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  1. Agreed. And in fairness that has been out transfer policy since Mel and Stephen Pearce have been running the club... surely cant get any worse, that is why a DoF doesnt necessarily come from a football back ground, they are typically businessmen, most DoFs have never been managers.
  2. Our managers are only lasting about a year... It doesnt allow for continuity or long term planning, when they leave/get sacked we have to go back to square 1 everytime. Agree re Mclaren.
  3. Couldnt agree more, a data based/statistical approach is the way football is going and I would be hard pressed to say Derby have ever recruited on a stats based approach, the clubs that have are leaving those that havent in the dust. The profits that Brentford have made in recent years from taking this approach is astonishing. We are very behind the times and need a reshuffle.
  4. Im not sure Darren would be the best man for the director of football job. A key part of the role would be understanding the business side of the game, I dont think Darren has enough experience of the financial and negotiation side of the game.
  5. A director of football is exactly what we need I think. Just like any appointment it can have downsides but there arent really any successful clubs currently running without a director of football. Man united being one of the only ones without one and we can all see how things have gone there recently. With a director of football the signings would surely improve... instead of just signing average championship players after 1 good season e.g butterfield, Blackman, Jozefzoon etc. we'd scout much more widely and sign players that fit the style of the club. Managers appointments would
  6. I have a feeling we will be getting a sporting director/director of football in with the takeover all but done.
  7. True haha, it can be a gamble but one worth taking for the chance of uncovering a gem? Early days but Reading look pretty good with someone most would likely never have heard of and an average squad.
  8. Id still like to see us go for a manager from abroad. The obsession of 'championship experience' is a bit of a myth in my humble opinion. They are usually experienced in the championship because they stay in the championship, Gary Rowett being a good example. All the best teams ive seen go through this league in recent years have all been managed by people with no championship experience, Bielsa, Farke and Nuno...
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