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  1. Me and my partner had 5 browsers open in total. 3 laptops 2 phones. Each browser had got onto the dcfc site and logged in by 1:50. One browser (laptop) was astonishingly assigned queue number 223, whilst the other four were 6000, 13500 and 16500 and 23500. In the moment I knew it was almost too good to be true; an estimated arrival time of 2:01pm and the possibility to secure well located (halfway line ish not in the gods) tickets. And boy was I proved right when at 2:01pm rather than directing me to the select your block/seat page it said ‘this server is too busy/there’s too much traffic’ or something along them lines and next thing you know I was queue number 23500 on that browser. Thankfully my other browser (iPhone) position 6000 meant that I did secure two tickets in block 516 in the end by 2:45 ish. I know I shouldn’t moan seen as many fans were so unfortunate as to miss out, whereas I will be at Wembley watching the rams and I am still thankful and happy of course. However, I found it very frustrating to be dislodged from the site and added to the back of the queue again after getting so lucky with position number 223. This effectively meant I couldn’t secure the cat1/2 halfway line ish tickets I desired. If anyone was forced to buy Cat 1/2 tickets/accidentally did so in a panic, and you’d rather Cat 4 tickets in block 516 row 9 please feel free to message me! COYR 🐏🐏💪💪
  2. To be fair I do not see the issue if they’re actual rams fan. If not though, well played sir 👏👌.
  3. Obviously it’s all down to personal preference and opinion, but I just think there is a huge possibility of many Derby fans attempting to purchase tickets for their non Derby supporting friends and family. Please people just think if you do manage that, all it means everytime one of you secure a ticket for these acquaintances, is that another Derby fan is going to suffer the heartbreak of not securing one. I’d much prefer a fellow ram - be it a complete stranger of whom I’ve never met and never will meet - gets a ticket over my prem supporting friend or half interested family member who fancies a nice day out. Good luck to everyone... I think we are gonna need it.
  4. I heard club Wembley tickets are the best of the best; you deserve it. I guess I could always bite the bullet and take the tickets you’ve already secured off your hands 😉😏😝
  5. As a ‘half fan’ who only attends <5 games a year yet continuously monitors Derby throughout the year, I also agree. i already have a pal and my sisters boyfriend (both Prem team supporters) asking for tickets. I have said I will try but I will assure you I won’t. I will struggle to get two tickets nevertheless (for me and my father) but even given the opportunity to secure 4 I will turn it down. All it means is 2 other actual Derby fans do not get tickets. And that doesn’t sit right with me. All rams aren’t we 💪🐏
  6. Whatever will be will be..... As long as the rams show passion, desire, commitment and professionalism I will be more than happy. Promotion would be one hell of a bonus 🙏🤞🐏
  7. Still can’t quite believe it. Being in my mid twenties Derby have only let me down when it matters most. Not last night though. Best win of my lifetime. Lose or win at Wembley with that same spirit and desire and I’ll only love these rams more. COYR 🐏🐏🐏
  8. Fortuitously bagged 2 tickets for the QPR final last minute last time. Unfortunately don’t get to many games (3 Home, 1 away this year) due to commitments coupled with living a distance from Derby. Pretty sure the remaining tickets on general sale sold out within half an hour last time. I can only imagine this time round it will be quicker. Already expecting the worst. 😫🤞
  9. Heartbreaking news. Amazed he demonstrated such a mature and efficient performance despite the awful circumstances. Thanks Tom and RIP Mrs Lawrence.
  10. Absolutely pooping it at the thought of not securing tickets already. Unfortunately only made it to three home games and one away this season due to university and work commitments plus living 80 miles from Derby. Que sera sera, whatever will be will be .... 😫😭🤞🙏
  11. I share the exact same thoughts. Thought Keogh needed a clean slate elsewhere at pre season time, believed he’d gave his all for Derby yet it hadn’t quite worked out; prove me wrong just once more please keezy 🙏🐏
  12. Thank god I set an alarm for 5:58pm today a few days ago reminding me of the general sale ticket release. I managed to secure two great seats for my father and I. I’m astonished by how quickly they have sold. Previous PO ties with Brighton/Hull/Fulham sold nowhere near as quickly. In Frank we believe. COYR 💪🐏
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