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    SunnyRam reacted to QuitYourJibbaJivin in £4.50 for a pint of Carling   
    Do we as a fan base moan more than the usual? We literally seem to moan and over react about everything. 
    At least once a season we seem to abuse a player enough for them to snap back at the crowd, a petition to bring sandwiches into the ground, beers too expensive, not enough choice, the manager didn’t wave at me the list goes on. Is it the same at every club or do we just moan for the sake of it?
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    SunnyRam reacted to LazloW in £4.50 for a pint of Carling   
    My point was that if people don’t like the price of beer, they don’t have to pay it (which is the same point you’re making).
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    SunnyRam reacted to LazloW in £4.50 for a pint of Carling   
    Mel is indeed a genius, but I doubt he’s quite worked out how to remove the free will of all people entering the ground.  
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    SunnyRam reacted to Tyler Durden in £4.50 for a pint of Carling   
    Have you some kind of eating disorder that you can't last an hour and a half without food? 
    If you resented paying £6.60 then why do it in the first place 
  5. Haha
    SunnyRam reacted to ThePrisoner in Amazon   
    Everyone getting ahead of themselves with a banner for a job fair. 

    Saw a Kit Kat wrapper outside Pride Park once, they must be close to signing a sponsorship. 
  6. Haha
    SunnyRam reacted to reverendo de duivel in RamsTV Feedback   
    Looks like I'm selling the Spanish villa and buying a windmill.
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    SunnyRam got a reaction from reverendo de duivel in RamsTV Feedback   
    For all you frequent flyers, the list of exemption countries for televised games has been updated.
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    SunnyRam reacted to dabber in RamsTV Feedback   
    Thanks for the replies, DAZN stated rights and restrictions for this game, but are clearly showing other Championship games so not sure what is unique about this one. Can still get the audio with RamsTV.
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    SunnyRam reacted to TKWhy in RamsTV Feedback   
    Resolved already thanks to some quick and effective support.  
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    SunnyRam reacted to rsmini in RamsTV Feedback   
    Worked fine for me today. Happily paid the £7.99, logged into the DCFC website using the browser on my smart TV and watched in full screen with no buffering at all. Well done to DCFC and Owen Bradley for decent commentary. Just a pity about the result
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    SunnyRam reacted to David in v Girona   
    Pre season bundle has been available to buy for a while now, it covers all 3 games, Burton, Girona and Rangers

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    SunnyRam reacted to Srg in RamsTV Feedback   
    It was free a couple of years ago, not last year. But that was "tech test" almost, just to see how it worked.
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    SunnyRam reacted to richinspain in RamsTV Feedback   
    I've got the full subscription, it's working fine for me.
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    SunnyRam got a reaction from David in RamsTV Feedback   
    Only a user with a monthly subscription can watch Full 90 replays. 
  15. Haha
    SunnyRam reacted to rynny in RamsTV Feedback   
    Give it a refresh in 24 hours and it should be fine 😉
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    SunnyRam got a reaction from David in Friendly matches on RamsTV?   
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    SunnyRam reacted to AdamRam in Bounce no more...   
    Why get rid of something that brings a feel good factor to both the club and the fans.
  18. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Paese in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Yawn. These kind of threads are tedious. Atmosphere was a bit meh where I was, probably for a few reasons. But, ultimately, if you want to sing, then sing. If you don't, then don't. Admittedly, if you bought a ticket in the singing are and wanted to sit down on your hands, then more fool you. I like to stand and I do like to sing. But one thing that really ruins it for me is how judgmental a lot of our fans are of others. Just chill out and grow up. "I'm a better fan than you" is such a boring conversation, so is moaning about day-trippers, without whom we would have not sold out and would have had empty seats (much worse in my opinion). It brings a kind of negativity that ruins big days for me.
    Anyway, already given this thread 100x more of my time than it deserved.
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    SunnyRam reacted to RiddingsRam in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Sorry @BurtonRam7 can't agree with you here . 
    1) It's Wembley , it's different 
    2) we were a damn sight noisier than Villa untill they scored 
    3) It was a cagey game , again until they scored 
    4) Not just you but I don't honestly know what people expect sometimes ? 
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    SunnyRam reacted to Nick_Ram in Hang Your Heads In Shame   
    Another "I'm a better fan than you thread..."
  21. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to Mucker1884 in Play Off Final | Ticket Thread   
    They only started posting them this morning!
    Like it says on the website, if they ain't arrived by Sunday, give them a bell, and they'll sort it.  So clearly there's nothing to worry about!
    ... and I don't want to hear of anyone panicking on Saturday and calling them a day early... they've had a busy enough week as it is!  :-)
  22. COYR
    SunnyRam got a reaction from Bob The Badger in RamsTV Feedback   
    People can support the club anyway they like, doesn't make them any less a fan of the club. 
  23. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to RiddingsRam in Well Frank, you got it all wrong today...   
    I knew this was coming . There's some bloody drivel being spouted about tonight. All the football manager warriors are out in full force. 
    To put things into perspective , we weren't great today , didn't do a lot wrong , didn't do a lot right. To be slating Frank though as basically clueless is out of order , he was up against one of the best tactician's ever . We should respect that and hope Frank learns from him and learns to beat him .
    Bielsa has massively over acheived with a pretty bang average group of players. Hence why they weren't automatically promoted . There by no means the finished article and if there off there game there more than beatable . 
  24. Clap
    SunnyRam reacted to CHCDerby in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    I can't believe we've started a thread on the ball boys/girls and how they do their 'job'. Maybe cut their wages if they don't do what is expected of them to win the £100m lottery. 
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    SunnyRam reacted to G STAR RAM in Ballboys and girls BEFORE Saturday.....!!   
    I'd like to think we take a stance as a club and not do something just because money crazed Premier League clubs do it.
    I'm sure the ballboys/girls know that their job is to get the ball back on to the field. Asking them to mix up the speed that they do it at would be underhand and setting an awful example. 
    Just my opinion of course and I'd rather us not have ballboys/girls rather than get some to give us an advantage. 
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