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  1. This was the game we had to win last year to keep the momentum going to make the playoffs. Not in the same bracket this year but would be some statement if we can go there and get the win. Back to back away wins would be huge. Not going but armchair fan for the night in this one! COYR
  2. Not a winger though is he... Could easily see it being Lawrence. Last of the Summer Wino’s our the door. Would you miss him? Nope
  3. haha ffs. Marks for showing my working please Miss?
  4. Last night was a sad tale to say the least. After getting the goal we should have controlled the next 15 minutes. First half was pretty even with both teams showing a lack of a cutting edge. Second half we came out and played with a real tempo and took the game to Luton. we were all over them and should have gone in front through Lawrence. We got the goal went ballistic at Rooney's deflected goal looping into the top bin (not how I'd imagine Wayne's first goal). This is where we showed a real lack of game management and pure panic. I couldn't really see what happened for their first goal at the time but a decent strike however Holmes needs to take some blame for not being in front of the man on the edge of the box. He's trying to cheat thinking of a breakaway rather than defending first and attacking second. Another set piece conceded. Second goal... No aggression in our defending, also looked a mismatch in terms of who was marking their towering defender. Another set piece ffs. Our second goal. Credit where its due, brilliant cross from Bogle and a proper centre forwards header from Chrissy. That should have been the point. We'd messed up a game we should have won now make sure you don't lose it. The red card. I do think it was a foul on Lowe before Hamer picked it up however he probably should have just booted it. Absolutely no excuses for Lowe after that. Complete headloss and I'd imagine he's pretty embarrassed by it. Now we have to put up with old Spaghetti Legs for 3 games. Personally would rather Fozzy at left back. Better in the air, Their third goal. Naive, weak, feeble are words that come to mind. Clarke has to do better, was beaten too easily and then what was Bogle doing? Harder to put that into your net than actually clear it. Hes got a habit of getting his feet in a tangle and its cost us. Some might say rotten luck but this really should have been a game we win. We'd have moved up to 13th had we won, extended the run and in good confidence going into a tricky game Friday. That cloud over our away form just got darker losing to bottom of the league. Its going to get harder. Subs wise Cocu should have introduced Marriott and Martin sooner. Waggy just isn't doing enough. Marriott stretches the game and defenders don't like how he drags them around. Martin has better hold up and is a clever player to link up with Rooney. The lack of trickery, guile, craft what ever you want to call it is so obvious. Really crying out for a someone who's going to take players on and beat them however this is nothing new and looking likely we won't get anyone in will mean we may find it difficult to improve fortunes for the remainder of the season. Really disappointed last night, and you could see Cocu was really annoyed and embarrassed how we threw that away. Is he blameless? Absolutely not but its the players who should take the brunt of this. They are the ones who are in control of the outcome and just didn't face up to the challenge. Sadly I feel its just going to get worse in the short term before it gets better. We need to grim and bear it this season I feel. Stoke at home becomes even more important now to get a win.
  5. This is the one I'd go with. Maybe Knight in for Bird.
  6. Morten Bisgaard. Something truly brilliant about him filming the promotion bus ride through the town centre on a JVC camcorder 😂😂
  7. Always fight his corner but needs a consistent run in the team. Aside from missing a handful of chances vs Barnsley, his ability to stretch games is so valuable for us and in this league. He pulls defenders around and out of position. If used for his main attributes he can be deadly. Needs the service and creativity behind him. I maintain if we did let him go he'd go and score a hat-full elsewhere.
  8. I don't think buying a Sweeper is going to help United's attacking threat...
  9. Mason Bennett will eclipse Gordon Guthrie's tenure at the club. Even if it means being Rammie, Bennett will still be on the payroll in his 80's
  10. Doesn't really add up if he's predominantly a Centre mid/Attacking CM. Bit like when Kasey Palmer came here as the second choice to Lookman.
  11. Burton Albion away. That was enough that season.
  12. Has Carson got another year after his loan? Problem solved if so. Make do with Hamer for this season and then bring back the keeper we sang to be "sitting on a plane next to Kane" not so long ago...
  13. Pretty much spot on with all you said 👌 Rooney and Hudds in the middle were superb. Pulled the strings all game. Also had Malone putting some decent crosses in first half for the first time in a long time. Bogle was the Bogle of old as well. Great to see and maybe the break did him good. Exquisite cross for the goal. Just added some £££ to that price tag. Tough call on him and Wisdom for the next game. Sibley gives us a taste of what we can look forward to seeing he could be a great player for us! Exciting to see what he can do for the rest of the season. A textbook Martin finish and I just can’t get enough of seeing him in a Derby shirt. Will enjoy it while it lasts as it’s probably finally time for him and the club to move on at the end of the season. I will always love him Wayne Rooney! He is far from done, fitness levels incredible. Desire that of a player just bursting on the scene wanting to prove himself. His passing and ability to read the game is exceptional! How lucky we are to have him. A joy to watch in the black and white. What a guy. Fantastic team performance and brilliant turnout for the fans. A win on the road! The end is nigh!! 🤣🤣 Up the beautiful Rams! 🐏
  14. If Clarke is fit he has to come back in. We are playing a left back at centre half. Worth noting Forsyth started his career as a left midfielder... My team would be: Hamer Bogle, Davies, Clarke, Fozzy/Lowe Bielik, Knight Waghorn, Sibley, Holmes Martin or have a real go: Hamer Bogle, Davies, Clarke, Fozzy/Lowe Bielik Knight, Holmes Sibley Martin, Marriott/Waghorn Still looking forward to Boxing Day football! Cant beat it! COYR.
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