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  1. I can't post the link because I'm at work but looks like Bowyer has left Charlton. interesting timing...
  2. I'm secretly bricking myself for this.. I vaguely remember giving a very enthusiastic / drunken interview to the TV camera's on the way out of ER. It might have been that woman from East midlands today though.. not quite sure. I have a weird knack for being caught by the sky cameras too. Given the state I was in I'm hoping they locked it in a safe and dropped it somewhere over the Indian ocean
  3. It's exactly what Leeds wan't. They thrive of boiling p*ss and hatred. I, like most normal humans are preconditioned to dislike Leeds, but I wouldn't consider them massive rivals, if I did, it would be a bit one sided. It's a bit different with Forest. I used to hate them when I was younger, as I've got older that hate has turned to dislike. I put it down to working with Forest fans and coming to the realisation that they are not as deluded as I thought. As far as club's go Leed's are up there with the most hated and for good reason. Our rivalry with forest seems like it's calmed down a bit now, I don't feel the strong hatred I used to feel. Perhaps that's just growing up.
  4. I get the feeling that there were more Villa fans in our end than we had thought. The couple next to me didn't make a peep all game, when we scored they remained sat down. Thought they were actually mannequins or something. The 5 blokes in front of me left with about 8 mins to go which I thought was bizarre. Again, they hadn't said a word all game either. I understand that nerves would have been a big factor but it was like being surrounded by zombies at times. This was in block 113 (the supposed signing section) It's was such a shame as I know for a fact we can create a good atmosphere when we feel like it - covent garden was buzzing all day and to get into your seat to be hit with a wall of silence was really disappointing. Never mind though, we still had a good day out and can't wait for the next season. UTR
  5. Im not going to pretend the reason we lost the final was due to Keogh's mistake alone. I've not watched for a while so forgive me if I'm wrong but Zamora would not have scored that goal if he hadn't messed up. I'm not perpetuating anything here, just making the point that he'd love to make up for that error. Which, you have to admit must have had a massive impact on him at the time because he got the majority of the blame. He's still my favourite player in recent memory and still was the day after the QPR game
  6. Would absolutely be Keogh for me, he's been a leader and legend at this club and deserves his redemption for 2014. I do worry that his eyes might actually drop out of his head if he scored though.
  7. Ahh fair enough, that makes sense I suppose. I'm also surprised by the amount of ST holders that have come out of the woodwork
  8. I think some people have bough season tickets for next season so they can beat the General sales rush
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