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  1. *Markeaton Park feeding the ducks Fixed it for you 😉
  2. I think thew real snowball for "hating fans and clubs" is Twitter and Social media. Generally when speaking to Leeds fans at work and over a pint they're fine but Twitter gives people a platform to create much out of nothing. The same can be said about Liverpool. Actual Liverpool fans I know (based in Liverpool and have Season tickets) are embarassed by fans on social media who hide behind a player name or account and have probably never seen Anfield...
  3. Burnley and Villa @B4ev6is you not like the claret and blue?
  4. The guy is intelligent, driven and competitive. He's brought in some quality players from top Prem sides we would have never got otherwise. He's embedding youth into our squad and in line with what Mel Morris has wanted for a while. Seeing our youth team winning their league is showing the hard work behind the scenes is working, but promoting and playing players on merit like Bogle, Bennett (to an extent), Bird, Mitchell-Lawson etc. Is such a positive move for the rest of the youth squad. He's created a brilliant bond between the players/management and us the fans that has been broken for a while. Even earlier in the season it was still a little fragile and some of the fans were easy to fall into their old ways but overall we are in such a good place. Reading away, Man Ure and Chelsea away, West Brom away, Sheff Utd at home, Norwich away, Southampton x2 in the cup and then every game Brentofrd away onwards all were exciting in their own right (minus Blackburn). I can't remember the last Derby team to be behind late on in games and I genuinely believe we will still get something out of games. The players attitude has been spot on and Frank and Jody need a lot of credit for this. I really don't think we are in a bad position. The fans are connected to the club again. Yes we lost but you only have to look at the likes of Norwich, Sheff Utd, Villa of recent time that time has shown success is built over time. We have never had more than a season of continuity. Hopefully we get that now. Would be absolutely gutted if he went. Would understand if Chelsea came crawling but think he can get that job anytime he wants... He could build something here!
  5. Get this thread in the bin. Unwanted distraction
  6. Check the junk email mate, mine ended up there after I had a mad panic!
  7. I remember this got everyone excited. Sadly it was too late after the damage was done from the first leg in that one. A certain Mr Nugent scoring at Deepdale...
  8. Just replaced Villa with Rangers for the "fill the gap with another club" to be linked with.
  9. Might be blind optimism but I feel infinitely better than I did before the Fulham away leg last year. Think it stems more from enjoying the season on the whole so much more than last year under Snakey. Its a free-hit Wednesday! It would be absolutely massive if we can do them! Pure unadulterated Kevin Keegan- esque mantra! An early goal and it could change everything! COYR
  10. playing the long game, really drawing this one out... 😉
  11. Mind games for me. Fully expect Waghorn to be in that starting XI. As with Jansson on their side, expect him to play also.
  12. Nothing confirmed as yet just paper talk. Is he a good person to have around the club? Yes. Have his performances been good enough this season? No. He's been a great servant for Derby County but I felt when he played this season he was damaging his reputation with us. Having said that he started to put a run of form together until he got injured against Sheff Utd at home. He also was decent at Birmingham away but appreciate it was one game. Would I be sad to see him go? Yes but think it is time. He's been one of my favourite players in recent years. Would I be raging if he stays? No not at all. If he takes reduced terms and is clearly happy at the club he will be a positive influence. P.S. Great to see he was in the tunnel congratulating the Under 18s on their victory last night alongside Keogh, Roos and a few others. Little things like that can make a big difference behind the scenes.
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