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  1. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Paese in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Yawn. These kind of threads are tedious. Atmosphere was a bit meh where I was, probably for a few reasons. But, ultimately, if you want to sing, then sing. If you don't, then don't. Admittedly, if you bought a ticket in the singing are and wanted to sit down on your hands, then more fool you. I like to stand and I do like to sing. But one thing that really ruins it for me is how judgmental a lot of our fans are of others. Just chill out and grow up. "I'm a better fan than you" is such a boring conversation, so is moaning about day-trippers, without whom we would have not sold out and would have had empty seats (much worse in my opinion). It brings a kind of negativity that ruins big days for me.
    Anyway, already given this thread 100x more of my time than it deserved.
  2. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to RiddingsRam in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Sorry @BurtonRam7 can't agree with you here . 
    1) It's Wembley , it's different 
    2) we were a damn sight noisier than Villa untill they scored 
    3) It was a cagey game , again until they scored 
    4) Not just you but I don't honestly know what people expect sometimes ? 
  3. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to Nick_Ram in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Another "I'm a better fan than you thread..."
  4. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Play Off Final | Ticket Thread   
    They only started posting them this morning!
    Like it says on the website, if they ain't arrived by Sunday, give them a bell, and they'll sort it.  So clearly there's nothing to worry about!
    ... and I don't want to hear of anyone panicking on Saturday and calling them a day early... they've had a busy enough week as it is!  :-)
  5. COYR
    SunnyRam got a reaction from Bob The Badger in RamsTV Feedback   
    People can support the club anyway they like, doesn't make them any less a fan of the club. 
  6. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to RiddingsRam in Well Frank, you got it all wrong today...   
    I knew this was coming . There's some bloody drivel being spouted about tonight. All the football manager warriors are out in full force. 
    To put things into perspective , we weren't great today , didn't do a lot wrong , didn't do a lot right. To be slating Frank though as basically clueless is out of order , he was up against one of the best tactician's ever . We should respect that and hope Frank learns from him and learns to beat him .
    Bielsa has massively over acheived with a pretty bang average group of players. Hence why they weren't automatically promoted . There by no means the finished article and if there off there game there more than beatable . 
  7. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to CHCDerby in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    I can't believe we've started a thread on the ball boys/girls and how they do their 'job'. Maybe cut their wages if they don't do what is expected of them to win the £100m lottery. 
  8. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to G STAR RAM in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    I'd like to think we take a stance as a club and not do something just because money crazed Premier League clubs do it.
    I'm sure the ballboys/girls know that their job is to get the ball back on to the field. Asking them to mix up the speed that they do it at would be underhand and setting an awful example. 
    Just my opinion of course and I'd rather us not have ballboys/girls rather than get some to give us an advantage. 
  9. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to G STAR RAM in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    Or maybe we could let them enjoy their day and not try and get them involved in silly games at such a young age.
    Teaching young kids to get involved in time wasting would be pathetic and quite embarrassing for the club.
  10. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to Fraser_23 in Away Membership help   
    Didn’t really expect this to work, however a massive shout out to @BurtonRam7 who has very kindly given me his mums away membership. Nice to see there’s still some kind and understanding people in the world. Thanks for taking “pity” on me @BurtonRam7 ♥️♥️♥️
  11. Haha
    SunnyRam reacted to Fraser_23 in Away Membership help   
    Yeah lad, only thing is though, she charges £37 an hour. Might as well go to the game 
  12. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Paul71 in Away Membership help   
    People earn respect.
  13. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Fraser_23 in Away Membership help   
    Cheers mate appreciate that. 
    Manners and respect? Look at what he’s put, and I’m sure you wouldn’t reply in a graceful manner. Not sworn or anything or called him names. Just firmly put across my point .
  14. Haha
    SunnyRam reacted to G STAR RAM in Away Membership help   
    Doesn't rank too highly to be honest.
    Grow a pair of balls and tell your wife to support herself. 
    I did that and am now single, not been to so many away matches for years, in fact I can even go to England matches again now!
  15. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Fraser_23 in Away Membership help   
    Point 2 is a bit like you then? 
  16. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to Fraser_23 in Don’t Leave Games Early   
    I really don’t get it. 
    85 mins and derby attacking to potentially gain a play off spot. All derby and they needed our support! 
    all for what?  Not being in traffic for 10 mins? 
  17. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to Animal is a Ram in Sky commentators   
    This is what really shows that RamsTV is a top drawer product - and ever improving. 👏
  18. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to tinman in RamsTV Feedback   
    Never had a problem streaming RamsTV wherever in the world I’ve been logged in. So long as the wifi/4G connection is decent there’s been no problems. 
  19. Clap
    SunnyRam got a reaction from Boycie in RamsTV Feedback   
    People can support the club anyway they like, doesn't make them any less a fan of the club. 
  20. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to David in RamsTV Feedback   
    Countries without TV deals with Pitch International, list of those can be found here https://www.dcfc.co.uk/page/ramstv-availability-for-tv-games?nocache=1
  21. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to RadioactiveWaste in RamsTV - Best in Sports Media?   
    when you remember what the old "rams player" was like it's come on leaps and bounds.
  22. Like
    SunnyRam reacted to Ghost of Clough in RamsTV - Best in Sports Media?   
    Congratulations to @OwenB87 and everyone else involved with RamsTV! Hopefully, it'll be good news on Sunday when the winner is announced. 
    "RamsTV has been named as a finalist in the Best in Sports Media category at the 2019 Sports Business Awards"
    Read more at: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2019/03/ramstv-named-finalist-at-2019-sports-business-awards
  23. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in Birmingham (A) Tickets - Sold Out   
    This whole loyal fan thing does my head in .  some one has a 200,000 salary and gets a ticket for every game home and away with every gold plated extra.  Fair play if you can do it why not .
    Someone has a 17,000 a year salary and has too put money aside to take them and there two children to 3 or 4 games a year.  Why are they less loyal a fan .  In fact they make much more effort.
  24. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Mucker1884 in The Yard Pub   
    I sometimes wonder if some of our epoxy fans think personal comfort and fancy prancy cocktail lounges mean mortar them than the quality of the football!  If this carries on, on here, I seriously think I'll throw in the trowel!
    All we need is somewhere simple to get plastered, and bond with our mates.
  25. Sad
    SunnyRam reacted to G STAR RAM in The Yard Pub   
    Take it you're new on here?
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