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  1. Moor Farm visit.

    Does Keogh not trust himself behind the wheel?
  2. Replacing Gary....a hypothetical question

  3. fattest player

    How we could do with a bit of Frannys "fight" now. Interesting.....very interesting.
  4. Best and worse 3 managers in the last 40 years.

    The consensus seems to be that Arthur Cox was our best manager in the last 40 years. In his first season we finished 7th in the old Division 3. His second season was far from plain sailing and only a generous referee and Trevor Christies cool head got us promoted that year. And yet he went on to build the best and most successful Derby team most of us can remember. How long would he last in this day and age? I suspect he may not have got even a second season. Maybe there's a lesson there.....just a thought.

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