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    SunnyRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Rams TV or Sky   
    Almost like you didn't read all the information or the advise people were giving you isn't it.
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    SunnyRam reacted to reverendo de duivel in Rams TV or Sky   
    You tell yourself that mate, if it makes you feel better.
    It's possible to demand change, but means sweet FA if not followed up by action.
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    SunnyRam got a reaction from I know nothing in Rams TV or Sky   
    Isn't it funny how most fans that chant about their disgust of Sky TV at games are now thankful about being able to watch on Sky TV. 
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    SunnyRam reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Rams TV or Sky   
    Doesn’t mean we can be happy about it.
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    SunnyRam got a reaction from JoetheRam in Rams TV or Sky   
    Isn't it funny how most fans that chant about their disgust of Sky TV at games are now thankful about being able to watch on Sky TV. 
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    SunnyRam reacted to OwenB87 in Rams TV, the verdict   
    Morning everyone,
    Thanks for all the comments on Saturday’s broadcast. We’re all thrilled that the vast majority seemed to have enjoyed it so much (though I’m sure the result/Louie Sibley were the biggest reasons for that!).
    The RamsTV crew have been working incredibly hard to get things up to this standard. Huge shout-out to the IT team at Pride Park too who made sure the technical issues were kept to a minimum. We’re so far ahead of the pack on the production side of things, as iFollow’s issues as the weekend showed.
    Touch wood, we won’t have any issues going forward!
    To respond to a couple of specifics that have been mentioned;
    - The crowd noise on Saturday was something we didn’t have any control over, as it was being played in-bowl at the Den, We’ll see how it goes elsewhere the rest of the season.
    - Shane & I are commentating “off-tube”, watching monitors at Pride Park. That’s how we cover all away games. Shinner is an absolute dream to work with, by the way.
    - I had done bits & bobs of football commentary before joining RamsTV, but not much. I’d probably done five or six Derby matches for BBC Radio Derby (that was a major frustration, actually), plus some Burton Albion & Mansfield Town fixtures. I’d certainly not done any TV commentary before, and it’s a very different beast to radio. I think (and hope) I’m improving but I’ve got a lot of work to do.
    - Since I have taken over first-team commentary duties at the start of the season we haven’t gone back in-vision post-game, and have always pushed the interviews in to Added Time on Facebook. It’s partly a logistical thing, and partly so as many fans as possible can see the interviews.
    Happy to answer any more questions people have as best I can. Thanks again for all the kind words. Credit really goes to Mel and the RamsTV team behind the scenes – we’re all pleased people are finally getting a chance to see what we do!
    Hope I haven’t cursed us now !
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    SunnyRam reacted to richinspain in Big Thanks to RamsTV   
    As ever an excellent production. The non-match content was/is very good. I was surprised there weren't more adverts as the increased viewing numbers should be more attractive to advertisers. For those who haven't seen RamsTV games before, next week should be even better as in-house there are far more camera angles.
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    SunnyRam reacted to David in Big Thanks to RamsTV   
    Loaded up RamsTV today at 12.30pm on my iPad using 4G, loaded quickly and the stream ran the entire game flawlessly.
    The club will not have been able to stress test this level of numbers viewing which makes it impressive there was no issues compared to....ahem.....iFollow.
    Must admit I had concerns how it would cope with the demand but it was flawless, as was Louie Sibley’s performance
    @OwenB87 your hair was also impressive, not sure what hair gel you had but whatever it was that also needs credit for keeping it under control 😂
    Football’s back!
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    SunnyRam reacted to DenmarkRam in RamsTV Feedback   
    Thanks from Copenhagen, mate. I will be in my derbyshiirt tomorrow, ....1🐏🍺
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    SunnyRam got a reaction from DenmarkRam in RamsTV Feedback   
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    SunnyRam reacted to David in RamsTV Streaming | How to Watch   
  12. Cheers
    SunnyRam reacted to Mazzaram in Season tickets   
    Thanks SunnyRam!
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    SunnyRam got a reaction from jono in RamsTV via Fire Stick?   
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    SunnyRam reacted to ThePrisoner in How to listen / watch remaining games   
    You’re right. The wording of the EFL statement is confusing but like you say the Sky games can only be seen on Sky unless you took option 3 and can watch you on Rams TV too

    As listed under the 2019/20 Behind Closed Doors section in the FAQ
    So in essence:
    Rams TV (if you take option 3) - watch everything
    Rams TV (pay per game) - watch all but Sky games
    Sky - watch Sky games only
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    SunnyRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Season tickets   
    But you don't HAVE to renew to get the Rams TV code. You can opt for Option 3, get the code and then never renew. They're linked only by being part of the same option. 
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    SunnyRam reacted to Tamworthram in Season tickets   
    Just out of curiosity, why are you desperate (and therefore getting into a sweat) to renew just now? You could just wait a bit and give them chance to do what they need to do regarding discounts.
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    SunnyRam reacted to CBRammette in Season tickets   
    Sat post here patchy at best of times. So will believe when I see it. Anyway someone said code being emailed so shouldnt matter
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    SunnyRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Season tickets   
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    SunnyRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Season tickets   
    They asked for your email in the form. The code will be sent via email to redeem on the Rams TV page.
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    SunnyRam reacted to Matlock Old Ram in Season tickets   
    Thanks guys I’ll leave the panicking until Friday!
  21. COYR
    SunnyRam reacted to Tamworthram in Season tickets   
    I don't think @Matlock Old Ram is talking about the same thing. My guess is that he probably received the success message but is hoping for some form subsequent confirmation. 
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    SunnyRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Season tickets   
    "Derby County supporters were issued with information relating to the club’s Refund & Exchange policy last week, which included details for Season Ticket Holders wishing to obtain a free subscription to watch Derby’s remaining league fixtures on RamsTV.
    Any supporters that have taken up the option of the RamsTV subscription are advised to ensure their current details registered with dcfc.co.uk - such as FanID, email address and passwords – are up to date in order to avoid potential matchday streaming issues.
    In addition, supporters are advised to be signed for the Matchday Live show as early as possible to ensure, should they encounter any problems, that they are resolved ahead of kick-off.
    Individual redeemable codes will start being sent out to supporters from Thursday 18th June (please note not Thursday 11th June as previously stated) to activate their free subscription, which once activated will cover the remainder of the campaign."
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    SunnyRam reacted to Tamworthram in Season tickets   
    Come on. Give the club a chance to process all the forms and apply the discounts.
    I really do think you're being a bit unreasonable expecting it all in place already. Just be patient and wait a little while. There's no hurry, your seat is still reserved until renewal date. 
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    SunnyRam reacted to Tamworthram in Season tickets   
    Why when the club can generate some (but not much) needed income from Rams TV. I don't think it would be reasonable to expect a refund AND free Rams TV. It's not as if any of this is the club's doing. 
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    SunnyRam reacted to ilkleyram in RamsTV Feedback   
    On the BBC website today there is a survey that suggests that 43% of disabled fans feel that their mental health has been affected by the lack of live sport to watch during lockdown.
    I’m not disabled but I empathise with that view, much more than I would have anticipated pre-Covid, and whilst I still think that all leagues should have cancelled themselves with no champions, promotion or relegation, I am really looking forward to next Saturday on RamsTV.
    And to RamsTV, @OwenB87 and all (including the players) may I say a big thank you for all your efforts in keeping us going in the meantime?  Some of the stuff you have produced has been nothing short of excellent and some reputations have been enhanced - if Liam Rosenior doesn’t go on to have a fantastic career then there is no justice, if Curtis doesn’t end up in the media somewhere then the media is blind and I hope that Waggy’s son continues to keep his cheeky outlook on life (probably inherited from his dad); it was good to see some of Fozzy’s home life, great to see old matches and old legends as well as legends of the future, and even to recall players long since forgotten.
    I still think opportunities have been missed.  Hearing more often from Stephen Pearce for example or from our captain (before the return to training) would have been good.  I’m sure that Wayne secretly enjoyed lockdown and the absence of media intrusion into his life but he’s still found time to ‘write’ a Sunday Times article every week, and he’s had some interesting things to say. Maybe there was room to do more with the Academy and what they are doing to plan for next season or to hear from those behind the scenes like the groundsmen who have clearly been very busy, more about the food bank or even to hear an expansion of the planning that Liam Rosenior referred to about Max Bird’s return to the first team post Scunthorpe.
    It feels to me that RamsTV has a really important part to play in the development of the club and its relationship with fans which, given the events of the last few months, needs to be continually nourished and nurtured.  PR outlets of all organisations, including football clubs, run the significant risk of becoming anodyne if all they do is spout a party line.  There’s a difficult balance between independent journalism and propaganda for in-house media. It will be great to see how RamsTV develops in the future and whether it can create for itself an even more interesting edge.
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