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  1. why can't we play shinnie at left back instead of buchanan? feel like we are taking play our youth plays regularly too literally. 2 inexperienced full backs is costing us
  2. shocking, no wonder lawrence got frustrated with him at the end. would much rather give our own young players a chance. knight mom for me
  3. i know from a good source that Mel Morris has a lot of time and respect for Darren Moore, i'm not saying he's going to be our next manager but he could well be in contention. Personally my first choice would be Jokanovic, if we don't manage to get him i'd love Gary Monk. I know he's still at birmingham, but i recently read he had fallen out with their board - so he may be tempted
  4. fuming i am a season ticket holder and already have my ticket. i wanted to surprise my dad n sister. at 2.12pm i was 10th only to be told that when it was my turn the server was 'too busy' i logged back on and am 24,000. not a chance of me getting them tickets
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