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  1. Ridiculous criticism of Carson. This is the one area we don't need to be shopping. I think it's only been highlighted because Butland was in the other net. He is an international goalkeeper and certainly one of the best in England. The instinctive save from Tomori wouldn't have been saved by all keepers. The Lawrence shot first half as well. He isn't the issue. The defence is. Without a settled back four you will struggle no matter what level you play at.
  2. 'Rambe33

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    Went to bed bitterly disappointed and a wee bit angry after the game last night. Having had a bit of time to reflect there's a few points to discuss and dissect. We actually started well and did the right thing initially in terms of getting our ball players on the ball. Mount and Lawrence were initially the bright sparks. In contrast BJ and Bryson were slow in thought and possession. 2. We didn't Utilise Wilson or the extd mind at all once they went down to 10 men. More care and better decision making would have helped us in the final third. Too often we looked to go direct to Marriott who was always going to struggle against Shawcross and Williams in the air. 3. Second half we were far too slow in possession. Lawrence after starting well let it all go to waste with his pot shots and headless runs into congested areas. 4. Bogle defensively worries me. So ponderous and not taking responsibility leading to hesitation. I think if Wisdom isn't fancied a right back is required on Jan. He needs help, he's only 18 and not the finished article but still could be. 5. The goals we conceded were so avoidable which is infuriating. We looked so slow on the turn and didn't react to the danger quick enough. Oversll I think Frank got the team selection wrong. Jozefzoon should have retained his place as Huddlestone should have. If they were fatigued fair enough but the constant chopping and changing isn't helping. Breaking down 10 men is difficult but you have to be Street smart and play the tempo and conditions at the right time. Once we got to 1-1 we needed to be composed and still keep our boot on the necks of Stoke but also remain vigilant defensively. We just went gung-ho at them, so naive! Disappointing result and a real missed opportunity but plenty of football to play. Saturday is a big big game now. Max points is the order. Lose two on the bounce in the championship and you lose ground very quickly. We have to try and go on another 3/4 winning run!
  3. 'Rambe33

    Tom Huddlestone Appreciation Thread

    His awareness is exceptional. I was at the game last night. I could only count one occasion when he gave the ball away. Truly outstanding in the middle and his ability to keep us ticking over is integral to the way we want to play. Glad he's done the work to make that spot his own.
  4. 'Rambe33

    Come on Derby show no fear

    Would be happy with a competitive performance and a goal or two. Never been to Stamford Bridge as a fan before so really looking forward to standing in Row 5 of the Shed Lower. I did however play in a Charity tournament at the Bridge 2 years ago and bagged 7 goals on our way to the final before losing on pens if you're asking... If anyone's in the market for a slightly doughy left footed plodder give me a shout! Up the Rams!
  5. 'Rambe33

    Boro (A) Tickets

    Looking like only 200+ tickets available on the website now. Pretty good going from us considering the travel, being on Sky and the time of KO as well. If we can get a positive result this weekend, then that will be a real statement!
  6. 'Rambe33

    International Rams 18/19

    Ampadu screening the back four. Happy to bark out instructions to his more experienced team mates as well. Looks a serious talent. One for January? 👀👀
  7. 'Rambe33

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Gave it a like as it was near-on the money! I think he may retain Fozzy over Malone though. Not too fussed either way as both offer a lot. Great to have genuine competition in that position for change wherby its not pros and cons to each but more who wants the shirt the most when given the chance. Can't see him leaving Nugent out completely and would expect him to be on the bench. No idea who for though
  8. 'Rambe33

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    What I'd like to see: Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Fozzy Huddlestone Mount Bryson Lawrence Waghorn Bennett Finally can we see Huddletone with two midfielders with legs around him? Will it finally have Bryson functioning effectively with a trusted DM behind him with a sound positioning sense? What I think we will see: Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Fozzy Ledley Mount Bryson Bennett Nugent Lawrence A 3-0 win please
  9. 'Rambe33

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Good comfortable win... in the end. At 0-0 I did think we were going to lose it 1-0 to a filthy set piece but were able to stay focused ride the wave of the usual growns from fans got the goals at crucial times to kill Ipswich off. I know the tempo needs to improve, but the moaning and groaning is pathetic from a minority. Do they not get the concept of keeping the ball? Especially when a team sets up with a bank of 5 in midfield no matter how good you are its a tough nut top break down. I use the example of England in their World Cup qualifiers of years gone by against minor nations. No matter how good you are, if you have a team who's main objective is to set up behind the halfway-line and stop you playing it isn't easy and PATIENCE is needed. Fans need patience! First 10/15 minutes was really bright and we looked so much more balanced with a CDM in there who knows what the role entails. Was gutted Evans had to go off and hope its not lengthy although feel it will be... Ledley came on and made amends for a poor showing against Leeds. Much better on the ball and screened the back four better. Good goal albeit with a big deflection. Defence looked solid. Fozzy had a great game. Tomori and Keogh still worries me as a partnership. Tomori at times reminds me of Michael Keane when he came to Derby thinking he's above the level he's playing so it actually effects his game negatively. Bogle was solid and dealt with Grant Ward who can be tricky. Mount wasn't as effective, but he always wants the ball and never stops running to try and receive it when things aren't coming off. I want more from Bryson. He runs a lot and provides energy but needs to be chanelled into the right areas. Bennett started bright and was direct at every opportunity in the second half. Really glad he's been given a chance and is a beast once he gets going. Think he deserves another start on Saturday, but is ideal to be a change on 60 minutes from the bench if the first choice wingers (Wilson, Lawrence and FloJo) arent at it. Nugent did his usual job. Always busy and great to have in the squad but showed whyt again he is best suited to coming off the bench and doing what he did at Millwall for us. Love the guy and want him in the squad, just think Waghorn and Marriott should be the starters. Great to have that Ipswich monkey off our backs in terms of their record at Pride Park. Fantastic platform for the game on Saturday to go and get another 3 points. Hope for a higher attendance as well. I thought the atmosphere after we scored was decent! Well done lads!
  10. 'Rambe33

    Fans - Palace vs Liverpool

    Decent atmosphere last night. Palace have always generated a decent noise. Where the cameras and microphones are may enhance this however. As it's an old school ground, the camera is right at the back of the stand they put home and away fans in I believe so may pick more up as a result. Decent game though, very open until Liverpool got the second.
  11. 'Rambe33

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    I thought Tomori was really poor. Not just giving away the free-kick but for such a big lad, he was effortlessly knocked off the ball countless times by Lee Gregory. I thought he was encouraging against Leeds even though we conceded 4 but looked so inexperienced in his battle with the Millwall lad. Against a Millwall I would have played Wisdom at right back. Bogle looked lightweight but he all game he wanted the ball which was commendable, just lacked quality with his crossing in the end. Keogh first half after a rocky start, began to find Waghorn with some decent quick balls into his feet which is where he can be useful. They need to trust each other more on the ball and play it earlier. We could have easily got an equaliser in the game. Fozzy was really good when he came on as was Nugent. You are spot on with the lack of urgency and tempo in there. That killed us. If you strip the game down if you don't apply basics and play with a determination to win/don;t concede you are fighting a losing battle. The first goal was so soft and all it needed was someone to take responsibility and defend it properly. It was very reminiscent of the away game early on last year against Sheff Utd where we'd lost he game in the first 30minutes with silly individual errors. At the game I was disappointed but I'm still not overly concerned. We still have Big Tom and Curtis Davies to come back in. These two are a huge part of our spine and add experience and leadership as well as quality. Two home games to put some points on the board, a real opportunity for the them. However if we don't pick up points then I'll be a little more concerned. Intrigued to see what FL goes with tomorrow line up wise.
  12. 'Rambe33

    Best team?

    From what I've seen so far. 4-3-3 Carson Wisdom Tomori Davies Malone Huddlestone/Evans Mount Bryson Jozefzoon Waghorn Lawrence I think Jozefzoon is a proper out and out winger giving you pace and the unpredictability. Played with Lawrence or Wilson gives you a decent blend. A fit Huddlestone all day in that middle, but if not play the boy Evans where he's been brought in to operate. Tomori and Davies for me at the back. Malone has an engine!
  13. 'Rambe33

    Chris Martin - Player Discussion Thread.

    haha can of worms well and truly opened... Can see Forum members chinese burning themselves up and down the land as they read my comment 🙈
  14. I see Waghorn as a more mobile Martin. I will always be a big fan of Chrissy's. The season we got to the Playoff final under Mac 1, he was a joy to watch in terms of link up and goal scoring. He is in that mold without regular games, he just won't provide an impact. He needs the game time consistently. I was very surprised he wasn't utilized under Rowett as he had a big man in Jutkiewicz at Birmingham. Sadly I've heard rumblings that he's happy to just pick up his pay packet and sit in the reserves for the remainder of his contract. Maybe its the fact he's fallen from the top and its a pride thing? A move away now would be good for both the club and player. Rooting for Waghorn to be dominate and make the number 9 his own.
  15. 'Rambe33

    Were Leeds That Good Or ,,,,

    That last paragraph is spot on @Anon Last year we just rolled over and died against Wolves. Against Leeds who are adopting a similar model to Wolves we were still creating chances and openings in the final third.

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