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    SuperHans11111 reacted to coneheadjohn in 'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground   
    Bielsa should be made to melt down his bucket and turn it into a big dildo which he has to sit on for 3 matches.
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    SuperHans11111 got a reaction from Alpha in 'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground   
    Leeds united sent a spy to have a look at Derby
    Shove your binoculars up your Ar*e cause we're the barmy army
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    SuperHans11111 got a reaction from reveldevil in 'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground   
    Leeds united sent a spy to have a look at Derby
    Shove your binoculars up your Ar*e cause we're the barmy army
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to cosmic in 'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground   
    Footage just in of the man in question watching Wilson practising his freekicks,

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    SuperHans11111 reacted to StockholmRam in V Bristol City (h) match day thread   
    Stockholm Ram back in the hood for this one. Expect a raging performance and shots flying in from everywhere. 
    No idea how the team will do though... 
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Andicis in Nahki Wells - Joined QPR   
    ''No significant investment'' 😂

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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Jonathan Matthew Daw in CALLING NIC DAW   
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to B4ev6is in I am buzzing for tonight game   
    First game of the season away to reading away tonight I cant wait to see latest new signings but I cant wait to feel our first win hopeful of the season but also I am going tonight game at reading. Everyone in postive mood which should make for a eletrica noise levels from derby fans.
    Sorry guys not been around much last week I missed wovles game I had to work. Grrr grrr
    I was not a happy bunny about missing the game.
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Sleepy P in Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley   
    I'm not surprised by the situation. I think everyone is forgetting that in the modern world, with contactless payments and online banking, nobody is signing Czechs anymore.
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to eddie in Blackpool fan here help needed please the petition   
    What a coincidence.
    Karl Oyston got done for unwanted fly tipping.
    Owen Oyston got done for unwanted fly zipping.
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Moist One in Confess your unpopular Rams opinions   
    the reason the atmosphere struggles to get going is that not many people like to sing cringeworthy and embarrassing songs. Those starting the chants should stick to the classics and stop trying to be clever and funny.
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to David in Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC   
    I’m starting the Official Cameron Jerome Fan Club, who’s in?
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to bigbadbob in New chants.   
    Oh yea, of course.
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to therams69 in New singing section confirmed   
    My thoughts on this...
    Absolute fantastic what these guys are doing. Surprised me some what of the negativity particularly on twitter but then again to be in the cool club you have to be negative or says its cringe or embarrassing or whatever ... I get that, I really do. Its unfortunate that these things have to be on social media but the idea and concept is no different to a group of lads being down the pub such as the Baseball Hotel for example and saying, hey lads, shall we move all together in the C stand or popside next year and get it rocking? There is no difference. The only difference is how its portrayed. Not a fan of social media in times like this I am afraid.
    What the guys are doing is fab. Getting like minded fans together. The proof in the pudding will not be games against Forest or Cardiff but for it to be a catalyst for every game at Pride Park when the likes of Brentford come. I get the issue of being near the away fans but its not possible on this occasion for them to be together. One of the things we did was bring the away fans more towards the East Stand so the entire south stand could see what they were doing so this does counter that somewhat.
    Going forward for when safe standing does come in and I have no doubt it will be the South Stand I would like to think that this group will have grown in numbers and statue which will allow them to start afresh and in bigger numbers and be more central.
    For me the South Stand is very good for Derby. I know fans moan from time to time when results haven't gone our way and we need something or someone to blame (switches between Keogh and South Stand in fairness!) but looking around the country we are up there. Said it before and will say it again, perhaps the 2 trial matches against Forest and Brighton led us to a serious expectation that it would be rocking each and every week but unfortunately the English culture is not quite there yet, unless of course everyone has had a fair few to drink!
    Keep up the top work guys and look forward to seeing some more flags and displays as well.
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to SW6 in Just dropping in   
    I was watching the game and upto half time, I was trying to work out how cardiff manage to get teams to play in a manner that plays into their hands. You were rushing and going way too long, pumping balls into the box and I couldn't work out how/why you were falling into their trap. It's absurd. You were so obviously a better side than them. I had to turn the sound down, I couldn't listen to their fans.
    I made a point that when you lost (at that stage it did seem a when, not an if) I was going to come on here and wish you all the best. I wasn't going to come on here and moan. To be honest, you guys seem to have been doing that all by yourself reading the earlier comments. 
    But, your manager changed things. There was a catalyst. Jerome's goal got Pride park buzzing like it is when I've been there. 
    It was absolutely sweet watching them fall apart. Don't want to count our chickens but they looked beaten. 
    You guys have opened the door for yourselves and us. Thank you for that. And thanks for the friendly nature you have responded to my trespassing on your private property on here.
    Great forum btw. Format is far better than anything we have.
    Cheers boys. 
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    SuperHans11111 got a reaction from Derby4Me in New singing section confirmed   
    Im a bit on the fence about it, I think its a step in the right direction but the positioning of its a bit strange. Im aware its not easy to organise something like this with the club so hats off to them for actually getting something sorted. Hopefully it will galvanise that side of SS and get more people joining in from the west stand. Will be looking forward to some old BBG chants instead of the cut & paste ****!
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    SuperHans11111 got a reaction from 86 points in v Millwall (A) - Predictions   
    **** minds think alike 
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to 86 points in v Millwall (A) - Predictions   
    You've got no hope pal. That's exactly what I picked 
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to ttkk in Millwall F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    Not sure you could say the club are scum. Millwall FC pioneered community work in this country, way, way before it was seen as good for branding & public profile - starting in the early 1980s. For example, they opened a creche, ran (& still run), workshops to help young adults in the area apply for jobs & gain skills, have clubs for isolated members of the local community (such as the elderly or disabled), visit schools and run even more workshops for educating young people about knife and gun crime, open the club facilities up to local charities for free, run a food-bank for local people, have taken part and pioneered so many anti-racism initiatives that they are the highest ranked club in the Kick-Out rankings & have made the fact that Millwall have the highest ratio of ethnic minority season ticket holders outside PL possible.  Millwall also pioneered the promotion of women and girl's football in the UK, starting (again) way back before it was seen as 'good' for the brand, by becoming the first professional football club in UK to affiliate with a female team (Millwall Lionesses) in 1985 and the first to open and run a centre of excellence for female players. The club has also pioneered the sugar tax in the last year or so, donating all profits (the tax) from sugary items to local schools and education projects. 
    People scoffed when Millwall won the EFL'Family club of the year' award, but without realising that Millwall put more into their community in terms of ratio of actual income than any other football club in the country. Lewisham council said that Millwall save them over £7m a year, by stepping in and providing these workshops, projects and facilities. 
    As for us fans, yes, we do some have some bad apples - the club is based in inner-city London, so hardly a surprise. However, we have many diamonds. Currently Sunderland, West Ham and Leeds United fans will attest to this; as Millwall fans raised £2,800 for Bradley Lowery Foundation with an independent fund raiser; have got the club to promote the cause of Isla Caton, a 3yr old girl West Ham fan with neuroblastoma in the matchday programme and raised funds for her treatment at home games; and in the last week the 1,400 fans who went to Elland Road have decided to donate their refunds (Leeds broke rules in charging us more that the top price home end ticket) to the fund set up for Leeds fan Toby Nye, a 4 year old also fighting neuroblastoma. Furthermore, the club turned a very good offer from a pay-day loan company a few years back to sponsor us; instead listening to fans in choosing to donate the equivalent fee to the Prostate Cancer charity, adorning our shirts with their logo and fan groups raising thousands at home games. Millwall also raised thousands for Headley Court - a special rehabilitation centre for injured servicemen and servicewomen, plus produced a special kit to raise awareness and more money. The British Legion also wrote to Millwall thanking fans for their huge contribution at a home game collection, saying that the 12,000 Millwall fans in attendance raised more money than at any other club in the country, including the 75,000 at Old Trafford. 
    I would argue that the good far outweighs the bad at Millwall. I see us as a kind of rough school on a council estate, where the staff really care & the majority of kids are decent - but it's always the few bad ones that make the headlines and keep the bad reputation going for outsiders. 
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Derbados in 5 days in the sun....   
    Think it makes perfect sense, total non issue
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Forest hating Brizzle in Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.   
    Fair one. At times we do... especially against the hard to break down teams, like yourselves and Norwich last week. But if you’re judging everyone in their performance against you, then pretty much everyone is going to look rubbish. LJ has recently said we’re guitly of trying to score the perfect goal, being perhaps a little bit too ‘Arsenal’  but that’s a lot to do with an injury crisis like I’ve never known. 
    Ordinarily we’re more clinical than that, but you were well organised which is why you are where you are. 
    2 good teams last night, both playing within themselves a little I would have thought. 
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to LazloW in Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.   
    Pleased to see there hasn't been a general meltdown on here after failing to win against a pretty good side (obviously that might be because I've got a lot of serial moaners on ignore).  Frustrating game.  Created more than enough chances to win.  Didn't give too many chances away - although there was some poor finishing from Bristol as well, particularly that effort in the first half.
    George had a poor game, but suspect he has been playing more than GR would like recently but lack of options forcing his hand.  Needs a bit more time to ease in I would think.  I know Forsyth has a lot of fans on here, but thought he was poor again too.  Gets caught the wrong side of his man too often or his man gets behind him too easily, lets too many crosses come over and offers very little going forward at the moment.  He isn't the worst left back in the world. I don't hate him.  I don't think there is very much between him, Ollson or Lowe.  He might well be the best left back at the club.  He is capable of some very good performances (just fro me, not regularly enough).  I'm not going to criticise him in every post ala Ninos on Martin and RoyMac5 on everybody, but I just think if we're looking at ways we can make incremental improvements to the team then left back is an area we can improve on and is probably the next thing I would be looking to do if I was manager.  
    Ref was poor throughout.  The penalty didn't look nailed on from where I was sitting, but ref had a much better view and the replays obviously show it was stone wall.  Should really just have been the icing on the cake anyway.  
    I would have taken four points from Birmingham and Bristol, but always frustrating when you win away and then don't fully capitalise on it at home.  Not the first time that's happened this season, but we keep the unbeaten run going, we keep accumulating points and clean sheets and being hard to beat and we're still in second.  All in all, not too much to complain about.
    Wonder if we'll have any new faces for Millwall?
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Bcfc2109 in Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.   
    Stone wall lads unlucky good point though, good luck for the rest of the season 
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    SuperHans11111 reacted to Wolfie in Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.   
    The good news: Just found out I'm going to this match
    The bad news: I haven't seen a Rams victory at PP on my last 5 visits
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