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  1. i know from a good source that Mel Morris has a lot of time and respect for Darren Moore, i'm not saying he's going to be our next manager but he could well be in contention. Personally my first choice would be Jokanovic, if we don't manage to get him i'd love Gary Monk. I know he's still at birmingham, but i recently read he had fallen out with their board - so he may be tempted
  2. fuming i am a season ticket holder and already have my ticket. i wanted to surprise my dad n sister. at 2.12pm i was 10th only to be told that when it was my turn the server was 'too busy' i logged back on and am 24,000. not a chance of me getting them tickets
  3. because clearly it is an issue if he's raised it multiple times in various interviews this last month, explaining his hands are tied as such and that he understands the situation the club is in etc. my point is the money he's spent hasn't been spent wisely
  4. Disappointing last night, but just want to touch on Franks signings. So far i can understand why Reading didn't want Evans, the fact that they are towards the bottom of the league and he couldn't get in their team added to the fact we were competing with league 1 Sunderland for his signature suggested to me he wasn't good enough for a promotion chasing team. I don't think one of his long range passes reached its target last night. I hope he proves me wrong, but can't see him being the long term replacement for Huddlestone. Frank keeps 'moaning' about the lack of funds etc, but if i'm honest the money he's spent so far he's wasted. Bar Marriott and Holmes i can't see where he's got value for money on his permanent signings. Evans i've touched on, Flo Jo can't get in the team, Malone is quite inconsistent. Waghorn i love to bits and wish he'd start more, however the fee we paid for him i just cannot justify. I know Waghorn has no influence over the fee we pay, but in my eyes if you paying 5mill rising to 7.5mill for a player, he should then be the first name on the team sheet and a match winner. The type of player that if he doesn't play we miss, e.g Wilson. If I'm honest i can't see how waghorn is that player, i believe we could have got a Waghorn type player for half the fee we paid for him. Thoughts?
  5. Really don't understand what Waghorn has done wrong? I'm sure we brought him as a striker, yeah he's done well when he's played out wide, but why start Marriott today? Surely give him a rest with Leeds coming up and give Waghorn ago down the middle. Lamps also saying he can't rest a centre half? Again why not just slot wisdom in there n give one of Tomori or Keogh a rest? Strange
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