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  1. Toilet breaks in class

    No she didn't turn up. One of girls said it was against her human rights to not let her use the toilet this morning, things kids say ah.
  2. Toilet breaks in class

    Never said I've seen it happen, but I don't want a child injuring them on my watch.
  3. Toilet breaks in class

    Better than him cracking his head, I'll probably get a moaning mum in tomorrow saying it was disgusting to make him stand so long, bet he won't swing again though.
  4. Toilet breaks in class

    Obviously the boy, I'd told him twice.
  5. Toilet breaks in class

    Aside from my toilet break policy. How do feel about the following. A boy was continually swinging on his chair this morning so I made him stand up for the afternoon. He said his dad was going to beat me up. Is that acceptable behaviour?
  6. Toilet breaks in class

    Two girls asked this afternoon, despite pleading they were busting they held on no problem. When my policy creates a problem I may change it, but until then it doesn't seem to have any adverse effects.
  7. Toilet breaks in class

    Yeah I realised as soon as I posted, I meant yesterday
  8. Toilet breaks in class

    No children, unehealthy if done regularly which shouldn't happen as the should wee at breaktime. A girl yesterday asked early morning and was fine waiting until playtime. A girl and the boy asked during the afternoon, the girl waited until hometime and I let the boy go as he said he needed a poo on his second request.
  9. Toilet breaks in class

    They hold on because the can. I don't think intimidation comes into it. Teachers have to control the classroom. I only let him go because he said he needed a poo.
  10. Toilet breaks in class

    Just thought I would let you know I let a boy go to the toilet today.
  11. January 2018 Transfer Suggestions Thread

    Just read that a loan move for Danny ings is a possibility.
  12. Toilet breaks in class

    I suppose I would let them all go but give stern warnings about going at playtime to discourage lesson time visits.
  13. Toilet breaks in class

    Good point, that is something you would have to take into account. Ive never taught mixed year groups.
  14. Toilet breaks in class

    That goes for all year groups, some will always be younger. You cannot let some go and refuse others, just like it would be unfair to let girls go and not boys as an example.
  15. Toilet breaks in class

    I'd go with Vydra and Winnall

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