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    Mrs Cone reacted to Steve How Hard? in Supermarkets are bad towards disabled people   
    Nowt stranger than folk so they say. You're doing a great job in very difficult circumstances and don't let the moaners detract you from thinking any different. What's grinding my gears at supermarkets at the moment is people discarding their used gloves into the trolleys. I mean what kind of person thinks that it is acceptable in normal circumstances never mind in these heightened times. Strewth I've just turned into one of those moaners too.
    As you where. 😳
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Mucker1884 in Supermarkets are bad towards disabled people   
    I don't believe what I'm reading here!
    So here we are in the middle of a pandemic, and in the hope of keeping people alive and/or healthy, we are being asked to shop alone... where possible.  Actually, we are now being to told, but it really shouldn't have come to that in a so-called civilised society.
    Assuming we are all fit, healthy, and able... and I know that isn't so, but this post isn't aimed at those that aren't... why the effing eff would anyone reputing to be a decent person... or even half-decent... be looking for excuses to shop as a couple, or to justify why they should be allowed to do so... or to put the onus on the shop staff to patrol things?  I repeat... WHY?
    People are dying.  We are being told/asked to shop alone (amongst other things), for the sake of ourselves, as well as others.
    Why not just play by the effing rules?  
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    Mrs Cone reacted to David in Supermarkets are bad towards disabled people   
    I absolutely love the new supermarket rules. You coming shopping with me?...can’t love, only 1 allowed in, I’ll stay at home and get ready to open the door for you....don’t forget me beer
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    Mrs Cone reacted to GboroRam in Supermarkets are bad towards disabled people   
    That's the problem - it's not our place to question. But it absolutely is the staff's place to question.
    Everyone needs to remember, these people expose themselves to hundreds of people daily, and they aren't armed up with the same PPE that a doctor or nurse is. They will be worried about their health, and anyone who goes to the supermarket without a good reason is placing their health extra risk unnecessarily. 
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Ewe Ram in Supermarkets are bad towards disabled people   
    I don’t think anyone has an issue with people doing what they have to do. It’s the people who are flouting the rules to suit themselves making everywhere less safe for all of us 
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Mostyn6 in This birthday going worest ever   
    All I can say mate is treasure the time with your family. Some of us don't get any time with our living relatives, not to mention our lost ones. Something as simple as a family meal may not sound exciting to you B4, but trust me, don't take that for granted.
    I would rather have a cooked meal around the table with my mother, grandmother, brother and a few aunts and uncles than any Derby County game or going out for a meal. 
    I guess isolation effects me differently because I live alone.
    The other thing to think of B4, how epic it will be when life gets back to normal and you get to catch up on all the fun. 
    When is your birthday B4?
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    Mrs Cone reacted to richinspain in My Lads op.   
    Glad there's no one else there. Hope the doc doesn't take long to return and you can get Joel home to safety. Hope all goes well 🤞🏻
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Pearl Ram in My Lads op.   
    Pass our best wishes on to Joel, I know those can come across as shallow words John but I feel sure there are many people on here who read this thread feel helpless and our thoughts and hopes are all we’ve got.
    You, Mrs Cone and Joel’s brothers are also in my/our thoughts, that goes without saying...even though I just did 🙄
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    Mrs Cone reacted to richinspain in My Lads op.   
    Keep strong until then, and keep Joel safe! (I know you will all do everything that you possibly can)
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Mucker1884 in My Lads op.   
    Cone-No-Virus!  🤞
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    Mrs Cone reacted to richinspain in Coronavirus   
    I know it's started over there too, but we have a minutes applause at 8 o'clock every day. At first it was for the medical services, but now they are including all the emergency services plus all those that are working to keep society going - shop workers, dust men etc. All those jobs that others may have looked down upon are now the ones that are keeping many of us alive and healthy but in a different way. 
    From me, to anyone on here who falls into the essential category (big shout out to @Van Cone De Head), thank you.
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    Mrs Cone reacted to RoyMac5 in Coronavirus   
    Hope things stay well with you all - take care, you've seen how crazy things can get.
    ps have you any spare chickpeas? 
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    Mrs Cone reacted to jimbo jones in Pets   
    Mack the border collie

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    Mrs Cone reacted to David in Pets   
    Awful hat.
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Bubbles in Pets   
    got a canvas of my boy printed, brought it home yesterday...
    First thing Bruce did when he saw it was run up to it and sniff it, thought aw that's cute, he misses him.
    Then he proceeded to rooster his leg up... (Damn autocorrect, he was about to take a wee basically)
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    Mrs Cone reacted to cannable in Pets   
    Had my dog put down today. 
    ducking gutted.
    Not looking for sympathy or anything. Just helps if I keep on saying it. 
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Pets   
    Just thought I'd pop an image of our Tigz in here. We're down on the Jurassic Coast for the weekend as VdM junior is 18 on 14th. Our lab loves a paddle and retrieving shiny stones.
    Was never a dog person particularly until we got her a few years ago but couldn't imagine being without her now.
    Thoughts with all fellow rams who are grieving.

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    Mrs Cone reacted to Bubbles in Pets   
    Miss you boy💙

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    Mrs Cone reacted to MuespachRam in Pets   
    poor  guy, we still have 2 dogs, neither of them are showing any signs at all of missing their leader.... none at all, I haven't seen them look for him or be bothered in the slightest....and they say dogs are loyal.! ha ha
    For the first time this morning as I was bringing Mrs Muespach a cup of coffee in bed I saw the missing dogs bed there and was surprised he wasn't on it...… so sad.
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Bubbles in Pets   
    His nose keeps dripping, he keeps running round the house, sticking his ears up at the littlest things, crying and whimpering
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    Mrs Cone reacted to Mucker1884 in Random stuff that cheers me up thread   
    I reckon you should have been angry for a few minutes... then calmed down, became more understanding, and forgiven her.
    She may become suspicious of you being so understanding, so soon!
    Don't get me wrong... You've not done bad, but you could have done better!  🤣
  22. Haha
    Mrs Cone reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Random stuff that cheers me up thread   
    Only just noticed but....
    Random Stuff That Annoys me - 249 pages, Random Stuff That Cheers Me Up - 26.
    Both threads started in 2016. 
    Conclusive proof that this forum is inhabited predominantly by miserable bar stewards 🤣
  23. Haha
    Mrs Cone reacted to Mucker1884 in Random stuff that cheers me up thread   
    That wasn't the first thing I found when I googled it last night and found a link to urban dictionary.
    Your version was the 2nd definition!  Wish I'd spotted yours first... I was awake all night!  🤣
  24. Haha
    Mrs Cone reacted to Mucker1884 in Random stuff that cheers me up thread   
    For the very first time, I have just received a free donation from one of my offspring, namely my son, Josh, who has kindly donated his unwanted Nike trainers to me, as I was about to pummel the wasteful sod for disposing of perfectly good (and expensive) trainers in the bin.
    Now being the proud owner of such youthful and trendy apparel, I am also about to embark on using urban-speak as an everyday language...particularly when excited.
    In this instance, I offer the word Jinger".  A word that fuses the more recognised words "jeans", and "finger(s)", although it goes without saying that I wish to add nothing further to the origin of this word, this being a family forum, and all.  
    You're welcome.
  25. Sad
    Mrs Cone reacted to MuespachRam in Pets   
    Having to have our little dog put out of his misery this afternoon....only 11 years old, poor guy has cancer all over the place and is now really struggling with It...absolutely heartbreaking....
    it’s amazing how quickly you forget about the trainers he chewed, the poop he left on the Brand new basement carpet (after It has been installed less than 30 seconds), the times he ran off chasing god knows what in the woods, how dirty he could get from seemingly nowhere, how he could bring back half of the beach attached to his paws, begging for treats, ravenously eating the bacon fat then 3 seconds later throwing It back up (always on the carpet), how he would run off and hide every time I put the football on the TV because he hated hearing me shout at It...etc etc etc
    we will miss you so much you goof ball...
    the reason I have used that photo....the guy on It is my best friend, a massive red dog...just thought It would cheer me up knowing he was on the DCFC forum..!

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