past a player and getting a cross in. I did think Jozwiak would be the answer to this but he hasn't yet done it and picks the ball up infield too often.
  6. Shocking article. Very different situations. We had no other choice but to enter the loan market and get players in now for a short term measure to secure status in the Championship. Once that is confirmed, we can then look to the summer to a different approach. On the flip side the perm signings Lampard have made have all been failures apart from Shinnie.
  7. Poor challenge. I said at the time had VAR been avaiable he'd have gone.
  8. To be fair - more has been made of it because we lost. I'd like to think Wazza would have still highlighted it had we won but more in jest. Had fans been in the stadium we wouldn't have heard him so no big deal, but christ it was annoying. Reminded me of playing Sunday league with a moronic parent screaming for his son to kick the other kids up in the air! We all know someone like that. One thing to note on Rotherham - Matty Crooks has looked good everytime I see him play. We think Knight has energy, this guy rivals him in that department and is very effective in the midfield with
  9. That was a bit grim in the end wasn't it lads. A horrible game to watch but another example of how this team just isnt clinical enough at the key moments. Rotherham played the game they know and to great effect. Fair play to Paul Warne for getting that out of his players. However it is so boring as a Derby fan knowing we will get bullied in these types of games and not stand up to it. We folded for the first goal which dismantled the huff and puff we'd put in to that point. I thought we'd turned a corner and not concede goals like the first one again. It was extremely poor defending and
  10. Marshall 7 Byrne 8 Buchanan 8 Wisdom 8 Clarke 8 Bird 9 Bielik n\a Shinnie 9 Jozwiak 7 CKR 8 Knight 7 Waghorn 6
  11. Roos -9 Byrne -8 Buchanan-8 Evans-6 Wisdom-7 Clarke-8 Bielik-7 Shinnie-8 Jozwiak-7 CKR-7 Knight-7 Bird-7
  12. That’s the phrase I was looking for! 🙌
  13. The success from corners is heavily weighted towards the delivery. The day they let Byrne and Shinnie have a go in training was the game changer. Aside from Rooney when he was on them, the likes of Bird, Lawrence etc were dreadful. Shinnie and Byrne consistently put it into the dangerous area between where the keeper comes out and our attacking players make the run. It’s a nice change to be a threat from set pieces.
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